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					                                                 making each day a little healthier

Nutrition Tips
April is a taxing month. With April being tax month, it's a good time for a lifestyle audit. Begin by
adding up your nutritional assets and liabilities. Good nutrition promises great returns. Calculate
a lifetime of returns for all the fruits, vegetables and whole grains you include in your diet. Positively
compound your returns if you have included at least 25 (35 for men) grams of fiber. Give yourself
credit if you invest in dairy products daily. If you have splurged on too many sweets and sodas your
nutritional bank account won't be showing any interest. Keep your bottom line healthy by budgeting
one lifestyle change this month.
A Little Goes a Long Way. With oversized menu items plus the daily specials, it is difficult to stay true
to your healthy eating plan. The next time you eat out, determine what you are going to order before
you get to the restaurant and don't even open the menu. Remember, you are in charge - with a little
willpower you will avoid temptation!

Fitness Tip
Extra dividends come from regular physical activity. Round out your personal audit and be sure to
budget time for activity today and always. Invest some time in this 5-minute routine several times
throughout your day. Do each exercise for one minute. With a stationary chair, stand about a foot away
with your back to the chair and slowly lower to tap the seat, return to start position. Facing the back of
the chair and using the back for support, position your legs shoulder-width apart, toes pointed at 10 and
2, and slowly lower and raise back up to start position. Bring your feet together and alternate extending
each leg back with a pointed toe. Move to a wall and position yourself on the wall as if you are sitting.
Move away from the wall and raise-and-lower your heels off the floor.
Overhead triceps extension. Start with a pair of dumbbells appropriate for your fitness level and sit on a
bench. Raise the dumbbells straight overhead so your palms face each other. Without moving your
upper arms, bend your elbows to slowly lower the weights behind your head. Pause, then raise back to
the starting position. Do 2 or 3 sets of 12-15.

Health Tip
Itchy, sneezy, watery, wheezy, coughy, achy and grumpy. Sounds like the dwarfs.'s allergy
season. While welcoming spring, some 35 million people suffer from allergies. An important
component of allergy management is avoiding those allergens that make you sneeze and
wheeze. Complete avoidance is impossible but there are ways to lessen your exposure. Spring's fresh
air is tempting but open windows and doors let pollens drift in. Use an air conditioner and a
dehumidifier to keep air clean, cool and dry even though it may be more costly. Keep car windows
closed when driving and use your air conditioner instead of blowing in fresh air. Minimize outside
activity on days the pollen count or humidity is high. Wear a mask when you mow the lawn. Take a
shower after spending time outdoors to remove allergens that may be on your skin or in your hair. And,
keep dust to a minimum in your home.
These tips authored by NBC Today Show on-air fitness expert Kathy Kaehler,
Copyright © 2006, Health-E-tips, Inc.

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