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									             Leroy Neiman – Life of An Artist
Leroy Neiman is one of the most famous American artists of all time. He
is considered the first sports artists in the world. His subject matter
choices including capturing iconic sporting events and famous individuals
along with his unique vibrantly colorful and semi-abstracted style have
come to define his career.

Born in 1921 in St. Paul, Minnesota, Leroy Neiman went on to fight the
Second World War, Neiman returned home and began studying art at the
Art Institute of Chicago. He taught there for ten years early in his career.
In 1954, Neiman began his career with Playboy as a contributing artist
which would give him his first taste of artistic notoriety. It was not until
1960 when Leroy Neiman began traveling to document sporting events
and leisure activities including the World Series, the Kentucky Derby,
boxing championship, Formula One races, the Masters Golf tournament,
Wimbledon, and many more that he really developed into an iconic
painter. He also began painting famous for painting entertainers and
musicians, both living and dead, and his coverage of major events and
individuals made his paintings and his artistic style famous.

In addition to painting sporting and leisure events, Neiman also paints
scenic views and architecture, most famously including the Brooklyn
Bridge in New York where he now calls home, and the Arc de Triomphe in
Paris where he spent time living previously. Leroy Neiman paintings also
depict animals and lifestyle scenes which most famously include casino
and jazz scenes.

Often considered to have an outrageous and flamboyant personality,
Neiman’s personality has been polarizing throughout his career. There is
no doubt that his ability to promote himself and stand out has only added
to his popularity and made him into an iconic artist. His image and
personality only have helped to foster his art career and made his work
and image even more iconic than they might be otherwise.

Leroy Neiman originals have become so collectible for multiple reasons.
First, his art captures a subject matter that most people find interesting
and can relate to. The sports world is endlessly popular around the world,
and his role as the first artist to capture that has made his work a must
have for many high end collectors and art museums. Since he paints live
at many sporting events, millions of people around the world have been
able to see the camera capture him working live. An insight into that
fascinating process which collectors are often excluded from has only
added to his perceived accessibility and drastically increased the
popularity of Neiman paintings. Additionally, his semi-abstracted and
colorful style stands out and instantly brands all of his work. Leroy
Neiman paintings have a style uniquely their own and his artistic
signature has made him one of the most identifiable artists of the
twentieth century.

Leroy Neiman is still living today and resides in New York City. He is still
producing original art, and he creates between three and six paintings per
year. Many say he is the most popular living artist in the United Sates.
Leroy Neiman paintings reside museums all over the world and is
currently in the process of assembling his archives for the Smithsonian is
Washington D.C.

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