Exciting Health Happenings by leader6


									                        Exciting Health Happenings
Volume 6, Number 2                                                       Fall, 2006

“The falling leaves drift by my window……”          It’s autumn already! Where did the
spring and summer go? I trust and pray that they’ve been good ones for you.

Interesting: Neurosurgeon Robert P. Iacono shared valuable insights at the May
Collegedale Camp Meeting. Our Adult Health Ministries Director, E. W. Dempsey,
followed Iacono’s advice about taking Vitamin B-6 and Melatonin. The pain in his knee
has disappeared almost miraculously.

The intense July 14-16 Regeneration training workshop went well in Macon. The
presenters were Hal Gates and Frank Sanchez.


October 12-15, 2006 – Southern Union Medical/Dental Retreat at the Park Vista Hotel,
Gatlinburg, TN. Featured Speaker: Mark Finley. To register call 678-420-1442. For
hotel reservations, call 1-800-421-7275. Identify yourself with the Southern Union
Medical/Dental Retreat to receive the special conference rate of $122.00 per night.

October 18-22, 2006 - Wildwood Lifestyle Center & Hospital’s 32nd Medical
Seminar, entitled “Wilt Thou be Made Whole?” The focus is on equipping the individual
with a deeper understanding of the principles of lifestyle medicine for personal use.
Illnesses i.e. osteoporosis, dementia, metabolic syndrome, migraines, psychosomatic
disorders, colon cancer, and immunology of lifestyle medicine will be discussed. Call
800-844-1099, ext. 239 from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Monday through Friday. Access

Our health director, E. W. Dempsey, is taking speaking engagements for 2007. If you
would like for him to come to your church for a Regional Health Rally, Health Emphasis
Day, etc., talk with your pastor. If he is agreeable, get several open dates from him.
Then call E. W. at
800-567-1844, ext. 332, and he’ll schedule a date with you.


1 (Northeast TN) – Mary Butler, Health Ministries Leader for the Johnson City, TN
church has been conducting vegetarian cooking classes for the community once or twice
a year for the past eight years. One was presented recently in rehab as she was recovering
from heart surgery. A nurse asked her to do some food demos. When Mary walked into
the kitchen, she was surprised to find 30 hospital staff and a hospital administrator
present to learn. The Kingsport, TN church is holding a CHIP October 2 – November 2
in the church and fellowship hall. Health Ministries Leader Cyndra Peggau is the
director. It was preceded by two informational classes and a health screening.

3-B (Southeast TN) – Cathy Shannon, health leader at the Brayton church, reports that a
four-hour cooking class was held in July, conducted by Chef Sualua Tupolo from
Washington D.C. He is the Executive Chef/Director of Culinary Arts and Food Service
at Atlantic Union College. His presentation was entitled, “Food for Life: Nutrition and
Cooking for Cancer Prevention and Survival.” There were food demos and sampling for
the 100 plus people who attended. The cooking class was held at the Dayton Chamber of
Commerce Welcome Center. Cathy continues her Aerobic & Stretch N’Tone Exercise
class on Monday evenings. The Pikeville, TN church school has its vegetarian
cookbook ready to go to press. They hand out health recipes at church, as well as the
Better Health newsletter. Cathy has now published her third cookbook entitled
Cooking with Herbs. Mable Dunbar was the featured health speaker at the church on
September 23, to follow up the Women’s Ministries “Keys to the Kingdom” seminar. A
Health Emphasis Day is slated for March 31, 2007.

3-C (Southeast TN) – The Monteagle, TN church copies/hands out the Better Health
newsletter. It had a lecture on the contamination we have on our purses and the
importance of hand washing, reports Mildred Anderson. The church orders/sells
blueberries from Folsom, CA.

