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         S   ushi? Got it! Fresh salads and fruit? No problem! Steak? Just come to one of our special
         meals! Bacon cheeseburger with fries? Of course!
            At Ohio University, we serve 3 million meals each year to students with an astonishing
         range of tastes and needs—from vegetarians to burger-and-pizza addicts, from students with
         special dietary needs to international students hoping for a taste of home—all of them trying
         to eat well on a student budget and within a student schedule. Our approach offers value

         and variety with more than just dining halls available to you. All of our dining venues are
         conveniently located, with extensive service hours. We have a variety of menu items, services,
         and meal plans.
            Please visit us at for the most up-to-date information about your
         meal plan options. There you will find information concerning hours of operation, meal
         plan specifics, daily menu offerings, nutrition, employment opportunities, guest meal
         prices, points-of-contact for questions, and more.

          Meal Plans                                                                Super Meal Plans                 vs.       Regular Meal Plans                                                       Super meal plan holders may               Regular meal plan holders may
                                                                                 use their full allotment of meals         use their full allotment of meals
                                                                                 each week in any of the dining            each week in any of the five din-
                                                                                 halls themselves, or they may             ing halls. The standard meal plan
         plan options to fit students’ budgets, schedules, lifestyles and eat-   spend some of those meals on              week is Sunday through Saturday.
         ing habits. Students on any of the meal plans may choose to eat         guests. Super meal plan holders           After Saturday dinner, balances
                                                                                 also have the option of convert-          reset for the next week.
                                                                                 ing any of their weekly meals to
         regardless of where they live.                                          a cash equivalency at any
                                                                                 of our three markets in Boyd
              The meal plan week begins with Sunday brunch and ends on           and Nelson.
                                                                                 Super meal plans also are
         days available during the first and the last week of each quarter,      accepted at the Boyd and
         meal plans may be prorated if the meal plan week is less than           Nelson Grab n’ Go locations
                                                                                 as a meal exchange.
         seven days; a standard meal plan week is Sunday through
         Saturday. The number of meals that a student is given will be
                                                                                  OHIO UNIVERSITY DINING SERVICES is confident we
         reduced according to the number of days in that shortened                can meet your everyday meal needs through a wide
         meal plan week.                                                          selection of meal plans. Please refer to our Web site to
                                                                                  find the perfect meal plan for you.
              PLEASE NOTE: Shively Dining Hall will be closed
              for renovation beginning fall of 2008. Other venues
              are prepared to accomodate students during the
              renovation process.

              All students with fewer than 90 earned credit hours or two
         academic years (six quarters or four semesters) in the residence
         halls must participate in a mandatory meal plan, in accordance
         with the University’s Housing Regulation. However, any student
         enrolled at Ohio University may purchase a meal plan by submit-
         ting a written request to the Housing Office at Chubb Hall
         060 or by e-mailing

 Meal Card Access                                                         Baker University Center

is required for all meals at any dining location; cashiers cannot                                                                         -
                                                                         stand the ever-changing needs of students . . . one day you need
                                                                         to grab a quick bite on the way to class, the next day you want
protection, we will confiscate any card used by anyone other             to enjoy a leisurely dinner with your friends. In working to meet
                                                                         students’ needs, we’ve created a wide variety of options that allow
another person is subject to a fine.                                     students to dine and shop according to their lifestyle and sched-
  Lost Card Policy
                                                                         delicious food served in a fun and exciting atmosphere. While

  din                                                                    you’re here, stop in and enjoy West 82 food court, Latitude

  lost or stolen and the following are instructions as to how you

  should proceed if this occurs:

                                                                         Services Gift Cards.

