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									                               Sweet Potato Slips/Plants
We will update this page often so please check back                  Allgold     (Oklahoma 1953)
If you found this page with a search engine,                         Early. Vigorous vines, tan-yellow skin with pale orange
     please check our Updates BEFORE                                 flesh, heavy yields. Equal if not superior to Porto Rico in
                                                                     taste and table appearance and contains 50% more
 ORDERING. Please refresh with each visit                            vitamin C and more than 3 times as much vitamin A.
          as we will update it often.                                Developed by Dr. Cordner, Oklahoma A & M College.
          Updates and Availability
http://duckcreekfarms.com/pdfs/SweetPotato_Availa                    Beauregard
                     bility.pdf                                      Orange skin, orange flesh. Thin stalks, vigorous grower,
                                                                     good producer, fat & heavy sweet potatoes. A typical
 Please use our Sweetpotato Order Form                               "yam" type you find in stores. Has pox and nematode
http://duckcreekfarms.com/pdfs/SweetPotato_Availability              resistance. Early type

             www.duckcreekfarms.com                                  Bunch Porto Rico
                                                                     Mid-season. Regular leaf, yellow-orange skin and flesh.
Shipping season begin after May 15, 2012 and                         Needs long season to do well. Bush type, great for
continues until around June 30th or later depending on               smaller gardens.
Please allow up to two weeks from the time we receive
                                                                     Carolina Nugget (North Carolina)
your order and shipping.                                             Roots short, blocky with rosy skin. Flesh medium orange.
                                                                     Roots have good table quality. Leaves deeply cut, dark
                                                                     green with a purplish tinge. Increased yields and superior
  Sweetpotato Plants 2012                                            root shape in heavy soils. Needs less curing to store well
                                                                     than other cultivars. More resistance to fusarium wilt and
People who have never grown some of the Heirloom sweet potato        southern root knot than Centennial
varieties are missing out on some of the tastiest varieties. The
reason these are not commercially available is that some varieties
will produce more and commercial growers are able to get more
                                                                     Carolina Ruby
bushels per acre. The standard variety is Beauregard. Below is a     Favorable with Beauregard and was superior to Jewel.
list of varieties we are supplying this year and while some are      Yield similar to Beauregard for the U.S. #1 and canner
standard, others are novelty.                                        grades and slightly higher for jumbo grades. Harvest
                                                                     dates typically 3-5 days earlier than Beauregard. Roots
American (Yam) varieties usually have moist flesh; Asian varieties   store well without excessive weight loss from storage rots
usually have dry flesh. Orange fleshed varieties usually are         or dehydration. Baked roots have uniform color, and moist
moist. Light yellow/white fleshed varieties usually are dry flesh.   smooth flesh, and good flavor.
Also note that true Yam (which is a completely different species
of plant native to Africa) is not grown commercially in the US.      Cordner’s Red (heirloom type) SOLD OUT
                                                                     This is a very compact bush type plant with red skin and
We can not offer large order discounts on the                        orange moist flesh. Excellent for people with small
following varieties. If you need large numbers,                      gardens. The name “Cordner’s Red” was given by local
please see our wholesale price list,                                 growers as it was never officially released. From the
                                                                     breeding material of Dr. H. B. Cordner of Oklahoma. Fair
                                                                     storage variety and great tasting. A personal Favorite.
                                                                     One of our top producers in 2010. Early type
8633      SOLD OUT
Red/orange skin, deep orange flesh. vigorous growing,                Hatteras (North Carolina) SOLD OUT
compact plants, great producer of large, fat, sweet                  An orange-fleshed, smooth-skinned, rose colored, table
potatoes, very sweet orange flesh. An excellent variety.             stock sweetpotato. The leaves are typically green and
Pox and nematode resistant. Leaves and vine tips are                 triangular shaped, and the vines produce a dense canopy
edible too, used much like spinach. Early type Slow and              that competes well against weeds. Hatteras normally
shy slip producer so don’t expect early shipment.
                                                                     produces uniformed shaped roots high yields are
                                                                     normally harvested in 110 days.
Alabama Purple (PURPLE DELIGHT) purple
sweet potato renamed Purple Delight
We recently acquired this new trial variety that originally
                                                                     Hernandez (Louisiana 1990)
                                                                     Mid-season to late. Vigorous vines, orange skin, dark
came from Alabama. It is Purple fleshed with dark purple
                                                                     orange flesh. Very moist when cooked, above average
skin. Flavor is typical to the other purple fleshed varieties,
which is not real sweet.                                             yields. This was one of our best producers in 2010.

