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               Transcribed from the Jones’ rendition of the
                         SB Cipher Manuscript

8: Like 42, this is one of the fundamental           ALHAZRED, ABDUL: Poet, mystic, and
building blocks of the entire Space/Time             author of the Necronomicon. Alhazred is
Continuum. Infinity Sideways.                        known for his many travels to forgotten and
                                                     unholy places across the Middle East.
42: Like 8, this is one of the fundamental           During his pilgrimages through Egypt and
building blocks of the entire Space/Time             other lands he fell into a trance-like state.
Continuum. The answer to Life, the                   This trance lasted for 8 years, during which
universe, and everything.                            time he wrote a treatise on magic which has
                                                     come to be known as the Necronomicon.
8TH DIMENSION: The home dimension of                 Through the use of magical procedures and
the Octom.                                           hallucinogenic drugs, the mad Arab was
                                                     able to gaze upon different worlds and
13TH COLONY, THE: The 13th colony                    dimensions, and he wrote down much of
fleeing the Cylon tyranny which set down on          what he saw in his book. Legends claim
the New Earth.                                       Alhazred as being devoured in a
                                                     marketplace of Damascus in broad daylight
ACKBAR, ADMIRAL: Commander of the                    by an invisible monster.
Rebel Fleet.
                                                     ALIENS: Aliens were originally created by
ADRICK: Companion of Dr. Who, Nissa,                 Vogons, and were later cloned by the Octom
Tegan and Tarlo. Encounters Axl Rose in              for use as slavesoldiers. These Xenomorphs
the underground Kinda Realm.                         can be seen participating in every Octom
                                                     ground offensive beside their fellow
ADUMBRALI:          Entities from another            slavesoldiers, the Werebears.
dimension which appear as globules of
darkness. These creatures are said to send           ALEXANDER, LYTA: Psi Corps Level P5
messengers to other dimensions to attract            telepath, assigned to Babylon 5 in 2257.
prey for their own hunting pleasure. These           Born Earth, December 10th 2225, 6th
messengers seem to be members of the                 generation telepath, registered with the Psi
native culture, but have an unnatural grace          Corps December 18th, 2252, license
and are capable of great feats of hypnotism,         N617CC860
which they use to ensnare their victims. The
minds of these unfortunates are sent to the          ALLAN, ZACK:       Security Officer aboard
adumbrali’s homeland, where they are                 Babylon 5.
tortured and devoured.
                                                     AGAMEMNON:          Earth Alliance heavy
ALDERANGREY: Leader of the sinister                  cruiser.
Greys, on their home planet of Mortax.

ANCIENT ONES: Transmogrified Beings                     were destroyed by a combined force of
who have passed through the Ultimate Gate               humans, Predators, and the minions of the
guarded by Tawil at’Umr. Though originally              world defense system SkyNet.
of many different species, they appear in
Tawil at‘Umr’s great temple as cloaked,                 ARAGORN:       Ranger dewd friend of
sleeping figures bearing scepters and                   Gandalfs, the Baggins' and the dwarves.
seated on pedestals. The Ancient Ones                   Also known as Stryder.
only wake to aid those who desire to enter
the Ultimate Gate and join their number. It             AREA 42: Underground complex run by the
may be that the Ancient Ones are the Great              US Government for secret and special
Old Ones themselves.                                    operations. Originally built by an alien race.

ANTI-MISSILE SYSTEM (BATTLETECH):                       ARKHAM: Town located on the Miskatonic
The Anti-Missile system when mounted                    River in Essex County, Massachusetts.
aboard battlemechs is a rapid-fire, point               Arkham was founded in the latter 17th
defense machine gun capable of tracking,                century by free-thinkers who found the
engaging, and destroying incoming missiles.             area’s religious communities too strict. The
                                                        town grew slowly at first, which agriculture
ANTI-PERSONNEL PODS (BATTLETECH):                       being the primary source of revenue.
