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					       MCH Buyers’ Guide & Directory
                           Updated January 2011
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• Access Control Systems And Security
• Amusement And Slot Machines, Electronic Games And Accessories
• Audio And Video Equipment
• Business Supplies Carpet And Flooring
• Carpet And Flooring
• Cleaning And Maintenance Supplies/Equipment
• Décor/Interior Design
• Electronic Message Centers And Information Displays
• Facilities Management: Supplies And Service
• Food And Beverage
• Foodservice Equipment And Supplies
• Furniture And Furnishings
• Lodging Supplies And Appliances
• Outdoor Furniture And Site Amenities
• Pre-Engineered Structures
• Professional Development
• Recreation Equipment And Supplies
• Software Management Systems; PMS/POS
• Special Events/Promotions/Tents
• Uniforms And Apparel
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   Buyers’ Guide and Directory
                            very year, Military Club & Hospitality publishes a list of nonappropriated-fund (NAF)
                            contractors for Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) professionals to use as a re-
                            source for what’s available in the market. The listings include a range of small specialty
                      companies, large suppliers and everything in between, providing not only information about the
                      companies themselves but also the products each has available. Regardless of its size, each com-
                      pany offers products MWR professionals can use to meet their equipment and service needs.

                                                                                                                                       DECORATE YOUR WALLS
ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS                      AMUSEMENT AND SLOT                              BUSINESS SUPPLIES               
     AND SECURITY                           MACHINES, ELECTRONIC                                                                            Open Market
                                           GAMES AND ACCESSORIES                        ADAMS MARKETING ASSOCIATES                Products/Services: theme decorations
      HAWKEYE SECURITY INC.                                                                                                                    GSA Number: GS-25F-0098M                         ENTRANCE INC.
                                               RESOLUTE PARTNERS LLC                                                            
 AFNAF Number: F41999-03-D-0007                       Products/Services: office supplies &
    GSA Number: GS-07F-0450K                                                                       equipment                                 Open Market
                                             NAF Purchase Agreements with                                                         Products/Services: logo mats and rugs
 Products/Services: security cameras         AAFES, Navy and Marine Corps
 and related equipment, security alarms    Products/Services: Internet cafés and             CDW GOVERNMENT, INC.
             and monitoring                                                                                             MITY-LITE
                                                     Wi-Fi networks                                                              
                                                                                           GSA Number: GS-35F-0195J
     KABA LODGING SYSTEMS                                                                 Products/Services: extensive IT          AFNAF Number: F41999-09-D-0029                       AUDIO AND VIDEO                         offerings; more than 1,200 leading           GSA Number: GS-28F-7079G
    GSA Number: GS-07F-0060J                       EQUIPMENT                               technology brands of hardware,          Products/Services: Encore Staging,
  Products/Services: access control                                                     software and peripheral products and         Magnattach Portable Dance Floor
            technologies                        LG ELECTRONICS USA, INC.                           services support
                                                                                                                                    MOHAWK COMMERCIAL CARPET
                                 ,                                                       (A DIVISION OF MOHAWK CARPET
                 ONITY                     AFNAF Number: F41999-95-D-6045                    CORPORATE EXPRESS
                                                                                       CORP. AND HARBINGER CO.)
                                               Products/Services: consumer                                                  
    GSA Number: GS-07F-0152J                electronics, including LCD and plasma      AFNAF Number: F41999-03-D-6062
  Products/Services: access control                                                       GSA Number: GS-14F-0016L                 AFNAF Number: F41999-93-D-6185
                                          displays, projection TV, DVD players, VCRs                                                 Products/Services: carpets and
  systems, locking devices, door entry                   and televisions               NAFBA Number: NAFBA1-04-H-1006
  control by card access and keypad,                                                    Products/Services: office products                      installation
 facility management systems, energy      PERFORMANCE SOUND & LIGHTING
 management systems, in-room safes                                                                         IBF                              OSCODA PLASTICS
               and CCTV                   AFNAF Numbers: F41999-07-D-6017;                
                                                                                       AFNAF Number: F41999-01-D-6073                           Open Market
                                                 F41999-04-D-6022                                                                 Products/Services: Protect-All specialty
               SAFLOK                        GSA Number: GS-03F-0035T                  Products/Services: receipt tape, cash
                                                                register ribbons, ID badges, promotional    flooring for use in commercial kitchens,
                                             Products/Services: sound and                                                          gyms, computer/data centers and other
    GSA Number: GS-07F-7827C                      lighting equipment                               products, printing
Products/Services: providing electronic                                                                                                       high-traffic areas
 door lock systems, in-room safes and     SAN ANTONIO/ALAMO MUSIC CENTER                 NATIONAL INDUSTRIES FOR THE
      other security technologies                                                                    BLIND                          SANIGLAZE INTERNATIONAL, LLC
                                               GSA Number: GS-07F-0297N                  
                                                                                           GSA Number: GS-00F-0032P                   GSA Number: GS-07F-5520P
                                             Products/Services: entertainment                                                        Products/Services: tile and grout
                                               systems, pianos, music, musical           Products/Services: office supplies
                                           instruments, karaoke systems and pro
                                                      audio equipment                    CARPET AND FLOORING                           SHAW INDUSTRIES, INC.
         VINGCARD ELSAFE                                                                                                                     dba SHAW TEK
                                             SOUND-CRAFT SYSTEMS, INC.                                                          
 631 International Parkway, Suite 100                         CONTINENTAL FLOORING CO.
        Richardson, TX 75081                                                                    AFNAF Number: F41999-01-6082
                                           AFNAF Number: F41999-95-D-6034                                                            GSA Numbers: GS-07F-0688N;
           (770) 820-2409                    GSA Numbers: GS-35F-0100L;                   GSA Numbers: GS-07F-0429J,
        Fax: (972) 907-2771                                                                      GS-27F-0034R                               GS-06F-0005N
                                                    GS-28F-2035D                                                                  Products/Services: carpet and flooring,,         Products/Services: lecterns, portable       Products/Services: ceiling tile system,                                                          Soundsoak acoustical wall panels                sales and installation
                                                     sound systems
  Contact: Ethan Mayeux, director of
              military sales                                                                   CSI CARPET & TILE                           SUPPLYCORE INC.
                                                    SOUND CHOICE                                                                
   E-mail:                                GSA Number: GS-27F-5071C;
             Open Market                                                                         GS-27F-0506H                                Open Market
                                              GSA Number: GS-07F-5469P                                                            Products/Services: global supply chain
   Products/Services: electronic                 MWR E-Mall Vendor                     Products/Services: carpet and flooring
            locking systems                                                                    sales and installation               management and logistics solutions
                                          Products/Services: karaoke equipment
                                                     and supplies