4-A & B (Northwest GA) – The Dalton, GA church continues its weekly Regeneration
meetings, with Rene Czerkasij coordinating. The Rome, GA church conducts an exercise
class from 6:30 to 7 PM each Tuesday. It includes a half-hour aerobics and weight
training video by which to exercise. This is preceded by a 30-minute “Mothers Praying
for Our Children” meeting. They take along fruit to eat. The church is also continuing its
annual virtual aerobic walks. This year it is walking to Chile, South America, and back.
It has a handout that gives the aerobic mile equivalent of multiple exercises from biking
to gardening, etc. One-hundred-aerobic-mile certificates are handed out each time a
person finishes that number. Periodically, it does church member blood pressure
screening on Sabbaths after church. It has also done the screening at the local K-Mart.
Once a quarter it conducts a health Sabbath School program. Once each year it has a
Health Emphasis Day on Sabbath with the time during Sabbath School, church, and
most of the afternoon spent on health awareness and education. Wildwood Lifestyle
Center is slated there for October 14. For the past four Octobers it has had a booth at
the local Coosa Valley Fair, winning the first place blue ribbon three of those years! It
does computerized health age appraisals, blood pressure screening, and has many health
education handouts at the booth. There is also religious literature available for those
interested. The Calhoun, GA church sponsored a booth at the Gordon County Fair
September 12-16. It featured computerized health age appraisals, health literature, and
demos with the children’s “apron” showing the organs of the body. It also took names

for the Eight Weeks to Wellness program, which began on September 25, conducted by
David Brannon and Warren Thomas.

5-A (Northeast GA/NC) – The Ellijay, GA church is having its Walking, Water,
Weight Loss Club again this year, according to Health Ministries Leader Deborah
Skaggs. Members are turning in their miles. The members with the highest totals will be
recognized during the last church service for the year. It is also handing out the Better
Health newsletters, which are well received. On the Saturday nights during the evangelist
meetings in September and this month (October) Deborah gave a 10-minute PowerPoint
health presentation. The church plans to have a cooking school next spring, as a follow-
up to an evangelistic series. The Andrews, NC church provided a health series August
21-26 preliminary to the “Bible Prophecy” meetings by Wendell Stover, scheduled for
September and October. Topics included were: skin care and regular examinations,
substance abuse, “Stop Smoking” (by Carl Hartman), healthy cooking; weight loss and
exercise, and physical/emotional abuse. Food was provided several times throughout the
series. A special feature was a visitation program to people living in low-rent housing.
Clothing and food were given, as well as a special handmade quilt for each child in the
home. Nineteen quilts were provided. This was part of the “Mission Possible” theme
conceived and coordinated by Wauneta Antone and the Women’s Ministries Department
of the church. The purpose was to make friends in the community by meeting felt needs.

5-B (Northeast GA) – The Chestatee church in Dawsonville, GA places weekly health
nuggets in the church bulletin. Diabetes was chosen as the topic prior to the “Reversing
Diabetes” seminar at Cohutta Springs. The first bulletin of each month includes an
insert that gives more in-depth information on the benefits of a particular healthy food
group or health condition to which a poor diet might lead.

6-A & C (Southeast GA) – On September 25 the Macon, GA church began its CHIP
program. Several people volunteered to help. Coordinator Ruth Wiehn says, “The Lord
truly does bless and is working in Macon! The pastor is 101% supportive of this program.
It is just amazing to me to be a part of it!” Cathy Pethel conducted nutrition seminars
for three Thursday evenings in the Augusta First, GA church during September. They
were based on the book, Diet & Stress, Simple Solutions: Is What You Are Eating, Eating
You? The local newspaper gave extensive coverage, including quoting her presentations
and giving a description of her past/present personal eating habits. Total charge for the
seminar was $20, incl. book and food samples.

Regions 7-9 (South Central GA) – Regional co-director Hew Lipscomb underwent heart
surgery on September 19 and is recovering well. Wife (and co-director) Carolyn reports
that while Hew was in the hospital with her at his side, Richard Chase and Andy
Windham (with good help from the Oglethorpe, GA church members) took their place
and did health screening at the Peanut Festival at Plains. On October 7 they will screen
attendees at the Andersonville Historic Fair. They will be partnering with the Flint
River Community Hospital on October 12 and helping with the annual health fair at
BirdsEye Frozen Foods plant in Montezuma. October 17-19 they expect to be busy at
the Sunbelt Agricultural Expo when 200,000 people visit the event. They need
volunteers who understand and portray this great Adventist health message and are able
to share that with the public. It you can help, please contact Carolyn at 229-322-9843, e-
mail acstouchinglives@bellsouth.net. Again this month they will participate in the
Beaver Creek Festival in Montezuma.

