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                  Office of International Students and Scholars, 1111 University Capitol Centre (UCC)

Please write clearly in all spaces; where multiple choices are listed, please check the appropriate box.

Last Name (Family Name):

First Name (Given Name):

Name by which you prefer to be called:     _____________________________________________________

Gender: ___________________________             Country of Citizenship:

Field of Study: __________________________ Languages Spoken: _________________________________

Level of Study:       Bachelor       Master      PhD        Community Member         Other ________________

Mailing Address: _________________________________________________________________________

City:                                    Zip Code:                        Valid dates:

Phone:                                                                    Valid dates:

E-mail addresses: _____________________________________                   Valid dates:

How long have you been at the University of Iowa and/or Iowa City? ______________________________________

Have you attended any International Programs or OISS events or workshops before? (If so, please describe)

Why do you want to be a volunteer? ________________________________________________________________

Do you have experience in public speaking? Please give an example. ______________________________________

When are you available to volunteer with OISS? (Indicate weekends, weekdays, daytime or evenings)

Do you have a special interest in helping with any of the following? (Check all that apply – descriptions on back)
                                                     ***Descriptions on Back***
___ Orientation                             ___ Tax workshops
___ International Classroom Journey         ___ Serving on a panel
___ Life in Iowa                            ___ Facilitating Workshops
___ Other Interests: (Please Specify) _________________________________________________________________
Description of Volunteer Opportunities

International Student Orientation is a 2 week introduction for new international students to the University of Iowa, the
State of Iowa and the United States. During orientation, students participate in a series of workshops and sessions
designed specifically to meet their needs as new international students studying at Iowa. Volunteers for orientation can be
volunteers to help with Check-in, room & event setup, and other administrative duties, or for a more in depth experience
they can sign up to be orientation leaders, where they co-lead a small group of students through the orientation process.
Orientation occurs in Mid-August and early January. Training is offered and required for this leadership opportunity.

The International Classroom Journey (ICJ) program matches elementary and secondary classes with either UI
international students and community members or U.S. students who have spent time abroad. These volunteers are well
trained to give interactive presentations to K-12 classrooms about the cultures that they come from or have lived in.
 Students who participate share cultural knowledge and international experiences, observe and discuss aspects of U.S.
culture with Iowa students, instill pride and confidence in students from cultures other than the U.S. majority culture,
become more involved in their community, have an opportunity to polish presentation skills, meet new friends with
similar interests, build resumes, and participate in fun training sessions with free food!

"Life in Iowa" is a program designed to assist and support international students adjusting to the culture and academic
system here in Iowa. The program, sponsored by the Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS), also encourages
interaction between international and domestic students.

Tax workshop volunteers offer income tax advisory service to UI international community. As a Volunteer Income Tax
Assistance volunteer, you will help UI international students and scholars preparing their federal and state income tax
returns by using tax filing software CINTAX in our tax workshops. No academic background or professional experience
in taxation is required. We provide you free training books and a training session to prepare you as a qualified tax
volunteer. One mandatory training session will be held in February. The tax workshops start in March and you can sign up
for different timeslots to fit into your schedule. You will be recognized for outstanding community service from Internal
Revenue Service (IRS) and Iowa State Revenue office later.

Panelists are needed throughout the year to participate in various workshops and presentations about cultural differences.
Some of the panels are country-culture specific, some are academic and some are more social.

Workshop facilitators are needed throughout the year to assist staff in presenting workshops. Opportunities are found in
the Building Our Global Community series, Going Global in Iowa, and Life in Iowa, Orientation, and other programming.
Although such facilitators are not expected to be “experts” on their home culture or country, they do act as cultural
ambassadors who provide important perspectives.

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