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  Relax...                         ROSE ELLIOT
                                dishes up beautifully
                                   simple party food

  for every                     HEATHER MILLS
                                 reveals her perfect
   occasion!                        meat-free roast
                                 PHIL VICKERY
                                  creates a delicious
                                      low-cost curry
  ● Fine cheeses                  Treat a
  ● Veggie mains
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  Quick & easy winter fare
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On the menu
                                                                                                    Welcome to the UK’s only
                                                                                                    veggie cooking monthly.
                                                                                                       Thanks so much to all of you
                                                                                                    who congratulated us on
                                                                                                    reaching our first birthday. We
COOK VEGETARIAN! | ISSUE: 13                                                         hope you’ll like what we’ve got planned for
                                                                                     2010 just as much. But first, Christmas is
                                                                                     finally here! This issue is all about making life
                                                                                     easy for you, whether you’ve got the entire
                                                                                     gang over, or are just planning a quiet one at
                                                                                     home. Plus, find out what Heather Mills eats
                                                                                     at this time of year in our exclusive interview.
                                                                                     Have a fabulous Christmas!
                                                                                                                     Rachel Callen, Editor
                                                                                                                            01206 505491

                                                                                     Claire Garnham
                                                                                     Deputy Editor
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                                                                                 Main event
                                                                                 9      Rose Elliot's Veggie Bites    c
                                                                                        Be inspired by our favourite cook’s tasty
                                                                                        suggestions for Christmas entertaining

                                                                                 10 Stress-free Suppers
                                                                                    Try our simple weeknight meal ideas which
                                                                                    will save you bags of time and effort

                                                                                 19 Season’s Eatings c
                                                                                    Have a go at Annie Bell’s mouthwatering

                                                                                    winter centrepieces

                                                                                 25 Feed your Senses
                                                                                    Check out these dreamy and inspired recipes
                                                                                    from master chocolatier Paul A. Young

                                                                                 32 Christmas with Heather Mills c

                           14                                                       The famous vegan campaigner shares her
                                                                                    favourite Christmas recipes

                                                                                 39 The Ultimate Veggie Cheeseboard c
                       Family fare

                                     63 Family                                      A collection of the finest veggie cheeses to
                                        Top cookery tips and hints to keep the      serve to guests this Christmas
                                        whole gang happy
                                                                                 41 Family Christmas Creations
                                     65 Curry Night on the Cheap c                  Watch your children’s eyes light up at the
                                        Save money in the run up to                 sight of these adorable recipes
                                                                                 53 Your Veggie Christmas Spread
                                     69 3 Great Ideas…Potatoes                      The Cook Veg team taste test your
                                        Rethink the way you cook tatties            Christmas essentials

                                     71 Cookery School                           89 Cocktails and Dreams
                                        Wonderful winter fare that all the          Impress with our gorgeous aperitifs
                                        family will love

                                                               “It’s all very well Gordon Ramsay saying,
                                                               ‘vegetarian food’s terrible’ – well that’s
                                                               because he can’t cook properly! If you want
                                                               to have the cleanest palate and want to really
                                                               learn how to cook, then you have to cook
                                                               vegan food. It’s all about the herbs and the
                                                               spices, the tastes and the sauces. The
                                                               ultimate challenge is to cook something
                                                               unbelievably fantastic that’s healthy too”