10-A & B (Atlanta Central) – The Atlanta North, GA church’s Health Ministries
Leader, Llisa Jones’s dream has come true. They have had their second health-planning
meeting and are gathering a willing team & resources to fit in and fill up their calendar
with various aspects of our health message for the church and community. They are
conducting an International Food Fair at the church on Nov. 4, at 6:30, offering taste
testing. Future plans: (1) Their church bulletin is being upgraded, and they are
requesting a place in it (2) Establish an exercise program in the school gymnasium.
Llisa is a personal trainer.

John and Bernadine Zarouhliotis, of the Newton County church, in Covington, GA lead
out in the health ministry outreach. They have established a wellness center in
Monticello, GA which offers a vegetarian restaurant, juice bar, health food section,
therapy rooms for massages, hydrotherapy, sauna, etc. Across the Monticello Square, on
September 9 they conducted a health fair with cholesterol and blood pressure screening,
and glucose tests under tents; and on September 16 a health fair and mini concert was
held there. On September 17 they held a cooking class in the wellness center. Health
talks are a part of the evangelistic meetings going on in the church at this time (October).
Another health fair for the community has been scheduled for November 4. The Atlanta
Belvedere church had a cooking class and health fair on September 10, and continues
with a series of health talks on the 4th Sabbath evening of each month, led by the

John and Bernadine Zarouhliotis will be conducting a health seminar and cooking
class November 17-19 at the Lakeview, GA church in Douglassville, GA. John indicates
that they are available to conduct weekend health seminars in different churches and train
people how to use the health message to reach others. These include Friday night,
Sabbath School, midday service, Sabbath afternoon 4 – 6 PM; and a cooking class on
Sunday from 10AM – 2 PM. There is no charge, except for the Sunday cooking class.
Free will offerings are accepted on Sabbath. E-mail crossxpress@yahoo.com.

11 A– D (Collegedale-Chattanooga) – Overall Health Ministries Coordinator for Region
11 Christopher Ostrowicki writes that “-- bad weather plagued the September Hamilton
County Fair (Chattanooga, TN). Nevertheless our booth was placed in a prominent
position that helped us see at least twice the usual percentage of attendees. There were
many miracles involved with this year’s fair for us. We anticipate more happening in
relationship to this year’s contacts. A large number of Southern Adventist University
students and faculty helped staff our stations. Blood pressure, body mass, glucose, the
eight NEWSTART stations, a computer lifestyle analysis, fitness planning station, and a
new approach for Trust In God as an integral part of all eight stations for health was
implemented. If your church is interested in receiving training in conducting health
fairs, you may contact me at 423-332-3326.”

The Ladd Springs, TN church Health Ministries Leader, Cynthia Shaffer reports that it
has just finished the eight-session micro-CHIP. It met on Wednesday and Friday
evenings, Sabbath morning and afternoon. Laura Weaver, Health Ministries Leader of
the Bowman Hills, TN church, reports that it puts out a monthly newsletter, focusing on
one of the eight basic health principles. It’s working backwards with the NEWSTART
acronym, putting “Trust in God” first. It includes a text that correlates some helpful tips,
and a healthful recipe. The church continues to encourage the members to keep up with

its walking program, will start bread classes this month (October), and plans a Breathe
Free seminar this fall. A CHIP is scheduled for next February.