                                                  DuckCreekFarms@aol.com                                                           1
                            Sweet Potato Slips/Plants
Jersey White
White skin and creamy white flesh. Light and delicate              Sweetpotato Slip Prices.
sweetpotato flavor. Very similar to Hammond White.              We are not set up for large orders this year. Our
                                                                 primary focus is to supply home gardeners and
Jewel                                                             small market growers looking to trial unusual
Mid-season. Semi-bush, greenish colored normal leaves,
above average yields, tends to produce medium sized
                                                                         varieties in smaller quantities.
roots regardless of the season length. Has light orange       Please order a minimum of 5 plants per variety
skin with light orange flesh, Sweet, Moist flesh.             Slips are sent bare root. Cuttings are sent in ziplock bags.
                                                              Shipping is by priority mail.
Mahan / Bradshaw (heirloom)                                   Prices are the same for slips or cuttings
Mahan was renamed Bradshaw in 2010, Heirloom variety          5-24 plants @ $1.00 each
High production and excellent storage. Very sweet, Moist,
Orange Flesh. Ivy leaves with semi compact vines. Looks       25-49 plants @ .89 cents each
very similar to Continental Red. Highly recommended           50+ plants @ .79 cents each.
                                                              The above prices are for this section only.
Okinawa Purple SOLD OUT
Light beige skin, deep dark purple flesh. Flesh gets darker   Pages 1 and 2
and deeper purple when cooked. They are surprisingly          Shipping and Handling $7.50 per shipment
sweet when cooked. Pretty foliage plant as well. Slow
grower. Needs a VERY long, hot growing season.                Minimum order is $10.00 not including shipping
Preferably 140 days or longer. Originally from Japan…..
Attention: we only recommend these for trial, as they are     Shipping season begin after May 15, 2011 and
not high production and very long season and not adapted      continues until around June 30th or later depending on
to all of the US.                                             availability.
                                                              Please allow up to two weeks from the time we receive
Porto Rico, Running or vining type                            your order and shipping.
Eating quality superior. Flesh color apricot. Skin color
copper. Average yields. One of the most recognized and
popular varieties                                             We take Check or US Postal Money Order for
                                                              payment. We can take paypal for your
Vardaman                                                      convenience if you need to use a credit card.
Compact Bush type habit. Root skin color very light but       Please email your order and we will send a
changes to rose or copper when exposed to light. Roots
tend to be long and skinny. Flesh deep orange. Yield          money request.
equal to Centennial or Jewel. Excellent storage life.                         Duck Creek Farms
Excellent Canning and baking characteristics
                                                                                 PO Box 303
                                                                              Mounds. OK 74047
More Varieties Listed At End                                    Please include your Phone number and
                   Page 4, 5 and 6                                         email with order.
        We Ship Sweet Potato Slips/Plants                                  Grower’s Choice Special
                                                              This may include varieties Beauregard, Bunch Porto
                                                              Rico, Carolina Ruby, Hernandez, Porto Rico,
    W  e cannot ship to you if you live in Alaska,            Running, White Jersey, White Triumph, Other Listed
  Arkansas, Florida, Hawaii, Mississippi, or South            and non listed varieties may also be included. You
 Carolina. If you live in these states, please do not         may indicate white/cream flesh, orange/yellow flesh or
 order sweetpotato plants. We do not ship outside             mix. All varieties will be labeled
                 the continental US
                                                              25 plants $12.00 (2 varieties)
                                                              50 plants $20.00 (3 to 4 varieties)
                                                              100 plants $32.00 (5 or more varieties)

                                                                            All varieties will be labeled
                                             DuckCreekFarms@aol.com                                                      2
                               Sweet Potato Slips/Plants
     Un-rooted Cuttings. (URC)
                                                                          End of Season Special.
An Un-rooted Cutting is essentially a slip that is cut above
the root line. Sweetpotatoes are so easy to root, that it is              Shipped after June 1, 2012
possible just to plant out and keep moist for a few days to             This is growers (our) choice ONLY
start rooting. The bottom two to three nodes can be placed
in water for two or three days to begin the rooting process         25 slips $7.50 plus shipping. 2 or more varieties
then planted out. Try to plant on a cloudy day or provide           50 slips $15.00 plus shipping. 3 or more varieties
some shade for couple of days to help them get established.         100 slips $30.00 plus shipping. 4 or more varieties
If they appear to die, give them time as the stem below the                      All varieties will be labeled
soil will usually produce more shoots.

