2010 Tentative Editorial Calendar

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					                                        2010 Tentative Editorial Calendar
                                               Materials         General Editorial
           Month          Space Close                                                              Bonus Distribution
                                                 Due                 Focus*
                                                                                                    TD Ameritrade Annual &
            January      Close: 12-29-2009   Due: 1-4-2010        Tax & Estate Planning
                                                                                                IMCA Asset Allocation Conferences

            February     Close: 1-28-2010    Due: 2-1-2010             Investments

             March       Close: 2-26-2010    Due: 3-1-2010         Retirement Planning

                                                                                             NAPFA Nat’l & IMCA Annual Conferences
              April      Close: 3-30-2010    Due: 4-1-2010              Marketing

              May        Close: 4-30-2010    Due: 5-3-2010      Software and Outsourcing            Morningstar Annual Conf.

             June        Close: 5-28-2010    Due: 6-1-2010        Practice Management                IMCA Best of Wharton

              July       Close: 6-29-2010    Due: 7-1-2010             Compliance                  NAPFA Large Firm Initiative

            August       Close: 7-29-2010    Due: 8-2-2010         Retirement Planning          NAPFA West Regional Conference

           September     Close: 8-30-2010    Due: 9-1-2010             Investments

                                                                                             NAPFA Northeast Regional & IMCA Wealth
            October      Close: 9-29-2010    Due10-1-2010               Marketing
                                                                                                   Management Conferences

                                                                                                   IMCA Practice Management
           November      Close:10-28-2010    Due11-1-2010       Software and Outsourcing

                                                                                                    AICPA / PFP Conference
           December      Close:11-29-2010    Due12-1-2010       Year ahead, trend analysis

*Subtopics that will be covered as part of general topic coverage
Trend Analysis: Advisory profession trends, macroeconomics trends, demographic, politics.
Tax planning: Tax strategies (selling appreciated stocks, charitable giving, trusts, tax-free exchanges, etc) new federal tax
laws, and tax software.
Estate planning: Retirement distribution strategies, trusts, charitable giving, new federal laws, and software.
Investments: Separately managed accounts, ETFs, indexing vs. active management, collars, annuities, retirement products,
fixed-income, hedge funds, commodities and other alternative investments.
Marketing: Marketing to high-net-worth clients, middle-market clients, niche marketing to professions (dentists, teachers,
etc), Web-based marketing, public relations tips, and media outreach.
Software: New planning software, advanced communications tools, ensuring electronic privacy.
Outsourcing: Case studies of how advisors are outsourcing, new outsourcing products and services, how to select
outsourcing partners.
Practice Management: Transition planning, crisis planning, partnerships, managing a rapidly growing business, hiring and
retention strategies, internships, compensation (assets under management, vs. hourly, vs. retainer), ensuring profitability.
Compliance: New laws and regulations, surviving an audit, mock audits, do-it-yourself compliance vs. third-party support.
Retirement Planning: Required minimum distribution strategies, demographics, ultra-secure investments, generation-
skipping giving strategies, family meetings.
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   For more information about editorial opportunities, contact Kevin Adler at 301.270.2839 or
                                                                  (see reverse side)
                                                Editorial Calendar

The NAPFA Advisor is published monthly. Its editorial calendar reflects the general interests of Fee-Only
financial advisors in North America, as well as specific interests of NAPFA’s more than 2,300 members.

NAPFA welcomes submitted articles from experts in any of the topics listed on the reverse side. Articles
should be limited to 1,500 words and they should be directed at a sophisticated audience of Fee-Only,
comprehensive financial advisors. Tables, graphs, chart, or lists of sites, “for further information” are
valuable supplements to articles.

Please note that each issue of the Advisor magazine is not limited to the focus topics shown on the reverse
side. Do not wait to submit an article for the issue in which your topic is featured; articles will be
considered at the time they are submitted and might be used at any time.

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