The McDonald Road, TN church began a CHIP program on September 10. Martha
Dutterer is the coordinator, with presenters Ron and Cynthia Shaffer and assisted by
Lester Haag. She says that great results are being reported by the participants. Martha
did a vespers program on the effects of lifestyle and the frontal lobe and how it relates
to our spiritual wellbeing. In May she was a co-demonstrator with Teenie Finley during
the two-week cooking school (two nights weekly) in Chattanooga. Approx. 275 people
attended each night. Several of the church members also were involved. Martha is the
Sabbath School superintendent. Every eight weeks she schedules a 20-minute health
emphasis during Sabbath School. Luke Inankur, Health Ministries Leader of the
Collegedale, TN church, says that they are continuing with the Breathe Free classes
with Memorial Hospital at Chattanooga’s Hamilton Place Mall. The latest was last month
(September). Another begins on January 15. Also, cooking classes will be conducted at
the Collegedale city hall next spring. The church is offering Sabbath School programs
with a health emphasis message. It has “Health Beat,” a health-related article in “The
Church Beat,” the church’s newsletter. His wife, Betty, continues the monthly DROP
(Diabetes Reversal & Obesity Prevention) alumni meetings at the city hall.

The Hixson, TN church is planning a cooking school for this fall. The Red Bank, TN
company (developed by the Ooltewah church) is conducting an aggressive health
ministry in its territory. Ninety Southern Adventist University students did a health
survey, resulting in 70 people asking for Bible studies and showing much interest in
health. A health expo followed this on September 10. A week later a six-session Stress
Management Seminar began, with the students assisting. A future cooking school is
planned. A health expo is being explored at one of the local malls before Christmas.

The Wildwood Lifestyle Center recently sponsored a booth at Taste of Chattanooga in
the downtown area, along with its Country Life Restaurant. Free food samples and
popular chair massages were offered. Wildwood has a Health Ministry Team that travels
to you for one weekend, inspiring and educating your church in a variety of health
topics, and then training you to use the avenue of health in the work of evangelism.
The students travel regularly to do this. Last month they were in Illinois and this month in
the Carolinas. For information about hosting them at your church call Jennifer Hightower
at 706-820-1493, ext. 239, or write www.wildwoodlsc.org, seminars@wildwoodlsc.org..
Wildwood asks that the inviting party cover: room & board, mileage ($.30 per mile), fee
of $250, and any materials needed, The hours and monthly menu for its Country Life
Restaurant in Chattanooga are available on the above website.

Mark Your Calendars:

November 15-19, 2006 - Seventh annual Adventist CHIP Summit at the Radisson Hotel
in Sacramento, CA. Scientific speakers include John McDougall, Neal Barnard, Caldwell
B. Esselstyn, Jr., and others. It includes practical leadership training (basic and
advanced), unprecedented scientific update, spiritual inspiration, and warm fellowship.
Early bird deadline: October 18. Full information at
www.adventistchip.org/summit/2006/summit.html. For actual registration, go to

Health Summit, January 28-February 3, 2007 –Hilton Orlando/Altamonte Springs,
Altamonte Springs, FL. Register soon at www.plusline.org/events.php.

July 10-15, 2007 – 27th annual Health Promotion & Preventive Medicine Seminar,
sponsored by the Carolina Health Care, Inc., at the Crowne Plaza Resort & Hotel in
Hilton Head, SC. The topic will be “Infectious Diseases.” Call Valerie Jackson at 706-
226-3620 for further information.


Update on the Adventist Health Study 2: Approximately 93,000 questionnaires have
now been returned. They are still recruiting. It’s not too late to return questionnaires. A
large number of them have yet to be returned. GA-Cumberland Conference has reached
70% of its goal. Any church member 30 years (including those with a 30th birthday in
2006) and older can join. The goal is 125,000 to ensure the future viability and success
and funding of the project. You may check on the Union/local conference progresses at
www.adventisthealthstudy.org. More brochures are available from ahs2@sph.llu.edu, or
phone toll free 866-558-6268. They are now starting an exciting new element of the
health study. They have randomly selected 10,000 of the AHS-2 participants who will
be invited to participate and complete a questionnaire asking about faith, Sabbath,
religious/spiritual life, and stress. Studies suggest that Americans who attend church live
3-7 years longer than those who do not. For Black Americans the health benefits of
church attendance may be even greater. However, they are not sure why. This new study
will provide them with evidence to answer these questions by focusing on the unique
experiences of SDA’s in North America.