                                                                     We will respond to email questions,
    Not sure what to order and like surprises?
       We offer the following assortments.                           but please be patient as we are very
      These will be our choice of varieties.                          busy during the growing season.
                                                                      We will try to dedicate one day a
Short Season assortment SOLD OUT                                     week for phone orders. Watch the
A mixture of some of the earliest maturing varieties we have
12 plants $7.50 (2 varieties). 25 plants (3 or more varieties)        Updates and Availability for day
$12.50, 50 plants (3 or more varieties) $24.00. 100 plants (3 or
more varieties) $45.00                                                            and time.

General Assortment                                                            Our Order form is Here
A mixture of different colors, skin and flesh                       http://duckcreekfarms.com/pdfs/OrderForm2012.pdf
12 plants (2 varieties) 7.00, 25 plants (3 or more varieties) for
$12.00. 50 plants (3 or more varieties) $20.00, 100 plants (4 or
more varieties) $32.00.
                                                                    We do not use dangerous chemicals when growing
White/Cream Flesh Assortment,                                       our sweetpotatoes, however, if you need certified
Mixture of white types                                                       organic plants; please contact
12 plants (2 varieties) for $7.50 25 plants ( 3 or more
varieties) for $14.00, 50 plants (3 or more varieties) $22.00,                  Sand Hill Preservation Center
100 plants (3 or more varieties) $35.00                                              1878 230th Street
                                                                                   Calamus, Iowa 52729
Orange Assortment
Mixture of orange and or yellow fleshed varieties
 12 plants (2 varieties) for $6.00, 25 plants (2 to 3 varieties)                               .
for $12.00, 50 plants (3 or more varieties) $20.00, 100 plants
(4 or more varieties) 32.00.
                                                                         WHOLESALE SLIPS SOLD OUT
All of the assortments are Grower’s (Our)                           If you need large quantities please visit our
Choice and may contain varieties not listed here.                   wholesale page at
Shipping applies                                                    http://duckcreekfarms.com/pdfs/SweetWholesale12.pdf

                                                  DuckCreekFarms@aol.com                                                  3
                Sweet Potato Slips/Plants
                                                                   Barberman (heirloom) OUT
            ATTENTION                                              Orange skin and flesh. Early to mid season with good

  We are suspending sales of the                                   Butterbaugh White (Heirloom) Not Available
                                                                   White skin and flesh. Very late for us this season average
  Specialty Varieties until we get                                 yields.

 the pre-orders shipped. We will                                   Betty’s (Heirloom Type) OUT
                                                                   Early Production. Semi-bush growth habit. Reddish skin and
   list available varieties in the                                 orange flesh similar to Continental Red. Good Yields.