                   Mills                                                              On a mission to bring meat-free food
                                                                                      to the masses, Heather invites Cook
                                                                                      Veg to VBites Café and shows off her
                                                                                      favourite festive recipes…

             ust a stone’s throw from her sea-front             Heather’s answer has been to offer broader         food mainstream) she’s just as excited about
             house in Hove, Heather Mills is starting a     appeal dishes made with quality meat and               the vegetables as she is the main event. A
             restaurant revolution. The recently opened     cheese replacement products, and luscious yet          keen kitchen gardener, she freezes excess all
     VBites café, Heather’s vegan eatery and                sin-free cakes, as well as the raw vegan food she      year round to fill her guests’ plates with an
     nightspot, isn’t like any café we’ve been to before    believes is the ultimate diet for health and the       array of homegrown veg, and douses it all in
     – or any meat-free restaurant, either!                 planet. “I wanted to show people that vegan food       vegan gravy.
        There’s the staunchly ethical global menu           could be cool and fun, and challenge people’s             “I make roasted sweet potatoes, with bit of
     where vegan burgers and BLTs sit side-by-side          perception of it,” Heather says. “Everyone thinks      agave syrup, and roasted parsnips,” she adds.
     with sophisticated salads; the wonderfully             it’s all hippy nut roasts, because that’s what every   “Roast potatoes are my real forte. My mum
     modern cake bar with its sushi-style conveyer          carnivore chef shoves under your nose. When I          left when I was nine, and I had to take over
     belt; the family-friendly crèche area; the swanky      go out I want to indulge myself!”                      the family cooking. A next door neighbour’s
     bar and lively atmosphere. Whether you want a                                                                 mum showed me how to parboil and score
     cupcake or a curry, it’s all here – and it’s got the   Party time                                             every single potato, so ever since I was nine
     meat eaters coming through the door in droves.         When it comes to Christmas, Heather loves              I’ve cooked roast potatoes like that.”
        “I didn’t open VBites to feed the vegans,”          entertaining, and food is a vital part of the             With VBites taking off and plans to expand
     says Heather emphatically. “I knew they would          celebrations. “I always have around 30 people          Redwood Foods into Europe and the US,
     naturally migrate here, and the veggies. I came        over every Christmas, family and friends from          Heather is on top of the world. “It’s been
     to a realisation about seven years ago that            all around the world. I go nuts at Christmas           amazing! We’ve already got 75 people who
     until there was an accessible, well-priced             – I decorate the whole house, everyone gets a          want to franchise, but I’m a perfectionist and
     group of cafes around the world it was going           big sack of pressies outside their bedroom             we haven’t been open long enough,” she says.
     to be impossible to convert a large percentage         when they wake up, and I always cook my                With Heather’s boundless energy, anything
     of carnivores.                                         Christmas roast.”                                      seems possible, so we’re confidently
        “Trying to get someone to go from steak to             Although Heather does serve a meat                  expecting to see a VBites in every city some
     broccoli, at whatever age, was going to be             replacement (a lovely turkey-style roast made in       time soon. But if you can’t wait that long,
     difficult. It’s hard enough to get the broccoli on     the Redwood factory that she recently acquired         why not give her famous roast a try
     the plate with the steak, never mind without it!”      as another step in her campaign to make vegan          this Christmas?

                       “Many people
                       say ‘there’s just
                       no way I could
                       go without my
                       turkey’, but I’m
                       proving you can
                       still have that
                       taste, if you want
                       it. That’s why I
                       make meatless
                       meats...” Heather Mills
Words: Rachel Callen

         Turkey Dinner
         Serves 6
         1 Redwood Vegideli Turkey-style Roast
         with Cranberry & Wild Rice Stuffing
         3 heaped tsp Redwood Cheatin’
         Instant Gravy
         300ml boiling water
         vegan cranberry sauce

         1 Wrap the Turkey-style Roast in tinfoil and
         cook in the centre of a preheated oven at
         190C/ 375F/Gas 5 for 45 minutes. Leave to
         stand for five minutes before slicing.
         2 Meanwhile, make the gravy. If you’ve boiled
         any vegetables to go with the roast, use
         300ml of this water for the gravy. Place
         3 heaped tsp of gravy granules into a gravy
         boat and add the water slowly, stirring.
         3 Slice the roast and serve with scoured roast
         vegetables (see recipe, right) the gravy and a
         blob of cranberry sauce, or try Heather’s
         suggestions below...

