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                                                       How To Write A Cover Letter
                                                               By Mario Churchill

   There are countless workshops out there on how to write a great resume. Even colleges offer a
service to have your resume reviewed and if needed rewritten. You can buy software to help you write
your resume. You can even hire someone to either help you write your resume or write it completely
themselves. It's amazing how much help is given just to write a resume but yet there is no one to help
you write a cover letter. In fact, most people don't even know what a cover letter is, why it's needed, let
alone how to write it.

First let's address what a cover letter is. Those who have heard of cover letters might tell you it's a
letter that accompanies your resume. Ok, but what does the letter entail? Is it a letter just saying "hi,
please read my resume"? Is is a letter where you beg to be hired? Not exactly. You know how on the
awards show like the Oscars, or the Golden Globes whenever an actor/actress receives a lifetime
achievement award, they have someone come out and quickly recap their career before presenting
them? Well a cover letter works somewhat along those lines. A cover letter presents you and your
resume. A cover letter is going to tell an employer why, out of all the other applicants they have, they
should interview you.

To begin, a good cover letter is short, and to the point. No cover letter should be more than 2-3
paragraphs long and it should NEVER be more than a page long. If you cover letter is more than a
page long, then it is too long and will more than likely be tossed aside. Keep in mind the sole purpose
of your cover letter is to sell yourself and land an interview. A cover letter that rambles on and on is not
going to sell you. Keep it short and stay focused and stay to the point.

Your first paragraph is your introduction. This is the paragraph that tells the employer why you are
applying for the job. This is also a good paragraph to show off your knowledge of the company and
why you would be an ideal match for the position. You don't need to mention how you came across the
position especially if it was something you saw in the paper or online. Unless it is from a mutual
contact, the employer really doesn't care how you heard about them. They would much rather know
what you heard about them and what you can bring to the table for them.

Your second paragraph is almost a recap of your resume. There is no need to recap your whole
resume, only the highlights. Make sure though that those highlights pertain to the position you are
applying for. There is no need to mention how you coordinate appointments for the VP of company
XYZ if you are applying for a sales job. On the other hand, it would be good to point out how you
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helped increase sales in one quarter in your cover letter. This is where you show that your experience
and your skills make you an ideal candidate for the position. It's where you really get to present your
resume. This is the paragraph that is usually tailored to the company. It's where your research of the
position will come into play. Remember you are only going to highlight those points of your resume that
pertain to the position.

Your last and final paragraph should be your shortest. This is the key paragraph where you ask for that
interview and give the employer options to contact you. This is also the paragraph where you can give
the employer a date that you will follow up with them. While following up with them is an excellent idea,
do not put it in your resume if you have no intention of calling them. It's not a necessity to do this, but it
does leave a good impression on the employer. It shows them that you are not afraid to take initiative
and go for what you want. Also, make sure you thank the employer for their time and consideration
before you sign the letter.

Writing a cover letter can be a tad bit intimating. Follow these simple guidelines and you will sail
through it and find your phone ringing sooner than you expect it for that interview. Remember your
resume might get you that job, but your cover letter will get you in the door.

Mario Churchill is a freelance author and has written over 200 articles on various subjects. For more
information about make a cover letter checkout

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                                                          Cover Letter Examples
                                                             By Mario Churchill

 For anyone wanting to write the perfect cover letter, there are certainly many resources out there. Just
type "cover letter example" into a search engine such as Google and you'll get so many hits that well,
you won't know what hit ya! There are websites that will walk you through it every step of the way,
websites that will charge you, and websites that are free.

You will pick up useful information along the way, to be sure. One small tidbit: there are two types of
cover letters. There is the Specific kind of cover letter, where you write to one specific person, at one
specific company, about one specific position. There is also the General type of cover letter. Instead of
addressing any one specific person, this would be addressed to: Dear Employer. There would be no
date on the cover letter. The focus would be on the applicant's experience and credentials.

You can find sample cover letters all over the Internet, specialized even. Just a few that I can recall
seeing are cover letter examples for Analysts, cover letter examples for Teachers, cover letter
examples for Artists, cover letter examples for those wishing to work at a consulting firm, and cover
letter examples for General /Business Admistration.

There are always sites that are willing to make you beautiful and outstanding cover letters. Formatted
perfectly with just the right amount of information and said in such a way that it would seem every
sentence was prepared by a combination of Rhodes' Scholars and poets.

However, you need to make sure that whatever is on that cover letter, came straight from you. You are
the only person who can tailor your cover letter to yourself perfectly, because, well, you are the only
you! And, it is you applying for the job, right? I thought so!

You can look at all the cover letter examples that you want, and in fact, you should. They are a great
resource and can really give you some great ideas and inspiration. But at the end of the day, be true to
yourself and make sure you are the one writing the cover letter and representing yourself in the best
light possible, after all, this is the very first chance you have to make an impression on your
prospective employer.

By researching as many other cover letter examples as you can, you'll find that the ones that usually
bring the most success to people are those that while putting forth every accomplishment with
panache, also stay as short and free of fluff as possible. Many employers get several hundred
applicants for a single job, if your cover letter doesn't grab them, it is unlikely that they will even read
through your resume, and that is certainly the opposite of your intention. So, by looking at cover letter
examples of people who have jobs you admire, and then imitating their style to suite your own unique
set of skills and personality traits, you should be on your way to creating your own, rockin' cover letter!

Mario Churchill is a freelance author and has written over 200 articles on various subjects. For more
information checkout and

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