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									                                                                                                                         Decision Maker Analysis Matrix


1. Based on your assessment of the activity or project, assign an overall weight to the following conditions (this should add to 100%):

         A - Decision Makers Interest in the Project                                                                      30%
         B - Decision Makers Power in the Decision Making Process                                                         70%
2. Click on the "Decision Maker Analysis" tab and identify each key Decision Maker by name and title.

3. Classify the type of Decision Maker.

4. Identify the Decision Maker's Influence Level by selecting:

         A - Individual Decision Maker interest in the activity or project (Scale of 1-10).

         B - Individual Decision Maker power in the decision making process (Scale of 1-10).

5. Enter the Decision Maker's current level of support for the Activity or Project (High, Moderate, Low).

6. Indicate the amount of flexibility of their current decision state by selecting the appropriate percentage of flexibility.

7. Based on the Decision Makers "Support Quotient", list action items and key success factors that will earn or maintain buy in.

8. Click on the "Decision Maker Analysis Map" tab and identify the Decision Makers that are considered "Project Risks."

9. Develop a mitigation strategy to earn the support of "Project Risks."
                Decision Maker Analysis Matrix

ditions (this should add to 100%):



ntage of flexibility.

will earn or maintain buy in.

ered "Project Risks."
                                                                                                                                                                    Decision Maker Analysis Matrix

Product: Sale of Product ABC                                   Influence Level                      Buy In                 Support Quotient

  Decision Maker Role                   Type            Interest           Power     X
                                                                                     YCurrent Support        Flexibility    Influence x Buy In                   Action Items & Key Success Factors

  John Smith, VP Marketing            End User             8                     4         High                 90%               7.45           Develop into a "Power User" to promote adoption rates among other users

  Sally James, VP Sales          Executive Influencer      7                     8         High                 50%               8.10           Provide ROI Calculator to show Board

  Jim Shepard, CIO                 Technical Buyer         6                     9       Moderate               70%               6.85           Reassure with Data Security features

  Tina Johnson, Dir. Marketing        End User             7                     5         High                 70%               7.35           Demonstrate marketing functionality

  Tom Stewart, HR Manager        Executive Influencer      2                     3          Low                 30%               2.15           Educate on how CRM links KPIs to reviews

  Rick Davis, I/T Manager        Technical Influencer      9                     6         High                 90%               8.30           Have Rick influence Jim Shepard 
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