        On the side...
           Serve the roast or bake with lots of
           sprouts, carrots and broccoli, steamed or
           boiled to your liking. For an unusual
           twist, marinate a tin of artichoke hearts
           (drained) in olive oil, chopped garlic and
           Provencale herbs for two days. Serve
           these with your roast as pictured.

     Bangers and
     Asparagus in                                          Mock Sausage Rolls
     Blankets                                              1 pack Redwood Vegideli Lincolnshire
                                                           Style Sausages or VBites Sage &
     1 packet Redwood Vegideli Lincolnshire                Marjoram Sausages
     Style Sausages                                        1 pack VBites Gourmet Meat Free
     1 packet VBites Meat Free Rashers                     Quarter Pounders
     2 large bunches of asparagus                          1 pack vegan ready-to-use puff pastry
     olive oil (optional)
                                                           1 Cut up the sausages and burgers into bite
     1 First, cook the sausages. Shallow fry: Heat 2       size chunks.
     tbsp of vegetable oil in a frying pan, add the        2 Roll out the puff pastry if necessary and slice
     sausages and cook. Turn frequently until lightly      into sausage-roll sized strips. Wrap the sausage
     browned. Grill: Lightly brush the sausages with       and burger pieces in the puff pastry, then seal
     vegetable oil. Place under a preheated grill for      and brush with soya milk. If you want to make
     approximately five minutes, turning frequently.       sure the pastry is really secured you can also
     2 While the sausages cool, steam or boil whole        use a cocktail stick.
     asparagus spears until almost tender. Drain.          3 Cook on a lined, greased baking tray in a
     3 Cut each sausage into three pieces. Cut the         preheated oven at 200C/400F/Gas 6 until the
     streaky style rashers lengthways into two strips.     pastry has turned golden brown.
     4 Wrap the rashers around the sausages and
     secure with a cocktail stick. Place on baking tray.
     Brush with olive oil for a crispier finish.            Source it...
     5 Preheat oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4. Place the
                                                              Vegan puff pastry is available from
     tray in the oven and cook for about 5-10 minutes
                                                              health food shops and supermarkets
     or until the rashers look crispy. Serve with or
                                                              – just check the label.
     without the cocktail stick, as preferred.

Easy Peasy Falafel Bites
1 pack Redwood Falafel Bites
1 pack vegan ready-to-use puff pastry                    Push the falafel halves firmly into the pastry to
                                                         ensure the sides are secured. You could also use
1 First, slice the falafels in half. Using a circular    a cocktail stick in the centre to prevent the
pastry cutter the same diameter as the falafels,         falafel falling off when the pastry is rising.
cut enough circles of pastry to have one circle          3 Place on a lined, greased baking tray and cook
for every half falafel.                                  in oven at around 200C/400F/Gas 6 until the
2 Place the falafels on top of the puff pastry.          pastry has risen and is golden brown.

“I love desserts, but everyone can’t breathe
after my roast; they like to wait for an hour. I
must have something sweet at the end of every
meal, though. I’ve got a terribly sweet tooth,
which is why I have to exercise!”

                                                        Heather’s Scoured
                                                        Roast Vegetables

                                                        Serves 6
                                                        12-15 smallish potatoes, peeled
                                                        12 parsnips, peeled
                                                        6 sweet potatoes, peeled
                                                        150ml olive or vegetable oil
                                                        sea salt (optional)

                                                        1 If you like, cut the parsnips and sweet potatoes
                                                        in half lengthways. Keep the potatoes whole.
                                                        2 Parboil in simmering water for around 15-20
                                                        mins until soft on the outside. Drain.
                                                        3 Preheat oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4. Pour the oil
                                                        into a roasting dish large enough to hold the
                                                        potatoes in one layer and place in the oven to heat.
                                                        4 Take two forks and scour the outside of the
                                                        potatoes so they go fluffy all over. Place in the
                                                        roasting dish and, with a spoon, drizzle the
                                                        warm oil over them. Sprinkle with sea salt.
                                                        5 Roast for 30 mins, turning regularly. Now add
                                                        the remaining veg, which can also be scoured. If
                                                        you halved them, add them after 45 mins instead.
                                                        6 Roast for 30-45 mins until the potatoes are
                                                        crispy. Stand on paper towel for 2-3 mins. Serve.

