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Importance of College Reviews (PDF)


									Importance of College Reviews

While looking out for the perfect college for you, you study every tiny detail under a microscope. You read
reviews, talk to your friends and family, and seek the advice of counselors and experts. Most often you’ll
find yourself relying on student reviews because people prefer to hear things directly from the ‘horse’s

Let’s take a look at college reviews and their importance in detail.

What are college reviews?

College reviews are student experiences about different aspects of the college both positive and
negative. They could speak about the quality of education, the instructors, financial aid, facilities and
student aid, and their all-around experience at the college.

What do college reviews help determine?

Reviews cover a wide range of topics, from admissions and selection, to student-teacher ratio, to cost of
tuition, to the standards of education provided, to the jobs you might be eligible for in the future. College
reviews help to determine whether the investment you make in the college is worth it in the long run.

How does a college review help?

A college review will help you narrow down your choices based on your preferences and needs. College
reviews promote a level of transparency and they paint a clearer picture of what the school could do for a
student’s progress and development.

What about online colleges?

Students turn to reviews of online colleges because not much is known about online schools and
students are worried about getting caught in a diploma mill scam. It is, after all, a matter of spending hard
earned money and you can’t afford to make any mistakes about it. While reading up on college reviews,
you should pay close attention to the method of instruction used by the instructors, what the program
requirements are like, whether the faculty is prompt and helpful in helping you with your coursework
and problems etc. A Stevens Henager College review said that the students were very satisfied with
their programs and that their instructors were always quick to help students with their coursework. Other
Stevens Henager College reviews said that if given a choice to go back in time and retake the program,
they would. That’s saying a lot for a college that offers online programs along with traditional on campus

What should you look out for in a college review?

While reading the review of a college you might consider attending, there are several tiny details you
should keep an eye out for. Here are a few to help you know what to look out for:

    ●   Is the college accredited?

    ●   Do they offer online/distance learning programs?

    ●   What is the tuition and is it likely to increase? What are the payment plan options?

    ●   What are the student retention and graduation rates?

    ●   What is the educational qualification of the faculty?

    ●   Does the college provide financial aid to those who qualify?

    ●   What study resources are available for free to the students?

    ●   What support services are provided to the students?

The truth is, there’s always someone who’s had a bad experience with their professors or someone who
could not keep with up with the program requirements and the course work, and you are bound to come
across several such negative reviews as well.It is for this purpose that you are advised to be very clear
about your expectations from your college and try to gauge whether the college you’re currently reviewing
could help satisfy your needs. Finally, college reviews will help provide you with compelling information to
make a sound decision. It is up to you to make college work for you!

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