Spark Teacher Training Planning Guide by Lh7c94n


									                                   “SPARK-ing Faith in Your Classroom”
                                    Teacher Training Workshop – Planning Guide

    Lap top and projector
    Projector screen or blank wall
    Sparking Faith in Your Classroom power point
    Spark Music CD
    CD Player
    First quarter material for each teacher
    Spark Bible or Spark Story Bible for each teacher
    Sparkling decorations, pencils, confetti etc.
    Class list for each teacher
    Optional: name tags, teacher door prizes, snacks or a meal.

Two to Four Weeks Prior to Your Teacher Training Workshop
    Send out invitations
    Publicize your event
    Ask parents who are unable to teach to serve as decorators/ servers or chefs.
    Update the Sparking Faith in Your Classroom power point with your weekly schedule, and other congregation
        specific information
    Practice running the power point presentation
    Order leader and student materials.
    Ask Board of Education to lead opening devotions
    Give Board of Education the Spark Sunday School Opening material for first week of Sunday School
        (to be used as the opening devotion)
    Arrange for child care during your event

Two Weeks Prior to Training Workshop
    Compile teacher email address’
    Send out email reminder
    Organize classroom material by class (consider designating a wash tub or other container for each classroom
      student materials and basic supplies)
    Organize teaching packets for each teacher with Leader Guide, one set of Spark Learner Leaflets, one Spark
      Bible, any handouts you wish to distribute

One Week Prior to Your Teacher Training Workshop
    Test all the electronic equipment, to ensure it is running properly and you are comfortable using it.
      ( or ask your technologically savvy teens to help you)
    Make final arrangement on any refreshments

One Day Prior to Your Teacher Training Workshop
    Decorate for your event.
    Consider designating tables by age level.
    Set out teacher packets ( see above)
    Set up projector screen and stands for laptop and CD Player with Spark Music CD

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