       can go to the closest dining hall to complete a report and          PLEASE NOTE: University meal plans are not
                                                                     -     accepted at Baker University Center.
       ever, during weekends, file your report with Ohio University
       Police. You will then be given a temporary ticket to allow          West 82
       you access to your meal plan in the dining hall only. This            This seven-concept court offers a casually hip, fresh food
                                                                           quick stop, conveniently located on the first floor. Serving ev-
       meal equivalencies in the markets, or at any of the Grab n’         erything from Tex-Mex style monster burritos, brick oven piz-
       Go’s. This pass will only be active for three (3) days.             za, and sushi to organic coffee, made-to-order deli sandwiches,
                                                                           and salads, plus a quick serve grab n’ go for those sprinting to
  2. Within three (3) days of reporting a lost or stolen card,
                                                                           their next class, the food court is seven unique food concepts

       Center, 160 W. Union St., and either obtain a replacement
                                                                           Services Gift Cards are accepted. Whether you’re in early or
                                                                           late, West 82 can prepare your meal from scratch to eat-in or

                                                                                THE WEST 82 FOOD COURT INCLUDES:
  PLEASE NOTE: failure to have a valid Ohio University
  ID after a three (3) day period will result in being                          Verde Blanco: Tex-Mex fare featuring giant
  denied access to your individual meal plan.                                   burritos made to your taste
                                                                                The Brick Oven: Custom pizzas in a hearth
 Menus                                                                          oven and other Italian dishes                                                               McGuffey’s Grill: Off-the-grill classics
                                                                                including Angus burgers, breakfast
  We know that it’s no fun eating a chicken sandwich—even a                     sandwiches, and gyros to order
really good chicken sandwich—when you wanted pasta. That’s
                                                                                Jade: Emphasizing Asian flavors personalized
why we pack each meal with as many options as possible. What-                   to your taste
ever you’re craving, you’ll probably find it at one of our din-                 The Ivy Deli: Classic deli sandwiches, Panini
                                                                                and salads                                                              The College Greens: Four soups daily, sushi,
                                                                                customized salads, and more
                                                                                The Fast Lane: Fresh baked goods, coffee,
                                                                                smoothies, and ice cream creations

           Latitude 39                                                           bar rounds out the selection. The fast food, deli, wok bar, pasta
               Latitude 39, Ohio University’s flagship fine-dining res-          bar, and Grab n’ Go’s also include vegetarian choices. If you
           taurant, reflects the best of OHIO by providing a distinctive         have other special diet needs, food allergies, questions about our
           dining experience surrounded by unique works of art. Our chef         vegetarian offerings, or need special dietary accommodations, call
           and staff are dedicated to exceeding your expectations with                                           740.593.2970, and a staff member
                                                                                 will help you find a way to meet your needs.
           dishes—all with timely, courteous service. Choose from salads,          Sick Trays
           sandwiches, new twists on classic favorites, and superb entrées.          If you are too ill to come to a dining hall, have a friend or
           Latitude 39 features irresistible offerings for lunch and dinner,
           served amidst striking views of campus, which rests on the 39th         tray. Sick trays consist of a light soup, crackers, gelatin, ice
           parallel. Students, faculty, alumni, and community visitors are         cream, tea, and fruit juice. If you cannot come to the dining
           all welcome.                                                            hall because you have an injury that limits your mobility, send
           The Front Room Coffeehouse

                                                                                   then issue a tray with food from the regular menu.
           away from home” for students and faculty, serving an array of           Sack Meals
           gourmet coffees, espressos, cappuccinos, and a selection of teas          If you are unable to eat in a dining hall because of a class
           along with daily, chef-prepared sandwiches, soups, and baked            conflict or a University function, notify a dining hall manager
                                                                                   24 hours in advance to arrange for a sack meal. You must
           late-night hangout offering music and other live programming.
           It’s not just about coffee or tea; it’s about the community.            two sandwiches (lunchmeat, cheese, or peanut butter and jelly

                                                                                   vegetables, fruit, potato chips, condiments, and a dessert. A
           on your way to class. Or, bring your laptop and books and               beverage can be included upon request. To avoid foodborne
           stay awhile.                                                            illness, the meal should be picked up shortly before you plan to
           Bobcat Essentials                                                       eat it unless refrigeration is available.

