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Within the last few days MyBB a warm conversation on the internet. The
existence of sites that discuss the various games under the auspices of
the Register can not be opened smoothly as expected too much visited and
things that make this forum more a warm conversation among the netters,
especially for those who used to play the game Point Blank and Lost Saga.

Register your own website address at the forum which
so far has had more than 4,451,997 registered members from all over
Indonesia. When comparing the number of members of this forum with one of
the largest forum in Indonesia Kaskus, then the result may be comparable.

Although the number of members of the same lot. But in terms of Alexa
Rank, MyBB still far less than Kaskus forum. If the forum Alexa Rank
Kaskus have over 500 globally. However, the existence of Member sites
only entrenched in the order of 14 000 globally.

Perhaps one reason why Kaskus forum Alexa Rank better than MyBB MyBB
forum this is the result of his own often mengulah alias overload. With a
presence like this sometimes make the site completely inaccessible within
a day and even up to a week.

In addition Member Forum devoted to just about any game, while kaskus
forum discussing various things, so of course Kaskus forum will be more
active when compared to Member forum.

As of this writing, there are still problems when visiting the site Forum
Member. Maybe for my friends kompasianer anyone can give a solution how
do we assess this site with lacar every day?

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