The republican genocide in Vendee-France. 250 000 people killed

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					Excerpt from Freedom on the Altar
The UN´s Crusade Against God and Family
by William Norman Grigg

Under the guidance of Rousseau's ideology, the leaders of the French Revolution
proclaimed a secular jihad against Christianity - first by seeking to abolish revealed
religion in favor of the worship of disembodied "Reason," later by contriving a cult
of the "Supreme Being" - which included mandatory worship of nature - as an
ersatz religion.

Clerics were compelled - upon pain of death - to swear an oath to the "Civil
Constitution of the Clergy," which made the church an appendage of the divine
state. Those who refused to take that oath were assigned the status of
"refractories," persecuted, and often killed.

One region of France, the Vendee, was singled out by the revolutionary
government as a hotbed of "refractory" thought; it was populated by traditional
Catholics who clung' to their traditional beliefs and refused to recognize the
religious jurisdiction of the state. Accordingly, the central government sent the
revolutionary army in force to subdue what it conside:red a stronghold of heavily-
armed, fanatical fundamentalists.

According to historian John Willson, 250,000 people were slaughtered in the
Vendee between 1793 and 1799. General Westermann, who presided over this
genocidal atrocity, proudly recounted his exploits in a report to the revolutionary
Committee on Public Safety:

The Vendee is no more, my republican comrades! With her women
and children she died under our sabers. I have just buried them
in the swamps and forests.

As you ordered, the children were trampled to death by our ho:rses,
the women butchered so that they no longer give birth to little brigands.
The streets are littered with corpses which sometimes are stacked in pyramids.
Mass shootings are taking place in Savenay because there brigands keep turning
up to surrender.
We do mot take any prisoners ... [because] pity is incompatible
with the spirit of revolution.

Description: Masonic deeds. Innocent human blood.