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Component #1: Choose Your Topic Carefully........................4

Component #2: Create A Fully Loaded Fan Page...................5

Component #3: High Quality Content..................................5

Component #4: Interactive Features...................................7

Component #5: Capture Leads...........................................8

Critical Components Of A Profitable Fan Page                               Page 2

You can drive an unlimited amount of traffic to your website and skyrocket
your income instantly just by using the power of Facebook fan pages.

Best of all, not only are they exceptionally easy to develop, but with the weight
that Facebook has with the major search engines, your fan page can get
quickly indexed!

Imagine just how much money you could make when introduced to this
incredible exposure. You will be able to generate organic traffic from the
search engines quickly and easily but you will also be able to funnel traffic to
your fan page a number of different ways as well, including:

    External Social Networking websites (like twitter, MySpace or Linkedin)

    Article Marketing campaigns

    Forum Marketing and Press Releases

    And even Facebook’s own highly customizable advertising platform!

But before you can begin generating traffic to your fan page, you need to
make sure that it’s correctly set up and even more important, fully optimized.

This report focuses on the most important components to a successful
Facebook fan page so that you can create a high responsive fan page quickly!

Let’s begin!

Critical Components Of A Profitable Fan Page                               Page 3
Component #1: Choose Your Topic Carefully

Every fan page needs a specific topic or theme. If you plan on venturing into
multiple niche markets, you should create an individual fan page for each new
topic, so that those visiting your fan pages are clear as to what your page is

With Facebook, you can create as many fan pages as you wish so you aren’t
restricted to a specific amount.

There are many different ways of evaluating and choosing a hot topic for your
fan page including by evaluating existing fan pages to see which ones are
successful at generating fans.

You should also evaluate potential affiliate products from popular online
marketplaces to effectively gauge the popularity of a niche market. This will
also give you a better idea as to the types of products and services that are
available to promote on your fan page once you’ve grown your community.

When it comes to quickly scanning niche markets to choose a theme for my
fan page, I use two primary sources:

ClickBank is a digital marketplace, so it's easy to quickly scout out hot selling
information products such as videos, ebooks or reports that are successfully
selling to my niche market.

Amazon is a physical product community (primarily), so by gauging the

Critical Components Of A Profitable Fan Page                                Page 4
popularity and demand of specific book titles, you will have a clear idea as to
whether the niche market you are considering is a viable one.

Component #2: Create A Fully Loaded Fan Page

No one will want to become a fan of a page that is only partially completed. It’s
important that you work on establishing your fan page by customizing it to

- Photos
- Videos
- About Me page
- Customized Landing Page

The more you work on your fan page, the easier it will be generate interest
from those landing on your page. You really want to appear to be active within
your fan page community, so that those considering joining will see activity
from both yourself and other fans.

Think of your fan page as you would a community forum. If you visited a
forum with multiple threads and categories, yet no content or activity, odds are
that you wouldn’t join it.

Your fan page is no different. In order to convert visitors into fans, you need to
spend time developing it so that it highlights the benefits of joining your fan
page and offers clear, distinct value.

Component #3: High Quality Content

Critical Components Of A Profitable Fan Page                                Page 5
If you want to develop a compelling fan page that will entice visitors into
becoming active fans, you need to offer them high quality content that is
relevant to your niche market.

Consider offering content in a variety of different ways including:

Video Tutorials
Audio Transcripts

The more content you give away, the more valuable your fan page will be to
those interested in your niche market. You want to use your fan page to
establish credibility within your niche and you can do this easily by offering
high quality content.

If you are unable to develop your own content, you could use a combination of
private label material, as well as original content developed by qualified

You can hire a content writer or video creator at any of these established
freelance marketplaces:

Critical Components Of A Profitable Fan Page                                  Page 6
If you are using private label content on your fan page, you’ll want to make
sure that you modify the content so that it suits your own unique personality
and reflects your brand.

You can also improve on any private label package and make it more original
just by restructuring the table of contents, adding in an introduction and
conclusion page and consider hiring a designer to give it a brand new ecover!

A high quality ecover that represents your product can instantly maximize its
perceived value, and gives it an original spin!

Tip: You can keep your fan page up to date with fresh content by connecting
your Fan Page to your Ping account. With Ping, you can instantly post
updates across multiple social networks at once!

Visit: to sign up for free.

Component #4: Interactive Features

The most successful fan pages are those that were created to interact with
those visiting the page. You want to create a dynamic community where
visitors feel a part of your group, and are able to connect and communicate
with you (as well as other members) on a regular basis.

Consider implementing videos that offer helpful information (such as video
tutorials or guides), and explore the Facebook application directory to instantly
enhance your fan page with community-driven plugins that enhance your fan
pages functionality and give your fans a reason to stick around.

Critical Components Of A Profitable Fan Page                                 Page 7
You can browse through Facebook applications at:

Component #5: Capture Leads

One of the greatest aspects of fan pages is that you can add text boxes that
include HTML components. This means that you can instantly feature your
opt-in box on your fan page and begin collecting leads from those that visit
your page, even if they don't become fans!

Building a list is an important component to successful Internet Marketing, and
with Facebook you can customize your fan page to include everything from
opt-in forms to customized landing pages using HTML based applications.

Imagine just how easier it would be to build a responsive list if you created
landing pages for each of your fan pages that heavily target your niche

You could feature your incentive offer enticing visitors to join your list, and
then create a follow-up series of sequences that go out to your mailing list on
a regular basis.

Critical Components Of A Profitable Fan Page                            Page 8
             Download The Complete Guide To Making
                  Money With Facebook Fan Pages!


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