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      CLEANING AND                                   ORECK HOSPITALITY CORP.                              ELIASON CORP.
  MAINTENANCE SUPPLIES/                                               
       EQUIPMENT                                 AFNAF Numbers: F41999-96-D-6106;                          Open Market
                                                         F41999-01-D-6033                       Products/Services: easy-swing,
                                                 Products/Services: floor care products      double-action traffic doors used in kitchen            STEWART MILITARY SIGNS
             ALTO U.S., INC.                                                                   to dining rooms; walk-in coolers and                2201 Cantu Court, Suite 215
                                    PRO TEAM                       energy-saving secondary doors for walk-in                  Sarasota, FL 34232
    GSA Numbers: GS-30F-1029D;                                                     freezers.                                   (800) 237-3928
              GS-07F-8399C                           GSA Number: GS-075-0200M                                                                         Fax: (941) 378-2765
      Products/Services: commercial               Products/Services: ProVac vacuums,            MARIO CONTRACT LIGHTING                     
floor-cleaning equipment; janitorial equipment        vacuum parts and accessories                                   Contact: Mark George, regional
                                                                                                GSA Number: GS-27F-2054B                                     manager
BUSCH SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL, INC.                         RITE-KEM, INC.                    Products/Services: table, wall and floor            E-mail:                                               lamps and accessories                                AFNAF Number:
    GSA Number: GS-07F-0043M                        GSA Number: GS-07F-0283J                                                                           F41999-97-D-6186
 Products/Services: recycling container          Products/Services: specialty cleaning       NATURAL DECORATIONS, INC. (NDI)                     GSA Number: GS-07F-0376J
              solutions                                chemicals and supplies                                               Products/Services: electronic
                                                                                             Products/Services: permanent floral                   message centers, information
           COURTCLEAN                                RUBBERMAID COMMERCIAL                    and botanical reproductions, including            displays. indoor and outdoor signs                                     PRODUCTS                         trees, floor plants, greenery, floral
           Open Market                                       arrangements, stems and holiday décor
   Products/Services: floor cleaning                          Open Market
             equipment                            Products/Services: decorative waste         RESTAURANT THEMES UNLIMITED                      FACILITIES MANAGEMENT:
                                                      materials handling equipment                           Open Market
               ECOLAB, INC.                                                                   Products/Services: unlimited theme                SUPPLIES AND SERVICE
                         SPECIALMADE GOODS & SERVICES,                    bar décor, specializing in unique,
 AFNAF Number: F41999-95-D-6038                                     INC.                        one-of-a-kind décor items, including
    GSA Numbers: GS-10F8816H;                                   sports memorabilia, 50’s-60’s, 70’-80’s,
              GS-10F-7771A                          GSA Numbers: GS-07F-0339K;                Italian, Irish, billiards, nautical, aviation,
           MWR E-Mall Vendor                        GS-07F-0398N; GS-02F-0145P;                     rock and roll, bowling, surfing
     Products/Services: cleaning,                            V797P-3988K
  sanitizing, and maintenance products           Products/Services: decorative waste            ELECTRONIC MESSAGE                                       A-1 TEXTILES
 and services for warewashing, laundry,            containers, utility waste containers,                                                                 P.O. Box 5259
                                                                                                    CENTERS AND                                      Chatsworth, CA 91313
housekeeping, janitorial, water treatment,        recycling containers with PCR, safety        INFORMATION DISPLAYS
  pest elimination, vehicle care, kitchen        cones, smoking management, planters                                                                    (800) 351-1819
    equipment care and pest control                      and Microfiber cleaning                                                                       Fax: (800) 453-0952
                                                                                                   JANUS DIGITAL DISPLAYS                    
     ERC WIPING PRODUCTS INC.                                STOELTING, LLC                                          Contact: Bonne McCarty
                                          AFNAF Number: F41999-94-D-6050                      E-mail:
     GSA Number: GS-03F-0018V                                  Open Market                        GSA Number: GS-07F-0056K                        GSA Number: GS-07F-0136V
 Products/Services: pre-saturated wipe             Products/Services: spray washers,           Products/Services: LCD, plasma                   Products/Services: linens/sheets,
  products, fitness towels, cloth-like wipe        ultrasonic cleaning systems, electronic     and LED displays (All sizes, from main                 towels, bedding, pillows
                 products                               assembly cleaning systems              directories to room display), custom
                                                                                                cabinetry including free standing
   GREEN SUITES INTERNATIONAL                          WINDSOR INDUSTRIES                      pedestals, kiosks and wall-mounted                            GKI, LLC
                                   frames, custom display control computers            
              Open Market                         AFNAF Number: F41999-92-D-6123                  (JANUS Multimedia Controller)                   GSA Number: GS-27F-0005X
Products/Services: environmental products            GSA Number: GS-07F-8121B                                                                          MWR E-Mall Vendor
and programs that help lodges reduce energy,     Products/Services: cleaning equipment                PRO-LITE, INC.                           Products/Services: distribution and
water and waste, while providing non-toxic and                                                                       shipping services for fencing, security
          biodegradable amenities                       ZEP MANUFACTURING CO.                AFNAF Number: F41999-99-D-6057                       systems, playgrounds and more
                                                                        Products/Services: electronic signs
                                                      GSA Number: GS-07F-0086L                                                                     HOME DEPOT SUPPLY CO.
                                                  Products/Services: general cleaning,                                                       
                                                   disinfecting, deodorizing and disposal                                                         GSA Number: GS-06F-0080M
                                                                  products                                                                            MWR E-Mall Vendor
       NILFISK-ADVANCE, INC.                                                                                                                   Products/Services: maintenance and
        14600 21st Avenue N.                       DÉCOR/INTERIOR DESIGN                                                                               hospitality supplies
         Plymouth, MN 55447
            (888) 742-8470
         Fax: (800) 369-0458                              COOPER LIGHTING
     E-mail:                                                Open Market
   Contact: Angie Olson, government              Products/Services: lighting fixtures and
          account coordinator                                  controls
     GSA Number: GS-07F-0031H
   Products/Services: industrial and               DESIGN PRINCIPLES ARTWORK
  commercial floor cleaning equipment              AFNAF Number: F41999-01-D-6162
                                                    Products/Services: artwork and