Anti-Personnel Pods are mounted on some                 Around the year 1692, the witchcraft fever
Clan OmniMechs as a deterrent against                   which swept Salem also touched Arkham.
close assault by infantry units. They are               In 1861, Miskatonic Liberal College was
designed to meet the twin threats posed by              founded and became the town’s most
anti 'Mech infantry forces and regular                  famous landmark.
infantry from concealment in rugged or built-
up areas. While infantry has never been                 ARMITAGE, HENRY: One time head
considered much of a threat to 'Mechs in the            librarian at Miskatonic University, and the
Inner Sphere, the use of body armor and the             author of Notes toward a Bibliography of
greater power of Elementals have made foot              World Occultism, Mysticism, and Magic
soldiers too potent to be ignored. A-Pods               (Miskatonic University Press, 1927), and
are directional mines installed on lower                Devils and Demons in the Miskatonic Valley.
portions of a 'Mech where infantry must
attack if they plan to plant explosives on the          ARROW IV MISSILE ARTILLERY SYSTEM
sensitive actuator mechanisms. When an A-               (BATTLETECH): The Arrow IV is a stand-
Pod is triggered, it blasts a cloud of shrapnel         alone missile system designed to deliver
over an effective radius of roughly 15                  long-rang salvos as a supplement to
meters, with a devastating effect on troops             conventional artillery pieces. There are two
unfortunate enough to be in the open at the             basic types. The most common and least
moment of the explosion.                                expensive is the standard Area Saturation
                                                        Missile. This attacks area targets, doing
APEBAT: Rare mutant creature.                           general high-explosive damage to any
                                                        object with a 30-meter blast radius. The
APES: Apes are superintelligent Earth                   second type of Arrow missile is the homing
creatures who lost their intellectual capacity          missile, which homes in on a target
when the meteor that killed the dinosaurs hit           designated by a spotter unit that caries
the Earth. They regained their intelligence             Target Acquisition Gear (TAG) on the
as a result of The Explosion. The Apes                  battlefield.
                                                       mount more sophisticated fire-control
ARTEMIS IV FIRE-CONTROL SYSTEM                         systems. These superior electronics extend
(BATTLETECH): A fire control system that               effective ranges by roughly 20%.            In
improves the accuracy of standard missile              addition, the LB-X autocannon can also use
launchers. Mounted in a dome on the side               special Cluster Munitions, which act much
of the launcher, the Artemis locks onto any            like an anti-mech shotgun in combat. When
target, illuminates it with an infrared beam,          fired, the ammunition fragments into several
and fires a spread of missiles. The system             smaller submunitions. This improves the
provides constant course correction data to            chances of scoring a hit and of striking a
the missiles in flight with a tight-beam               critical location, but reduces overall damage
microwave communications link.             The         by spreading hits over the target area rather
Artemis increases the number of missiles               than concentrating it on one location.
that hit the target, but it is only as good as
the gunner operating it. The designated                AVALON: Time Guardian. Cursed to do
target is chosen by centering crosshairs and           evil things by the Greys as Sauron until he
initiating a launch.                                   finds the Ring.

ATLAS: A devastating 100 ton BattleMech                AZATHOTH: Outer God also known as the
used by House Steiner in the defense of the            primal Chaos and the Daemon Sultan.
Earth during the Octom's invasion. It's main           Azathoth normally is a shapeless chaotic
weapon is the horrific Autocannon 20, a                mass, but has been known to take on other
weapon of incredible firepower. Its face is a          forms when he has been summoned.
