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                                       2008 Community Data Survey

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     changes on the enclosed                                                             February 1, 2008

                                                   City Government

1. When was the City’s Codebook last re-codified/updated?
                                                                                                YEAR (i.e. 1997)
2. Is the City interested in preparing or updating a Written Plan that lists projects
                                                                                                 YES      NO
   and activities that need to be completed in the future? (i.e. a five-year strategic plan)

3. Does the City have any Land Use Plans or Zoning/Subdivision Controls?                         YES      NO

4. Does the City have commercial/residential/industrial tax abatement?                           YES      NO

5. Does the City have residential housing rental inspections?                                    YES      NO

6. Does the City wish to implement a housing rehabilitation or homeownership                     YES      NO

                                               Public Works/Facilities

7. Is the City in need of any water system improvements within the next five years?              YES      NO

8. Is the City in need of any sewer system improvements within the next five years?              YES      NO

9. Is the City in need of any storm water improvements within the next five years?               YES      NO

10. Is the City in need of any major road improvements within the next five years?               YES      NO

11. Is the City in need of any public building improvements within the next five                 YES      NO
    years? (police station, library, daycare, school, etc.)

12. Has the City identified any parks/trails improvements to be addressed within the             YES      NO
    next five years?

                                                General Questions

 13. Does the City need Grant Funds to pursue any civic project or improvement?                       YES   NO
      If yes, for which projects? __________________________________

 14. Are there any other problems or issues the City may need help to resolve?                        YES   NO

 15. Please list 3 topics the City would like to have addressed at a Workshop
     (Examples: zoning, mowing/barking dogs/sidewalks/junk nuisances, downtown improvements,
     meeting procedures, housing, capital improvements planning, business growth, industrial parks)

 16. What are the cities greatest needs/priorities for economic development?                          YES   NO
         Examples: workforce, new businesses (retail, office, industrial), business expansion,
          Main Street Iowa program implementation. Please list top 3 priorities:

 16.Is the City interested in surveying its housing and infrastructure and
                                                                                                      YES   NO
     identifying areas of need?

 17.Please list the most useful services provided by NIACOG:

 18.Please rate the City’s overall satisfaction with services provided by NIACOG:
          not satisfied      1       2          3           4          5     very satisfied

Name and Phone Number of person filling out this survey:

If you would like a NIACOG staff member to contact the City to discuss this survey,
please list the person from your city that you would like us to contact.


Phone#:                                       Best Time to Call:

                          PLEASE RETURN SURVEY BY: February 1, 2008
                          TO: 641-423-1637 (fax) or mnelson@niacog.org or by mail

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