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									                                                               Troop 560 Journey to Excellence

JTE Spreadsheet crew R1     11/28/2011
              Unit Type                 Ship                                                     As coordinator for your unit's JTE, use this data page to enter your unit's
              Unit Number               560                                                       information as the year progresses. This will assist you in determining
              Chartered Organization Emmaus Lutheran Church                                          how well your unit is doing throughout your unit's scout year. It is
              Previous Re-Charter Year 2009                                                        suggested doing a monthly update and then presenting the results at
              Current Re-Charter Year 2010                                                                     your next ship committee meeting for review.
              Recharter Month           September
                                                                                                    This data will be transferred to the JTE Form page for you to
              District                  Tuscarora
                                                                                                                          review and print out.
              Council                   Central Florida Council
              New unit                  No
              Current # of Scouts       21
                Hover cursor over data entry or Item requirement for comments to
                                                                                                                 enter data in yellow and orange areas
                                             pop up
                                                                                                              Cells with this color reflects that You can obtain
                   Item                            Item Requirements                             Data Entry         these figures from your local council
                           Number of ship activities? (Not including normal ship
               Building Sea Scouting
                           New Sea Scouts that joined and/or transferred in since last              70
                    2      recharter
                           Number of Sea Scouts at previous recharter September                     21
                           Number of Sea Scouts in the ship as of September 2010
                           Number of New Sea Scout Applications submitted with this
                    3      recharter
                           Number of Sea Scouts that aged out since last recharter.
                           Retention percentage from recharter year 2009
               Youth Leadership
                           Does ship have an elected boatswain?                                    yes
                           Does ship have an elected boatswain's mate?                             yes
                           Does ship have an elected yeoman?                                       yes                       yes
                    4      Does ship have an elected purser?                                       yes
                           Do the elected leaders lead the ship activities?                        yes
                           Number of Sea Scouts who participated in Sea Scouts
                           quarterdeck training?
               Service Projects
                           Number of service projects held during the year?                         2
                           Projects recorded online at                           Yes
               Trained Leadership
                           ship has registered Skipper?                                            yes
                           ship has registered mate?                                               yes                       yes
                           ship has three (3) registered committee members                         yes

                             Number of adult leaders including Skipper, Mate and all                          Number completing "This
                     6                                                                               1         is Scouting" and "YPT"                    1
                             Committee Members with 3 months or more tenure.

                            Number of adult leaders including Skipper, Mate and all                           Number completing
                                                                                                     1                                                   1
                            Committee Members with 6 months or more tenure.                                   Leader Specific
                            Youth election completed by 11/15/2010                                 yes
               Super Activity or Long Cruise
                            Ship participates in a super activity or long cruise?
                            Number of Sea Scouts attending super activity or long                  400        PLEASE CHECK THIS NUMBER
                    7       Number of Sea Scouts on 06/30/2009                                     100        PLEASE CHECK THIS NUMBER
                            Did the super activity or long cruise involve at least 3 days
                            and 3 nights?
               Parents Meetings
                            Does ship hold at least two parent meetings?
                    8       Are the ship activities and plans reviewed at the parent meetings?                                no
                            Number of families attend parent meetings?                                           0%
                            Does ship have a written budget?
                            Was budget complete by 8/31/2009
               Re-register on-time
                   10       Did ship re-register on time?
               Annual Assessment
                   11       Did ship complete & submit this form?                                             PLEASE CHECK THIS ANSWER
                                                              Scouting's Journey to Excellence
                                                                                       Unit Type Unit Number
                                                                              Chartered Organization District Council
 Item                                                                                             Actual                             Actual                              Actual   Bronze   Silver   Gold
                           Objective                                 Bronze Level                               Silver Level                       Gold Level
Number                                                                                            Amount                             Amount                              Amount   Points   Points   Points

          Activities: The ship has regular activities        Have carried out at least four                 Have carried out at                Have carried out at
  1      throughout the year reflecting the interests of               activities
                                                                                                    0       least five activities.
                                                                                                                                       0        least six activities.
                     the youth members.

