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					                                                                                                         MILL PARK FOOTBALL CLUB

                                                  Stallions Stable Talk
         Issue 3 – 2011                                                                                                                       May 1st, 2011

Upcoming Events                                    Welcome Back
Sunday Night @ Redleap                             Happy Mothers Day to all our Mums! This week there will be no Sunday Night at Redleap! Boys and Girls
Come along and hear the                            lets make it a special day for all the mums. Go Parkers!
coach’s reports and enjoy a great                    Our new website is up and running and it looks awesome, make sure you take a look ,
Meal, from 5:45pm. This week being
Mothers Day, there will be no Sunday               We have this year our annual Dinner Dance, which we ask our parents too support, as it’s always a great
Night at Redleap. Happy Mothers Day                night. Dates and posters are up in the club rooms, so please take time to read these. Contact Kylie and
to all our mums!                                   organize your table for the night. Please support these events as they help us to raise funds to assist the
                                                   club to give something back to your children.
Dinner Dance Friday 22nd July- Book                If you can help out in the canteen or with the new cappuccino machine for even just an hour please let Kylie
your tables now!!! See Kylie Stefanile             know on 0425810750 even if it is just on the hour before your child plays as they need to be here an hour
                                                   before the game starts anyway . Keep in mind that all monies go back to the kids and every little bit of help
Details of all events will be updated              makes a difference when we all chip in. If you are not sure of the job we will provide relevant training.
here as they become available.                     Please continue to support all our sponsors, make sure you let them know you are from our football club, so
                                                   they can see we are supporting them. Any parents who wish to sponsor there child or know any business
Committee Details                                  who would like to sponsor a player contact Mario, our sponsorship manager, contact details on website
                                                   Darren Eldrett
Darren Eldrett – 0401 859 224                      President
Vice President                               Round 4 Fixture
Craig Langford – 0409 553 596                    Youth Girls           03.00pm       Vs. Jacana                 @ Kelynack reserve
Football Manager                             Round 4 Fixture – Sunday 8th May
Anthony Stefanile – 0407 502 048                 Under 09 Blue         10.00 am      Vs. South Morang           @ Redleap Reserve
Secretary                                        Under 09 White        10.00 am      Vs. West Preston           @ J E. Moore Park
David Long – 0447 900 526                        Under 10              11.30 am      Vs Yarrambat               @ Redleap Reserve
                                                 Under 11 Blue         10.00 am      Vs. Greensborough          @ Beale oval
Martin Morison – 0409 006 896                    Under 11 White        11.30 am      Vs. West Lalor             @ Huskisson Reserve
                                                 Under 12              11.30 pm      Vs. Research               @ Research park
General Committee
                                                 Under 13 Blue         11.30 am      Vs. Eltham                 @ Eltham Central
Syd Edgell      Rob D’Angelo
Myles Jenner Ralph Nesci                         Under 13 White        11.30am       Vs Lalor stars             @ Kelynack Reserve
Mario Susic     Michelle Tkocz                   Under 14              01.00 pm      Vs. Hurstbridge            @ Kelynack Reserve
Con Ioannidis Nick Trotman                       Under 15              01.00 pm      Vs. Eltham                 @ Redleap Reserve
Jackie Aquilina Kylie Stefanile                  Under 16              01.00 pm      Vs. SouthMorang            @ Lakes oval
Tony Janev       Syd Edgell                      Under 17              03.00 pm      Vs. Research               @ Redleap Reserve
Michael Winning Jane Simmons             )       Ground Locations: can be found on
Donna Campbell
                                                 Redleap Reserve                Redleap Ave, Mill Park                     Melways 9 K4
                                                 Kelynack Reserve               Azalea Ave, Mill Park                      Melways 10 D5
                                                 Lakes Oval South Morang Lakes Blv South Morang
If you notice any tasks around                   Eltham Central                 Main Rd Eltham
the club that you would be able                  J.E. Moore park                Gilbert Rd West Preston
to assist with, no matter how
                                                 Research Park                  Main Rd Research
small, please contact a
committee member. Every little                   Anthony Beale Reserve          St Helena Rd Greensborough
bit helps!                                       Huskisson Reserve              Huskisson Av Lalor                        Note:    Times and ground allocations are subject to change by the NFL after this newsletter is printed, we therefore
                                                  suggest you check our web site ( you will find a link to the NFL website..
                   Game Results – Sunday 1ST MAY 2011

                   TEAM    RESULT                REPORT                                                                POS’N

                   U9      Mill Park             Best: Whole team
                   Blue    Vs.
                           Lalor Stars           Goals: Anthony 3, Ben,, Marcus 2,Julian, Adam,1
                           Lalor                 After a tense first minute the boys got their game together and
                                                 out muscled and out played the opposition. They played link
                                                 football kicking and marking towards four first quarter goals. It
                                                 was a great team effort!
                   U9      Mill Park             Best: Whole Team!
Milestone Games    White   vs.
                           Wallan                Goals: Blake 1, Angus 2.
Cristian Janev             Redleap               Great work to the whole team! You are improving every week.
100 Games                                        We achieved our target of two goals – Well Done I am very
                                                 proud of you all.