Availability/Updates Section later
                                                                   Brazilian (Heirloom type) OUT
The following varieties are only listed on our online catalog      Mid-season production. Very vigorous vines, green colored
and are not listed in our printed catalog. They are all            normal leaves, white skin, white flesh, good yield.
VERY limited. Please try and limit the number you order
                                                                   Brinkley White (Heirloom Variety) OUT
of each. We will not limit the number you can order, but           Mid-season. Vigorous vines, green colored normal leaf,
after we receive orders for 100 (plants) each we will              creamish-white skin, cream colored flesh, excellent yields. A
suspend the availability until we know we will have                very popular variety
sufficient numbers to re-list. So please check the
availability before ordering. These are grown in very low          Bugsbunny (Porto Rico) OUT
numbers so we can not offer large number discounts.                Reported to have high carotene. Orange flesh, good yields. I
                                                                   haven’t determined the maturity, but would speculate mid
Specialty Sweet Potato Varieties                                   season.
Below are some of the older releases,
                                                                   California Gold SOLD OUT
heirlooms or hard to find varieties we have                        Early. Pale orange skin with orange flesh. Roots tend to be
in limited quantities. All the below varieties                     long. Grows well on heavy soils. good yields
are $1.00 each no matter how many your
                                                                   Carolina Bunch (South Carolina 1992) OUT
order with a $5.00 minimum per variety. We                         Mid-season. Semi-bush, orange skin, light orange flesh, good
do not limit the number of plants you can                          yield
order, however, if you plan to order more
                                                                   Carogold ( South Carolina 1958) NOT Available
than 10, please email first to make sure we                        Early. Thin, rampant vines, purple skin, orange flesh.
have enough. Most are very limited. You
can also check our Availability at                                 Carver (Alabama) OUT
http://duckcreekfarms.com/pdfs/SweetPotato_Availa                  Skin color rose. Regular leaf. Flesh moist, deep orange
                                                                   Excellent storage. Good canning and baking qualities. Highly
bility.pdf                                                         resistant to fusarium wilt. Intermediate resistance to southern
                                                                   root knot nematode. Suited for both fresh and processing
Acadian (Louisiana 1956) SOLD OUT                                  market.
Copper Skin with deep orange moist flesh. . Produces an early
crop and does well in late plantings. Good Storage. Good           Centennial (Louisiana 1962)
baking and canning qualities.                                      Early production. Semi-bush, normal leaf, copper skin, pale
                                                                   orange flesh, long, skinny roots, High carotene, adapted for
Apache (USDA 1959) SOLD OUT                                        heavier soils, above average yield
Skin and flesh color orange. Yields moderate to high. Stores
well. Baking quality very good. Mid Season                         Charleston Scarlet (USDA 2006) NOT Available
                                                                   Produces orange-fleshed, sweet roots with attractive scarlet-
Arkansas Red (heirloom type) OUT                                   colored skin. Its high level of insect and nematode resistance
Early. pink/red skin, orange flesh, good yields                    may be very beneficial for organic farmers and home
                                                                   gardeners who typically do not use chemical pesticides. Good
Asian Greens Variety SOLD OUT                                      production. Mid season.
We received this variety from an Asian grower that grew them
for greens, we do not know the type of roots it makes yet or the   Cherokee (South Carolina 1965) SOLD OUT
real name, but the vines were very good cooked liked spinach.      Roots blocky, outstanding smoothness. Skin color bright
                                                                   copper. Flesh orange. Excellent baking quality. Good keeping
B-18 (Canada 1960’s) SOLD OUT                                      quality. Long thin vines, rampant grower.
Reported to produce in cool, short summer areas. light orange
skin and orange flesh.                                             Chesapeake formerly MD-253 OUT

                                                   DuckCreekFarms@aol.com                                                            4
                                Sweet Potato Slips/Plants
Orange skin and flesh. Early production with good yields.            Georgia Red is a selection from a cross of Porto Rico. It has a
                                                                     reddish/orange skin and orange flesh with a soft/moist texture.
Continental Red (heirloom type)                                      Excellent keeping and eating quality. While we try and select
Early. Semi-bush, green colored ivy leaf, pink-red skin, light       the reddest color skinned roots for our seed stock, the color will
orange flesh, above average yield. Very similar to Mahan. This       vary from reddish to orangish-tan. Excels as a baking potato.
is probably the same variety sometimes sold as Betty’s,              It a mid to late season variety and will need in about 120 days
Ginseng Red, Gold Nugget, or Lace Leaf                               to mature. Expect Average Yields, though it was one of our
                                                                     biggest producers in 2011
Cordner (Oklahoma/Texas 1983) OUT
Bronze/Copper Skin and moist orange flesh. Excellent baking          Georgia Yam (Heirloom Type) OUT
and canning quality. Good Yields.                                    Early production. Copper-orange skin, orange flesh, very good
Creole (Louisiana ca 1940’s?) OUT
Tanish/cream skin with cream flesh. Needs about 100 days to          Golden Sweet SOLD OUT
mature. Expect Average yields                                        Beige skin, light yellow flesh. Very vigorous, a quick growing
                                                                     and high producer of heavy-set typically shaped sweet
Crystal White OUT                                                    potatoes. Great tasting white-type variety. Mid-season
Mid-season. Cream-white skin, cream flesh, above average
yields.                                                              Grand Asia New for 2012 SOLD OUT
                                                                     Purple skin with white flesh. Dry type
Darby very limited for 2012 OUT
Characteristics similar to Beauregard but with potential for         Hannah (Unknown) OUT
earlier and improved production in sandy soils.                      Cream/white skin and flesh. Average Yield, mid season

