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					J2ME development has emerged as one of the most popular technologies. Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME) is

aimed at small & memory constrained devices and standardize the use of Java technology in wireless devices. J2ME

is the JAVA based Mobile Application Development platform where developers can access an object oriented

programming language. This JAVA platform is designed for consumer devices and embedded systems. Be it mobile

phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), TV set-top boxes, and printers etc, Java Platform can provide developers

a flexible environment for application running on these devices.

Mobile Application developers choose J2ME platform because it includes flexible user interface, robust security, and

built-in network protocols and support for networked and offline applications that can be downloaded dynamically. It

comprises a number of specified components, which have been defined by the industry through the Java Community

Process (JCP).

A real advantage with J2ME development is that it enjoys widespread support across all platforms. The need of the

hour to fulfill your requirements is to secure, reliable and professional services pertaining to J2ME application

development. With the help of effective J2ME application development, you can reap the advantages of easy user

interface, easy application navigational functionality, better networking capabilities and improved security.

Being an open source and independent platform, users do not have to struggle with heavy license fees each year.

Java API's can easily be accessed by developers. It can embrace the concept of exception specifications. It allows

developers to create modular programs and reusable codes.

Another advantage of JAVA is that, if the program is written in java, one can run it anywhere means that application

developed through Java is platform independent. JAVA based enterprise applications perform well because stable

JAVA standards help developers to create multilevel applications with a component based approach.

For a turnkey solution over J2ME, one should choose skillful developers who have expertise in J2ME Web Service

APIs, Wireless Messaging API (JSR-120) to enable SMS communications, Code Sign Certificates to prioritize

application functions without giving rise to repetitive permission requests, Record storage/distribution management


In keeping with the trend, Rapidsoft Technologies delivers scalable and robust J2ME solutions so that users can

easily get the full utility of up-to-date J2ME Applications. If you look for a qualified collection of Java APIs (Application

Programming Interface) to develop the software for any tiny, small and resource limited devices, you need to have

J2ME Application Development service.

They provide the custom application development services to their clients, that range from single entrepreneurs to

large enterprises. With the use of top-rung technology expertise.
It is an offshore custom development company in India. It is one of the market leaders in custom software services

and solutions for mobile and web and enterprise level solutions.

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