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									                                                                                                                  Social Media Strategy Workbook


  Use the Social Media Strategy Workbook to outline, summarize and to communicate your overall social media strategy plan.

  1. Use the Social Media Opportunities Assessment to identify your social media program's purpose.

  2. Copy the results of the Social Media Opportunity Assessment and paste them into the 'Project Purpose' tab.

  3. Use the 'Social Media Objectives' tab to document your high level social media objectives, programs, KPIs and target timeframes.

  4. In the 'Channel Scorecard' tab, use your Social Media Objectives & Program Purpose to document your channel objectives, programs, KPIs and target timeframes

  5. Review your inputs and share the results of this workbook with members of your team.
                                                                                                      Social Media Project Purpose

                                         Detailed Description of Opportunities

                                 Your organization should take advantage of the following social media opportunities within marketing:

                                  - Build a Positive Brand Image: Social media provides an alternate medium by which your organization can showcase
                                 positive aspects of your brands, employees, community involvement, and so on. If your customers are already discussing
                                 your products/services in social media, taking part in the conversation will help to ensure that you are being reflected
   Marketing Opportunities       positively.
                                  - Increase Mind Share: Social media can reach large audiences at very low monetary cost, giving your organization
                                 another medium to promote your name.
                                  - Customer Insights: Users discuss their experiences with a company’s products and services via social media.
                                 Monitoring public social networking sites can provide valuable feedback on your products as well as feedback on
                                 competitive products for intelligence purposes.

                                 Your organization should take advantage of the following social media opportunities within sales:

     Sales Opportunities          - Customer Insights: Consumer buying behavior can be gathered by monitoring social media sites and then used to
                                 design sales delivery models and product enhancements.

                                 At this time, your organization does not have the customer characteristics that warrant an investment in social media for
Customer Service Opportunities   customer service purposes.
                                                                                                                 Social Media Objectives

Objective 1 - Gain Approval for Social Media

Programs, Initiatives, & Actions                     Key Performance Indicators & Metrics             Target Timeframe to Achieve Goals

Assess Social Media Readiness                        Complete the Social Media Readiness Assessment   Assessment Complete by end of Q1

Investigate Social Media Channels and Evaluate fit   # of Social Media Applications Selected          3 Social Media Applications Selected by end of Q1

Create Business Plan for Social Media                Business Plan Approval                           Approval Obtained by end of Q2

Objective 2 - Establish Governance

Programs, Initiatives, & Actions                     Key Performance Indicators 
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