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   3195 Tamiami Trail, Suite 204                   9350 Industrial Trace                   E.J. GALLO WINERY                              MILLERCOORS LLC
      Port Charlotte, FL 33952                    Alpharetta, GA 30004                  2401 Internet Blvd., Ste. 205                    3939 W. Highland Blvd.
          (800) 987-1555                             (800) 523-4448                          Frisco, TX 75070                             Milwaukee, WI 53201
       Fax: (941) 743-9684                         Fax: (770) 475-4782                        (214) 387-4000                                (414) 931-2000                         Fax: (214) 387-9937                  
 Contact: Steve DeLegal, managing             Contact: Ryan Marie Riopko,                                  Contact: Mark Neuwirth, manager,
               partner                              marketing director                   Contact: Marty Johnson,                               military sales
 E-mail:        E-mail: Sales@therefinishingtouch.                 government sales                   E-mail: neuwirth.mark@MillerCoors.
   GSA Number: GS-07F-0058T                                 com                      E-mail:                              com
  Products/Services: full-service            GSA Number: GS-29F-0002M                Government Broker: Sales through                         Open Market
 staffing for the hospitality industry.        Products/Services: on-site                   local wine distributors              Products/Services: MillerCoors has
  On-site management, direct hire,        environmentally safe and sustainable           Products/Services: wine                  a broad portfolio of malt beverages
    management placement and               furniture refinishing, reupholstering,                                                   including premium brands: Miller
  temporary/special event staffing         armoire modification, EPA and OSHA                                                        Lite, Coors Light, Coors Banquet,
                                            TV recycling for private and public                                                   Miller Genuine Draft and MGD 64;
                                          organizations, and eco-friendly indoor                                                and economy brands Miller High Life,
                                          and outdoor fabrics through its Touch                                                    Keystone Light, and Milwaukee’s
                                                      Textiles division                                                             Best. The company also imports
                                                                                                                                    Peroni, Pilsner Urquell, Grolsch,
                                                                                                                                   Tyskie and Molson Canadian and
                                                                                          HOT STUFF FOODS, LLC                    offers innovative products such as
                                             FOOD AND BEVERAGE                               2930 West Maple St.                  Miller Chill and Sparks. MillerCoors
    MATERIAL MANAGEMENT                                                                     Sioux Falls, SD 57118                    features craft brews from the
       INTERNATIONAL, INC.                                                                     (877) 841-1431                     Jacob Leinenkugel Co., Blue Moon
            495 Union Ave.                       ADVANCE FOOD CO.                            Fax: (605) 336-9019                 Brewing Co. and the Blitz-Weinhard
        Middlesex, NJ 08846                                    Brewing Co. Other brands include
           (732) 469-3800                          Open Market                       Contact: Devon Clark, vice president,      Killian’s Irish Red, Foster’s, Mickey’s,
        Fax: (732) 469-8787              Products/Services: beef, pork, poultry,            franchise development                Icehouse, Hamms, Olde English and
                      lamb, veal, bakery items                 E-mail:                           Steel Reserve.
 Contact: John McKenna, president                                                               Open Market
 E-mail:            BIRITE FOODSERVICE DISTRIBUTORS              Products/Services: franchisor of
          AFNAF Number:                                        breakfast, pizza, subs, appetizers
         F41999-03-D-6042                            Open Market
   GSA Number: GS-10F-0287N              Products/Services: distributor of food,
Products/Services: transportation,       nonalcoholic beverages, equipment and
  project management, installations                     supplies                         MAID RITE STEAK CO., INC.
and furniture, fixtures and equipment                                             
                (FF&E)                                                                          Open Market                       PEPSI-COLA MILITARY SALES
                                                                                   Products/Services: fully cooked and raw               2706 E. 28th Court
                                                                                    burgers, meatballs, Italian and breakfast           Davenport, IA 52803
                                                                                     sausage patties links and Philly steaks              (563) 355-1033
         OSC SOLUTIONS                                                                                                                  Fax: (563) 359-1691                         COCA-COLA USA                                                               
 GSA Numbers: GS-06F-0035M;                      One Coca-Cola Plaza                                                              Contact: Tim Berchtold, PepsiCo
          GS-07F-5549P                             Atlanta, GA 30313                                                                   Products-CONUS Sales
 Products/Services: supplies and                    (404) 676-3260                                                                        (563) 355-1033
    services to OCONUS military                  Fax: (404) 598-3260                                                                    Fax: (563) 359-1691
                                                                MICHAEL FOODS, INC.                      Contact: Phil Grant, PepsiCo
           TERMINIX                            Contact: Doug McAlister                       301 Carlson Parkway                     Products-OCONUS Sales                    E-mail:                    Minnetonka, MN 55305                   E-mail:
   GSA Number: GS-06F-0030N                        AFNAF Number:                                (315) 652-1594                            (717) 334-2916
Products/Services: commercial pest               F41999-96-D-6197                                         Fax: (717) 334-2918
         control services                 Products/Services: carbonated and                Contact: John S. Padula                         Open Market
                                           non-carbonated soft drinks, energy        E-mail: john.padula@michaelfoods.             Products/Services: PepsiCo
                                             drinks, teas, juices and water                           com                       Foodservice is a manufacturer of top
                                                                                                 Open Market                    brands Pepsi-Cola, Frito-Lay, Quaker,
                                                                                      Products/Services: refrigerated                 Tropicana and Gatorade.
                                                                                     and frozen egg products, refrigerated
                                                                                        potato products and extended
                                                                                       shelf-life eggs. shelf-stable egg
                                                                                       products, breakfast burritos and
                                                                                           quesadillas, French toast

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                                                                                       FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT                        CAMBRO MANUFACTURING
                                                                                                                                  (BABCO INTERNATIONAL, INC.)
                                                                                           AND SUPPLIES                       
                                                                                                                                AFNAF Number: F41999-93-D-6030
          PERDUE FARMS, INC.                                                                                                      Products/Services: foodservice
                                                     SHASTA SALES, INC.
        31149 Old Ocean City Road                                                                                                          equipment
                                                6156 St. Andrews Road, Ste. 105
            Salisbury, MD 21804                       Columbia, SC 29212
              (410) 543-3579                                                                                                    CARLISLE FOODSERVICE PRODUCTS
                                                        (803) 957-2302
           Fax: (410) 543-3532                                                            ACCUTEMP PRODUCTS, INC.                    (H. WEISS EXPORT CO.)
                                                      Fax: (803) 750-9248
                                                                       8415 N. Clinton Park           
  Contact: Mitch Boswell, William “Bill”                                                       Fort Wayne, IN 46825             AFNAF Number: F41999-99-D-6149
                                                Contact: Joe Salonia, senior vice
            Masden or Troy Kline                                                                  (800) 210-5907               Products/Services: foodservice supplies
                                                  president, national accounts
   E-mail:          E-mail: lcobb@shastafoodservice.                Fax: (260) 493-0318
                Open Market                                                                               CARTER-HOFFMAN CORP.
   Products/Services: Perdue Farms                                                        Contact: Linda A. Lee, director,           (GILL MARKETING CO.)
                                                  Government Broker: World
  is a vertically integrated family-owned                                                           contract sales         
                                                          Marketing Co.
   supplier of ready-to-eat, fully cooked                                                  E-mail:            AFNAF Number: F41999-93-D-6036
                                                Products/Services: MegaSport
   and ready-to-cook poultry products.                                                           AFNAF Number:                    Products/Services: foodservice
                                              Vitamin Enhanced Sport Drink, Rip It
                                                                                                F41999-04-D-6010                           equipment
                                              Energy Fuel, Shasta Carbonated Soft
                                              Drinks, Rip It Energy Shots, Everfresh      GSA Number: GS-07F-0079J
                                                                                       Products/Services: connectionless,        COMMERCIAL MARKETING CORP.
                                                 Juices, LaCroix Sparkling Water
                                                                                       vacuum-capable convection cook and       GSA Number: Multiple GSA contracts
                                                                                       hold steamers; steam-heated electric           MWR E-Mall Vendor
                                                                                             and gas-powered griddles             Products/Services: foodservice