painted skull, giving this Mech a reputation           Azathoth sits in his court at the center of
of terror and brutality.                               Ultimate Chaos (others say the center of the
                                                       universe, or even caverns beneath the
AUTOBOTS: Inhabitants of Cybertron and                 Earth),      mindlessly    bubbling      and
the enemies of the Decepticons, these                  blaspheming as he presides over the dance
Transformers are led by Optimus Prime.                 of the Other Gods. A veil of colors seals off
                                                       the rest of the universe from the court of
AUTOCANNON:            Standard and Ultra              Azathoth, where conventional laws of space
models available on battlemechs. The Ultra             and time break down. Azathoth may only
autocannon is the model of choice, as it is            leave his throne if summoned through
more versatile, featuring a short, smooth-             incantation or through special portals. The
bore barrel, a modified breech mechanism,              utterance of Azathoth’s name gives one
a rapid fire reloader, and specially designed          great power over beings from outside, and
ammunition. Autocannons come in sizes                  his unknown secret name gives even more
ranging from an AC/2 as it is commonly                 influence. Not even the Necronomicon
designated to an AC/5 AC/10 or the deadly,             contains Azathoth's secret name. Some
and legendary AC/20. LB-X models are                   also assert that the Daemon Sultan was not
experimental setups, but make use of light,            always an idiot chaos; instead, he lost his
heat-dissipating alloys to reduce weight and           intellect and body in a great intercosmic
heat buildup. These materials make the                 battle, in which he may have been thrust
weapon more expensive than the standard                entirely outside this dimension.         This
autocannon, but the advantages are worth               interpretation is only found within a few
the higher costs. Because of reduced space             works, including some translations of the SB
and weight requirements, all LB-X A/C's also           cipher manuscript where it should be noted

that Azathoth may be merely the puppet of
something infinitely more horrible. Soul and           BATTLEMECH: Ten thousand years of
messenger is Nyarlathotep.                             organized warfare have culminated in that
                                                       fabrication of arms and armor, of mobility
BALLHOG: Giant creature which carries a                and strength called the Battlemech. The
huge glowing sphere and leads Balrogs in               typical 'Mech stands 10 to 12 meters tall.
battle. A minion of Sauron.                            Vaguely humanoid, it is an armored giant of
                                                       myth and legend come to life The lightest
BABYLON 5: A space station built and run               weight 20 tons, the heaviest almost 100
by the Earth Alliance located in neutral               tons. Even the smallest 'Mech bristles with
space more or less central to all five of the          lasers, particle cannons, long- and short-
major races in the Babylon space/time                  range missile launchers, autocannons, or
phase shift. It is 10 kilometers long and four         machineguns which make it striding,
kilometers wide, and is divided into various           thundering death for any unarmored army
sections. Babylon 5 is the fifth station to            silly enough to stand and fight.
carry the name "Babylon", built on a minimal
budget due to the loss of Babylon 4.                   BATTLESTAR: Giant space BattleCruisers
                                                       used by humans evading the Cylons. The
BAGGINS, BILBO: A hobbit living in Middle              only surviving ones at the beginning of this
Earth and a relative of Frodo Baggins.                 story were the Galactica and the Pegasus.

BAGGINS, FRODO: A hobbit who is caught                 BEAGLE ACTIVE PROBE (BATTLETECH):
up in the giant Time/Space War and                     Capable of detecting and identifying even
becomes a major participant. Abducted by               shut-down and camouflaged battlemechs at
the Greys who clone him and disguise their             distances much greater than the standard
facsimile as Manbat.                                   Electronic Warfare suites, the Active Probe
                                                       is a valued addition to any recon unit.
BALROG: Immense, winged creatures
created by Melkor in the first age of Middle           B.F.B. (BUKU FUCK BACK): Think back to
Earth, they wield whips and flaming                    when the Egyptians built the's
swords. Primary badass SlaveSoldiers of                back way farther than that.
                                                       BISHOP, THE: The Jedi Knight, Luke
BATMAN: Superhero who fights crime in                  Skywalker who travels back into time.
