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									Payroll Services
Your company is unique. You don’t want a cookie-cutter payroll system: You need a
payroll system that fits the way you do business. At EinsteinHR, we offer tailored
solutions. Whether your company is small, mid-sized or large, local or nationwide,
we can input, acknowledge and receive your payrolls in a way that suits you best.

Our one-stop payroll administration center integrates payroll services processing,
payroll tax filing, HR information management, employee benefits, time and
attendance reporting, Web-based self-service and much more. You choose what’s
best for you.

EinsteinHR’s payroll services include:

    Payroll Processing Input Options
    Standard & Custom Online Payroll Reporting
    Payroll Direct Deposit & EinsteinHR ATM/Visa Debit Cards
    Unlimited Earnings & Payroll Tax Deductions
    Vacation/Sick/Personal Tracking
    Digital Logo & Check Signatures
    New Hire Reporting
    Child Support, Garnishments & Wage Assignments
    Third Party Payment Checks
    Certified Payrolls/Davis Bacon
    Payroll General Ledger Interface
    Job Costing & Labor Distribution Payroll
    Restaurant Payrolls
    Onsite Payroll Check & Report Printing
    ViewChoice Reports & Payroll Check Stubs Via Email
EinsteinHR (Payroll Processing Company) offers nationwide payroll administration
services, get a quote.

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