There is a new graduate medical education training program emphasizing lifestyle
medicine at Loma Linda University and Loma Linda University Medical Center.
Thank you, Lord!
The program is the only one in the nation to combine preventive medicine and family
practice medicine in a focus on lifestyle medicine to treat chronic disease and to receive
approval from both the preventive and family practice medicine boards. This residency
program came about largely due to many students’ growing interest in lifestyle medicine.
The total length of the training is four years. Three Loma Linda School of Medicine ’06
graduates, along with other medical students, led out last spring in a very successful and
first-ever CHIP program in the LL University Church, with 65 people attending.

Southern Adventist University held an official groundbreaking ceremony on February
20 for its new state-of-the-art wellness center. Phase I of the project began in March
with the wellness center’s gymnasium. The second phase will include construction of a
therapy pool, a fitness lab (housing diagnostic and testing equipment), fitness and weight
facilities, a child-care room, classrooms (including a cooking classroom), a library,
offices, and a conference room. The completed wellness center will add more than
46,000 sq. ft. to the current Iles Physical Education Center, more than doubling its size.
The anticipated completion of both phases is fall 2007, at a total estimated cost of $6.5


www.gccsda.com is full of ideas for health inreach/outreach. Go to “Ministries,” then
“Adult,” then “Health Ministries,” then “Resources & Program Ideas.”

The excellent Radiant Living magazines are available for $.30 each, plus postage, from
the Family Heritage Books, www.familyheritagebooks.com, phone 800-777-2848. Larger
volume prices are $100 for 250, 500 for $160, 1000 for $288. Many other health books
i.e. Proof Positive, Health Power, Pathways to Health & Happiness, etc. are also
available at reduced prices.

Derek Morris, Senior pastor Forest Lake, FL church developed a 2-DVD set entitled
“Healthy Christians.” It tells what it means for Christians to be totally healthy. Price
$24.95. Call
800-328-0525, www.acn.info. Also available at the ABC.

Totally Vegetarian, Amazing Facts’ brand-new, full-color cookbook by Barbara Watson,
includes 220 pages of tasty easy-to-make vegan recipes from the StepFast kitchen. Price
$24.95 plus S & H. Call 800-538-7275.

The South Pacific Division Health Ministries Department produced a DVD resource and
series entitled “Taking Charge of Your Health.” It provides local churches with a
professional resource that has been followed by several community-linked activities i.e.
walking clubs, stress-control programs, etc. Price $54.95 plus S & H. There is also a
Resource CD (price $20), which has handouts, advertising ideas, etc. on it. Write
jduffy@adventist.org.au, phone 612-9847-3305.

Our church is now producing animated cartoons for kids ages 2-9 that help make
learning Christian values fun. Go to www.fruittroop.com/. The first episode available is
“The Ball Game That Went Bad,” where Andy Apple and the rest of the Troop face the
Prune Posse for the city-wide soccer championship. When everyone else is focused on
winning, Andy faces a bigger challenge—convincing the Troop that honesty is the best
policy. Price for the DVD: $12.99 plus S & H.

The January 12, 2006 “To Drink or Not to Drink” issue of the Adventist Review was
excellent. Brian Bull’s article by the same name in the issue can be accessed free from
www.Adventist Review.com.

Have you bookmarked www.nadhealthministries.org/ yet? The Health Works
newsletter, published by the Health Ministries Dept. of the NAD, is excellent.

Dr. Tim Arnott’s 24 Realistic Ways to Improve Your Health has 24 practical health tips
based on scientific research and the Bible that will help you live longer, happier, and
healthier. Great for sharing. Price $1.99. Quantity pricing available. Available at the

DVD’s are available of Brenda Davis’s “Exploding Nutrition Myths.” She was a
featured speaker at the 2004 CHIP summit in Vancouver. Great for lending. Price $12 per
DVD plus $3 shipping. Quantity prices available. Contact brendadavis@telus.net.

