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        April 7, 2008



       QUOTE # 1006
                             INVITATION FOR BIDS

                          UNIFORM RENTAL SERVICE

                                HARNETT COUNTY

Harnett County is accepting proposal for Uniform Rental Service until April 21, 2008,
3:00 p.m. in the Finance Department, County Administration Building, 2nd Floor, 102
East Front Street, Lillington, North Carolina 27546. All proposals received after this date
and time will not be considered.

The resulting service contract will be to furnish, deliver, pick up and launder uniform
shirts, pants and jackets for certain employees of Harnett County.

Harnett County invites and encourages participation in this procurement process by
minority-owned businesses, women-owned businesses and businesses owned by disabled

No proposal may be withdrawn after the scheduled closing time for the receipt of
proposals for a period of sixty (60) days.

All qualified proposals will be evaluated and acceptance made of the proposal judged by
Harnett County Finance to constitute the best value offered for the purpose intended.
Evaluation will include, but not necessarily be limited to, the bidder’s qualifications, and
experience, past performance, financial standing and bid price.

Harnett County reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals presented, and
the right to waive any informalities or irregularities.

Judy Strickland
Purchasing Agent

This the 21st day of April, 2008.
                                  HARNETT COUNTY

                                    LILLINGTON, NC



                         UNIFORM RENTAL AGREEMENT


This describes the terms and conditions to furnish, deliver, pick up and launder uniform
shirts, pants, and jackets for certain employees of Harnett County. New and unused
uniforms shall be furnished to all employees at the beginning of the contract. New
employees added to the service after the beginning of the contract shall also be furnished
with new uniforms.

This agreement shall be for the period of five (5) years starting July1, 2008 to June 30,
2013. This contract will be contingent upon the appropriation of funds by Harnett County
each fiscal year. Harnett County reserves the right to extend, renew, or not to renew the


Only proposals from companies established in the uniform rental business and qualified
to handle accounts of this size will be considered. Prior to award, Harnett County
reserves the right to investigate a bidder’s ability to fulfill the requirements of the

Each bidder shall furnish with his bid a list of at least four (4) accounts of comparable
size which he is now serving within this general area. He shall give the name of the
company, the number of employees serviced and the name of an individual with the
company who may be contacted for reference.


Each bidder shall provide with his bid samples of the shirts, pants, coveralls and jackets
he proposes to furnish. The shirt shall have a name emblem and a “logo” emblem for
purpose of illustration.

Prior to award, bidders may be requested to furnish a new, cleaned and pressed uniform
set for evaluation.

Samples of items shall be furnished as stipulated herein, free of expense, and upon
request will be returned at the bidder’s expense. Request for the return of samples must
be made within ten (10) days following opening of bids. Each individual sample must be
labeled with bidder’s name and item number.


The County of Harnett will assume no responsibility for oral instruction, suggestion, or
interpretation. Any questions regarding this proposal and/or specifications shall be
directed to the Purchasing Manager, 102 East Front Street, Lillington, North Carolina
27546; Phone: 910-814-6092; Fax: 910-893-3445 or E-mail:, and
any materials change will be submitted to all bidders in a written addendum.


Approximately One Hundred Nine (109) employees will be furnished uniforms.
However, Harnett County reserves the right to deviate from this approximate number as
personnel and work changes warrant during the contract period.

The contractor will be required to furnish eleven (11) sets (shirt and pants) and two (2)
jackets for each employee. Some employees get coveralls.


Uniforms shall be delivered on hangers, pressed, wrinkle free and ready to wear.
Alternate methods of pressing or finish treatments may be utilized, with the prior
approval of Harnett County. Any uniform delivered otherwise will be rejected and no
rental fee paid.


The uniforms will be the pants and shirt types. The color for uniforms may vary per
department renting the uniforms.

The Contractor shall offer the employee the option of selecting long and/or short sleeve
shirts. Employees may select a combination of short and long sleeves. Employees may
select a combination of short and long pants.


The uniform materials for work uniforms shall conform to the following criteria:

       Jacket – 65% polyester – 35% cotton twill, 7.5 ounces per square yard, twill
       weave, permanent press, soil release finish, permanent quilted lining.

