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					                               RANDOLPH COUNTY MASTER GARDENER
                                          PLANT SALE

                                              FRUIT ORDER FORM
Mail or deliver form with cash or check made payable to Randolph County Master Gardeners by March 18th to:

NC Cooperative Extension
attn: plant sale
112 West Walker Avenue
Asheboro, NC 27203-6760

Additional forms available here:
Contact Wayne Shiver with any questions: 336-736-3780

Fruits available for pickup during Plant Sale, March 26th between 8AM-12PM at the Cooperative Extension office
(address above).

Indicate number of each plant desired.
BLUEBERRY PLANTS (1 gallon pots at $8.00 each; all varieties are rabbiteye type; need 2 varieties for
good pollination, in most cases); blueberry growing info:
8207.html (‘Ira’ and ‘Onslow’ are relatively new releases and are not listed in the publication)

____ ‘Premier’ – early-season, large light blue fruit, upright plant with good color.
____ ‘Ira’ – mid- to late- season, more self-fertile than most, medium size light blue fruit, vigorous
upright growth.
____ ‘Onslow’ – late-season, large fruit, vigorous semi-upright growth.

BLACKBERRIES (3"x3"x3" starter plants at $8.00 each); blackberry growing info:

____ ‘Natchez’ - medium size sweet fruit, stores well, ripens first of June and bears about four weeks.
____ ‘Ouachita’ - large size sweet fruit, stores well, ripens second week of June and bears about four

MUSCADINE GRAPES (1 gallon pots at $12.50 each; all in top five picks for NC growers); muscadine
growing info:

____ ‘Nesbitt’ - black, early, self-fertile, small size, dry stem scar, good fresh but poor wine color.
____ ‘Summit’ - large bronze female (requires self-fertile pollinator), dry stem scar, uniform ripening,
less susceptible to winter damage.
____ ‘Tara’ - large bronze, self-fertile, dry stem scar, high sugar, good flavor.

Total Due: ________________
Phone Number:________________________________

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national origin, religion, sex, age, veteran status or disability. In addition, the two Universities welcome all persons without regard to sexual orientation.

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