“What’s the Connection?” is a 4-DVD set by Don Mackintosh, host of “Health for a
Lifetime.” It leads people to consider health from a spiritual perspective, built on the
belief that lasting change can only come through a living relationship with Jesus. It has
been used as a follow up for a wide range of health seminars. Highly recommended.
Quantity prices: 1-10 $89.95,
11-20 $79.95, 21 plus $69.95. Phone 316-312-9702, web site:
(I checked the web site out, and it doesn’t work if we put “www” in the front of it.)

The popular “Mad Cowboy” tells you how plants are challenging scientists with their
amazing positive impact on human physiology, how even one very saturated fatty meal
can negatively affect your arteries, how a bad diet is worse than smoking, and a new
possible connection between Alzheimer's disease and blood sugar levels, and much much
more info. You'll also find out about the great "Vegan Food Pyramid"
graphic/chart/poster that's
available on the web, how the back-to-back two-time winner of the world's most grueling
marathon is a vegan, and how a vegan diet seems beat medication in treating diabetes. Go
to madcowboy.com/02_PBSschedule.

7 Secrets Cookbook by Neva & Jim Brackett, authors of Best Gourmet Recipes.
Discounted price until December 31 get 40% off ($8.97). Fast Cooking in a Slow Cooker
Every Day of the Year, by JoAnn Rachor, author of Of These Ye May Freely Eat.
Discounted price $6.72. Quantity prices available. Phone Family Health Publication 800-
488-3878, e-mail joann@familyhealthpub.com.

The excellent Balance magazine, of which E. W. Dempsey sent the health leaders a
copy, is put out by the Michigan Conference and Lifestyle Matters. These are great to
take door to door with outreach programs, place in doctors’ offices, give out at
county/health fairs, handout as you travel, plus many other ideas. Cost: Single copy
$1.99; 1-99 copies purchase through the Michigan ABC (800-876-9222), 100-499 are
$.50 each, etc. Soon there will be a total of six. More information will be sent to you
later about how you can receive and use these.

Maybe you have a friend who wants better health but can’t seem to make any headway.
What he needs is a subscription to Vibrant Life. Order one subscription to this excellent
magazine for $19.95 (one year, six issues) then send a second one anywhere in the USA
for FREE. Call 800-456-3991, www.VibrantLife.com.

LIFELONG HEALTH at Wellsource, Inc. has a sale going on its fine 24-36 page
WellAssured Guides. Some of the titles are “Overcoming Depression & Anxiety,”
“Living Well with Arthritis,” “Managing Back Pain,” “Living with Diabetes,” etc. There
are 12 subjects. Wellsource also has Instructor’s Manuals with Speakers’ Notes and a CD
with a PowerPoint presentation of 30-50 graphics available for each topic. Perfect for
one-on-one teaching. Access www.lifelonghealth.us, or call 800-862-4395, ext. 3.

Lifelines, a public service of the church, provides practical answers to common health
questions. This resource, which contains fifty-two 60-second spots, is available FREE
for you to take to your local radio stations. Number 7 is available at this time. Call
301-680-6733, or write deloris.bailey@nad.adventist.org.

Want to know, for instance, how much vitamin C is in frozen vs fresh orange juice? Or
which has more calcium—kale or instant oatmeal? It’s easy to find out on the USDA
website, www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/search, which covers 6,000 fresh and
packaged food. It’s the only such database in the world that’s free and kept up to date.


The much-used Emes gelatin will soon be unavailable. The manufacturer of this
product is no longer in business. Suggested substitutes: use agar and allow the recipe to
congeal as usual. Or, replace the Emes with cornstarch and bake the recipe. Stepfast says
that in the case of the Tofu Cheesecake, bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes.

May God continue to bless your ministry.

Vivian Raitz
Health Programs Resources Consultant
Phone 706-313-8527, e-mail raitz@alltel.net


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