                                                                                  Special Services
           every OHIO student in a convenient, on-campus location. The
           latest in University tees, sweatshirts, jackets, bags, and athletic     Nelson Dining Hall
           wear to hot iPod and computer accessories as well as other gift

                                                                                   copier, an ATM location, and a self-service post office.
                                                                                   Boyd and Nelson Markets
          Nutrition, Health, and Special Needs
                                                                                   of food, beverage, grocery, and snack items as well as a good
           Whether you have a special dietary need, restriction, or you
                                                                                   selection of school supplies and health and beauty aids. Mar-
         vide you with information and choices to keep you eating healthy
                                                                                   Services Gift Cards.
         is cholesterol free and prepared in 100 percent trans fat-free oil.       Café BiblioTech
         Recipes use fat-free mayonnaise and margarine, and plain-cooked                                                                              -
         vegetables are prepared without margarine so you can add it only          Tech serves gourmet coffee, lattés, cappuccinos, sandwiches,
         if you wish. Low-fat choices are included in traditional menu             soup, salads, fresh fruit, and assorted cold beverages. This
         selections, and salad bars include fat-free mayonnaise as well as
         fat-free and low-calorie dressings.
           To help plan your meals, weekly menus are available at
                                                                                   Guests There you will also find an interactive
                                                                                     Guests are always welcome to eat in any of our dining halls.
         nutrition menu, complete with nutritional information on all of
         the foods we serve. Our interactive nutrition menu highlights
                                                                                     Children under six (6) accompanied by a parent are
         vegan, vegetarian, and nut-containing items.
                                                                                   admitted to the dining hall at no charge; log on to
         least one entrée is offered—and often two or three—from over     for full meal prices.
         100 vegetarian recipes in our menu cycle, and a 45-item salad

Meal Periods                                                               Chubb Hall room 060, e-mailing, or
                                                                           faxing your request to 740.593.4089. Please remember to


                                                                           current meal plan, and requested meal plan. All students sub-
                                                                           ject to the housing requirement must have a meal plan.

                                                                           Please remember that meal plans are contracts
                                                                           that last the entire academic year. Although you may
                                                                           increase to a larger meal plan at any time, once the school year
hours of operation please visit
                                                                           begins, you may not decrease your meal plan.
  Removing Food from the Dining Hall
                                                                           What if I have special dietary needs
                                                                           or a food allergy?
  from the dining hall. We do allow customers to finish a piece of           If a physician requires you to be on a special diet, call our
  fruit, a cookie, an ice cream cone, or other small items as they         assistant director for menu planning at 740.593.2948. We
  are leaving the dining hall. If you are pressed for time because         will work with you to make sure that your needs are met. If
  of a class or work conflict and the Grab n’ Go is not convenient         you have a food allergy, we can tell you which foods contain
  for you, please see a manager to sign up for a sack meal.                allergens and offer alternatives.
  Internships/Field Experience                                             Why aren’t unused meals refundable?
                                                                       -     With the exception of the Super 20 and Super 14, meal plans
                                                                           are priced using the same basic principle as insurance. We know
  for students majoring in any business-related area, especially           that a certain percentage of meals will not be eaten, just as in-
  marketing, food-service management, dietetics, and even                  surers know that not everyone with insurance will file a claim.
                                               740.593.2974.               If every student ate every meal or was entitled to a refund, the
FAQs                                                                       cost of the meal plans would be substantially higher.
                                                                           Can my friend use my meal card?
  How do I change my meal plan?
    Prior to the first day of classes for fall quarter, students may
                                                                           mation, is the property of Ohio University and subject to Uni-
  increase or decrease their meal plan. After this date, students
                                                                           versity regulations. To protect the cardholder, if anyone tries to
  may only increase their meal plan, which means purchasing
  a more expensive plan. You can make changes to your meal
  plan by logging onto your housing contract. Changes can also
                                                                           person is subject to a fine.
  be made in writing or by stopping by the Housing Office in


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