           QUANTUM FOODS                                                                                                                COOKSHACK, INC.
        750 South Schmidt Road                                                          ALL STAR CARTS AND VEHICLES               (BABCO INTERNATIONAL, INC.)
         Bolingbrook, IL 60440                                                                 
            (630) 679-2300                          TYSON FOODS, INC.                     GSA Number: GS-07F-9751H              AFNAF Number: F41999-94-D-6125
          Fax: (630) 679-1257                      2210 W. Oaklawn Drive               Products/Services: foodservice carts,    Products/Services: barbecue cooking                        Springdale, AR 72762                    kiosks, trucks and trailers                     equipment
  Contact: Joe Mancini, vice president,               (479) 290-7124
               global sales                         Fax: (479) 757-6614                         ALTO-SHAAM, INC.                DAYMARK FOOD SAFETY SYSTEMS
    E-mail: jmancini@quantumfoods.                                         
                    com                         Contact: Scott Bartlett, division      AFNAF Number: F41999-93-D-6016                     Open Market
              Open Market                                 manager                         GSA Number: GS-07F-8877G             Products/Services: food rotation labels
     Products/Services: frozen and             E-mail:         Products/Services: ovens, banquet           and food safety equipment
  fresh proteins, including beef, poultry               Open Market                      carts, display cases and warmers
   and pork, both ready to eat and raw         Products/Services: poultry, beef                                                     DESIGN SPECIALTIES, INC.
                                                          and pork                          AMERICAN METALCRAFT            
                                                                                         (BABCO INTERNATIONAL, INC.)               GSA Number: GS-07F-0067J
                                                                                               Products/Services: tableware
              RUIZ FOODS                                                               AFNAF Number: F41999-93-D-6117                YOCREAM INTERNATIONAL, INC.                 Products/Services: utensils                     EMBERGLO
         AFNAF Prime Vendor                                                                          
       Rebate Program Partner                          Open Market                         BABCO INTERNATIONAL, INC.                GSA Number: GS-07F-5889P
     Joint Services Prime Vendor            Products/Services: frozen drinks, frozen                  Products/Services: foodservice
            Program Partner                           yogurt, smoothies                AFNAF Number: F41999-07-D-6031                       equipment
 Products/Services: prepared Mexican                                                        GSA Number: GS-07F-9970H
  food manufacturer; El Monterey brand                                                   BPA Number: NAFBA1-06-D-0040                       EVO, INC.
tamales, taquitos, tornados, chimichangas                                              Products/Services: mattresses, bed    
                                                                                        linens, bingo supplies and equipment       GSA Number: GS-03F-0024T
                                                                                                                               Products/Services: cooktops, tabletops,
                                                                                              BLAZE PRODUCTS                                  carts
                                                                                                 Open Market                          FORBES INDUSTRIES
                                                                                       Products/Services: liquid and gelled       (BABCO INTERNATIONAL, INC.)
                                                                                               chafing-dish fuels           
                                                                                                                               AFNAF Number: F41999-93-D-6118
                                                                                            CALICO INDUSTRIES, INC.            Products/Services: housekeeping and
                                                                                                    foodservice equipment
                                                                                          GSA Number: GS-07F-5864R
                                                                                       Products/Services: complete line of           G.E.T. ENTERPRISES, INC.
                                                                                       foodservice equipment, small wares,  
                                                                                       janitorial equipment and safety items                Open Market
                                                                                                                                   Products/Services: foodservice

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& DIRECTORY                                           CLICK ON COMPANY LOGO TO LINK TO WEBSITE