Dianne/Garnet                                                        Heartogold very limited for 2012 SOLD OUT
This is also sold as Garnet. Red skin, Fat stalks, vigorous          Light tanish skin with orange flesh
grower, sweet, dark orange flesh, torpedo shaped
sweetpotatoes, good producer. Interesting ivy leaves make a          Ivis White Cream (Heirloom Type) OUT
good ornamental plant or ground cover too.                           Early production. cream skin, cream flesh, uniform roots,
                                                                     expect above average yields
Edna Evans (Heirloom type) Not available for 2012
Mid-season. Vining growth habit, salmon colored skin, orange         Jasper (Louisiana) new for 2012 OUT
flesh, average yields.                                               Root skin color bright copper. Flesh orange. Produces a large
                                                                     percentage of marketable grade roots. As early as or earlier
Eureka (Louisiana) OUT                                               than Centennial. Has about twice the carotene content of Unit I
Roots well shaped, tapered at both ends, smoother exterior           Porto Rico.
than Jewel. Skin copper. Flesh deep orange. Good storage cv.
Good baking and canning characteristics.                             Jubilee (Unknown Origin) OUT
                                                                     Early production. Vining growth habit, regular leaf, cream
Excel (South Carolina 1989) OUT                                      colored skin, cream colored flesh, above average yields
Early maturity. Vigorous vines, normal leaf, large, roots, light
copper skin, pale orange flesh, Stores well. Excellent baking        Korean Purple (Heirloom of unknown origin) SOLD OUT
and canning qualities. Expect above average yields.                  Early maturity. Vining habit, dark green leaves, purple skin,
                                                                     with very sweet, white flesh, excellent yields.
Garnet see Dianne
                                                                     Liberty (South Carolina 1993) OUT
Garnet Red     OUT                                                   Liberty is a Boniato-type sweetpotato that exhibits multiple
                                                                     resistances to insects and nematodes. These resistances and
Garren’s Red & White (heirloom) OUT                                  its attractive storage roots with a scarlet skin color and cream
Vining habit, Late production with red skin and white flesh          flesh color make Liberty a desirable cultivar for markets that
similar to Spanish Red, average yields                               prefer a dry, mild-flavored sweetpotato. This cultivar is also
                                                                     suitable for organic growers and home gardeners.
Gem (North Carolina 1964) OUT
Light Orange skin and flesh. Moist/Sweet texture. 110-120 day        Mary Rebecca (Virginia Heirloom) OUT
maturity. Expect above average yields.                               Mid Season. white skin, pale yellow flesh, heavy producer,
                                                                     vining growth habit
Georgia Jet SOLD OUT                                                 Maryland Baker formally MD 7-93 OUT
Root shape short spindle. Skin color purple-red. Flesh light         Orange skin, orange flesh, productive, Early
orange. Earliness 90 days under good conditions. Storage
satisfactory. Good or excellent baking tests. This variety is very   Maryland Supreme formally Maryland-810 OUT
prone to cracking in dry conditions.                                 Early production. red skin, deep orange flesh, above average
                                                                     yields. Very moist sweet flesh. Good Yields
Georgia Red (Georgia 1955) SOLD OUT

