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									Boys and Girls Country News
 Volume 36, Issue 5, Holiday Extra 2007
 Page 2
 Message from the
  Executive Director
                                         The Drive Toward Success
 Give While You Shop                                  Our students got off to a great start in the 2007-2008 school
                                                      year. Congratulations to all Honor Roll and Most Improved
 Page 3                                               students! We have encouraged and celebrated achievement
 A Tailgate Party                                     this year with a racing theme, and in keeping with that theme,
 Harris County Fair                                   we wish all of our students success for the next laps on the
  Results                                             drive to the finish line! We also send a big thank you to our
 The Lillys' 5 Years!                                 tutors -- who are key members of each child's "pit crew"!
 Cars Needed

 Page 4                            Grades K-6                                                                             Grades 7-12
 Our Christmas                   1st Nine Weeks                                                                          1st Six Weeks
  Needs You!
 Donate Before '08!                  All A’s                                                                                All A’s
 Thanks, Aetna                       Brianna                                                                                 Amy
  Foundation!                        Celeste                                                                                Meagan
 Holiday Wish List                    Collin
                                    Jean Paul                                                                            All A’s and B’s
       A Vision                      Tanner                                                                                Alexandra
     for Children                     Taylor                                                                                 Alex E.
 Get to know about               Kindergarten:                                                                               Danetta
 our Home and the                   All 4’s                                                                                  Denisha
 children we serve.                 Ethan                                                                                     Julia
 Bring only an open
                                                            Dillon (above) and Jovanni (below) are among
                                    Micaela                 several students who worked hard to pull up                     Kennedy
 heart and a friend.
                                                            their grades in the first part of the school year.                 Kim
 We'd like to host at
 least ten people at             All 3’s and 4’s            They, with others listed below, received the                     Krystal
 each session:                       Kaleb                  "Most Improved" award from Ms. Robin,                             Laura
                                      Rosa                  Director of Education. We are so proud for all                    Loren
      December 1                                                                                                              Luke
                                                            of your effort and persistence...and how far you
      January 12                 All A’s and B’s
      February 2
                                                            have come! Keep up the good work!
                                     Audrey                                                                            All A’s, B’s and 1 C
    10:00-11:00 a.m.                 Crystal                                                                                  Austin
                                      Daniel                                                                                  Darnell
                                      Helen                                                                                   Debra
                                      Jacob                                                                                   Dillon
                                      John                                                                                    George
                                     Kiewan                                                                                 Haymanot
                                     Michael                                                                                 Johnny
                               All A’s, B’s and 1 C                                                                         Stephanie
  18806 Roberts Road                 Brandon
  Hockley, Texas 77447                 Jared                                                                             Most Improved
                                     Jovanni                                                                                Darnell
     (281) 351-4976                   Sherry                                                                                Dillon
   Fax: (281) 351-4978                                                                                                       Ryan     Most Improved                                                                            Stephanie         Daniel
                                Message from the Executive Director
                                                We’re all in this together….
                              For the Heritage Dinner this year, 39 children from our Home who comprise the Heritage Singers sang
                              the popular, “We’re all in this together.” So for days I’ve been humming, singing, and walking
                              around with that song in my head…thinking of all the ways it is true at Boys and Girls Country.

                              Here are a few thoughts I had:
                                As a staff, we have to depend on each other -- daily -- hourly -- to meet all the needs that
                                arise…from food preparation -- to transportation -- to moral support…
                                 The students develop such a strong bond with each other, sharing stories of their younger lives,
                                living through the Boys and Girls Country memories together, helping each other prepare for the
                                future…and staying lifelong friends….
                                Volunteers show up to perform all the ‘extras’ that we never get to do…the fun things such as
                                cleaning, landscaping, painting, sorting, organizing, and mowing…
                                And our Board and donors….share their resources from large gifts to small gifts…and all sizes in
                                the middle to make sure there is enough to go around!

That led me to recall a recent conversation. One of our long time donors commented on the success of the Heritage Dinner, and asked,
                                                   “Do you still need my little gift?”

What a joy it was for me to tell him -- not only do we need his gift…we cherish it!

The truth of ‘we’re all in this together’ became clear the night of our Heritage Dinner, the most successful event in our history. In the
middle of all sized gifts, I found my favorite contribution. It came from Sarah, age 8, daughter of long time board member, J. R. Sult,
who had been working hard to raise money for the dinner.

We found out that Sarah pondered the size of her gift for days,
first deciding to give $10, but then determining it was “not
enough”. She then considered $15 for a few days, and finally
settled on $20 as the most generous, affordable gift she could
donate. She sent her $20 in cash with a note to me which I will
cherish forever.

Yes, Sarah, we’re all in this together….and every gift, large and
small, our Father blesses all.                                                                       755
Happy Holidays to our cheerful givers.

We love you.

Shirley A. Wright

                    Going grocery shopping?

Pick up something for us, too! Scan your Kroger Share Card (cut
out the one here, or call us at 281-351-4976 for an actual card) when
you make your next purchase, and link your Randall’s card to
                             Organization Number 755, and we will
                             receive 1% of every purchase you make
  Page 2                     to our Home, at no cost to you.
                            Football and Tailgating
This season's current high school football players include Kennedy and Teddy. Junior
High players include Austin, Darnell, Desmin, Dillon, Frank, and Zan. They have
been hard at work, and we have enjoyed cheering them on. Right: Laura, Amy,
Krystal, Julia, and Debra bring in the Bulldog banner for a tailgate party before we
headed out to Varsity Parent Night at Waller High.

