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   June 15, 2005
   Volume 1, Issue 5

                           Advanced Avionics, Inc (734) 332-0256

Special Interest
                           Vest Troubleshooting- Tips and Tricks
                           By Gary Supplee
                           We at LaserBlast have          Tip #2: Vest Will Not Scan in    photon and scraping the pins
• Troubleshooting
                           gone to great lengths to                                        of the connector with a sharp
                                                      Lately we’ve been noticing
                           make our equipment                                              knife (4). Unplugging the
• LaserBlast 101                                      that vests that do not scan
                           easily repaired by arena                                        connector may be difficult as
                                                      in at the end of a game may
• New Sites and            operators. Here are a few                                       it is secured with adhesive
                                                      have a corrosion buildup on
  Systems                  tips that may help you                                          during the manufacturing
                                                      the photon connector at the
                           when your vests act up.                                         process.
                                                      nose of the phaser (3). You
• New Employee
                           Tip #1: Vest Lights Frozen can cure this problem by
                                                      carefully unplugging the
                           If the lights on your vest
                           are frozen when a battery
                           is first plugged in, this
                           could mean that the                                                                  (3)
                           trigger switch has become
                           dislodged from its proper
                           position under the trigger                         (1)
                           in the phaser handle.
                           Picture #1 at right may be
                           helpful in diagnosing this                                                           (4)
                           trouble.                                                        Remember, if you send us
                           To repair this, return the                                      your packs for repair, please
                           switch lever to its position                                    include a note telling us what
                           under the trigger slide (2).                           (2)      the vest is doing wrong!

                           LaserBlast Vests 101 – A Quick Overview
                           In talking with our              circuit board. They            under the circuit board.
Come see our booth at      customers, it has become         receive and recognize          Consequently, it is crucial
2005 Trade Shows:          evident that some of the         signals from the Referee,      that the laser remain in
                           technical aspects of the         Scanner, Flood Light, and      correct alignment. If it
                           LaserBlast vests are             the other vests in a game.     breaks away from the IR
                           confusing. I hope this will                                     Tube, it becomes
  Fun Expo -- Sept 15-17                                    When a player fires a
                           help, both in your                                              impossible to determine
                                                            shot, a red or green dot
   Las Vegas, NV           operations and repairs.                                         exactly where the IR
                                                            (depending on the type of
                                                                                           signal is directed, and
                           The LaserBlast vests work        laser on your vest) can be
                                                                                           accurately tagging an
  IAAPA -- Nov. 16-19      by firing and sensing Infra-     seen in the direction of
                                                                                           opponent in play becomes
                           red signals. There are 13        fire. All this laser does is
   Atlanta, GA
                           IR sensors located on the        show the player where he
                           vest; three on each              is firing. The actual data     The Photon fires an IR
                           phaser, shoulder and             IR signal cannot be seen       signal just like the one
                           chest, and one on the            by the human eye, and is       from the IR Tube, only its
                           back. These sensors are          emitted from the long,         field is not narrowed by a
                           the small black rectangles       black tube visible on the      long tube, and signals
                           you can see on each              left side of the phaser        everyone nearby.
                                                        New LaserBlast
                                                       Newsletter Title Sites                                 Page 2 of 2
                                    Congratulations to our New (and Returning) LaserBlast customers!

                            The Ohio Family                     the population of                   their large space with themed
Advanced Avionics, Inc      Foundation                          Christiansburg continues to         rooms, including a crashed
  6659 Warren Rd.                                               grow. Owner Bob Anderson            spaceship and Christmas
                            in Massillon, Ohio, is a
 Ann Arbor, MI, 48105                                           is starting out with a small        trees for their 40-vest
                            summer camp for special
                                                                system of 12 vests, and we          system.
                            needs children throughout
                                                                hope business is so good
    PHONE/FAX:              the Midwest.                                                            Larry Sheets Family Fun
                                                                he has to expand soon!
   (734) 332-0256           Professionals specializing                                              Center
                            in physical and mental              Paramount Parks                     in Westminster, Maryland,
      E-MAIL:               needs of any kind                   Canada’s Wonderland                 former Toronto Blue Jays        volunteer their time at this                                            right-fielder Larry Sheets has
                                                          in Toronto, Canada, is a                  opened a multi-level Laser
                            facility so crucial to these
                                                          large amusement park with                 Tag arena in his new sports
                            needy kids. The
                                                          rides and attractions for                 complex for his 20-vest
                            foundation acquired a 16-
                                                          young and old. Paramount                  system. Included in his
                            vest system that they will
                                                          invited LaserBast to replace              Center are bumper cars
                            use in their gymnasium.
                                                          another laser tag system                  batting cages, arcade
                            Oasis Fun Center              that had been there for                   games, moon bounce and
                                                          three years. Jeff Schilling               plenty of room for parties and
                            in Shasta Lake, California,
                                                          and his crew from Creative                group activities. He also has
                            was able to build their new                                             a 15,000 square foot indoor
                                                          Works did a fabulous job
                            facility using LaserBlast                                               sports arena.
                                                          designing and building a
                            equipment reconditioned
                                                          medieval-themed maze for
                            from a customer in Texas.                                               Zap Zone Taylor, MI
                                                          their new, 26-vest system.
                            Owner Terry Smith has                                                   installed a new 7-unit
                                                          Tim Ewald developed a
                            constructed a huge, all-                                                Scanning Station for their
                                                          new, continuous-game
                            indoor miniature golf couse                                             new location at the other end
                                                          program that allows
                            with 300 putters available,                                             of the mall. This takes
                                                          operators to run multiple
                            go-carts and now a 22–                                                  advantage of the LaserBlast
                                                          games simultaneously.
                            vest Laser Tag system as                                                holster technology without
                                                          Don’t miss the smoking
                            well. The Center is                                                     having to install holsters for
                                                          dragon at the entrance to
                            completely handicap-                                                    each of their vests.
                                                          the attraction!
                                                          A New World Laser Tag                     Zap Zone Utica, MI recently
                            Adventureworld Fun                                                      installed a new system of 48
                            Center                        in Middletown, CT, located                holsters for their vests.
                                                          in a 2-story, former furniture
                            in Christiansburg, Virginia,
                                                          store with large party rooms              XS Family Fun Center in
                            is a brand new facility built
                                                          and snack bar on the first                Windsor, Canada, added a
                            around a huge roller
                                                          floor, and laser tag on the               Kiosk, 20 Microblasters, and
                            skating rink. The area is
                                                          second. The group of                      15 vests to their collection.
                            ripe for an attraction like
                                                          women who own and                         They also had us refurbish
                            this, as two large
                                                          operate the facility have                 15 of their current vests.
                            universities are nearby and
                                                          done a great job decorating
                         New LaserBlast Employee
                             We would like to introduce our new Quality Control
                             Manager, Donna Rogers. Donna has a Bachelors degree
                             from the University of Michigan, and brings to the
                             LaserBlast team a wealth of experience from her years in
                             Retail Marketing. She is responsible for Testing of new
 We’re on the Web!           vests and peripherals as they are built and is also involved
                             with vest repairs. She has already helped us with a few
      Visit us at:
                             installations and on-site repairs!
                         About Our Organization…
                         We are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the United States. All of our products are designed, assembled, and
                         serviced in our Ann Arbor headquarters.

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