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                                                         Be Loose During Interviews
                                                                  By Jon Caldwell

   One common mistake that applicants make is that they don’t specify which position or what job they
are particularly interested in. Companies want the right candidate for the right job. They want to get
people who will be focused on the job. In your resumes, you should clarify and specify your objectives
based on what position you are applying for. Your rich experience in different areas might help you
land the job you specifically want. But some applicants don’t even know what the job descriptions in a
sales job are. In the next entries, we will know some of the job titles and their descriptions.

 In a sales job interview or in any interview, you will more likely expect to be asked questions. These
are not just ordinary questions, not your yes or no questions, but more of open-ended questions. Open
ended questions are questions which will make the interviewer know you more. You might be asked
about your strengths and weaknesses, where you are five years from now, what was the biggest
challenge you faced so far, and other questions that will make the interviewer measure you and how
you present yourself in an interview.

 In a sales job interview or any job in that case, there is a process of selection called sifting. Sifting is
the process wherein the company looks matches the applicant as close as possible to the
requirements of the job. Even before the interview stage, applicants go through sifting. The personnel
in charge of sifting may be the human resource specialist and their staff. Then, the most important
thing we should remember is to customize our resumes based on the company or the job description
we are applying for. You don’t need to have a long 10 page resume, but a resume with the relevant
information would be your ticket in even landing an interview.

 Before army people go to any mission or operation there is the process they have to undergo which is
briefing. A mission briefing will set the objectives and goals of the mission. These objectives and goals
would determine if the mission would be a success or a failure. In a sales job interview, an applicant
must know the mission of the company he or she is applying for. It will be good to know this when it
comes to the interview. This will impress the one interviewing you because they know that you took
time to research about their company, but more than that they would know how serious you are.

 It has been said that you are what you eat, but in the case of sales job interviews, you are what you
wear. First impressions will definitely last. These first impressions will either let the interview take
place, or maybe you won’t be interviewed at all. Coming to a sales job interview is also like selling
yourself. So, if you cannot package yourself properly, then why would a customer, in this case a

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company, get you? What you wear in a sales job interview is equally important to what is written in
your resume. You must dress for success.

 It is always good to be true. One good thing that we need to find in a sales job applicant is that if he is
a believer of the company. You would know this if that sales job applicant were a product of the
products. In other words, he must be a user of the products. Nothing beats a personal testimony. This
way the sales job applicant would be more enthusiastic and motivated to sell whatever the company
has to sell if he himself is a believer of the products. In an interview, a tip for the applicant is that he
must at least have used or have availed of what the company had offered.

Jon Caldwell is a professional content manager. Much of his articles can be found at

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                                              Preparing For Your Media Interview
                                                             By Judy Jernudd

Preparing For Your Media Interview
 by: Judy Jernudd

Media interviews are an important part of an overall public relations campaign. Any size company from
entrepreneur to Fortune 500 can benefit from media interviews. Always arrive for a media interview
prepared and early. We've seen competent CEOs drown in uncharted media waters. Being
unprepared guarantees you won't get asked back. When you are contacted for any kind of media
interview ask the following questions: What is the angle of the interview? Is the interview for
Television, Radio, Print or the Internet? Will the reporter be interviewing anyone else for the same
story? How much time will you have for the interview? What is the date the story will air?

Keep adding questions to your own checklist to help you prepare for your interviews. The following tips
will help you:

Tip 1: Preview any show or publication before your interview.

Tip 2: Know what you want to talk about so you get your main messages across.

Tip 3: Prepare for the questions you expect to be asked.

Tip 4: Create 10-15 second sound bites that are memorable and get your point across.

Tip 5: Understand colors and styles that are effective for on camera interviews.

Tip 6. Create any graphs, photos, or video to enhance your story in advance of the interview.

Being prepared and knowledgeable about your impending interview will boost your confidence and
help you get the most from your media experiences.

Judy Jernudd is the CEO of STARtegic, a Media Consulting and Coaching firm in Beverly Hills,
California. Companies that benefit from STARtegic Media and Presentation Coaching include IBM,
Mobile Corporation, Dow, NASA and the United States Postal Service. Judy is the author of "Media
Star Power ABCs to Successful TF, Radio, Print & Net Interviews." More information can be found at:

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