       Pants – 65% polyester – 35% cotton, side elastic waist, durable press, and soil
       release finish. Pants shall have soft finish.
       Pants – Cargo – two side-seam, two set-in hip, and two large leg patch pockets –
       65% polyester 35% cotton fabric with a durable press finish that resists wrinkles.

       Pants – Double pleated front – 65% polyester 35% cotton fabric – double-pleated
       front, heavy-duty brass zipper, single hook-and-eye closure, dress-style
       waistband, quarter-top front pockets, and two set-in hip pockets.

       Polo shirts – Contrast trim, 100% spun polyester, three wood tone buttons, left
       chest pocket and a welt collar and welt cuffs.

       Polo shirts – 50% polyester – 50% cotton - Herringbone Polo with left chest
       pocket, three button placket with wood tone buttons, and knit collar and cuffs.

       Shirts – 65% polyester – 35% cotton, 4.25 to 4.5 ounces per square yard, poplin
       or leno weave, durable press, soil release finish.

       Shirts – 65% polyester – 35% cotton with orange reflector stripes for better
       visibility to promote safety for Harnett County employees.

       Coveralls – 65% polyester – 35% cotton twill - have an action back, reinforced
       seams, two-way brass zipper, chest and hip pockets, and a leg tool pocket, regular
       or long.

All uniforms shall be cut from well-proportioned patterns to insure proper and
comfortable fit. All buttons shall be made of melamine or similar break resistant
material. All grippers or snap fasteners shall be stainless steel. All stitching shall be
made with polyester core thread.

Jackets shall have a heavy-duty brass zipper for long lasting durability. The jacket shall
have a permanent quilted lining and two hand-warmer pockets. Pants shall have two (2)
front pockets and two (2) hip pockets. The left hip pocket shall be a button type. Pockets
and waistband shall be made of materials containing 50% cotton and 50% polyester.
Waist must have side elastic.

Shirts shall be furnished with two (2) button-through type breast pockets. The collar
lining shall be 100% polyester or dacron and shall have permanent collar stays.


The Contractor shall deliver clean uniforms and pick up soiled uniforms once each week,
on the day and time at locations designated by Harnett County. Pick-up and delivery
locations shall include:

Harnett County General Services (Transportation)
900 S. Ninth St
Lillington, N.C. 27546

Harnett County Garage
1104 E. McNeill St
Lillington, N.C. 27546

Harnett County Public Buildings
108 First St
Lillington, N.C. 27546

Harnett County Public Utilities                Harnett County Public Utilities
310 W Duncan St                                607 Edwards Dr
Lillington, N. C. 27546                        Lillington, N.C. 27546

Harnett County Solid Waste (Landfill)          Harnett County Solid Waste (Landfill)
449 Daniels Road                               1086 Poplar Dr
Dunn, N.C. 28334                               Lillington, N.C. 27546

Pick-up and delivery points may be changed, added or deleted as may be required by
Harnett County.


Each uniform shirt shall have a stitched or sewn on emblem; name or logo provided by
the contractor over the right and left pockets. The right emblem to have the employee’s
first or last name, and the left emblem to be the Harnett County “logo”. The left emblem
shall include “maintenance” or any other “title” as appropriate for the employee.

The uniform rental fee shall include the cost for complying with the above.


All uniforms furnished at the beginning of the contract shall be new and unused. During
the contract period, the Contractor shall inspect all soiled uniforms for rips, tears, lost or
broken buttons, defective mechanical fasteners, etc., and necessary repairs shall be made
before they are returned to the employee. Where such repairs, as determined by
Harnett County, destroy or seriously impair the appearance of the uniform, the
bidder shall replace the garment with a new garment, at no additional cost to
Harnett County. Any uniform delivered otherwise will be rejected and no rental fee

Size changes will be made as needed at no additional cost to Harnett County

A suitable and convenient method should be provided by the Contractor for the employee
to report needed uniform repairs and alterations. (i.e.: Card form to be placed on or
attached to the returned garment.)