  GILL MARKETING CO./TRIMARK                         INSINGER MACHINE CO.                           NOR-LAKE, INC.                             
   AFNAF Number: Multiple AFNAF                AFNAF Number: F41999-08-D-6012               AFNAF Number: F41999-93-D-6080
             contracts                            GSA Number: GS-07F-9824H                   Products/Services: refrigerators,
 GSA Number: Multiple GSA contracts           Products/Services: dishwashers, glass              freezers and dispensers
Products/Services: foodservice design,          washers, under-counter dishwashers,                                                            ROYAL CUP COFFEE
       equipment and supplies                   pot and pan washers, aqua-scrubber                ONEIDA FOODSERVICE                             160 Cleage Drive
                                                       warewashing systems                       (H. WEISS EXPORT CO.)                        Birmingham, AL 35217
        GOURMET DISPLAY                                                                                                   (800) 366-5836                             KWIK-COVERS                        AFNAF Number: F41999-99-D-6138                     Fax: (205) 271-6096
 AFNAF Number: F41999-94-D-6118                                Products/Services: chinaware, flatware,  
 Products/Services: display trays and                     Open Market                             holloware and glassware               Contact: Steve Hartman, commercial
             ice molds                          Products/Services: custom-fit table                                                                 sales executive
                                                             covers                                                                      E-mail: shartman@royalcupcoffee.
            GREENPAN                                                                                                                                    com                           LANG MANUFACTURING                                                                             Open Market
           Open Market                           (PETER GERARD ASSOCIATES)                                                              Products/Services: coffee and tea
   Products/Services: eco-friendly                                                                               manufacturer and packager
             cookware                          AFNAF Number: F41999-93-D-6081                           POLAR KING
                                              Products/Services: cooking equipment                INTERNATIONAL, INC.
HARBOUR HOUSE BAR CRAFTING, INC.                                                                   4424 New Haven Ave.                     SCHAFER-SOLUTIONS INC.                          LIBBEY GLASS, INC.                            Fort Wayne, IN 46803           
 AFNAF Number: F41999-06-D-6106                       (GILL MARKETING)                                (260) 428-2530                               Open Market
   Products/Services: custom bars                                          Fax: (260) 428-2503                  Products/Services: limited-hand-
                                               AFNAF Number: F41999-93-D-6095                                contact, hygienic, self-serve plastic
           HATCO CORP.                           Products/Services: glassware                Contact: Dave Schenkel, president           displays, cabinets and dispensers
      (GILL MARKETING CO.)                                                                   E-mail: dave.schenkel@polarking.                                                                               com                            SCOTSMAN ICE SYSTEMS
 AFNAF Number: F41999-93-D-6044                                                                      AFNAF Number:                 
Products/Services: toasters, ovens and                                                              F41999-07-D-6060                   AFNAF Number: F41999-93-D-6034
              heaters                                                                          GSA Number: GS-07F-9038G                   GSA Number: GS-07F-9378G
                                                                                            Products/Services: walk-in coolers,       Products/Services: ice makers and bins
       HENNY PENNY CORP.                         MEADOW CREEK WELDING, LLC                     freezers and modular kitchens
    (COMMERCIAL MARKETING)                                 221 Jalyn Drive                                                                    SEFI FABRICATORS                             New Holland, PA 17557                                                          
 AFNAF Number: F41999-93-D-6060                           (717) 354-7533                                                                  GSA Number: GS-07F-9568S
  Products/Services: pressure fryers                   Fax: (717) 354-7573                  PROGRESSIVE PRO ENTERPRISES,                Products/Services: stainless steel
                                                         INC./CATERER’S WAREHOUSE                       foodservice equipment
       HOBART/TRAULSEN                                  Contact: John Ross                                    E-mail:                      Open Market                              SERVICE IDEAS
AFNAF Number: F41999-93-D-6112                     Government Brokers: Alpha                  Products/Services: hollowware,       
    GSA Number: GS-07F-9252G                       E-Sales, Mason-Dixon Services             flatware, chafers, table décor, china,               Open Market
Products/Services: kitchen equipment               Products/Services: roasters,             glassware, table skirting, tablecloths,      Products/Services: small wares
                                                 smokers, grills, sauces, seasoning,                chairs, ice sculptures
           HOFFMASTER                                        accessories                                                                  SERVOLIFT/EASTERN STEEL                                                                       ROBOT COUPE U.S.A., INC.                   (GILL MARKETING CO.)
 AFNAF Number: F41999-07-D-6031                                                                       
    GSA Number: GS-07F-9970H                                                                    GSA Number: GS-07F-9252G               AFNAF Number: F41999-93-D-6054
Products/Services: premium disposable              MOTION TECHNOLOGY INC.                   Products/Services: commercial food        Products/Services: tables, carts, racks
         tableware products                                    processors, vegetable preparation units             and dispensers
                                                AFNAF Number: F41999-00-D-6131
  THE HOMER LAUGHLIN CHINA CO.                     GSA Number: GS-07F-0121L                                                                   SMS INDUSTRIES
                     Products/Services: ventless deep-frying                                             
 AFNAF Number: F41999-93-D-6078               technology; Airmaster “all-in-one” cooking                                                         Open Market
      GSA Number: GS-07F-0202L                                systems                                                                   Products/Services: food warmers
 Products/Services: American-made,
fully vitrified lead-free dinnerware suiting            NEXT DAY GOURMET                                                                   SOUTHERN PRIDE DIST., LLC
 the needs of any type of dining facility,                                                             
           including custom design                GSA Number: GS-07F-0365W                                                             AFNAF Number: F41999-01-D-6132
                                                 Products/Services: warewashing,                                                       Products/Services: barbecue pits and
        HUBERT COMPANY LLC                       refrigeration, freezers and shelving                                                               smokers
    GSA contract: GS-07G-0594N                            NORDIC WARE                                                                           SUPER COOKER
   Products/Services: seasonal and                (BABCO INTERNATIONAL, INC.)                                                      
 theme décor, display props and fixtures,                                                                   AFNAF Number: F41999-99-D-6150
operations, maintenance, slatwall panels,       AFNAF Number: F41999-00-D-6090                                                          Products/Services: barbecue grills,
mannequins, showcases, fixture systems,           Products/Services: cookware, cast                                                          smokers and accessories
 floor and countertop fixtures, tables and      aluminum, commercial coatings and metal
             shelving units                                fabrications

