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                                                                  SHANGHAI EXHIBITION CENTER

                                                               Show Press Release - October 2011

Market Intelligence, Creative Energy and Global Elegance

              An exceptionally international events
            On October 18th and 19th, 2011, Shanghai Mode Lingerie and Interfilière
            Shanghai present Two World-Class Events in One Premium Venue for
            the international Lingerie and Swimwear industries: over 240 exhibiting
            companies from 19 countries will be on site. 12,000 sqm dedicated to
            everything from laces to leggings and all that’s in between...
            What’s New, What’s Hot and What’s Happening in Asia, from
            Fibers to Finished Products.

            - Brand awareness is advancing in Asia by leaps and bounds, and the exponential growth in
             the number of NEW Shanghai Mode Lingerie exhibitors is proof of this... this year, there will
             be 49 showing, an increase of 59% over the 2010 show!
            - Interfilière Shanghai will also feature 15% more suppliers to the lingerie industry than the
             last show, including, new this year, machinery participants.
            - For the 7th session, Though China and Hong Kong naturally take
             center stage in terms of the number of exhibitors (66% of the
             total altogether), there is a notable increase in participants from
             outside of Asia, which now make up nearly a quarter of exhibiting
            - International exhibitor Participation : The French Pavillon
             will bring together 19 companies from fabrics to finished
             products (+50% over 2010). In addition, non-mainland China
             represents 52 % of the product offer.
For the first time, Interfilière Shanghai will have the Global Premiere of the latest trend guide,
Summer 2013 : EVOLUTION 18 ‘Bursts of colour’, a treasure-trove of insights and ideas.
This 60-page color book, with a 24-swatch color range, will be available to all visitors on the
first day of the show, October 18th.

There is a Growing Curiosity throughout the world about the true potential of the Chinese
market and, more particularly, about the Desires of the Chinese Female Consumer...

The Chinese Consumer Market:
What do we know about its structure and about Chinese
women’s preferences in intimate apparel?
   We can be sure about Two Main Elements concerning the Chinese market:
- The Chinese Female Consumer is Young: Of a potential market of approximately
   525 million women over age 15, 21% are between 15 and 24 years of age, and 41% are
   in the 25 to 44 age range.
- Chinese Women are Ready to Spend: Following on an increase in retail sales of more
   than 16% in 2009 and sustained growth in sales of apparel in early 2010, continued
   growth, particularly amongst urban women looking for prestige items, can be expected
   this year. But did you know...
...that more than 850000 Chinese consumers have an income of over 10 million yuan
...that there are around 140 million Chinese consumers in the top tier of
spending, each of them willing to part with around 300 € per person per year for apparel
that shows off their upwardly-mobile lifestyle
...that the Chinese lingerie market represented around 3 billion € in revenue in 2010,
and that this is growing at around 10% each year

• The economic action is shifting toward “secondary” cities in the country’s interior, where
  incomes are rising at an amazing pace.
• One third of Chinese are now online (approximately 400 million now connected),
  which makes for an impressive potential market for e-commerce, soon to
  represent 5% of retail sales. Online commerce is being heartily encouraged by the
• In terms of lingerie, Chinese women want products in the right size (primarily
  A and B cups in bras), designed to enhance and slim their silhouette (light control
  items are popular), with luxurious touches and embellishments. In addition, since
  apartments are not heated, homewear and “warmwear” are key products for
  Chinese women.
• What are the top colors in China for lingerie? White, pastels and red!
• Chinese women, depending on their income level, tend to buy lingerie in markets,
  specialty shops or multi-product stores. For the upscale Chinese consumer, who
  has often shopped in department stores or malls, the trend is moving toward
  boutique shopping, which provides a more luxurious experience.
• Young, affluent China wants to live the Luxury Life, and this is reflected in the growing
  appetite for cutting-edge Swim Fashions to wear on holidays in the sun, or for elegant
  Loungewear to enjoy at home.
                                                               (Source : Institut Français de la Mode )
French Luxury and Creation at Shanghai Mode Lingerie
and Interfilière Shanghai !
More than ever, Asian shoppers are seeking Quality and Creativity as part of their Global
Luxury Lifestyle... and who knows about such savoir-faire better than the French! 20 French
companies are showing their collections.

The Major Presence of French Know-How at the Show includes...
At Shanghai Mode Lingerie...Aubade... Chantelle... Huit... Barbara... Le Chat... Les
Flaneuses... Lise Charmel Lingerie... Gerbe... Gaspard Yurkievich... Marjolaine...
Simone Pérèle... Z Sport... Carlin International... Concepts Paris... Créations Lingerie
Press Group

At Interfilière Shanghai...Broderies Deschamps... Brunet Dentelles... Dentelles
Darquer... European Stretch Fabrics... Noyon Dentelles... Papillon Ribbon & Bow

So, from Laces, Fabrics and Trimmings to Beautiful, Detailed Lingerie,
a Complete Picture of French Lingerie Flair are on show in Shanghai,
clearly designated with the universally recognizable symbol of the
Eiffel Tower!

