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									What is .NET?

.NET (pronounced “dot net”) is a technology that runs on the Windows operating systems. Microsoft .NET
provides various tools and libraries that enable developers to create applications much faster and easier.
.NET is very useful and simple by providing applications of higher capability, quality and security. The
.NET Framework must be installed to run .NET applications.

Components of Microsoft .NET?

    Common Language Specification (CLS)
    Framework Class Library (FCL)
    Common Language Runtime (CLR)
    .NET Architecture
    .NET Tools – yellow

Common Language Specification (CLS)

The CLS is a common environment that integrates code and components from various .NET
programming languages. In fact, a .NET application can be written in different type of programming
languages with no extra work.

.NET Supports Object Oriented Languages like VB.NET, C#, and VC++ etc. It also supports some other
languages like J#, F# etc.

Framework Class Library (FCL) or Base Class Library(BCL)

The FCL/BCL contains over 10000 classes that are used to develop applications from basic command
line to enterprise class applications such as Windows, Web and Distributed etc.,
The classes are used to manage various functionalities like writing and reading files, access various types
of databases, process XML, manages GUI, and Web Services etc.,

Common Language Runtime (CLR)

 The CLR is the execution engine for .NET. It manages

    code execution and loading
    Converts microsoft intermediate language to native machine code
    devides processes and memory
    Manages memory and objects
    provides code security
    Handles exceptions
    Interfaces between managed code, COM objects, and DLLs
    Manages type-checking
    Manages Reflection
    Provides safety, profiling, debugging, etc.

.NET Tools
The Popular Visual Studio.NET is Microsoft tool for Developing all type of web applications like windows,
web, and distributed etc.

This tool designed to help developers create, configure, deploy, manage and secure .NET applications
and components.

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