Below: Also at the tailgate party were new members of our Boys and Girls Country
family. From left, front: Jonathan, Michael, Jared, Micaela, Rosa, Katelyn, Brandon.
                                                                     Back: Robert,
                                                                     Ashley, Helen,
                                                                     Joseph. We
                                                                     also welcome
                                                                     our newest
                                                                     (below). We
                                                                     are so glad to
                                                                     have all of you

                         Harris County Fair Winners
We are proud of all of the contestants who showed their animals in the Harris County
Fair. Congratulations to Frank (right) who won fifth in class for his calf, Jovanni, who
won sixth in class for his goat, and John, who won seventh in class for his goat.

                                         Happy Five Years, Lillys!
                                  Laura and Terry Lilly have been wonderful                  Old car need a new home?
                                  houseparents to our boys, and we thank them
                                  for their five years of service. Laura and Terry     Consider making a tax-deductible donation of
                                  told us, "These last 5 years have been an            your gently used, reliable car for our
                                  experience! It has been fun watching the kids        teens and young adults,
                                  grow and learn. We have learned a lot of             who need
                                  things to help with raising our own two              transportation to
                                  children. We are very grateful for the               school, jobs, and
                                  knowledge this job has given us. We always           other
                                  wanted a houseful of children and now we             extracurricular
                                  have one. We are still learning everyday.            activities.
                                  This job will be a learning experience for the
                                  rest of our time here at Boys and Girls
                                  Country."                                                                                Page 3
                                                                                                         NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION
                                                                                                               U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                PERMIT NO. 11163
                                                                                                                HOUSTON, TEXAS

Boys and Girls Country of Houston, Inc.
         18806 Roberts Road
        Hockley, Texas 77447
       Address Service Requested

                                                                  Will You Be a Part of Our Family Christmas?
             H                                                Here are a few ways to help. For more
    WISH LIST                                                  information, please call Jennifer Roth
                                                                  at 281-351-4976, extension 243.
                                                                                                          Sponsor a Young Adult in
                                                                                                          the College and Career
Our Commissary Needs:
Pecans                                                                                                    Program. No matter how
Cheez Whiz, Velveeta Cheese                                                                               old you are, you are always a
French’s Fried Onions                                                 Conduct a Gift Card Drive.          child to your parents, and you
Pie Fillings (Apple, Strawberry,                                                                          are always on the gift list!
  Blueberry, Peach, etc.)                                              We use gift cards year-round       Help us create a memorable
Marshmallows                                Sponsor Cottage            to shop for our kids' many         holiday for our college kids
Turkeys and Hams                                                       needs. Gift cards are also used    and our grown kids. Below:
                                            Needs. Our children's
                                            homes need new linens      as rewards for hard work and       Brittney's Christmas wish is
Tin Pans and Aluminum Foil
                                            and other essentials.      achievement.                       about to come true.

Our Clothing Closet Needs:
In all sizes, except where indicated:
White Undershirts (muscle style)
No-Show Socks
Boys’ and Girls’ Tennis Shoes and House
Girls’ Junior Pants and Dresses (sizes 11 -
   17), and Shirts (sizes L - XXL)                    Year-End Giving
Boys’ and Girls’ Coats, Jackets, Hoodies
Boxers and Boxer Briefs                     As the season of giving (and year-end tax-
                                            planning) approaches, consider the impact
Our Cottages Need:
                                            your gift this year could make on our children.
Twin Mattresses
                                            Your gift of cash or securities received by
Pool Cue Sticks
Large Electric Griddles                     December 31st qualifies for tax deductibility in
Rotisseries (two racks)                     2007. Be sure to check whether your company will match your gift.
Bath Towels and Washcloths
Christmas Lights (mostly mini clear, some   And, if you are at least age 70 ½, you can donate up to $100,000 to Boys and Girls Country
  mini multi-colored, some C-8 clear        directly through your IRA without incurring any taxes in 2007 because of tax-law changes
  replacement bulbs)                        in the 2006 Pension Protection Act. Most IRA firms will issue checks only before mid-
                                            December, so hurry to take advantage of this opportunity. Please call Elaine Petranek at
Our MIS Department Needs:
88 1-GB USB Thumb Drives (for               281-351-4976 ext. 219 for more information about making your tax-deductible donation.
Pentium 4 or better PCs                     Thank You, Aetna Foundation!
17” Flat Panel Monitors                     We are grateful to the Aetna Foundation,
80 GB Hard Drives                           whose support of our children's health
Our Maintenance Dept. Needs:                care program keeps them the picture of
Commercial-Size Washer/Dryer Set with       health all year long (except on
  Capacity for Comforters                   Halloween!). Right: Costume contest
Twin Tank Portable Air Compressor           winners Ashley, a vampire pirate, and
Vise with 8” Jaws                           Piero, a nerd (who could calculate for
                                            you the exact cost of healthcare for over
For a complete wish list, please visit us
                                            100 children and young adults!)
online at

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