Gothem City and who attempted to
apprehend Slash. Wanted for the murder of              BLACK PHAROH: Individual, sometimes
Michael Keaton.                                        name “Khotep”, who lived at the end of the
                                                       Sixth Dynasty. This title has also been
BATTLE BRIDGE: Secondary bridge on the                 given to be Nephren-Ka and Nyarlathotep,
Enterprise NCC-1701-D utilized in time of              and often refers to individuals in vastly
emergency.                                             different periods. The Black Pharaoh is
                                                       often symbolized by an inverted ankh, or
BATTLEGNU: Trusty war steed of Sauron.                 cross of life.
Huge flying beast with unprecedented
stamina, a viscous bite, and razor sharp               BLACK STONE: The Black Stone is
hoofs.                                                 shaped like an obelisk, and is carved from a
                                                       strange translucent stone. This monument
is engraved with indecipherable carvings,             related information on the history of the
but most of these have been chipped or                multiverse.
weathered away. No one knows what
civilization erected the Black stone, but for         BORG: Race of cyborgs who assimilate all
thousands of years the Black Stone was the            cultures they come in contact with. Very
site of rituals conducted by primitive hill           powerful and adaptive. The Borg are a race
people. Gazing at the stone for any length            of cybernetically enhanced humanoids from
of time causes insanity, and those who even           the Delta Quadrant whose bodies contain
near its vacinity are haunted in their dreams         cybernetic implants, the purpose of which is
for the rest of their lives.                          to give us a distinct technological advantage
                                                      over the many inferior species they
B’MOTH, ALSO BEHEMOTH: Oceanic                        encounter.
deity worshipped in many parts of the world.
B’moth desires to return all of humanity to           They strive toward perfection, and wish to
the savage state which it once held, and can          improve ourselves. Each BORG is outfitted
control weather and animals to accomplish             with specialized hardware so that specific
this purpose. This creature may be another            tasks can be performed. Furthermore, all
name of Cthulhu, or may be associated with            Borg are connected to each other via a
he Great Old Ones in some way.                        sophisticated subspace communications
                                                      network, forming a group consciousness
BOKRUG: A god who took the shape of a                 which called The Collective.
water-lizard, and who was worshipped by
the Thuum’ha of Ib. He is especially
                                                      The Borg are strong because we act as one.
infamous for his vengeance upon those who
                                                      Through teamwork, nothing is impossible.
offend him; his revenge may take hundreds
                                                      By connecting themselves to the Collective,
of years to visit itself upon his foes, but
                                                      they can rapidly adapt to any outside
when it comes, it is swift and devastating.
                                                      stimulus.       Most      defensive/offensive
The entire city of Sarnath blasphemed
                                                      maneuvers are limited to one (at the most
against this deity for many centuries, but in
                                                      two) attempt(s). The swift adaptability is one
the end Bokrug’s wrath visited itself upon
                                                      of the reasons they have assimilated so
the metropolis.         Bokrug sometimes
manifests itself in the Dreamlands, and               many civilizations so easily.
some evidence suggests that Bokrug may
not be a god, but is in fact one of a race of         Their ultimate goal is to assimilate every
humanoid beings who have set themselves               inferior species, culture and technology
up as gods of the Thuum’ha, as the people             throughout the galaxy into the Collective.
of Ib are known. Others disagree, and say             Assimilation is a swift and "painless"
the “Bokrug” only masks a more dangerous              procedure, and can be accomplished on a
entity.                                               large scale. Preparation is irrelevant. Self-
                                                      determination is irrelevant. Resistance is
BONES:      Medical officer aboard the                futile. All species will ultimately become one
Enterprise NCC-1701.      Real name is                with the BORG.
Leonard H. McCoy.
