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                                              Thinks to Remember During an Interview
                                                                  By Jon Caldwell

   The previous entry discussed about the sales job position of a Key Account Sales position. This
position usually requires a very experienced sales person with excellent diplomacy skills plus
negotiating skills. In this entry, we would discuss the Export Sales position. This is a good position for
those who love to travel since this requires 50% of your time abroad. This job involves selling direct to
users or through distributors. Recruitment, training, supporting and managing distributors abroad are
the key roles in this position. This position usually works in a country assigned if selling direct, or can
be hopping from one country to another if handling distributors.

 A Key Account sales person highly involves sales to a very small number of customers. These
customers are usually large companies and usually the most important ones. This involves spending
time, not just time but a lot of time with the customers, discussing needs, and negotiating long-term
and high-value agreements. This position requires extensive sales experience, good diplomacy and
excellent negotiating skills. This position is not for a sales job rookie in is usually given to those who
have proven themselves in the field.

 The next level for a sales representative usually is a sales executive. Unlike the sales representative,
a sales executive can make fewer calls. Their emphasis is usually on finding new businesses and
performing product/equipment/service demonstrations. A sale may require two or more visits and
sometimes take three months to even a year to complete a sale. This type can be selling for
manufacturers and distributors. Also, this type of sales job involves research and exploratory work.

 Here are some common job descriptions explained that can aid a sales job applicant specify which job
is right for them. Having a successful sales career has a starting point. Successful entrepreneurs
today, built the skills, attitude and character by starting off somewhere and being excellent in that field.
This is where the first job description is all about, the sales representative. A sales representative is
usually in charge of calling customers and building relationships with them. They usually find the need,
promoting products, assisting and advising customers and taking orders from customers. Often times,
this is the starting point of a sales career.

 This is for people who will be getting in sales jobs. When considering a company one should always
look at the company’s integrity. Remember that in a sales job interview you will be like an ambassador.
You will be introducing products and services that aim to help people improve their lives. Ask yourself,

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am I willing to sell products that won’t really provide the best service for the people? If you are not sold
out to the products you are selling and if you know with complete honesty that it won’t really help
people, then don’t do it. The purpose of business is to serve and provide excellent services.

 We know that selling is more psychological than anything else. Your product may not be the best in
the market but a great salesperson can close the deal and make that sale. Brian Tracy tells about the
“Winning Edge” concept. This principle states that making small differences in ability can make great
differences in the results. There are two things we can do and first is that we need to identify the
important things we need to do in every sale. Second, is that we need to identify our weakness and
make a concrete plan to get better in that area.

Jon Caldwell is a professional content manager. Much of his articles can be found at

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                                                       Crazy Interview Questions
                                                                 By Joel Vance

Copyright 2005 Joel Vance

If you want to get that amazing new job, you are first going to have to learn the answers to common
job interview questions. The majority of the interview questions that you have thrown at you will be
typical interview fare, but a company may decide to throw you a curve ball in the form of a crazy job
interview question. This is starting to happen more and more, it is becoming quite a trend actually, so
you need to take some time to learn what these interview questions might be so that you can answer
them quickly and in a manner that leads to you getting the job.

There is a method to an employer's madness when they use an 'out of the ordinary' job interview
question - and that's to get you thinking fast. In most cases the employer is testing you to see if you
can think on your feet or if you are creative enough to work well in this job position. If the interviewer
doesn't think you have what it takes because of your answers to the job interview questions, then you
will not get the position.

Before you go into any job interview try to keep an open mind. Prep your imagination a bit to get it
flowing freely just in case you get some of these crazy job interview questions asked of you. You can't
afford to freeze up during an interview; because if you do, it is all over. So go in prepared, or at least
as prepared as you can be.

Here are a few of the strange and yet rather common job interview questions that you may run

Q) If you were an animal what kind of animal would you choose to be?

Choose an animal that is efficient at everything that it does and one that is often very busy.

Q) What kind of fruit would you be?

You should choose a fruit that tastes good in a fruit salad along with many other fruits. This can be
used to show that you are a team player who works well with others all of the time.

Q) What would be the very first thing that you would do if you won the lottery?

This is a gauge of your priorities. Whatever you do don't say you would quit your job.

Think about the answers to these sorts of job interview questions before you go into the interview.
This way even if these particular interview questions don't get asked you will still have an idea of the
types of answers that you should be giving.

Joel Vance is a Human Resources 17-year HR expert who's taught at 4 major universities around the
country and currently has a best selling book on interview questions at

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