The Bidder’s route representative shall be notified when any employee is discontinued
and the employee’s name shall immediately be deleted from the billing ticket and rental
payments stopped. Uniform rental will be paid for an employee who is absent from work
for two (2) weeks or less. When an employee is absent from work for more than two (2)
weeks, the Bidder’s route representative shall be notified and rental payments stopped.

When a new employee is to be provided with uniforms, the Contractor’s route
representative shall be notified and a complete set of “comparable wear” uniforms (name
and “logo’ emblems included) shall be provided within seven (7) calendar days.


Harnett County agrees to exercise all reasonable precautions to prevent the loss of the
Contractor’s uniforms, and will cooperate by returning those uniforms turned in by
terminated employees. The route representative shall delete the terminated employees
name from the billing ticket and rental payments stopped. When an employee is absent
from work for more than two (2) weeks, the route representative shall be notified and
rental payments stopped.

                           Bidder to quote replacements rates:

1.     Pants (all types)                                   $__________

2.     Shirts (short and long sleeve)                      $__________

3.     Polo Shirts                                         $__________

4.     Jacket                                              $__________

5.     Coveralls                                           $__________

6.     Lab Coat                                            $__________

Upon the award of contract, the Contractor shall promptly arrange to measure all
designated employees who are to be furnished uniforms. The Contractor shall provide
qualified personnel to take measurements, and will insure that all designated employees
are measured.


All pertinent state and local licenses will be required.


a.     Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

       The Contractor shall maintain during the life of his contract all such workmen’s
       compensation insurance as is or may be required by the laws of North Carolina.

b.     Public Liability Insurance

       The Contractor shall maintain public liability insurance covering his liability for
       bodily injury and property damage which may arise from his operations,
       contractual obligations, products and completed operations, as well as operations
       performed by independent contractors in not less than the following amounts:

       1.      A combined single limit (CSL) of $1,000,000 each occurrence, or
       2.      A $1,000,000 limit for Bodily Injury Liability and $1,000,000 limit for
               Property damage Liability.

       An occurrence form of policy will be required, and the certificate of insurance
       submitted by the Contractor must be personally signed by a resident licensed
       agent of each of the companies listed on that form.

c.     Certificate of Insurance

       Each Contractor shall furnish the Owner a certificate of insurance showing that
       the required workmen’s compensation and public liability insurance are carried by
       the Contractor. The certificate of insurance should show that it is issued to or at
       the request of Harnett County, Lillington, North Carolina. All insurance carriers
       shall be licensed to do business in North Carolina or approved to issue insurance
       coverage by the Commissioner of Insurance of North Carolina.

       The certificate of insurance shall include substantially the following provision:
       The insurance policies to which this certificate refers shall not be altered or
       canceled until after ten (10) days’ written notice of such cancellation or alteration
       has been sent by certified mail to Harnett County, Attn: Judy Strickland, 102 E.
       Front St, PO Box 760, Lillington, N.C. 27546.

d.     Harnett County reserves the right to reject any carrier of insurance shown in the
       certificate of insurance by the Contractor on the grounds of poor claim service or
       financial responsibility.


Contractor shall be familiar and in complete compliance with OSHA requirements and


The Contractor shall take affirmative action in complying with all Federal and State
requirements concerning fair employment of the handicapped, and concerning the
treatment of all employees, without regard or discrimination by reason of race, color,
religion, sex, national origin or physical handicap.


If the Contractor fails to satisfactorily provide the uniform rental service in accordance
with these Terms and Conditions, Harnett County may cancel the contract upon fifteen
(15) days written notice. Harnett County may then seek to procure the same service from
the next lowest bidder for this contract. The Contractor may be held responsible for any
excess cost and must incur liability of excess cost.


Any manufacturer’s names, trade names, brand names, information and/or catalog
numbers used are for purpose(s) of description and establishing general quality levels.
Such references are not intended to be restrictive and products of any manufacturer may
be offered.


