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The Sleep Wellness Center of New York was established by a team of cardiologists, pediatricians, pulmonologists and internists to address the growing need for research, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders including Sleep Apnea, Restless Leg Syndrome, Insomnia, Narcolepsy, and Snoring.

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									                What to expect at the sleep study center

Sleep is a basic human urge and sleep deprivation officially recognized as a
form of torture, so having trouble getting a good night’s rest is a serious
matter. Being tired all the time, having trouble staying awake during the
day, or concentrating can all be signs that you are sleep deprived even when
you think you are getting enough sleep, and your physician may recommend
a visit to a sleep study center for an all night sleep study.

So what exactly is a sleep study at a sleep study center and what can it do
for you? Firstly a sleep study is exactly what its name implies, a team of
doctors monitoring the quality of your sleep to study the neurologic,
movement and respiratory disorders that occur while you are asleep.

A patient usually arrives at a sleep study center around 9 at night. Each
patient is assigned a room that is set up very much like a comfortable
bedroom with a normal bed, an attached bath and sometimes a television
set. The sleep technologist who is to perform the study and monitor the
patient through the night will explain the procedure involved and see that
you are comfortable. There are no needles or pain during a sleep study but
lots of electrodes are applied to various parts of your body to monitor your
brain waves, heart rate, and eye movements. A sensor is placed by the nose
and mouth to measure airflow, belts placed around the rib cage and
abdomen measure breathing movements, a clip on the finger measures
blood oxygen levels, other measurements may also be done as
recommended by the doctor. Patients are also videotaped while asleep.
Sleep studies are also done on children if the pediatrician believes that the
child has severe issues related to sleep.

A sleep study at a good sleep study center will help a physician determine
accurately why a patient is unable to sleep restfully through the night. Based
on their findings treatments are prescribed which may range from the simple
to more complex therapies, surgeries or medication.

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