                                                      BOROMIR: Warrior from Gondor who goes
BOOK OF G'QUAN: Ancient Text of the                   to Rivendell. Leads the Elves in the battle
Narn full of containing prophesy and other            against Sauron, and is eventually slain by

                                                       BYAKHEE: Creatures resembling bats,
BROTHERHOOD OF THE BLACK                               birds, moles, and decomposed humans. Te
PHARAOH: Cult devoted to the return of                 byakhee dwell in interstellar space, though
the Black Pharaoh avatar of Nyarlathotep.              they have been known to frequent Yoggoth
The group’s leadership has remained                    and other worlds. They serve the Great Old
primarily Egyptian, but in recent years its            One Hastur, and are often involved in his
branches have been attracting members                  rituals. They byakhee are also used as
from all backgrounds and nationalities. This           mounts that may carry a rider between the
group has known affiliations with the Cult of          stars, provided that the riders have drunk
the Bloody Tongue, the Starry Wisdom                   space-mead. By activating an organ in its
church, and the Brotherhood of the Beast.              abdomen called a hune, the byakhee
One subcult of this group, the Children of             creates a state which allows it to span
the Sphinx, is dedicated to the production of          interstellar distances so quickly that it may
animal-headed composite mummies.                       seem to be teleportation to the unknowing
BROWNSTONE,          MR.:         Supreme
commander of the Corridor armada. Those                To summon a byakhee, the wizard waits
minions 8who commit even the slightest                 until a night when Aldebaren is above the
infraction are punished by horrible death.             horizon. Then he blows a special whistle
The mention of Ratdogs makes him go mad                and chants the following words:
with rage.
                                                       Ia! Ia! Hastur! Hastur of ayak 'vulgtmm,
BUGG-SHASH: Great Old One who takes                    vulgtmm, vulgtmm! Ai!Ai! Hastur!
the form of an inky blackness covered with
many eyes and mouths which emit a                      C3 COMPUTER (BATTLETECH): Recently
chittering sound. Bugg-Shash has been                  designed and fielded by the Draconis
known to sorcerers since Atlantean times,              Combine               military,          the
and manifests itself when sorcerers call it            Command/Control/Communications          (C3)
into this dimension.        The would-be               computer system is a piece of equipment
summoner should be quick in telling Bugg-              intended for installation in command or
Shash where it may find a victim, or Bugg-             reconnaissance 'Mechs or vehicles. One of
Shash may take the caster instead. Bugg-               the first battlemechs to see combat with the
Shash can only exist in darkness, but                  system was the Balista piloted by Hasagawa
bringing the Great Old One into the light will         Oshita. The system is designed to help unit
not banish it permanently. Bugg-Shash                  commanders coordinate activities on the
must remain in this dimension until it has             lance and company levels.
found and feasted on a victim, after which it
will return to its home. It may also have              CALRISSIAN, LANDO: If you don't know,
power over the dead, so those dealing with             go see Star Wars!
it should be especially cautious. Bugg-
Shash is known to be one of the servants of            CELLULAR AMMUNITION STORAGE
Yog-Sothoth. Though often included among               EQUIPMENT (BATTLETECH): CASE is a
the Great Old Ones, some say that it is in             damage-control technology that mitigates
fact only one of the parasites that feed off           the effects of internal ammunition
such beings.                                           explosions. When ammo explodes in a
                                                       section with CASE, the force of the

explosion blows out specially designed               species, come to conquer humanity. Not
panels and armor, directing the main force           until almost a year later did the Inner Sphere
of the explosion away from the 'Mech's vital         know for sure the Clans were Human, but
components, such as the cockpit or the               their practices so strange that they are
engine.                                              almost as alien as another species.

CELEBORN: Married to Galadriel.                      For months the Clans were unstoppable.
                                                     Even crack units fell before them. One of
CHAPEL, NURSE: Head nurse aboard the                 the first regiments to fall to the Clans we the
Enterprise NCC-1701.                                 elite Seventeenth Skye Rangers, victims of
                                                     the Jade Falcons' first wave strike at
CHAKOTAY:       First officer aboard USS             Barcelona.      Indeed, the list of units
Voyager.                                             destroyed or seriously disrupted by the
                                                     Clans is impressive.