In submitting his proposal, bidder agrees not to use the results therefrom as a part of any
commercial advertising without prior approval of Harnett County.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Contractor shall indemnify and hold harmless
the Owner and the agents, consultants and employees of the Owner, from and against all
claims, damages, losses and expenses including, but not limited to, attorneys’ fees,
arising out of or resulting from the performance or failure of performance of the
Contractor, provided that any such claim, damage, loss of expense (1) is attributable to
bodily injury, sickness, disease or death, or to injury to or destruction of tangible property
including the loss of use resulting therefrom, and (2) is caused in whole or in part by any
negligent act or omission of the Contractor, the Contractor'’ sub-contractor. Such
obligation shall not be construed to negate, abridge, or otherwise reduce any other right
or obligation of indemnity which would otherwise exist as to any party or person
described in this Item.


Billing tickets for pick up and delivery of uniforms shall be signed by designated
employees of Harnett County and one (1) copy retained by the Department. Harnett
County will only pay invoices signed by an employee attesting uniforms were delivered.
In the event the one (1) copy retained by the Department is lost; the awarded vendor must
provide a signed copy to Harnett County in order for Harnett County to process payment.

Billing ticket information shall include the following:

       1.      Total rental
       2.      Tax
       3.      Grand total
       4.      Names of employees receiving uniforms
       5.      Environmental charges (if applicable)

The Contractor shall furnish Harnett County a separate monthly statement for each
Department for uniform rental service. The statement shall itemize the rental, tax and
total from each weekly billing ticket and show the total rental, tax and grand total for the
month. Terms of payment shall be net, 30 days.


The contract, if awarded, will be awarded taking into consideration price, quality of item
offered, general reputation and performance of bidder, suitability of item for intended
use, conformity with intent of specifications herein, guaranteed delivery schedule,
evaluation of samples, if required and past performance and experience with Harnett
County. Harnett County has the right to reject any and all bids.

A “Qualified Vendor” is defined for this purpose as one who meets, or by the date of bid
acceptance can meet, all requirements for licensing, insurance and service contained
within these specifications.


All bidders must have proper license under the State law governing there respective trade.


Harnett County may terminate any contract awarded as a result of this request for
proposal at any time after its commencement for cause. The County reserves the right to
cancel any contract awarded pursuant to this request for proposal without penalty for:
lack of appropriated funds; rental rate increase requests which exceed the maximum
criteria set forth herein; rental rate increase requests which meet maximum criteria set
forth herein but are deemed to be excessive; non-performance or default by the
contractor; or any other reason which may be considered to be in direct conflict to the
best interest of the County.

Notice to terminate will be transmitted by the County to the contractor in writing at least
sixty (60) days prior to termination date for all reasons other than non-performance or
default. If termination is due to non-performance or default, the notice of intent to cancel
will be provided to vendor in writing at least fifteen (15) days prior to termination date.
                                    HARNETT COUNTY

                                     LILLINGTON, NC

                                 FORM OF PROPOSAL

                                      QUOTE # 1006

                             UNIFORM RENTAL SERVICE

Approximately 109 employees will be furnished uniforms. However, Harnett County
reserves the right to deviate from this approximate number as personnel and work
changes warrant during the contract period.

The contractor will be required to furnish eleven (11) sets (shirt and pants) and two (2)
jackets for each employee.

       DESCRIPTION                NUMBER         COST      WEEKLY      NUMBER       TOTAL
                                 EMPLOYEES       EACH      TOTAL        WEEKS      ANNUAL
                                                   $         $                      COST $
REGULAR UNIFORMS:               60                                     X 52
(11 sets – 2 Jackets)
UNIFORMS – PLEATED PANTS        1                                      X 52
(11 sets – 2 Jackets)
UNIFORMS – CARGO PANTS          3                                      X 52
(11 sets – 2 Jackets)
UNIFORMS – REGULAR PANTS        45                                     X 52
(11 sets – 2 Jackets)

PREPARATION CHARGE PER GARMENT                       $_________________________

SERVICE CHARGE PER INVOICE                           $_________________________

ENVIRONMENTAL CHARGE                                 $_________________________

EMBLEM CHARGE                                        $_________________________

TOTAL                                                $_________________________

TAX                                                  $_________________________

GRAND TOTAL                                          $_________________________
The undersigned, as Bidder, hereby declares that the only person or persons interested in
this proposal as principals is or are named herein and that no other person than herein
mentioned has any interest in the proposal or in the contract to be entered into; that this
proposal is made without connection with any other person, company or parties making a
bid or proposal; and that it is in all respects fair and in good faith without collusion or

The Bidder further declares that he has examined the Specified Terms and Conditions for
Uniform Rental Agreement, dated February 11, 2004 and has read all special provisions
furnished prior to the opening of bids; and that he has satisfied himself relative to the
services to be performed.

