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					                                            GLENBRAE RIDING CLUB
                                             WINTER NEWSLETTER
                                                 January 2011

Dear Member                                                        We are then planning a combined evening covering a Vet Talk
                                                                   with Dr Karen MacEarchern from the Weipers Centre, Glasgow
Welcome to the Winter Newsletter. The committee hopes that         and a Centered Riding Lecture from Anne Currie. The evening
you have had a restful break over the Christmas period and         will be at the Stirling Cricket Club and we hope to see as many
you and your four legged chums have coped with the snow.           of you as possible for what we hope will be a fun and
It’s beginning to feel like the thaw is on its way, so lets hope   informative evening .
that’s true and we can all start to get back into a more fun
routine with our horses.                                           We ran our first Combined Training on Saturday 17th October as
                                                                   the final event in the summer calendar and combined our
We think you’ll enjoy the activities we have in place for the      Dressage and Show Jumping events. The day was a great
coming few months and that there is something to please            success with a good turn out and great atmosphere. A special
everyone.                                                          thank you should go to Grant Turnbull who painstakingly
                                                                   mowed the centre line of our two dressage arenas the night
We held our AGM on Wednesday 20th October at Stirling              before the event. Pairs Dressage was won by worthy witchy
Cricket Club. The night was well attended and we had our full      winners – see if you can identify our winners from the evidence
meeting including Prize Giving and a talk from a local Equine      below.
Photographer. We also held a raffle for both flat and jumping
lessons with Yvonne MacFarlane and Grant Turnbull, as well as
a photo Shoot from Adrian Sinclair. This year we offered a 20%
discount on membership renewal which was an offer most
people took up, including new members, meaning our current
membership is already over 60 people.

Unfortunately the weather has impacted the Flatwork and
Jumping lessons throughout December and January, despite
the committee being able to secure an indoor school for some
lessons. We are hopeful we will get flatwork and jumping
coaching back into a routine now we’re through the worst of
the snow. Flatwork training will continue with Yvonne
MacFarlane BHSI at Dalnair Riding School, Bonnybridge on the
first and third Wednesday of each month. There will be up to
three sessions, 6-9pm, each for an hour and accommodating
two people. Further details later in the Newsletter.

Show jump training will continue with Grant Turnbull BHSAI
once per month, on the first Saturday of each month until the    Image supplied courtesy of Sinclair Photography
lighter nights when they will return to Tuesday evenings. Each
session will be for a maximum of four people. Further details For those internet fans, you may of already joined us on
later in the Newsletter.                                         Facebook but just to let you all know we have created our own
                                                                 Glenbrae Riding Club Facebook page, this is a great site for
The committee continue to meet once a month, not even the        chatting and discussing all things – including horsey – so if
weather puts us off, so if you have any points you would like to you’re on Facebook come and have a look.
raise, or any suggestions you would like to make, please do
not hesitate to get in touch with one of the committee (see      Finally, we are starting to work towards our Annual Showing
Contact Information). At our AGM we put round a                  Show on the 15th May 2011, get the date in your diary if not
questionnaire to find out what sorts of things people were keen already done so! We hope the day is a good as it was last year.
to get more information on, both riding and non riding. We       Further details will follow however if you would be interested in
have reviewed this information and, we hope, captured the        sponsoring a class at the show (or think you know someone
most popular events in our upcoming schedule. This starts        who might) please get in touch with the committee to let us
with our Club Meal on 4th February at the Outback in Stirling.   know.
Members Night Competitions                                          Annual Boosters may be given on the same date each year, but this
                                                                    is not recommended. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure
Member’s nights will begin again the dates are now all published on that their pony or horse has a valid certificate that fully complies with
our website and details below also                                  the BHA Rules in all respects and to present that certificate at all
                                                                    Official Competitions.
  Date                    Dressage              Show jumping
                          Venue TBC             Langlands           Committee
  April                   9th                   27th
  May                     Combined Training 10th Langlands          We still have one vacancy to join our committee. If you have been a
  June                    7th                    29th               member for over a year and have views on the sorts of things we
  July                    Combined Training 12th Langlands          should be doing we’d love you to come and join us.
  August                  9th                   24th
  September               Combine Training 17th Langlands           Anyone who would like to be involved, please let Cath know in
To keep up to date with all GRC results and the leader-boards,
please visit:      Area 1 Team Dressage – 14th November, Sandyflats RDA