CHEKOV, PAVEL: Weapons officer aboard
the Enterprise NCC-1701.                             The clans appear to be inconsistent in their
                                                     behavior toward their subjects once they
CHEWBACCA: Wookie Monster                            have captured worlds. They use some of
                                                     their captives as slaves, while others
CLANS: From the final days of 3049 and               continue their lives as if no change had
continuing into 3050, the shape of the Inner         occurred. One time they are magnanimous,
Sphere began to change. From beyond the              and another they are savage, killing millions
Periphery came the Jade Falcons, the                 from space with their warships as at Edo on
Wolves, the Smoke Jaguars, and the Ghost             Turtle Bay.
Bears, invading Warrior Clans who easily
pushed aside the defending armies in their           The Clans met their first defeats on a planet
way. In less than a year the Clans seized            known as Twycross at the hands of an
more than 100 worlds from the Successor              enemy infinitely more powerful than even
States.                                              they - The Imperial Armada with Grand
                                                     Admiral Thrawn aboard the flagship
For 250 years, the House Lords had fought            Vindicator along with the Emperor himself.
among themselves in the endless conflict             There have been no new attacks for
known as the Succession Wars. Many                   months, and there are indications that their
people died, a few worlds changed hands,             front-line units have left the Inner Sphere,
and the level of technology degenerated              presumably to regroup while garrison troops
even further. For all the fighting and the           protect their holdings.
dying, little changed from the time General
Alexander Kerensky took the Star League              CLAN TACTICS: Tactically, the Clans fight
Regular Army with him into the unknown               much differently from the armies of the Inner
until 13 August 3049, the day the Inner              Sphere. Their attacks are direct, with little
Sphere came into First Contact with the              deception. Theirs is a strategy born from
Clan Juggernaut.                                     the confidence of superior equipment.
                                                     Using less than all the forces available is a
With their superior war machines, strange            concept foreign to the Successor States,
practices, and superhuman infantry, these            although Draconis Combine's tradition of
invaders were thought to be an alien                 honor comes the closest in practice. This

manifests itself differently on the battlefield         Around the age of forty, Conan seized the
too.     The long accepted practice of                  throne of Aquilonia, the most powerful
concentrating fire on a single enemy 'Mech              kingdom in the Hyborian lands. What
appears to be unknown to the Clans. Each                happened after this is only conjecture; some
Clan warrior selects his own target, and it             say he left the world to battle greater evil.
appears to be dishonorable to allow another
warrior to help in a kill.                              CORRIDOR:       The domain of Sauron in
                                                        Middle Earth.
COLD WASTE: Region to the north of the
Dreamlands in which the mountain of                     CORRIDOR ARMADA: The massive space
Kadath may be found. See Dreamlands.                    fleets of Sauron, commanded by Mr.
COLONIAL CONQUEST: One of many 'all
nighter' Atari computer "Did I            COSMIC BALANCE, THE: All time favorite
send Navy here?" -Punisher.                             Atari 8-bit tactical starship combat computer
                                                        simulation game.
outer space which appears to be a color of              CREATION MATRIX: Device used by
no known spectrum (though it may take on                Transformers to make new Transformers.
more material from after some time on                   Stolen by the Greys.
Earth). The Colour's entire life-cycle is
unknown, however, the embryonic stage is                CTHONIANS:         Subterranean burrowers
that of a small sphere three inches in                  resembling short-tentacled, eyeless squids,
diameter.      When it enters a planet's                which are led by a gigantic member of their
atmosphere, the sphere is broken and the                species named Shudde-M'ell. These beings
Colour larva emerges. It them begins to                 were imprisoned once, but were released
exert a subtle influence over life in the               and spread ferociously throughout the world
surrounding area, feeding first on the lower            tunneling through the earth's crust. The
levels of the food chain and then working its           cthonians move by burrowing through rock,
way up to animals and humans. Lifeforms                 using a process that seems to melt the
affected by this often grow to abnormal                 stone through which they travel. By use of a
sizes and mature, though soon after they                similar ability, the cthonians may create
crumble into dust. When the Colour has                  earthquakes and subsidences wherever
gained enough energy, it drains the                     they desire. In fact, the San Francisco
surrounding area and flies off into space,              earthquake of 1906 has been credited to
leaving a blasted area devoid of all life               this species.