Enter a World of beauty, Design and Imagination!
In 2011, Shanghai Mode Lingerie presents 35 international lingerie and swimwear
brands, making it a prime venue for regional and global names to grow their business. In
addition to a specially designated area for the Lingerie Française group of companies to
display the latest French savoir-faire and artistry, the show will be divided into two other
areas based on different strategies: Private Lingerie and Brands Academy.

7 countries are represented in this area: Austria: HANRO – China: BOBO

PRIVATE LINGERIE - 23 BRANDS - will bring together the Biggest International Names in
upscale lingerie, swimwear and hosiery looking to make a splash in Asia, a perfect venue
to make deals, with private showrooms for highly selective business meetings between
exhibiting brands and retailers, agents, partners and decision-makers.
       BRANDS ACADEMY - 12 brands - the new concept area born in 2010 as an answer to the
       needs of a fast-growing market, will be back in full force in 2011! This will be the place for
       the Hottest New Lingerie Names in the Asian Market. The best place for fast-growing
       retail networks to meet brands looking to make an impact in the media and on the whole

       To Enhance the French Experience in Shanghai...
       A Rendez-Vous with French Lingerie at the Lingerie Française Lounge
       Discover a Space dedicated to Ultimate Creativity!
       Explore the territory of 6 Iconic French Brands : AUBADE, BARBARA, CHANTELLE,
       LE CHAT, LISE CHARMEL and SIMONE PERELE. Backed up by a century of the finest
       French tradition of design and creation, key French brands proudly carry on their heritage
       with enduring passion and precision...

       NEW! Guests will enjoy the projection of a film focusing on the unique craftsmanship of
       French lingerie, an explosive combination of tradition and spectacular technology which
       immerses the viewer in the very heart of the magical world of French lingerie.

       Editors’ Favorites : The Wall of Fame
       Six Chinese Trend Arbiters and Editors of top Glossy Fashion Magazines are invited to
       select their favorites from amongst Lingerie Française collections on show.

       Discover their favorites on the Wall of Fame, just opposite the VIP Lounge.

       Lingerie Française Awards at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, October 18th in the VIP / PRESS

       Shanghai Mode Lingerie makes you a contender with Lingerie Fashion

NEW!    Three Separate Fashion Catwalk Events will help you visualize the Trends...
       A Première ! The Brands Academy Fashion Show, at 10:30 a.m. on October 18th and
       at 11:00 a.m. on October 19th , will spotlight the Trends as seen in the collections of these
       fresh brands, including Bobo Studio... Les Jupons de Tess...Hsia... Le Mystère... Madeline
       & Co... Sassy 16... Stitch by Stitch... Titi & Fifi... A unique view of innovative Young
       New! An Exclusive Fashion Show for GUJIN Brand, for the First Time at Shanghai
       Mode Lingerie... By invitation only, Gujin will present this special event for its VIP guests,
       where the company will unveil its Trends in a “Cosmopolitan Ballet” setting inspired by the
       likes of the Ballets Russes or Swan Lake... Mark your calendar for Tuesday, October 18th
       at 2:00 p.m.!
       And don’t forget... The General Fashion Show: An Urban Diary... A Visual Showcase
       of Trends from International Lingerie Brands on a theme of relaxing moments in the life of a
       young, urban woman... An expression through the collections of a certain spirit and a long-
       ing for Nature in the City, where a young woman lives, surrounded by friends... This year,
       the General Show follows a NEW FORMAT : An Opening Parade of looks from Brands
Academy, followed by the development of Three Themes... Picnic, Teatime and Cock-
tail... as seen through the International Brands present at Private Lingerie, including...
Amante... Andres Sarda... Aubade... Chantelle... Eva B. Bitzer... Felina... Fuerstenberg...
Hanro... Huit... Lise Charmel... 6 Style... Z Sport...

The General Show will take place first during the GALA EVENING event, upon invitation
only, at 6:00 p.m. on October 18th, then will be repeated on its own during the show day, for
all visitors, on October 19th at 2:00 p.m.

192 exhibitors from Europe and Asia showcasing lingerie and swimwear sourcing
of the highest quality – from fibers to fabrics, laces, embroideries, accessories, OEM/
ODM and the latest innovations and technology for lingerie and swimwear components.
Interfilière Shanghai will provide unparalleled business opportunities and will bring together
major industry experts from around the globe.
Since Interfilière Shanghai will be THE venue for the whole industry to find textile
innovations and new technologies in the second half of 2011,

The TREND FORUM at Interfilière Shanghai
- spend a “Weekend in the city”...
The Trend Forum is designed and co-organized by world-leading lingerie trend agency
Concepts Paris. Metropolises change from business-orientated agglomerations into
humane multicultural structures, where social networks are not just virtual; they flourish in
our city. With the theme of “Weekend in the City”, the Trend Forum showcases the latest
lingerie trends designs, creativity and novelty through the lens of three trend directions...
- TEATIME... Forget the old-fashioned, cutesy tearoom. Tea is revived through the
 discovery of the ritual of slowing down and savoring refined textures and aromas.
- PICNIC...Nature comes to cities in stylish patches and invites socializing in style. On a
  boat, on the beach, in a park, on a roof top - accessorized from a gourmet picnic hamper
  to a deluxe leisure outfit.
- COCKTAIL...Openings of exhibits in galleries and museums are the top trendy affairs.
  Art cognoscenti are joined by a growing crowd hungry to experience life and the creative
  wonders of our times.

