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									                     Why Should Enterprises Opt for Vulnerability Management?

Technological advancements have enabled companies to foray into previously untapped markets and exercise
greater efficiency in multiple infrastructure and applications. However, this convenience comes with certain
concerns too.The IT landscape today is vulnerable to third party intruders and cyber criminals targeting
organization’s IT infrastructure through social engineering tactics, such as phishing, leading to severe revenue
losses and brand erosion.

Relevance of Vulnerability Management
This has led to the urgency to secure and manage every aspect of IT infrastructure. Customized applications and
data are becoming vulnerable to attacks from both internal and external sources, exploited through desktop
applications, employee-owned devices, mobile computing, cloud assets,social networks, etc. To safeguard your
organization today, you need a unified vulnerability management solution that would help find system
weaknesses, quickly fix the most important vulnerabilities, and defend against future attacks.

Features of Vulnerability Management Solutions
Eminent market players in compliance management solutions have introduced innovative vulnerability
management solutions that efficiently manage data, functions, and tasks associated with assets and related
vulnerabilities. Vulnerability management solution provides:

    ● Exact asset discovery – Offers network discovery, mapping and asset prioritization
    ● Remote vulnerability scan – Scans and incorporates compliance related data from multiple sources
    ● Priority-based Auditing–Provides a comprehensive audit trail that combines vulnerability, severity, and
         asset criticality for every compliance related initiatives through the entire process
    ● Single and centralized repository for every asset and vulnerability – Enables automated compliance
         related data collection from technology and non-technology source, for instance people, and mapping
         data to standards and regulations
    ● Remediation tracking –Prioritizes,detects, and resolves vulnerabilities on network systems and devices
    ● Map vulnerabilities and assets to regulations – Enables document management, controls and asset
         repository, and fine grained access control with the help of a safe web interface
    ● Dashboards and reports– Simplified with centralized reporting and controls.
Today with globalization, IT companies require a systematic process that brings about transparency and
sustainability throughout the enterprise’s management process. An appropriate vulnerability system shall offer
enterprises with a baseline of action in achieving the correct balance between business intelligence and
technology. Thus, proactively managing vulnerabilities will reduce the potential for misuse and involve less time
and effort than responding after the exploitation has occurred.

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