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					                                                  Oakland Unified School District

                                                          Spelling Bee

                                                    General Information

Thank you for participating in the Oakland Unified School District Spelling Bee.
At this event we will celebrate talented student spellers in grades four through
eight and identify the eight students who will compete in the Alameda County
Spelling Bee on March 17, 2012. The OUSD spelling bee follows the rules of
Alameda County and the State of California Spelling Bees. It does not conform
to the rules of the National Spelling Bee and is not an entry level competition to
that event. We hope that the general information in this handout will prepare
you for an enjoyable experience.

The Basics
      When: February 9, 2012 (Thursday) 5:00 PM until 8:00 PM.
      Elementary 5:00-6:15 and middle school 6:45-8:00. These are two
       separate events and students will only be able to join the audience once
       their level competition has been completed. Spellers need to arrive 30
       minutes before their competition to register, practice, get numbers, and
       so forth.
      Where: Tilden Campus Auditorium, 4551 Steele St, Oakland (directions
       and map pages 3 and 4)
      Who: School site winners in grades 4, 5, and 6-8, site coaches and
       coordinators, interested parents and observers
      What: Oral competition for both levels with multiple rounds of increasing
       difficulty resulting in a winner and several runners-up who will go on to
       county competition.
      Why: Celebrate excellence, honor student achievement, prepare for
       county competition

Site Coordinator/Coach Responsibilities
      Bring originals or insure arrival of signed parent permission slips to the
       spelling bee on February 9, 2012.

     Arrange transportation for spellers (can be parents or staff with proper
     Give student spellers copies of the rules and frequently asked questions.

Student Speller Suggestions
     Study the lists sent to your school sites. 75% of the words for Rounds 1
      and 2 will come from those lists. Words in subsequent rounds will come
      from a variety of sources with Webster’s Third New International
      Dictionary being the official source of information
     Have someone practice a few rounds with you using the competition
      format found on the rules page you were given. Be aware of what you
      can ask as clarifying questions and what you cannot ask or do.
     Practice looking at someone as you practice. Speak loudly and clearly.
      On the day of the event you may be asked to use a microphone.
     Plan to wear event clothes that are comfortable and require no extra
      attention. You’ll want your focus to be only on the spelling.

Parent/Observer Responsibilities
     Read thoroughly and sign the permission slip required at the time of
      registration on February 9.
     Transport or make arrangements for transportation for your student
      speller. Insure that your speller arrives on time.
     Understand and respect the need for silence during the pronunciation and
      spelling of the words.
     Please collect and hold your child’s belongings, especially their coats and
      other outerwear

What to expect at the event
     Participants will sign in, turn in permission slips, and draw numbers for
     Participants will sit on the stage in number order. Participants will spell in
      the order they are seated.
     The spelling bee will be conducted in rounds. Each speller remaining in
      the competition will spell one word in that round. Upon missing the
      spelling of a word, the participant will follow the procedure established at
      the beginning of the event. Eliminated spellers may join the audience for
      the rest of the competition.
     Scratch pads will be available to allow participants to write the word
      before spelling orally.

                   OUSD Educational Center @ Tilden
                   4551 Steele St., Oakland CA, 94619

                             DRIVING DIRECTIONS

There is plenty of street parking, but if you would like to enter our parking lot, please
note that parking is tricky:

Heading West from the Hayward area:
1. 580 W/Oakland
2. Exit 25 towards MacArthur Blvd/High St
3. Merge onto Mountain Blvd
4. Turn Right onto Enos St.
5. Stay on Enos and drive through the gate onto the school grounds and turn right
towards the yellow portables.
6. Park. Welcome!

Heading East from the Richmond area:
1. 580 E/Oakland
2. Exit onto MacArthur Blvd.
3. Turn LEFT to stay on MacArthur (you will be reversing direction, almost in a U)
4. From MacArthur (heading in a westerly direction) turn Right at Enos St.
5. Stay on Enos and drive through the gate onto the school grounds and turn right
towards the yellow portables.
6. Park. Welcome!


                      The following buses pass the Tilden Campus:
Heading East or West:
1. De-board at the MacArthur Blvd / Richards Rd / Mills College stop.
2. Head Northwest on MacArthur.
3. Take a right onto Buell St (walk under the 580 overpass)
4. Continue onto Steele St.
5. Tilden will be on your left. Enter the building via the front red doors. Welcome!

     Oakland Unified School District
             Spelling Bee

          Student Permission

All participants in the Oakland Unified School District Spelling Bee must have this
signed permission form to turn in at the time of registration.

Student Name ____________________________________________

a student at (school name)
in grade _________       and living at (address)


Email address (parent)__________________
phone number_______________

wishes to participate in the Oakland Unified School District Spelling Bee, a
voluntary competition to be held on the Tilden Campus on February 9, 2012.
As stated in California Education Code 35330, I understand that I hold Oakland
Unified School District, its agents and employees, harmless for any and all
liability of claims, which may arise out or in connection with my participation in
this activity. My signature is shown below and I hereby agree to have my son/
daughter follow the competition rules and accept the interpretations and
decisions made by the event committee members and judges. By signing this
request, I acknowledge that I have carefully read this voluntary participation
form and expressly grant authority to, and indicate consent to, the possible
release of educational information about or relative to, the participation of this
student in spelling bee activities. Such information shall include, but not be
limited to, the release of photographs, competition results, and audio-visual


Student Signature_______________________________________


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