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      THE TABLECLOTH CO., INC.                         FURNITURE AND                                 CLASSICO SEATING                          GRAND RAPIDS CHAIR CO.
 AFNAF Number: F41999-99-D-6037                         FURNISHINGS                           AFNAF Number: F-4199-08-D-0041                  GSA Number: GS-28F-0011K
    Products/Services: tablecloths,                                                              GSA Number: GS-28F-0011V                   Products/Services: tables, chairs
 napkins, placemats, table skirting, chair         ADM INTERNATIONAL, INC.                           MWR E-Mall Vendor
 covers, table runners, tray-stand covers,                           Products/Services: hospitality seating     HICKORY BUSINESS FURNITURE, INC.
       trade-show drapes, aprons                 AFNAF Number: Multiple AFNAF                                                            
                                                              contracts                                       CMA                           GSA Number: GS-28F-0020M
         TAYLOR EQUIPMENT                      GSA Number: Multiple GSA contracts                               Products/Services: tables, chairs and                Products/Services: interior furnishings,              AFNAF Number: Multiple                             desks
     GSA contract: GS-07F-9302G                design and installation services, project                AFNAF contracts
  Products/Services: frozen dessert,                        management                               GSA Number: Multiple                      KIMBALL HOSPITALITY
 frozen beverage and specialty cooking                                                                   GSA contracts                  
              equipment                                ADVANCED SEATING                          Products/Services: furniture and         AFNAF Number: F41999-96-D-6138
                                                                   furnishings                       GSA Number: GS-27F-0001K
            VITA-MIX CORP.                                  Open Market                                                                      Products/Services: furniture                Products/Services: folding chairs,                CMARK INTERNATIONAL, INC.
             Open Market                        folding tables, office chairs, ballroom                                        KWALU LLC
   Products/Services: drink and ice                        chairs and carts                        GSA Number: GS-07F-0439K              
    portioning mixers, food blenders                                                             Products/Services: furniture and            GSA Number: GS-27F-0015P
                                                AMERICAN HOTEL REGISTER CO.                     furnishings for lodging and bachelor     Products/Services: seating, tables, case
  VOLLRATH (GILL MARKETING CO.)                                            housing facilities                   goods and wall protection                   AFNAF Number: F41999-07-D-6043
 AFNAF Number: F41999-93-D-6046                    GSA Number: GS-07F-0294K                   DAVIS FURNITURE INDUSTRIES, INC.                LELAND INTERNATIONAL
Products/Services: foodservice supplies        Products/Services: installation, FFE                 
                                               solutions, signage, safety and security,         GSA Numbers: GS-28F-2110D;                   GSA Number: GS-27F-0021P
          VULCAN-HART                         office supplies, banquet and conference                    GS-28F-1028C                       Products/Services: seating, tables
      (GILL MARKETING CO.)                            rooms, replacement parts                 Products/Services: seating, desks,                                                                                  tables                           MARIO CONTRACT LIGHTING
AFNAF Number: F41999-99-D-6065                           ATD-AMERICAN CO.                                                              
Products/Services: kitchen equipment                                                  EMECO                             GSA Number: GS-27F-2054B
                                                    GSA Number: GS-28F-0030P                                      Products/Services: table, wall and floor
              VYNATEX, INC.                    Products/Services: seating and tables              GSA Number: GS-27F-0031M                      lamps and accessories
                  in a variety of styles ideal for officers’ and    Products/Services: aluminum chairs
   AFNAF Number: F4199-01-D-6163              NCO clubs, dining areas, auditoriums and                                                        MILL DISTRIBUTORS, INC.
      GSA Number: GS-07F-0204N                  meeting rooms; reception and lounge                  ERG INTERNATIONAL                   
   Products/Services: directories, ring          furniture; office, conference, training,                   GSA Number: GS-03F-5145C
  binders, stationery folders, ice buckets,        classroom and computer furniture               GSA Number: GS-29F-0229D               Products/Services: window coverings,
trays, wastebaskets and more for lodging;                                                       Products/Services: chairs, lounge             draperies, blinds and shades
 menu covers, wine lists and presentation                B. NEVINS LTD.                              seating, tables, benches
              folders for clubs                                                                                            PS FURNITURE
                                                  GSA Numbers: GS-28F-0039P;                   EVENT EQUIPMENT SALES/EVENT                
                                                  GS-28F-0018M; GS-03F-0001S                           FLOOR SALES CO.                        GSA Number: GS-28F-0012T
                                                 Products/Services: dining tables,                           Products/Services: folding and
                                                    meeting and training tables                           Open Market                      portable tables, folding and stacking
                                                                                              Products/Services: chairs, tables, shelf   seating, portable dance floor, lecterns and
                                                         BATH FITTER                                    units, dance floors                             transport carts
              820 Noyes St.                              Open Market                                  FOLIOT FURNITURE                               RT LONDON
             Utica, NY 13502                   Products/Services: bath and shower                               
             (800) 879-2526                           remodeling products                         GSA Number: GS-27F-0034P                   GSA Number: GS-27F-0016P
          Fax: (315) 733-6602                                                                 Products/Services: seating, casegoods        Products/Services: lounge seating,                     BLOCKHOUSE CONTRACT                                                                               chairs, tables
      Contact: Bonnette Iocovozzi,                      FURNITURE CO.                                   FRANKLIN FABRIC
         administrative assistant                                            SHELBY WILLIAMS INDUSTRIES, INC.
   E-mail:              GSA Numbers: GS-28F-0030J;                       GSA Numbers: GS-07F9490S;                           (CMA)
              Open Market                                GS-27F-2032B                                     GS-03F-7027G               
   Products/Services: stainless steel         Products/Services: seating, casegoods,          Products/Services: draperies, blinds,       AFNAF Number: F41999-95-D-6046
    and silverplate tabletop and buffet                      tables                           bedspreads, silk plants, framed artwork,    GSA Number: Multiple GSA contracts
                   items                                                                         linens, and Rubbermaid products             Products/Services: furniture
                                                    THE CEDAR STORE, INC.
                                                                    GASSER CHAIR COMPANY, INC.
                                                  GSA Number: GS-07F-0323M                 
       WORLD TABLEWARE                           Products/Services: gazebos, foot             AFNAF Number: F41999-08-D-0022
   (BABCO INTERNATIONAL, INC.)                        bridges, patio furniture                   GSA Number: GS-29F-5275A
                                                                      Products/Services: manufacturers of
 AFNAF Number: F41999-93-D-6123                                                                    quality seating and tables
   Products/Services: flatware and

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                                                   VALIANT PRODUCTS CORP.                            EXCEL
                                                                                                                                        KENYON INTERNATIONAL, INC.
                                                                   LAUNDRY                                   (INTIRION CORP.)
                                                  GSA Number: GS-27F-0026P                         EQUIPMENT                    
     SORRENTINO MARIANI AND                     Products/Services: interior design,                                                      GSA Number: GS-21F-0091H
            COMPANY, INC.                       product manufacturing of draperies           EXCEL LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT                   Products/Services: cooktops, grills
         2701 St. Julian Avenue               and furniture, product procurement with               565 Rahway Ave.
           Norfolk, VA 23504                            project management                          Union, NJ 07083                           MARIETTA CORP.
            (757) 624-9025                                                                          (800) 334-1827                      (BABCO INTERNATIONAL, INC.)
          Fax: (757) 624-9015                    VALLEY FORGE FABRICS, INC.                       Fax: (908) 686-8756                                                           AFNAF Number: F41999-95-D-6070
      Contact: Felicia Mariani, vice             GSA Numbers: GS-07F-0315V;                      Contact: Dean Fowler                    Products/Services: amenities
                president                                 GS-28F-8062H                      E-mail: deanf@fowlercompanies.
   E-mail:           Products/Services: bedding, sheeting,                        com                                PARAMOUNT SLEEP
            AFNAF Number:                      duvet covers, inserts, towels, mattress        GSA Number: GS-21F-0005N            
          F41999-01-D-6021                     protectors, pillow protectors, drapery,        Products/Services: Whirlpool            AFNAF Number: F41999-08-D-0027
    Products/Services: custom and                            upholstery                     and Continental Girbau commercial             GSA Number: GS-27F-0014T
     running furniture lines. furniture                                                            laundry equipment                  Products/Services: mattresses, box
  engineering, seating and accessories             VIRCO MANUFACTURING                                                                 springs, bed frames and headboards
                                              AFNAF Number: F41999-95-D-6074
                                                 GSA Numbers: GS-28F-0022J;                          FARIBAULT MILLS
                                              Products/Services: folding tables and           GSA Number: GS-07F-0670N
                                                            chairs                         Products/Services: wool, cotton and
                                                                                             acrylic blankets, as well as blends       SIMMONS HOSPITALITY GROUP
                                                LODGING SUPPLIES AND                                                                   One Concourse Parkway, Suite 800
  SOUTHERN ALUMINUM MFG., INC.                                                             FRIEDRICH AIR CONDITIONING CO.                      Atlanta, GA 30328
          #5 Highway 82 West                                                                                                                    (770) 206-2734
              P.O. Box 884                                                                    GSA Number: GS-21F-0002H                       Fax: (770) 206-2750
                                                   AXXESS INDUSTRIES, INC.                Products/Services: air conditioners, air
          Magnolia, AR 71754
                                                                    purifiers and dehumidifiers              Contact: Mike Ryan, director of sales
            (800) 221-0408
                                                          Open Market                                                                   E-mail:
         Fax: (870) 234-2823
                                                  Products/Services: electronic                  HAMILTON BEACH                         GSA Number: GS-27F-0002U
   Contact: Stacie Brice, government
                                                  do-not-disturb signage systems            (BABCO INTERNATIONAL, INC.)                 Products/Services: Beautyrest
             sales specialist                                                                             mattresses, EverNu renewable/
                                                   DISPENSER AMENITIES                    AFNAF Number: F41999-97-D-6173                    sustainable mattresses
  E-mail: sbrice@southernaluminum.
                                                      Products/Services: blenders, hotel
                                                          Open Market                             amenities and irons
           AFNAF Number:
                                               Products/Services: in-room shower
                                                 amenities, dispensers and liquids                                                         SPEED QUEEN/UNIMAC
    GSA Number: GS-28F-7014G
   Products/Services: conference/
                                                     DWYER KITCHENS                                                                   AFNAF Number: F41999-06-D-6044
   meeting tables, training tables, field
                                                                                                          GSA Number: GS-21F-0007J
         tables, banquet tables
                                                 GSA Number: GS-07F-9710G                                                            Products/Services: commercial laundry
                                              Products/Services: compact kitchen                                                                  equipment
                                                                                                  10 Walpole Park South
 THIS END UP FURNITURE CO., INC.                                                                                                               STANDARD TEXTILE
                                                                                                    Walpole, MA 02081                      ELMBROOK CORPORATE SERVICES                                                        
                                                                                                     (800) 637-7567
    GSA Number: GS-27F-0032U                                                                           NAFBA Number: NAFBA1-99-D-0017
                                                                                                   Fax: (800) 231-2182
Products/Services: furniture, cushions,            GSA Number: GS-21F-0007L                                                               GSA Number: GS-07F-5860R
              fabrics                          Products/Services: washers, dryers,                                                    Products/Services: linens, blankets,
                                                                                           Contact:: Lianne Brouillard, contract
                                              refrigerators, freezers, ranges, cooktops                                              pillows, shower curtains, mattress pads
                                                                                                  and office administrator
    THOMASVILLE FURNITURE                                                                                                                        and housewares
                                                                                                     AFNAF Number:
 AFNAF Number: F41999-95-D-6067                                                                                                                 STAR LINEN
 GSA Number: Multiple GSA contracts                                                                                                
                                                                                             GSA Number: GS-21F-0091H
    Products/Services: furniture                                                                                                        GSA Number: GS-07F-0324K
                                                                                            Products/Services: refrigerator/
                                                                                                                                     Products/Services: eco-friendly linens
                                                                                             freezer/microwave combination
                                                                                               appliances, commercial and
              INDUSTRIES, INC.
                                                                                             on-premise laundry equipment,
                                                                                                   residential appliances
  GSA Number: Multiple GSA contracts
   Products/Services: office furniture,
clothing and textiles. Electronic equipment
     and parts, vehicular components,
  industrial products, graphics, recycling
     activities and distribution services

