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									Kansas Housing Resources Corporation
Rental Housing Compliance Section


Directions: Any Housing Tax Credit, Bond, TCAP or Credit Exchange Development allocated credit or federal dollars after 1995 are
required to obtain prior approval from KHRC before changing management companies. Only management companies with
experience in the program and in good standing with KHRC will be approved. All management companies are required to attend
compliance training as offered by KHRC. To request a change in management companies, KHRC must receive a copy of the
management agreement between the owner and agent along with State Form #20 and a copy of the new management company’s
business plan and executive staff summary. The prior management company should be immediately locked out of the Mitas Software
System to protect data integrity.

Property Name & Address:                                           Owner’s Name & Address:

New Management Company’s Name & Address:                           Prior Management Company’s Name and Address:

Staff Assigned to this Property (List name, title, telephone number and email address):


Check all that apply:

This property has units that are Low Income Housing Tax Credit _____, Bond _____, HOME Rental Units _____,
Tax Credit Assistance Program (TCAP) _____, 1602 Program (aka: Credit Exchange Program) _____,
This property is in year 16 or later of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program _____

Owner/Agent’s Printed Name                 Signature                            Date

Contact Phone #                            Contact FAX                          Email Address

State Agency Use Only:

     1.   Was the Management Agreement Attached to this request? Yes _____ No _____
     2.   Is the Proposed Management Company in Good Standing with KHRC? Yes _____ No _____
     3.   Does the Proposed Management Company have Experience with this program? Yes _____ No _____
     4.   Is the new company’s Business Plan and Executive staff summary attached? Yes _____ No _____

Approved:                                                              Date:

________ Yes                  ________ No
Sheila Robles, Deputy Director, Division of Rental Housing

Note: Section 1001 of Title 18 of the U.S. Code makes it a criminal offense to make willful false statement or misrepresentations to
any Department or Agency of the United States as to any matter within its jurisdiction.
KHRC HTC STATE FORM #20 (Rev. 3/1/09)

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