                                                                               Aubergine &
                                                                               Cauliflower Bake
                                                                               Serves 6
                                                                               For the stuffed aubergines
                                                                               3 large aubergines
                                                                               2 medium cauliflowers

                                                                               For the Cheese Sauce
                                                                               4 tbsp soya margarine
                                                                               4 tbsp plain flour
                                                                               600ml soya milk
                                                                               soya cream (optional)
                                                                               1 block Melting Mozzarella-style Cheezly
                                                                               1 tsp mustard (optional)
                                                                               White Cheddar-style Cheezly (optional)

                                                                               1 Cut aubergines in half and scoop out the inside,
                                                                               leaving a shell of around 1cm flesh and creating a
                                                                               nice hollow area in the middle. Boil in water until
                                                                               almost tender then drain. Do not overcook!
                                                                               2 Cut the cauliflower into florets. Boil for five
                                                                               mins (you don’t want them too tender) then drain.
                                                                               3 Push enough cauliflower florets inside the
                                                                               hollow aubergine to fill it half way. Keep the
                                                                               remaining cauliflower aside. Place the semi-
                                                                               stuffed aubergines into a baking dish and turn the
                                                                               oven on to heat (180C/350F/Gas 4).
                                                                               4 Now make the vegan cheese sauce. Melt the
                                                                               soya margarine in a pan, take off the heat and stir
                                                                               in 2 tbsp plain flour. Return to the heat and slowly
                                                                               add the soya milk (and mustard if liked).
                                                                               5 Keep stirring the sauce constantly so it doesn’t
                                                                               go lumpy, until it thickens nicely.
                                                                               6 Once the sauce has thickened stir in the soya
                                                                               cream (if desired) and a handful of the VBites
                                                                               melting mozzarella.
                                                                               7 Pour around half of the cheese sauce into the
                                                                               aubergines. Now fill the aubergines with the rest
                                                                               of the cauliflower florets so they slightly pop out
                                                                               of the top, then pour the remaining cheese sauce
                                                                               over the aubergine.
                                                                               8 Bake in the oven until the sauce is bubbling and
                                                                               crispy. For a crispy topping, sprinkle grated
                                                                               Cheddar-style Cheezly on top and grill briefly.

                         Tomato and
                         Beetroot Stacks                                                                  VEGAN
                         6-8 large tomatoes, sliced                                                        The VBites range of
                         1 pack VBites Smoked Style Cheese, sliced                                         entirely vegan
                         1/2 large cucumber, sliced                                                        products are
                                                                                 available to buy from the café’s website
                         1 jar pickled, sliced beetroot
                         1/2 red pepper, chopped into squares
                                                                        or why not pop in to the
                                                                                 café itself where they’re both on sale and
                         1/2 yellow pepper, chopped into squares
                                                                                 on the menu? Redwood Foods can be
                                                                                 purchased in Holland & Barratt, selected
                         1 Discard the rounded end slices of the tomatoes
                                                                                 supermarkets, health food stores, or
                         (these can be chopped finely and used to decorate
                                                                                 online via a link at the bottom of the
                         other canapés).
                                                                        homepage. Tuck in!
                         2 For each canapé, start with a slice of tomato,
                         then place a slice of vegan cheese, a slice of
                         beetroot then a slice of cucumber on top.
                                                                                 Hove Lagoon, Kingsway, BN3 4LX
                         3 Finish each stack off by balancing on a square or
                                                                                   01273 933757
                         either red or yellow pepper.


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