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					 Empyrean Hospitality Training Academy (EHTA)
 Certificate IV in Hospitality (Supervision) SIT40307
 CRICOS Course Code: 073972K

Course duration/mode                          Available to International Students
Full time training
(26 weeks)                                    Course description: This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in skilled
                                              operations and team leading or supervision. Work would be undertaken in various hospitality settings such as
Classroom and workplace Training              restaurants, hotels, motels, clubs, pubs, cafes and coffee shops
Campus Location
                                              Course structure
12 Lake St Northbridge, WA 6003
                                              Unit Code              Unit Name                                                                        Core/Elective
Fees and Charges                              SITHIND003A            Provide and coordinate hospitality service                                       Core
Application Fee:          $230.00             SITXCCS002A            Provide quality customer service                                                 Core
Uniform        :           $50.00
                                              SITXCOM001A            Work with colleagues and customers                                               Core
Resource       :          $300.00
Course         :         $6500.00             SITXCOM002A            Work in a socially diverse environment                                           Core
                                              SITXCOM003A            Deal with conflict situations                                                    Core
Resources                                     SITXFIN003A            Interpret financial information                                                  Core
(6 text books)                                SITXHRM001A            Coach others in job skills                                                       Core
Beverage Service “The Bartenders Friend”      SITXHRM005A            Lead and manage people                                                           Core
Restaurant Service “The Waiters Friend”       SITXINV001A            Receive and store stock                                                          Core
Tourism and Hospitality “Careers and          SITXINV002A            Control and order stock                                                          Core
Pathways”                                     SITXMGT001A            Monitor work operations                                                          Core
Managers guide to hospitality financial       SITXOHS001B            Follow health, safety and security procedures                                    Core
                                              SITXOHS002A            Follow workplace hygiene procedures                                              Core
Managers guide to hospitality Human           SITXOHS004B            Implement & monitor workplace health, safety & security practices                Core
                                              SITHFAB001C            Clean and tidy bar areas                                                         Elective
Managers guide to Hospitality Operations
IBSA – Operate a personal Computer            SITHFAB002C            Operate a bar                                                                    Elective
IBSA – Produce a simple word processed        SITHFAB004A            Provide food and beverage service                                                Elective
document                                      SITHFAB005A            Provide table service of alcoholic beverages                                     Elective
Two x Empyrean student shirts
                                              SITHFAB009A            Provide responsible service of alcohol                                           Elective
Entry requirements                            SITHFAB012B            Prepare and serve espresso coffee                                                Elective
Completion of Year 10 High School             SITHFAB010C            Prepare and serve non alcoholic beverages                                        Elective
Certificate/equivalent                        SITHFAB0011A           Develop and update food and beverage knowledge                                   Elective
IELTS score of 5.5 or achieve an equivalent   SITXFIN004A            Manage finances within a budget                                                  Elective
on other forms of testing that satisfy the
                                              SITXHRM003A            Roster staff                                                                     Elective
institutions requirements.
Non School leavers are selected according     BSBCMN107A             Operate a personal computer                                                      Elective
to eligibility and merit; vocational          BSBITU201A             Produce simple word processed documents                                          Elective
experience, previous study and personal       All 26 Units are required to be completed successfully to be awarded the SIT40307
competencies are used to determine entry.     Certificate IV in Hospitality

Students under the age of 18                  Assessment
EHTA policy prevents international            All units of competence will be assessed using a selection of tools. Portfolios, essays, reports, role-plays, practical
students under the age of 18 from             observations, case studies, questioning, simulation activities and written tests may be used to gather evidence for
registering in EHTA courses or programs.      the unit of competency
Career prospects                              Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is recognised at EHTA as a process where a student may be granted credit or
                                              partial credit towards a qualification in recognition of skills and knowledge which a student has gained through
Students successfully completing this         worked experience, life experience and/or formal training
qualification may work as a food and
beverage supervisor, front office             Additional information
supervisor, concierge, butler, gaming         You will be required to complete 36 service periods (2-4 hours per period) in the industry to obtain your
supervisor                                    qualification. Empyrean Function Centre will provide some work experience, and you will need to seek out work
Study pathway                                 experience in other operations, supported by our hospitality associates (restaurants, hotels, cafes etc)

After successful completion of the            ESOS Framework
SIT40307 Certificate IV Hospitality,          “The Australian Government wants overseas students in Australia to have a safe, enjoyable and rewarding place to
students may progress to the SIT50307         study. Australia’s laws promote quality education and consumer protection for overseas students. These laws are
Diploma of Hospitality                        known as the ESOS framework and they include the Education Services for Overseas (ESOS) Act 2000 and the
                                              National Code 2007.”
                                              A description of the ESOS Framework can be found on the Australian Education International website by following
                                              the link http://aei.gov.au/AEI/ESOS/Quickinfo/ESOS Framework pdf.pdf
Empyrean Hospitality Training Academy | 12 Lake St Northbridge, WA 6003 | T: +61 8 9228 1600
E: training@empyrean.net.au W: http://www.empyrean.net.au | RTO Code: 52118 | CRICOS Code:03275D

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