Other Diary Dates
                                                                        The club sent a team made up of Caroline Guy, Jennifer Hunter, Alex
                                                                        Crookston & Lorna Muirhead to the winter dressage qualifier. Lorna
 February       4th – Annual Riding Club Meal, Outback Stirling
                                                                        and Caroline got 4th individually in their tests with Alex & Jennifer
                23rd – Vet talk and Centered Riding Lecture,
                                                                        just missing out on individual placings. Final team result was 5th
                Stirling Cricket Club
                                                                        from 17 teams. I’m sure you’ll all agree a good result. A big thank
 March          12th – Lunging Demonstration, Langlands
                                                                        you to all who took part and who supported.
                18th – Race Night, Stiring Cricket Club
 April          TBC – Pub Quiz                                          We also had two teams (a novice and a fun team) ready to go
                                                                        forward to the show jumping taking place at SNEC on the 27 th
                                                                        November, however due to the weather this event was postponed
Gleneagles cross country
                                                                        and eventually has been cancelled.
Gleneagles are hiring out their cross country course for a training     If you would be interested in joining a team please get in touch with
day on the 3rd April, this is in advance of their April Hunter Trials   the committee and we will register your interest. Please note
Competition on the 17th. Grant Turnbull has agreed to run small         however that all current vaccines must be up to date in order to take
group sessions, of no more than 5, over the course at a Cost of £40     part in any BRC events, unfortunately this caught a few of us out at
per person. Each session would last approximately 90Mins. All           the last team events (your author included) – we’ve included the
levels are welcome and there is a vast selection of fences at           guidelines to keep everyone right.
Gleneagles to choose from. . Please let Grant know at if you would like to attend. This is a        Flatwork and Show Jumping Coaching
great opportunity to train over these fences whether you are having
your first go at Cross Country or looking for a pre season warm up.     As mentioned earlier, we have had well attended coaching
                                                                        throughout the 2010 summer we hope to continue this through 2011.
NB there may be other groups of riders at various points on the         Flatwork sessions will be held at Dalnair Riding School, Bonnybridge
course at the same time.                                                with Yvonne MacFarlane on the first Wednesday of each month, 6 –
                                                                        9 pm. Anyone wishing to attend should contact Lorna at
Flu Vaccination Rules                                          The cost is £20 for a one hour
                                                                        semi private (2 sharing) lesson. Private lessons can be arranged to
BRC equine influenza rules are based on the British Horseracing         suit.
Authority Rules (formerly The Jockey Club Rules).
Vaccination Procedure                                                   Show jump instruction begins again on Tuesday 5th April at
Each pony or horse must have a valid vaccination certificate which      Langlands Farm and will continue throughout the summer on the first
undeniably relates to that pony or horse, completed, signed and         and third Tuesdays of each month. Hourly sessions will be 7-8pm
stamped on each relevant line by a veterinary surgeon who is not        and 8-9pm. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis
the owner of the pony or horse. It must state that the pony or horse    and will be limited to a maximum of four per session. All levels can
has received the appropriate course of injections:                      be catered for so please do not be worried that you will not be up to
Primary Vaccination Two injections, the 2nd between 21 and 92 days      standard!! Training sessions will be adapted to suit rider / horse
after the 1st First Booster An injection between 150 and 215 days       abilities. If you would like to take part please email Grant at
after 2nd primary injection. Annual Booster An injection not more . Cost remains at £12 per session.
than 1 year after the preceding injection. None of the vaccinations     Please note that following confirmation of your attendance you will be
may be given within the preceding 7 days, including the day of          liable to pay this unless your space can be filled from any waiting list.
competition or entry into the competition stables.
Finally a bit of fun - What I’ve learnt from my Horse…
* When in doubt, run far, far away.
* You can never have too many treats.                               Contact Information
* Passing gas in public is nothing to be ashamed of.
* New shoes are an absolute necessity every 6 weeks.                                       Office Bearers
* Ignore cues. They're just a prompt to do more work.
* Everyone loves a good, wet, slobbery kiss.                         President             01786 473820
* Never run when you can jog. Never jog when you can walk. And       Mrs Elizabeth Logan
never walk when you can stand still.
* Heaven is eating at least 10 hours a day... and then sleeping the  Chairperson           01259 730929
rest.                                                                Mrs Cath Cornall
* Eat plenty of roughage.
* Great legs and a nice rear will get you anywhere. Big, brown eyes
help too.                                                            Vice Chairperson      01786 489205
* When you want your way, stomp hard on the nearest foot.            Grant Turnbull
* In times of crisis, take a poop.
* Act dumb when faced with a task you don't want to do.
* Follow the herd. That way, you can't be singled out to take the    Secretary             01324 831871
blame.                                                               Heather Macgowan
* A swift kick in the butt will get anyone's attention.
* Love those who love you back, especially if they have something
good to eat.                                                         Treasurer             01786 870257
                                                                    Miss Liessa Allan

                                                                    Membership Sec         01786 818030
                                                                    Jonathon Bagg

                                                                    Website / Training     07710 495131
                                                                    Lorna Muirhead
                                                                                           07977 124314
                                                                    Caroline Guy
                                                                                           07803 856 032
                                                                    Newsletter Editor
                                                                    Gill Sinclair

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