Shankar 1st Game   U10     Mill Park 3-2-20      Best: Lawrence, Anontio, Jonathon.
                           def by
Max U 13s Blue             South Morang 6-9-45
                                                 Goals: Ali 3.

Birthday                   Mill Park             Excellent team effort by all for 3 quarters. Slowed down in the
                                                 last quarter. Your parents and the club would be proud of you!
                                                 Fantastic team effort.
Craig Langford     U11     Mill Park 7-11-53     Best: Shannon, James C, Jordan C, Riley, Jamie, Marcus
returned to        Blue    Def
                                                 Goals: Jay 1, Fitim 1, Riley 2, Marcus 1,
                           Research 2-4-16
coaching out of            @
                                                 James C 2,

retirement this            Mill Park
                                                 Good solid win. Once again, the teamwork was excellent. We
                                                 need all boys to give 100% and not leave it up to others.
week!              U11     Mill Park 2-4-16      Best: Izaak, Christiant, Alixi, Joseph, Fitim, Daniel,
                   White   def by                Antonio,Paul, Randeep, Trent.
                           Monty 6-4-40
                                                 Goals: Izaak 1, Marcus T 1
                           Mill Park             Special thanks to Riley, Marcus, Lucas, Ferit, Liam, from under 11s
                                                 Blue who helped out. What a great performance by this team, we
                                                 trained well during the week and carried that on to our game! With
                                                 each week we keep on improving and I’m sure that a win isn’t far

                   U12     Mill Park 3-6-24      Best: Mitchell, Jayden, Joshua, Travis, John, Jayson, Marcus.
                           Def by
                           Eltham 16-4-100       Goals: Mitchell 1, Jayson 1, John 1.
                           Mill Park             Good effort against stronger team. Need to play 4 quarters as a
                   U13     Mill Park 13-6-84     Best: Joseph, Cookie, Zach, Jason, Nash, Steven.
                   Blue    def
                           Epping 5-8-38         Goals: Joseph 6, Adrian 1, Cookie 2, Rabbit 2, Matt , Jye 1
                           Mill Park             Thanks to Angelo Guerra, Connor Fitzgerald both from Under
                                                 12 and Harrison for helping today. Good attitude from all the
                                                 players, they all played a huge role!
                   U13     Mill Park 56          Best: Whole Team – Fantastic!
                   White   def by
                                                 Goals: Julian, Josh, Jayden, Bailey, Travis
                           Lalor Bloods 60
                                                 Fantastic team effort. Thanks to under 12 boys who helped out.
                                                 Everyone’s very proud!
Game Results – Sunday 1st May 2011

U14     Mill Park 19-10-124    Best: Goran, Ben, Marcus, Paul S, Aaron D, Corey M, Joel M,
        def                    Harmon, M. Cocco, Liam G
        Northcote 6-8-44
        @                      Goals: Ben 6, Aaron D 3, Joel M 2, Liam G 2, Paul S 1, Aydan
        Northcote              H 1, Marcus 1, Nathan 1, Adrian C 1, Jordan B1.
                               In reply to our defeat last week, the boys dug deap and played
                               as a team and followed the game plan. They showed true
                               character and responded from last weeks defeat for a great
                               crushing team victory. Well Done Boys!

U15     Mill Park 22-16-148    Best: Cristian, Matthew Romano, AJ S, Davjla, Nathan S,             1st
        Def                    Thomas
        South Morang 4-9-33    Goals: Cristian 6, Adrian A 3, Damo 3, Vito 2, Mark 2, Matthew
        @                      G 1, Brice 1, AJ 1, Nathan S 1, Thomas 1, Joshua F
        Mill Park              Overall great work ethic and team effort. Commitment to help
                               your teammate was sensational for the entire game!

TEAM    RESULT                 REPORT                                                              POS’N

U16     Mill Park 18-29-137    Best: All team
        Def                                                                                        2nd
        Hurstbridge 6-1-37
        @                      Goals: Jordan 4, Sheep 2, Mark C 2, Anthony L 3, Matt L 2,
        Hurstbridge            Brandon 1, Jamie 1, Alex 1, Anthony B 1, James 1

                               Good first game for the team. We still need to work on blocking
                               for our team mates, clearances & kicking for goal. Thanks
                               Lucas u/15 for helping out.
U17     Mill Park 8-9-62       Best: Bartolo, Dempsey, Oston-Meyer, Tanti, Hibbert,
        def by                 Andrews
        Eltham 23-6-138
        @                      Goals: Groom 2, Pace 2, Bartolo 1, Susic 1, Romano 1,
        Mill Park              Dempsey 1

                               We need to work for each other. Lets work on the foot skills this
                               week. We are better than that guys!

Youth   Mill Park 0-1-1        Best: Zoe, Carly, Tamika, Brianna, Erin, Adelle, Ashley,
girls   def by
                               Goals: Nil
        St Damiens 18-22-130
                               Girls came to play and worked hard. All game ran, tackled and
                               put pressure across the centre second half


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