                                                   DuckCreekFarms@aol.com                                                             5
                               Sweet Potato Slips/Plants
Maynard Family White New for 2012 OUT                             Pense Red (heirloom) new for 2012 OUT
Late. Vigorous vines, white flesh, white skin, average yield      Early. Semi-bush, ivy leaf, reddish skin, pale orange flesh,
                                                                  good yield
Mildred Cooper (Heirloom Type) OUT
Late production. Vigorous vines, cream colored skin, white        Pope (North Carolina 1981) OUT
flesh, rough shaped roots with average yields                     Early to mid season maturity. Flesh medium orange. Skin; light
                                                                  salmon. Expect above average yields.
MD-7-93 see Maryland Baker (Maryland) New for 2012
SOLD OUT                                                          Pumpkin Yam (Heirloom Type) SOLD OUT
                                                                  Light Orange skin and moist orange flesh. Expect good yields
MD-253 (Maryland) See Chesapeake New for 2012                     and early maturity. This one is listed by George Washington
SOLD OUT                                                          Carver in 1936. Slow to sprout, so don’t expect early
Memphis Pride (heirloom) New for 2012 SOLD OUT
vining, pinkish skin, light orange flesh, above average yields,   Purple     Sold Out,
midseason, very similar to Betty’s                                Substitute Alabama Purple
                                                                  Deep purple skin with, dark purple flesh. Pretty foliage plant
                                                                  too. Purple stems with green regular leaves. An unusual
Nemagold (Oklahoma 1958) NOT Available
                                                                  flavored variety that is gaining much attention
Mid-Season Production. Roots cured and stored for a short
time are sweet, soft, and moist when baked. Flesh orange.
                                                                  Qualls (Virginia Heirloom) SOLD OUT
Skin gold. Carotene high, similar to Allgold. Good Yields
                                                                  Mid-season production. pale tan/orange skin, creamy orange
                                                                  flesh, average yield. Good on heavy soils
Norton (heirloom from NC) New for 2012
Cream skin with white flesh, very productive. Reported to be
                                                                  RedCliff (South Carolina 1968) SOLD OUT
over 100 years old.
                                                                  Mid-Season maturity. Roots blocky, red-skinned. Flesh deep,
                                                                  uniform, salmon. Baking quality good to excellent. Canning
Nugget (North Carolina 1961) New for 2012 OUT
                                                                  quality good. Moderately good disease resistance. Good
Roots very uniform, smooth and tapered on both ends. Skin
copper. Flesh color medium-orange. Production satisfactory.
Keeps well in storage. Excellent processing qualities.
                                                                  Red Ivy Leaf (heirloom of Unknown Origin) SOLD OUT
Satisfactory baking qualities.
                                                                  Early production with Semi-bush growth habit, pink skin, light
                                                                  orange flesh, Expect average yields.
O’Henry OUT
Early. cream white skin, white flesh, uniform roots, above
                                                                  Redgold (Oklahoma 1953)
average yield. A white sport of beauregard.
                                                                  This was the second most popular variety grown in Oklahoma
                                                                  in the 50’s and 60’s and is a high yielding fresh market type
OK 8-85 (Oklahoma) see Oklahoma Nugget SOLD OUT
                                                                  developed by Oklahoma State University. It has reddish or
                                                                  copper-skin color and salmon-orange flesh color. Flesh is
Oklahoma Nugget formerly OK 8-85 SOLD OUT
                                                                  moist, canning quality poor, storage life fairly good
Orange skin, Orange flesh. Vining growth habit, average yield
                                                                  Red Jewel (Georgia) SOLD OUT
Oklamar (Oklahoma 1957) SOLD OUT
                                                                  Pinkish/Red skin color with orange flesh. Rated good for
Tanish-salmon skin with sweet moist light orange colored flesh.
                                                                  canning. Baking quality good to excellent. Good Storage. Early
Good yields
                                                                  to Mid season maturity
Old Kentucky (Heirloom type) SOLD OUT
                                                                  Red Wine Velvet (Heirloom type) SOLD OUT
Large white skinned tubers with ivory/cream colored flesh. Mid
                                                                  Mid-season. Average vines, deep red skin, Very smooth,
season production. Rough looking roots, but good flavor.
                                                                  sweet, moist, orange flesh, and average yield. A very popular
Average Yields.
                                                                  variety that usually sells out fast. Slow to sprout so don’t
                                                                  expect early shipment.
Old Orange (Heirloom) SOLD OUT
Mid-season. Orange skin and deep orange moist flesh.
                                                                  Red Yam (Not Available this year )
                                                                  Reddish skin and moist orange flesh. Expect early, above
Papota (Porto Rico 1985) SOLD OUT
                                                                  average yields. Semi-Bush habit.
Skin cream, white flesh. Turnip shaped roots. Very bland non
sweet. High yields. Early to mid season production
                                                                  Red Resisto SOLD OUT
                                                                  Similar to resisto only with red skin. Good production
Patriot (South Carolina 2001) New for 2012 SOLD OUT
Red/orange skin, orange flesh. Good production, early
                                                                  Regal (South Carolina 1984) SOLD OUT

