Re - Enforcement of Trespass Law by nhXVF5Ji


									UNCG Police Department

Re - Enforcement of Trespass Law

Dear Chief Herring:

This is to advise that I,
_________________________________________________________________, as

____________________________________ of
(Owners, Lessee, Manager)
(Company Name)

at ___________________________________________________________

 I have posted said property with:
“No Trespassing" signs which prohibit entry onto the property after closing hours.

This letter is to request and authorize any officer of the UNC Greensboro Police Department to
act on my behalf as my agent in taking any of the following actions which the officer may deem
appropriate under the circumstances:
(1) Request unauthorized persons to leave the premises;
(2) Arrest persons trespassing on said property;
(3) Issue citations or other appropriate criminal process against persons for trespassing.

Enforcement is being requested due to past problems regarding (Nature of problem)-(Littering,
vandalism, etc.)

I or my representative, who will be an employee familiar with our posting of signs and our
trespass policy, will appear for trial as necessary due to this request and authorization.
If I wish to terminate this authorization or, if my authority over this property should end, I will
notify your office immediately.

Signature _____________________________ Date ________________

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