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									Student Complaint/Grievance Procedure at Stevens-Henager College

In every organization, there are bound to be misunderstandings or conflict that need resolving. Taking
student complaints and grievances into consideration gives colleges a chance at quality improvement. It
is the duty of the college to monitor and understand the complaints they receive and make the necessary
changes in a way that can benefit both the student as well as the college.

Stevens-Henager College is a well reputed collegewhich provides driven and focused adults the chance
to further their careers, by offering them programs in some of the most sought after fields in the industry,
namely; business, information technology, healthcare and graphic arts. They strive to make this journey
as smooth as possible by providing financial aid to those who qualify, student advisors, qualified
instructors and online services. This article highlights the grievance/complaints handling procedure at
Stevens-Henager College.

Student complaints at Stevens-Henager College are resolved in keeping with the steps laid down in the
student handbook. Their complaint or grievance procedure is simple, uncomplicated and inexpensive.
In case a student faces a problem that needs immediate looking into, he or she is asked to follow a few
simple steps:

Step One

Discussion with the Campus Director: Any dispute or problem a student might have regarding policies,
programs, performance, admissions, enrollment etc, should first be taken up with the Campus Director.

Step Two

Written statement to the Corporate Chief Executive: If the dispute remains unresolved for whatever
reason after having spoken with the campus director, a written statement explaining each party’s point of
view and position should be submitted to the corporate chief executive.

Step Three

Mediation: If the dispute has still not been resolved, then the parties should be open to mediation. This is
held in the city in which the student lives. Both the parties are expected to make a diligent effort to resolve
the dispute.

If, for whatever reason, one of the concerned parties cannot appear in person, they are given the option
of being present through telephone or by video cast.
It is understood that, when it comes to two or more people, even though you might want to avoid conflict
at any cost, chances of friction are always there. Stevens-Henager College takes any problem that might
crop up into careful consideration and looks at it as a chance for growth and improvement, while keeping
the student’s best interest at heart.

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