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					                                  T-Mobile Returns

To return a T-Mobile Phone, the following is REQUIRED:

(1) ALL T-Mobile phones must have a T-mobile return form filled out.
    (The phone cannot be sent back without this form.)

(2) A Wireless Connection Phone Return form with every phone
    (Cellular Phone Return Merchandise Authorization Form)

(3) A copy of the Contract the customer signed clearly stating the IMEI Number.

All of this information is required in order to do a T-mobile Return.

Forms for requirements 1 & 2 are part of this PDF file.
                                               T-Mobile Subscriber Return Form
                                                       T-Mobile offers a 14-Day return policy.
                                                You are eligible to return your phone if:
                                                - You are not satisfied with the device or service
                                                - Your device is defective or not working
For problems after 14 Day from activation, please contact T-Mobile Customer Care for warranty support by dialing 611 on your handset.
                                              The following requirements MUST be met for T-Mobile returns:
     •    Subscriber must return the device to Dealer within 14 days of activation (if the account was not activated, the Subscriber may return the device
          within 30 days of purchase.)
     •    All returned product (including the device and related accessories) must be in its original packaging with ALL original contents undamaged and
          in good working condition. Undamaged means: no scratches, nicks, broken parts, liquid damage, or other visible customer inflicted damage
     •    Subscriber must present original proof of purchase
     •    Subscriber and Dealer must complete and sign the VoiceStream Subscriber Return Form

Subscriber Information:

Mobile #                                                                  Phone Model

Customer Name

Address                                                         City                          State

Contact Number                                                            Original Purchase Date

Original Device IMEI #

My device was:

Returned and service cancelled                                            Exchanged due to device failure

Return Date                     Activation Date                           Exchange Date

Cancel Date (Customer Care)                                               Replacement Device IMEI #

Please check the following reason for exchange / return: (Check all that apply)
Device Related:                                                                                                  Accessory Related:
01__ Power Problem                                    11 __SIM related failure                                   19 __Handsfree Failure
02 __Displaying “insert SIM”                          12 __Other:                                                20 __Charger Failure
03 __Displaying “No Service”                                                                                     21 __Battery Failure
04 __Audio related problems                           Service Related:                                           22 __Data Cable Failure
05 __Charging problems                                13 __Billing Problem                                       23 __Other:
06 __Can’t make/receive calls                         14 __Competitor- better phone pkg
07 __Keys not working                                 15 __ Competitor- better rate plan
08 __Will not Power On                                16 __ Poor or no PCS coverage
09 __Didn’t like phone                                17 __System problems – dropped, static busy calls
10 __Pre-paid kit return                              18 __Moved out of area

I Certify that the requested return complies with T-Mobile’s Subscriber Return Policy as described above. I understand that T-Mobile will not be
responsible for any device that is returned to and accepted by Dealer outside of 14-day return policy.

Dealer Signature                                                          Dealer #            Date

I certify that this return is within the guidelines of the T-Mobile Customer Return Policy.

Customer Signature                                                        Date
              Cellular Phone Return Merchandise Authorization Form
                                                      Please Print Legibly

Customer Name ______________________________________ Managemore Account #: ___________
Mailing Address ________________________________________________________________________
City _________________________________________ State ________Zip Code ____________________
Home Phone #__________________________ Work Phone #____________________________________
ESN / IMEI of Phone Returned ___ ___ ___-___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
                                                   ESN(11 digit)                 IMEI (15 digit)
(Circle One Below)
Return To Inventory (Phone has not been activated and is as if it were never sold)
Return To Deda       (Phone has been activated, phone returned because of problem or phone is DOA)

SKU of Phone Returned _______    Phone Number __________________ Invoice# ____________
Date of Purchase ____/____/200__ (Attach original receipt) Store#: __________ Sold By: ________

Service Provider of Phone Returned ( Circle One ):
• Cricket (Must be Less Than 30 days & less than 30 minutes for return)
• Sprint (Refund requires disconnect during 6 month charge-back period, exchange within 30 days)
• T-Mobile (Refund requires disconnect during 6 month charge-back period, exchange within 14 days &
    customer must complete T-Mobile return form)
• NEXTEL (Refund requires disconnect during 6 month charge-back period. Customer must go to
    service center for repair or swap after activation)

Model of Phone Being Returned __________________________________________________________
Reason for Return: ______________________________________________________________________

ESN / IMEI of Replacement Phone ___ ___ ___-___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___                                   ___ ___ ___ ___
 (Circle One Above)                                     ESN(11 digit)                                          IMEI (15 digit)

SKU of Replacement Phone _______ Phone Number __________________ Invoice# ____________

                 Employee Approval Signature __________________________________ Date __________________

                   Customer Signature ___________________________________ Date ________________

 *** Complete Section Below Only If Phone Was Not Swapped And Requires A Refund ***

Circle the Method of Payment: Paper Check Telecheck Credit Card ( Visa or MC )                   Cash
If Purchased by credit card please provide credit card information below:
 Credit Card # ____________________________________________ Exp Date ____________
Amount of Return           $ _________
Less Restock Fee           $ _________       ($10 minimum if customer does not swap to another carrier)
Amount of Return           $ _________

All payments for returns will be mailed or credited to charge card by accounting. The item must be returned complete with original
packaging along with the proper paper work and original sales receipt to qualify for refund. Items may be swapped with manager's
approval if an item is defective. Tag all defective items with the reason for return before sending it back to Murfreesboro so that we
know why it is being returned. Include all accessories that came with the phone ( home charger, battery and other items that came
with the new phone) Be certain to firmly attach this completed form to the item being returned.

         RMA Manager Approval for payment ___________ _________________ Date __________________

       Accounting processed by __________________________________ Date __________________
                                                    Fax To 360-1840
                      Attach Return Sheet to Phone if returning to Deda
                 Put Copy of Return Sheet & Invoices In End Of Day Envelope

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