            Building Sea Scouts: Have an                    Have a net gain of one member
                                                                                                             Increase youth                      Increase youth
  2      increase in membership or be larger than the      over last year, or have at least six    no        members by 5%.
                                                                                                                                     0.0%       members by 10%.
                      average size ship.                               members.
                                                                                                           Retain and re-register             Retain and re-register
                                                                                                           70% of members, or                 75% of members, or
                                                             Retain and re-register 60% of                 retain and re-register             retain and re-register
  3          Retention: Improve retention rate.              eligible members, or have a 2        0.0%       60% and have a 2        0.0%       70% and have a 2         0.0%
                                                              percentage points increase.                    percentage points                  percentage points
                                                                                                                  increase.                          increase.

                Percentage increase over previous year                                            0.0%                               0.0%                                0.0%

                                                              Have an elected boatswain,                     50% of the youth                    70% of youth
             Youth leadership: The ship has                 boatswain's mate, yeoman, and                   participate in Sea                 participate in Sea
  4      elected youth leaders who are leading the ship     purser, and they are leading the
                                                                                                   yes      Scout quarterdeck
                                                                                                                                      0%       Scout quarterdeck
                                                                                                                                                                          0%       75
                            activities.                           activities of the ship.                         training.                          training.

         Service projects: The ship participates
          in service projects, with one benefitting your                                                    Participate in three                Participate in four
  5         chartering organization. The projects and      Participate in two service projects.     2        service projects.
                                                                                                                                       2         service projects.
                                                                                                                                                                           2       75
              hours are entered on the Journey to
                       Excellence website.

                                                            Have a Skipper, a mate and a
                                                             cmmittee with at least three
                                                                                                           Bronze level, plus all
                                                           members. All dens have leaders.
                                                                                                           must have completed                Silver level, plus hold
                                                              The entire committee has
          Trained leadership: Have a trained                                                                 Leader-Specific                  youth officer elections
  6                                                        completed This Is Scouting, Fast        yes      Training or, if new
                                                                                                                                      yes         and installation
                                                                                                                                                                          yes                       300
                 and engaged ship committee.                   Start training, and Youth
                                                                                                            leaders, within six                before November 15.
                                                             Protection training or, ifnew,
                                                                                                             months of joining.
                                                           complete within three months of

                                                                                                           55% of youth attend a              75% of youth attend a
          Super activity/Long Cruise: The Participates in a super activity/long
                                                                                                   no        super activity/long                super activity/long
         ship participates in a super activity/long cruise.                                                       cruise.                            cruise.

                                                           Hold at least two parent meetings                  50% of families                    65% of families
          Parents meetings: The ship involves
  8                                                        where ship activities and plans are     no        attend two parent        0%        attend two parent         0%
                             parents                                    reviewed.                                meetings.                          meetings.

                                                                                                              Earn the Bronze
                                                           Have a written budget planned by
         Budget: The ship has a budget and follows             the youth and committee,
                                                                                                           level, plus the budget
  9      BSA policies relating to fundraising and fiscal   continually review the budget, and
                                                                                                   No         is completed by         No
                         management.                                                                       August 31 for the next
                                                                  follow BSA policies.
                                                                                                                program year.

                                                           Complete reregistration, obtain all
                                                           signatures, and submit paperwork
  10               Reregister on-time                        to the council office prior to the
                                                                 expiration of your charter.

                                                               Conduct an annual pack
          Annual assessment: Completion of                 assessment using this form, and
                                                           submit it completed and signed
                            this form.
                                                            with the charter renewal forms.

                                                                                                   Points          150      0    300
  3      To earn Bronze: Complete 9 of 11 Bronze requirements, plus earn 700 points (from Bronze, Silver, or Gold points list).
         To earn Silver: Earn the Bronze award, plus earn 1,000 points (from Bronze, Silver, or Gold points list).  Total Points 0
         To earn Gold: Earn the Bronze award, plus earn 1,600 points (from Bronze, Silver, or Gold points list).

         We certify on our honor as Scout leaders that these requirements have been completed.

                                                          Committee chair _______________________________________
         Scoutmaster ______________________________________

         Commissioner _____________________________________evel achieved                                                                                                Did not achieve

         This form should be turned in to the Scout service center with your charter renewal paperwork.

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