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					                              Valentine's Day history

February 14, for example, in many flowers, cards, Valentine's Day gift to be shared, you
can choose them in the world.

But, how can we celebrate a little unclear to this day, the stories. Christian tradition, and
Valentine's Day, the Rome of the solution, both in its ancient traditions. Valentine's Day,
even as the saints in three different known only to confuse matters more, has been
recognized by the Catholic Church.

There is a legend, Valentine's Day, a Rome, a third century priest. Claudius II will
provide guidance, marriage has been banned as a soldier, a soldier in that unit is family
that is better than married men. Valentine's days, I think the secret marriages of young
lovers ignored the Emperor, it is unfair, unjust laws. Secret admirer for her actions have
been discovered, Claudius ordered valentine's day. This legend, Rome's Valentine's
Day Books, torture and death, to change, they are often related to Christianity, it can
currently support.
According to another legend, Valentine's Day, so I want you to send in 270 BC, it is
actually a 'Valentine' is the denial of the Christian faith, refused to run. Their food, he
was imprisoned with the message, he is your boyfriend, his jailer's blind daughter, thank
you for signing the note "issued by the country.
However, if the legend about the Valentine's Day, it will be a problem with a story that is
compelling to the Middle Ages, Valentine's Day is the most popular in France and
England, there can not be verified. The patron saint festival, Christian, pagan practice of
calendar time to honor the past, the whole place, from the off. In this case, Lupercalia of
the festival.

Rome, the beginning of this month, spring is a time of purification is considered. Room
or rooms we are still to come clean on this day, please refer to, wheat, salt, clear and
clean type.

Lupercalia integrated development environment (15) February Lupercus goddess of
love is, and God, Juneau, Rome, Romulus, Ramos was born in festivals. Public square
in Rome. In the coffin, a young male and female, "Love", set in the next year so that
your name has been set up. In many cases, the games often ended in marriage.

2 Valentine's Day on May 14 about AD 500, Pope Gelasius set. Christian thought, and
he has been banned - this time, the "Home" romantic. The Middle Ages, and you never
have to "lot opportunities." France from the box drawing characters or a couple of years.
In UK, this is an opportunity for women to a man in a box, their name and minds of the
general scoop on the road, creating a cover wear.
This time, it is part of the United Kingdom and France, February 14, I usually think of
birds during the breeding season is the idea of a romantic Valentine's Day, and there
was a significant increase.

The beginning of the 15th century, they tend to give their time to constructive
anonymous, Valentine's Day message to the recipient to be a lot more unknown Rome
Charles is the oldest known Valentine's Day, New Orleans, there remains a Duke,
Tower of London after Agincourt, he imprisoned his wife, arrested, wrote a poem. 1415,
in greeting, written manuscript collection of the British Library in London.

Valentine's day in the UK, the year 1600 there will be common. It has been included in
the first stanza from the 17 century reported, go to "Roses are red, violets are. Blue"
1850, it is true, all the social position of a small fan can get from the handwriting and
general presentation. At the same time France, has been decorated with ribbons and
lace to their lovers.

Card technology, the value of the 20th century, handwritten letters as a way to improve
the printing of cards were printed. Culture, it is such a letter as a direct way, the time,
indicates very frustrating, their emotions, but this is more acceptable method and
printing cards. Using the postal system and the economic cost of postage to increase
the popularity of Saint Valentine's day cards can be useful.

American and configured the early 18th century, the first stanza, hand-made Valentine's
Day can be started. Since the mid-19th century, the first large-scale - from the initial
sale, valentine's day in the United States. Miss Esther Holland, artist and entrepreneur,
the first Valentine's Day, the United States has been published. Often from the
"Valentine Day" to create a plan to use my mother Netherlands, female, it is said, such
as "scrap" as a delicate color lace, ribbon. It is surprisingly expensive, as in, for
example, as part of a $35 high, $10, - If you own the card, the charge is $5.

If we are children of Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day card, 1 billion this year, open,
Greetings Card Association estimates included in the classroom. Valentine's Day cards,
the second largest city in many years - all of the seasonal Christmas card sales account
for the accounting (60%) of 25% of it.
It reached 80 percent, or about the majority of men, women do not buy too romantic,
Valentine's day card means that has been estimated; Festival and the United States,
Canada, Mexico, England, France, Australia, the popularity of Valentine's Day and other
parts of the world, to improve.

Facts about Valentine's Day card from the greeting card association. Approximately 25
percent of Valentine's Day cards, humorous cards, and another adult at the age of 35
can be sent. Valentine's day, you can send electronic cards to a maximum. Valentine's
Day 2008, about 1.4 billion will be sent electronically. Traditionally, the most popular
Valentine's Day gift, greeting card of the leading chocolate, dinner, or a flower.
Valentine's Day American men and women may be more serious. This is a national
survey of 2007 GCA, their lover, only 34% of the customer, you have a humorous
Valentine's Day gift for women and men can be compared to 45%. 50% share of the e-
lover, to be distributed to the other will be 50. When you are the most popular
Valentine's Day, red, pink, white, and select a card. Heart, rose, Valentine's Day card,
cupid, race is a traditional icon.