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The Scarlet Letter � Chapters 9-15 by LxHdIq76


									The Scarlet Letter – Chapters 9-15

Discussion Questions – Answer on lined paper and in
complete sentences. (16 points)

Chapters 9-15
1. How does Roger Chillingworth’s appearance change?
How does Hester interpret the changes she sees in him?
2. How does Dimmesdale feel about his role as the much-
respected ministry in the community? Why doesn’t he
thrive amid the people who admire him so much?
3. Define the word “leech” and explain the irony involved
in using this word in association with Chillingworth.
4. Chillingworth makes a discovery that confirms his
suspicions about the minister while he is sleeping. What do
you think he sees when he opens the front of the minister’s
shirt? Support your response.
5. What causes Hester to speak to Chillingworth after so
many years? What does she hope to accomplish?
6. Describe the scaffold scene when Dimmesdale goes
there at night. Who does he see and what happens? What
is found on the scaffold the next day?
7. Describe Hester at this point in the story. How do the
townspeople feel about her?
8. It seems that Hester has learned to live with the scarlet
letter, while Dimmesdale has not. Do you think that he
would have been better off if Hester had named him as
Pearl’s father seven years earlier? Support your answer.

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