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                                          The Resume Vs. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
                                                          By Heather Eagar

   Have you ever wondered what the differences are between a resume and curriculum vitae? In
college, you may have heard about them both, yet since graduating, you probably have heard less
about the CV and more about the resume.

 Though the CV may not be as well-known as the resume, it is a very relevant job seeking tool
depending on your field. So before you prepare for your first – or next – career, let’s take a look at the
differences between the resume and CV to help you determine which one is best for you.

The Major Differences

 The purpose of both the resume and CV are similar: to provide insight into your qualifications as a
potential employee. However, there are some major differences between them. A resume is a brief
synopsis (one or two pages) of your professional strengths, typically including standard sections such
as your objective (or executive summary), educational background, work history and additional skills.
The CV goes into more depth in each section, and even looks at teaching and research you’ve
conducted, works you’ve published, and major presentations. However, because this information is not
relevant in many professions, the CV is usually used by those looking for academic, research,
scientific, or medical positions that require a more comprehensive look at the applicant.

Writing Your CV

 Your main goal when writing your CV should be to focus on all of your professional involvement from
college onward. Luckily, with a CV you have no suggested page limits to worry about, so you can let
loose on all of your accomplishments.

 Much of your CV will look like a resume (name, address, contact info at the top, employment history,
educational background, training and awards); however, you can also include sections that cover
detailed professional skills, certifications, professional memberships, and even individuals you’ve
mentored. The more skills and accomplishments you have, the more sections you can create to
highlight them. Just make sure to keep them all organized and easy to find. Also, try to tailor your CV
to each job you apply for (i.e. highlight more research accomplishments in research-driven positions).
Placing your last name and page number at the top of each page is also recommended.

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The Successful Resume

 Though you may already be familiar with how to create a successful resume, you can always use
more great tips to catch the attention of the hiring employer. For example, it is good to use
action-oriented statements to describe your skills. So instead of saying, “Duties included assisting
manager with documentation and organization of studies,” you might say, “Documented and developed
electronic filing system for 10 studies on internal company growth conducted by the manager of
organizational development, which were made accessible to the public via the company’s website.”
Also, you’ll want to include keywords, like “pharma” or “tradeshows” that can showcase your
knowledge of your field. And don’t forget to research the company you’re applying for to help match
your skills to their mission.

 Whether you’re using the resume or CV to fulfill your job seeking goals, it is important to maintain
focus on your purpose, which is to market your skills and abilities. By doing so, you can move yourself
that much closer to your desired position in the field you love.

Heather Eagar is a former professional resume writer and is passionate about providing working
professionals with current, reliable and effective job search tools and information. Compare and
choose the best resume service for you at

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                                    Why You Only Really Need Four Sample Resumes
                                                             By Roger G Clark ( BSc )

Why You Only Really Need Four Sample Resumes by Roger G Clark ( BSc )

Any job seeker looking for sample resumes usually doesn’t have to look very far.
A multitude of sites today are offering free sample resumes on the internet in addition to the avalanche
of books that are released each year touting resume examples. With this kind of information overload it
can be quite easy for the unsuspecting job seeker to become mired down in sample resumes, moving
from one to the next in their pursuit of the ‘ultimate’ professional resume example that will land them
the job of their dreams.

Every book and website has a different twist, a different acclamation to insure you their
samples resumes are the absolute best. The truth is that sample resumes, for the most part, do
not vary much.

That is not to say there are not certain guidelines and tips a job seeker should follow, but there is not a
free resume example in the world that will get you the job you want. Only your skills, experience and
determination will land you the job you seek.

Sample resumes do serve a purpose and that is to assist you in placing your information on a resume
in the manner that will best market your skills and experience to the employer. In order to do that, you
do not need to surf thousands of web pages or study an entire library of books on sample resumes.
You simply need to understand the purpose of each of the four basic types of resume and current
resume guidelines.

Functional Sample Resumes

In a sample functional resume, the focus is on your skills rather than your work history. This type of
format is great for individuals who may not have remained at jobs for long periods of time or for
individuals who have held numerous jobs. This type of resume can also work well for individuals who
are changing careers and want to shift the focus from their work history and what they may have done
in the past to their skills and what they wish to do in the future.

Chronological Sample Resumes

In a chronological resume, the focus is on work history, giving a clear indication of where you have
worked and how long you worked there. This type of resume is good for individuals who have had a
stable work history and are looking to stay within the same career field.

Combination Same Resumes

In a combination resume, the benefits of the chronological and the functional resumes can be
combined in order to emphasize specific transferable skills.

Curriculum Vitae Sample Resumes

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A curriculum vitae, or CV resume differs from the chronological and functional resume in that it can be
a bit longer and contains information the other two resumes do not such as description of papers
written, and related professional and association memberships. This type of resume is geared towards
individuals who are applying for work in international firms or in academic fields.

Resume Guidelines

In regards to guidelines, sample resumes usually give the same advice.

·Include an objective statement that is clear, focused and concise.

·Do not include personal information such as marital status and age.

·Focus on accomplishments, not activities.

·Above all, be honest.

 Roger Clark (BSc) has over 25 years experience in career development & recruitment at a senior level
through top management positions he has held with major international companies.

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