                                                  DuckCreekFarms@aol.com                                                           6
                               Sweet Potato Slips/Plants
Red Skin with dark orange flesh which may be lighter in some         Rose skin and deep orange flesh, early maturity, high yield.
environmental conditions. Excellent Baking flavor. Expect High       Resistance: fusarium wilt, root-knot, internal cork, and soil rot
Yields. Late Maturity
                                                                     Vietnamese (Heirloom)
Resisto (South Carolina 1983) SOLD OUT                               Early. Spreading growth habit , Ivy leaf, reddish/orange skin,
Skin reddish copper. Flesh dark orange. Yields equivalent to         orange flesh, good yields
Jewel. Baking & canning qualities similar to Jewel. Average
yields                                                               Violetta (Heirloom of unknown origin) SOLD OUT
                                                                     Purple/Red skin with sweet white flesh. Early Maturity. Expect
Ringley’s Porto Rico (Heirloom type) SOLD OUT                        above average yields.
Early production. Vining growth habit, pronounce Ivy leaves,
cream to tan colored skin, apricot flesh. Expect average yields.     W-392 (South Carolina 1997) new for 2012 SOLD OUT
                                                                     Bright orange skin with orange flesh. Mid season
Rojo Blanco (Alabama 1977) SOLD OUT
Dry flesh type. Heavy yields. Skin deep red. Flesh color milk-       Wakenda (heirloom) new for 2012 OUT Check Back
white.                                                               Early. Vining, pinkish skin, dark orange flesh, good yields

Rose Centennial                                                      Wilma’s (heirloom) new for 2012 SOLD OUT
Rose colored tan skin, medium orange flesh, average yield.           Orange skin, pale orange flesh, good producer with early-mid
Scarlet (North Carolina) SOLD OUT
Roots tend to be more cylindrical and slightly longer than Jewel     White Bunch (Unknown Origin) OUT
roots. Skin red. Flesh orange. Roots remain sound in storage         Russet cream skin with cream flesh. Very good production of
for 7 or more months. Judged superior to Jewel in baking trails.     uniform roots. It is reported to have moist flesh; however, we
                                                                     haven’t tasted it yet.
Shore Gold (Virginia 1987) SOLD OUT
Early, widely adapted, high yielding. Excellent baking quality.      White Jewel SOLD OUT
Roots uniformly fusiform to blocky. Skin light copper, smooth.       Mid-season., regular leaf, dark pink/red skin, white flesh,
Internal root color bright orange. Stores well. Well-suited for      average yield
baking and canning. High yields. Semi-bush habit
                                                                     White Yam (Heirloom) new for 2012 SOLD OUT
Southern Delight (South Carolina 1986) SOLD OUT                      Mid-season. Vining, white skin, creamy-white flesh, good
High yield. Baking flavor excellent. High levels of resistance to    yields
a wide array of disease and insect pests. Skin rose to dark
copper depending on soil type. Marketable yields comparable
to that of Jewel or Centennial. Stores slightly better than Jewel.   Please keep in mind that our experience may not duplicate
Baking and canning qualities average similar to Jewel or             yours. We had a crop failure in 2011 on Camote Morado,
Centennial                                                           however, Glenn Drowns of Sand Hill Preserve reported
                                                                     excellent yields. We had a similar crop failure on
Speckled Purple very limited SOLD OUT                                Heartogold due to our weather, but our grower Friend Jack
Reddish purple skin, Bright magenta and purple flesh with            Osman from Pennsylvania reported a bumper crop. So
white speckles. Good producer.                                       Sweetpotatoes can and will perform differently from year
                                                                     to year and in different parts of the county depending on
Sumor (South Carolina 1984)                                          the weather.
Early. Vining, cream white skin, white flesh, average yield
Bland type that makes a good substitute for white potatoes.
                                                                     ORDER FORM
Sunnyside (USDA 1953) SOLD OUT
Mid season production. Skin tan. Flesh salmon to orange.             http://www.duckcreekfarms.com/pdfs/OrderForm2012.pdf
Shape short tapered, relatively smooth. Size medium. Baking
quality good. Excellent keeper in storage. Good Yields.

Tainung 65 (Taiwan) new for 2012 SOLD OUT
Early-mid season. Dark pink skin and yellow flesh, good
                                                                                          Revised 05/24/2012
Topaz (Texas) New for 2012 SOLD OUT
Flesh medium orange. Skin smooth, bronze, good production,
early to mid season maturity

Travis Developed by Louisiana (LSU) 1980 SOLD OUT

                                                  DuckCreekFarms@aol.com                                                                 7

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