And the Fashion News You Can Use Rolls on at...
The FABRICS FORUM at Interfilière Shanghai, which will show off New Technologies
and Innovation in Textiles... Here’s just a sample of What Will Be New and Notable in
Fabrics on show:
Derun Knitting – Soft finish, peachy fabrics – Very on trend...
Dejun – Very soft basics with surface interest – Also notable, their superfine powernet.
Penn Textile Solution - Very interesting, super-lightweight high modulus shaper knit, a
very hot forward trend.
ESF - Bi-elastic lightweight fabrics, woven with a soft peachy surface.
Piave Maitex - Pre-cut bands of superfine burn-out, overprinted with a chambray effect.
This exemplifies a Major Trend: technology with charm.
Fujian Yong Feng – Soft-finished, shaped jacquard with flowers and aged effect – A mix
of chic and casual.
DJIC - A must for loungewear : Novelties in rayon, like their superfine woven poplin.
Million Lace - Helanca - A commercial staple for the young market, with very interesting
new design and prints. Their fine crochet look is also remarkable.
Gayou Lace - Very impressive development of fine, flat, soft hand laces.
Jinhai Warp Knitting - Menswear banker stripes for shaping powernet.
Abel Asia – An impressive range of paper prints in 30/40’s style, with innovative color
Unsu Lace - New handwriting, which is less classic and more universally youthful. Fine, but
good modulus.
Changle Huayu Knitting - Engineered lace garments.
Ace Star - Fabrics with a very fashionable hand feel, in dense, compact shaping as well as
plain fabrics. Also, embossed jacquard looks, like a woven, but more versatile.
Top South - The place to go for satin mono-stretch woven with THE relevant silky hand
Broderies Deschamps - Trendsetting novelties with an embroidery hand feel. Also, look at
their non-floral ideas.
Nanjing Reyping - Amazing novelties that bring embroidery back in focus.

... And the Trends Continue at LES EXCLUSIVES :
An ultra-select, limited-access area where the most innovative Interfilière Shanghai
exhibitors. 15 exhibitors will have an opportunity to present their most cutting-edge creations.
Launched in 2010, this space can be visited by invitation only, for guest buyers selected by the
exhibitors in this zone.

Information – Innovation – All the Tools to Understand
THE CONFERENCES : Essential Market and Trend Information
• International Trends NOW and their Implications for FUTURE Developments by
  Jos BERRY and Jennifer Kell from CONCEPTS PARIS – A Global Leader in Bodyfashion
• Trends for Summer 2013 in Lingerie and Swimwear presented by Mrs. Elaine LI, CARLIN
• “Asia’s Emerging Brands – Meeting the Challenges of Fast Growth”, a Round-Table
  Seminar hosted by 5 leading Guests Experts: Mr. Tao SUN, Vice general manager from Un-
  derwear & Fashion Insight, Mr. Jian LI, the General Manager from Ningbo K & A Co Ltd, Ms.
  Yingfei WANG, the Chief Designer from Confident (SHANGHAI) Lingerie Co Ltd, Mr. Liehong
  LUO, the General Manager from Hangzhou Hongyang Garment Co Ltd, Mr. Dechao GAN, the
  General Manager from Shanghai Worui Enterprise Management & Consulting Co Ltd

• “Imported Lingerie Brands in China – Success Strategies for Today, Tomorrow and
  Beyond”, a Round-Table Seminar hosted by 4 leading Guest Experts : Ms. Qingzhen WANG, the
  retail training expert from SEC International Fashion Brand Management & Consultation Group,
  Mr. Olivier PIQUET, CEO of Lise Charmel, Ms. Lin WANG, the General Manager from Beijing
  Galanfiz Trading Co Ltd, Ms. Madeline MAO, the General Manager from MADELINE & CO.
                                To Refresh Senses and Open Your Mind, a Vision of Femininity through Art...
                                THE ART GALLERY : INTIMATE CONFESSIONS 2
                                For the second time, Shanghai Mode Lingerie will host the exclusive drawings of Dutch
                                artist Margot Van Huijkelom through Intimate Confessions 2, an Art Exhibit dedicated to
                                Women and a unique outlook on their Femininity. Margot describes her Art thus...

                                “The woman in my work is playing with the codes of sexuality and hyper-femininity,
                                like high heels, lingerie and make-up. The female body has always been a source of
                                questions and misunderstandings. It’s about a modern suffragette in all states of mind:
                                she’s tough and tender, elegant and shocking, she hides and shows, she dynamizes the
                                codes of femininity. Being sexy and respected is a new form of feminism.”

                                PRESS CONTACT :
                                In Europe and rest of the World
                                Claire ROUX
                                T. +33 (1)1 47 56 32 32

                                In Mainland China
                                Jenny YAO
                                T. +86 21 5169 2006-830

                                The Beautiful World of Intimates
                                NEXT EVENTS :
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                                Curve NY 11.12.13 February 2012
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