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                                                                                                   VENEMAN COLLECTIONS                   RECREATION EQUIPMENT
 OUTDOOR FURNITURE AND                                                                   
     SITE AMENITIES                                                                                      Open Market                         AND SUPPLIES
                                                                                                Products/Services: outdoor/patio
         ALLEN VENTURES, INC.                      KAY PARK RECREATION CORP.                          furniture, umbrellas                ADOLPH KIEFER & ASSOCIATES
                               P.O. Box 477                                                                
               Open Market                              Janesville, IA 50647-0477                    PRE-ENGINEERED                         GSA Number: GS-07F-9682S
 Products/Services: featuring products                      (319) 987-2313                                                              Products/Services: competitive and
                                                                                                       STRUCTURES                       recreational swimming equipment and
 made from 100 percent recycled plastic,                  Fax: (319) 987-2900
   including picnic tables, park benches,                                                                       training supplies, aquatic safety and
trash receptacles, planters, plastic lumber,      Contact: Marilee Gray, marketing               BUTLER MANUFACTURING (A                 rescue equipment and training gear,
car stops, speed bumps, protection posts,                         director                         BLUESCOPE STEEL CO.)                       lifeguard suits and apparel
   bike racks, traffic control devices and            E-mail:            
                 memorials                                   Open Market                         GSA Number: GS-07F-9665G                     CENTURY INDUSTRIES
                                                      Products/Services: outdoor               Products/Services: pre-engineered  
AMERICAN RECYCLED PLASTICS, INC.                 equipment, picnic tables, bleachers,                  building systems                 AFNAF Number: F41999-96-D-6005                     grills, benches, trash containers, bike                                               Products/Services: concession facilities
   GSA Numbers: GS-07F-0449M;                     racks, planters, drinking fountains,          CEDAR FOREST PRODUCTS CO.
            GS-07F-0395N                         pedal boats, play systems and more                    HARRIS MINIATURE GOLF
 Products/Services: outdoor furniture                                                             GSA Number: GS-07F-0208J          
and lumber products made from recycled                                                        Products/Services: shelters, gazebos,               Open Market
                plastic                                                                          pavilions, bridges, park and camp      Products/Services: custom miniature
                                                                                                               buildings                           golf courses

                                                                                               CLEARSPAN FABRIC STRUCTURES                     MARSHALL AUSTIN
                                                                                                                    PRODUCTIONS INC.
                                                   PERENNIAL PARK PRODUCTS                              Open Market                 
                                                            885 Church Road                     Products/Services: tension fabric           GSA Number: GS-07F-5365P
                                                             Elgin, IL 60123                               buildings                     Products/Services: mobile/portable
                                                            (800) 480-2327                                                                            stages
          111 North River Road
                                                         Fax: (847) 289-8382                      POLIGON BY PORTERCORP
          North Aurora, IL 60542
                                                                          SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT
            (800) 323-5664
                                                      Contact: Tiffany Bachmann               AFNAF Number: F41999-96-D-6006
          Fax: (630) 897-0573                                                                                                             SYSTEMS; PMS/POS
                                                  E-mail: tiffany@epsplasticlumber.              GSA Number: GS-07F-5940P
                                                                   com                        Products/Services: exterior structures
       Contact: Sales Department
                                                    GSA Number: GS-07F-0284L                                                                  THE CBORD GROUP, INC.
                                                 Products/Services: recycled-plastic          SPRUNG INSTANT STRUCTURES, INC.             
            AFNAF Number:
                                                   picnic tables, park benches, trash                               GSA Number: GS-35F-0614M
                                                               receptacles                        GSA Number: GS-07F-9950H                 Products/Services: foodservice
      GSA Number: GS-07F-9820H
                                                                                                 Products/Services: engineered            software, nutrition service software,
  Products/Services: barbecue grills,
                                                                                                     relocatable structures                 campus-wide ID card programs,
   camp stoves, picnic tables, benches,
                                                                                                                                           cashless systems, access control,
  trash receptacles, bike racks, drinking
                                                  PETERSEN MANUFACTURING CO.                          PROFESSIONAL                     electronic security solutions and housing
      fountains and smokers’ waste
                                                                                                                    management systems
                                                    GSA Numbers: GS-07F-6185A;                        DEVELOPMENT
                                                           GS-07F-0349N                                                                      MICROS SYSTEMS, INC.
                                                   Products/Services: concrete site             AMERICAN HOTEL & LODGING                
    THE COLEMAN COMPANY, INC.                                furnishings                           EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE                   GSA Number: GS-35F-0516N
                                                                                        Products/Services: fully integrated
     GSA Number: GS-07F-6266A                            PLAY MART, INC.                      AFNAF Number: F41999-06-D-6062              information technology solutions
Products/Services: outdoor recreation                                  GSA Number: GS-02-F-0424D               that include point-of-sale, property
   and disaster relief — cots, coolers,             GSA Number: GS-07F-0206L                  Products/Services: hospitality online    management, central reservations, sales
stoves, tents, sleeping bags, battery and        Products/Services: recycled-plastic           learning, distance learning courses,     and catering, yield management and
propane lighting and lanterns, life vests,             playground equipment                     videos, seminars and professional                    much more
                 rain wear                                                                                  certification
                                                 R.J. THOMAS MFG. (PILOT ROCK)                                                             RADIANT SYSTEMS, ALOHA
   FREEDOM OUTDOOR FURNITURE                                         NORTH STAR HOSPITALITY, LLC                  HOSPITALITY SOLUTIONS                 GSA Numbers: GS-07F-9714G;               
     GSA Number: GS-07F-5885P                              GS-07F-0351N                          GSA Number: GS-10F-0229S               AFNAF Number: F41999-00-D-6002
   Products/Services: chairs, tables,             Products/Services: picnic tables,            Products/Services: management/           Products/Services: point-of-sale and
          benches, planters                    benches, charcoal grills, trash receptacles,    supervisory/leadership and customer       hospitality software, back office and
                                                  campfire rings, bike racks and more                     service training                   property management system

