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					           Compton Heights Homeowners’ Association
                   Spring Newsletter 2007
Welcome New Residents!
If you’re new to our neighborhood, we are glad that you’ve chosen to make Compton Heights
your new home. Please take time to review the Homeowners’ Association (HOA) documents that
you received at closing to familiarize yourself with the bylaws and covenants that regulate our
community. You can find the Compton Heights HOA Handbook, as well as other helpful
information and forms, at

Koger Management Group, Inc. (KMG) Irregularities
KMG, which manages our HOA account, has been placed under a court-ordered monitor
as of February 26th while a forensic accountant appointed by the Virginia Real Estate
Board investigates the disappearance of funds from several homeowner associations in
Northern Virginia. Please note that neither the Compton Heights HOA board of
directors nor our independent auditor has found any evidence of irregularities in our
account. Related to this, the board has received a letter from the president of National
Reality Partners LLC (NRP) announcing that NRP “intends to acquire assets of Koger
Management Group, Inc., and assume management of its financial accounts with [our]
association.” The board is evaluating their proposal to manage our account. For more
information on NRP, go to

Annual Meeting and Election
All are invited and welcome to attend the Compton Heights HOA annual meeting and
election on Wednesday, May 9th at 7:00 PM in the second floor auditorium at Centreville
High School (CVHS). Three of the seven positions on the board are open, and you will
soon receive specific candidate information and proxy forms from the election committee
for your consideration. In addition to the election, other important issues will be
discussed, including consideration of a cell phone antenna proposal (see below).

Cell Phone Antenna Proposal
A T-Mobile representative has contacted the board about leasing association land within
the footprint of the power line tower nearest the basketball court in order to operate a cell
phone antenna. The antenna pole would be 15 feet higher than the existing tower. Their
equipment building would be enclosed with a 6-foot high board on board fence. T-
Mobile has proposed a $500 retainer fee upon signing the lease, and $500 per month
when the County approves construction, which includes underground power to the site
and vehicle access. There will be no backup generator or other noise pollution source.
The proposed lease would be for 5 years with four 5-year options. A 10% increase with
each option was proposed as the standard. Please come to our next meeting on May 9th to
hear more information on this proposal and provide your input to the board.

Trail Bridge Update
Our District representative, Supervisor Elaine McConnell, has responded to the board’s
concerns about the continuing delays in replacing the trail bridge that was washed out by
last June’s rainstorm. She stated that work should begin in June to fabricate the
replacement bridge on site, and that this is the best the County can do. Meanwhile, the
new bridge connecting the trail on Compton Road by the pumping station is scheduled to
be installed some time this spring. You can contact Elaine McConnell through her
website at, or at 703-451-8873.

Spring Architectural Review
The Architectural and Environmental Control Committee (AECC) will conduct their
spring inspection over the next several weeks to ensure compliance with community
standards. The most common discrepancies on previous inspections include deteriorating
wooden mailboxes, peeling paint and rotten wood, trashcans not stored properly, and
missing or broken window grids or mullions. Please ensure that you submit an
architectural application prior to making any changes to the appearance of your property,
including installation of satellite dishes or antennas. You can request a copy of the
Architectural Request Form from our Property Manager Ms Jingle Dobson at (571) 432-
5770, or download the form at

Directory Update
We will be updating our community directory in the next several months. A board
member or community volunteer will be contacting you to update your information. We
will also be asking you for an email address that the association will use only to notify
you of important community information. We appreciate your cooperation.

Spring Cleanup
A community cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, May 5th from 9:30 –11:00 AM. We will
meet at the basketball court and walk the trails and common areas to pick up trash and
trim brush. Garbage bags will be provided.

Community Notes
         - Speed limit is 25 miles an hour unless otherwise posted.
         - Yard waste pickups will commence on Wednesday, XXX.
         - For problems with trash and/or recyclable pickup, call AAA Recycling and
Trash Removal Services at 703-818-8222. If you are not satisfied by their response,
please call our Property Manager, Ms Jingle Dobson, at (571) 432-5770.
         - If you see illegal motorized vehicles on our trails or right of way, or any other
illegal activity, please call the Fairfax County Police at 703-691-2131.
         - The County has been notified of the missing street sign at the corner of Compton
Road and Compton Heights Circle. It should be replaced by May.
         - Additional board meetings are scheduled for July 11th, September 12th, and
November 14th at 7:00 PM at CVHS. Please confirm the meeting time by calling our
Property Manager, Ms. Jingle Dobson at (571) 432-5770.

 Thank-you for making our community a safe and attractive place to

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