All proposals shall be subject to the attached Specified Contract Terms and Conditions.

The Bidder proposes and agrees if this proposal is accepted to contract with Harnett
County, in the form of contract specified, to furnish, deliver, pick up and launder uniform
shirts, pants and jackets for certain employees of Harnett County for the total cost of
above quote.

Respectfully submitted this day of_____________________________________2008

Name of firm or corporation making bid____________________________________

(Owner, Partner or Corp. Pres. or Vice President only)

Above (typed or printed)________________________________________________

WITNESS: (Proprietorship or Partnership__________________________________




             (Corp. Sec. Or Ass’t. Sec. Only)

Street Address

City, State, Zip Code
___________________________                  _________________________________
Telephone Number                             Fax Number

E-Mail Address
___________________________                  _________________________________
City Privilege License No.                   NC Sales & Use Tax Registration No.

Social Security No. or Federal ID
                                HARNETT COUNTY
                          LILLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA
                                   BID # 1006

                            BIDDERS’ QUALIFICATIONS

Bid Number               DATE
    1006            May 1, 2008

  (In Accordance with Item “BIDDERS QUALIFICATIONS” of Specified Terms and

Bidder must demonstrate that he has a successful record of experience in the type of
service specified. Otherwise, his proposal may not be considered.

The Invitation for Bids is for a uniform rental service agreement. Therefore, list below at
least four (4) accounts of comparable size that you are now serving within this general

           CLIENT                      NO.                 PERSON TO                PHONE
                                    EMPLOYEES               CONTACT                NUMBER
                   SPECIALTY RENTAL ITEMS


     The Harnett Garage rents shop towels – size 18x18 – Red – approximate quantity
     of fifty (50) per week.


     The Harnett County Garage rents automobile fender covers for repair work to
     County vehicle fleet – approximate six (6) per week.


     The Harnett County Garage rents coveralls for repair work to County vehicle


     The Harnett County Public Buildings rents walk off mats (walk off-use inside or
     outside) for various Department locations – sizes 4 x 6 walk off black mats with
     logo (24 each), 3 x 5 walk off mats plain, and 2 x 3 walk off mats plain. The
     PMS color for the mat with logo: Mat is Black with the logo Green – PMS 556.


     The Harnett County Public Utilities rents lab coats for employees working lab.

                        BID PROPOSAL FORM FOR ABOVE

     Shop Towels 18 x 18                                 $___________________

     Fender Covers                                       $___________________

     Coveralls                                           $___________________

     Walk Off Mats Plain 2x3                             $___________________

     Walk Off Mats Plain 3x5                             $___________________

     Walk Off Mats with Harnett                          $___________________
     County Logo

     Lab Coats                                           $___________________

1.    Delivery time for add on personnel’s clothes.
2.    When are clothes updated?
3.    Is there a charge for upgrading?
4.    Is there a charge for shortages?
5.    Is there a charge for size changes/alterations?
6.    Delivery time for size changes/alterations.
7.    Repair turn around time.
8.    How long serving this area?
9.    Follow up calls from service supervisors or sales representatives.
10.   Who makes decision when clothes are to be upgraded?
11.   Environmental Charge? Percentage or set amount? Is there a cap?
12.   Price increase during agreement of term. Do you give notification?
13.   Preparation charges? Emblem charges? Set up charges?
14.   Automatic Percentage Loss charge for shop towels etc?
15.   Communication handled with the employees wearing the garments? How?
16.   Availability of different styles of pants to fit all types.
17.   Do you charge for 50% of inventory weekly or 100% for shop towels?
18.   How much authority do service representatives have? Do they do credits?
19.   Do you have emblem or preparation charges for upgrading garments? _____
20.   Do you charge a fuel surcharge? ___________________________________

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