                                                 SUNDRELLA CASUAL FURNITURE
                                                AFNAF Number: F41999-95-D-6060
                                                Products/Services: outdoor furniture

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 SOFTBRANDS, AN INFOR AFFILIATE                CREATIVE TENT INTERNATIONAL, INC.                      NEW ASPECT DESIGN                                        UNIFORMS AND APPAREL
      GSA Number: GS-35F-0770P                            Open Market                                      Open Market
      Products/Services: property              Products/Services: portable, relocatable       Products/Services: theater seating,                      CINTAS CORP.
       management tools, corporate                          structures                          truss system for stage, stage and           
      management tools, call center                                                          entertainment lighting, décor and interior    AFNAF Number: F41999-03-D-6023
management tools, strategic analysis and         ECONOMY TENT INTERNATIONAL                                     design                       Products/Services: uniforms and
planning tools, reservation portal solutions                                                                   apparel for all job functions and work
   and systems design and integration,              GSA Number: GS-03F-0030T                      PROMOTION RESOURCE                                    environments
 infrastructure and data analysis, project         Products/Services: tents, tent                     ALLIANCE, INC.
  management, implementation, training            accessories, disaster relief shelters      NAFBA Number: NAFBA1-01-D-0012
     support services and specialized                                                            Products/Services: on-site
                engineering                           EUREKA! The Tent Co.                     management services for small to
                                                                     medium promotion events
       SPECIAL EVENTS/                              GSA Number: GS-03F-0024U                                                                        DWA UNIFORMS
                                                 Products/Services: backyard party           RENTAL & EVENT STRUCTURES, INC.                         136 Grant Street
      PROMOTIONS/TENTS                             canopies, pole tents, frame tents                                    Chesterton, IN 46304
                                                                                                 GSA Number: GS-07F-5422P                            (800) 343-0003
  ALL OCCASION ENTERTAINMENT                                                                 Products/Services: canopies and event                Fax: (866) 983-9872
            SERVICES, LLC                                                                                   tents                      

                                                                                                                                              Contact: Mike Shea, director of
             Open Market                                                                           SNAP LOCK INDUSTRIES                                national sales
  Products/Services: portable movie                                                                               E-mail:
screens, inflatable outdoor movie screens                   KD KANOPY, INC.                       GSA Number: GS-27F-0022L                             Open Market
                                                          3755 W. 69th Place                   Products/Services: portable dance             Products/Services: All waitstaff
      ANCHOR INDUSTRIES, INC.                           Westminster, CO 80030                   floors and Duragrid safety matting           apparel, golf shirts, vests, neckties,
                                (800) 432-4435                                                                    dress shirts, chef apparel, aprons
     GSA Number: GS-07F-5954R                            Fax: (303) 650-5211                                                                             and more.
  Products/Services: tents and fabric           
structures, awnings, outdoor amusement             Contact: Ian McIntosh, director of
                products                                   government sales
                                                      E-mail:                                                              NATIONAL INDUSTRIES FOR THE
      CALIFORNIA PORTABLE                                  AFNAF Number:                              ULTIMATE TEXTILE                                   BLIND
        DANCE FLOOR CO.                                   F41999-10-D-0035                              18 Market Street                    
                             GSA Number: GS-07F-6016R                          Paterson, NJ 07501                      GSA Number: GS-00F-0032P
           Open Market                           Products/Services: canopies, tents,                    (800) 567-4451                    Products/Services: clothing and textiles
  Products/Services: portable dance                banners, and trade-show displays,                 Fax: (973) 523-5460
               floors                              including pop-up canopies, custom                            NEWCHEF FASHION, INC.
                                                       canopies and tension tents                Contact: Perry Glickman, vice           
                                                                                                        president of sales                 AFNAF Number: F41999-06-D-6002
                                                                                                E-mail:              GSA Number: GS-07F-0229M
                                                                                                         Open Market                              MWR E-Mall Vendor
                                                            LINEN N STUFF                        Products/Services: banquet                Products/Services: culinary uniforms
                                                                     equipment, buffet equipment,                   and hospitality uniforms
         CELINA TENT, INC.                                   Open Market                          catering equipment/supplies,
         5373 State Route 29                   Products/Services: tablecloths, napkins,        decorating, foodservice equipment,                S&H UNIFORM CORP.
          Celina, OH 45822                      runners, table skirts and chair covers for                    linens                  
      (419) 586-3610, ext. 121                    wedding, parties and special events                                                      AFNAF Number: F41999-99-D-6052
        Fax: (419) 584-0949                                                                                                                   Products/Services: uniforms
                              MARSHALL AUSTIN
    Contact: Jill Roy, administration                                                                               UNIFORMS R US
                manager                             GSA Number: GS-07F-5365P                                                             
    E-mail:                Products/Services: mobile stages                                                             GSA Number: GS-07F-0074L
    GSA Number: GS-07F-5874P                                                                                                                   Products/Services: uniforms
  Products/Services: custom-printed
     pop-up tents and event tents                                                                                                                                           —MCH

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