behind it.       The best known Colour
appearance was near Clark's Corners,                    The cthonians posses amazing telepathic
Massachusetts in 1882, on a site now                    powers, and are vulnerable to very few
covered by the new Arkham reservoir.                    substances. Highly powerful explosives only
                                                        hurt them slightly, and due to their tunneling
CONAN: Barbarian friend of Hyuj and most                activities extremes of temperature to not
famous hero of the Hyborian Age. Conan                  affect them. Radiation or immersion in
distinguished himself in war many times. He             water can cause serious damage to
set out for adventure, and traversed a great            cthonians, however it should be noted that
deal of the world working as a mercenary.               the cthonians are quite intelligent and are

unlikely to put themselves into a position           One day, disaster struck black R'lyeh. It
where they might be in danger. Their                 may have been the vengeance of unknown
telepathic contact with each other makes it          deities, changes in the stars, and the time of
unlikely that any strategy will work twice.          this catastrophe is also uncertain. No
                                                     matter the cause or the time, the city of
CTHULHU (also Kutulu): An amorphous                  R'lyeh sank beneath the Pacific Ocean,
Great Old One who most frequently                    trapping Cthulhu and all of his spawn. The
resembles a clawed, octopus-headed                   water blocked most of their telepathic
humanoid with gigantic batlike wings.                signals, cutting off all contact with their
Cthulhu sleeps in a deathlike trance beneath         worshipers except though occasional
the Pacific Ocean, but he will one day               dreams. Cthulhu was helpless to do
awaken to rule the world.                            anything but wait until the stars came right,
                                                     when he would be freed from his prison.
Records of Cthulhu's origins are
fragmentary, but it seems that he originated         Since then, Cthulhu's tomb has emerged
on the world of Vhoorl in the twenty-third           from the water from time to time, freeing
nebula. He later traveled to the green               Cthulhu for brief periods. These have only
double star of Xoth, where he mated with a           been short respites for the Great Old One,
creature named Idh-yaa to produce the                for each time R'lyeh has sunk back beneath
Great Old Ones Ghatanothoa, Ythogtha and             the sea after a few days or weeks. A day
Zoth-Ommog. From here Cthulhu, his                   will come, however, when the black city will
children, and a species known as the star-           not return to the sea floor. Cthulhu will then
spawn flew to Saturn, and from there                 ravage and slay across the world, ushering
descended to Earth.                                  in a new age. Legend has it that Cthulhu
                                                     will once again take to the stars through an
Upon their arrival, Cthulhu and his retinue          incursion into Earthspace by a force from
took up residence of a continent in the              some alternate dimension.
Pacific Ocean, where they build the great
stone city of R'lyeh. At first, Cthulhu's            CYLONS: Robotic enemies of humankind,
spawn encountered resistance from the                responsible for the destruction of all
Elder Things, who had dwelt on the earth for         Battlestars, excluding the Galactica and the
millions of years before Cthulhu's coming.           Pegasus.
Following a war in which Cthulhu's spawn
enjoyed many years of freedom on this                CYBERDINE SYSTEMS: Company which
world, but soon they fell into a period of           created SkyNet and which later built all
deep hibernation. During these millions of           cyborg units for SkyNet including: Model
years, humanity began to thrive on the               101: Looks human, has living tissue over a
planet. Cthulhu spoke to the humans                  metal endoskeleton. Model Ape 209: Looks
through their dreams, communicating great            like an Ape and was used in the war against
interstellar distances and spanning though           the Apes. Same structure as the 101. Alpha
even time itself. Cthulhu instructed many on         Papa Echo 607: Flying patrol machine, or
where to find statues in his image from the          hunter/killer.
stars and instructing them in the proper
worship of the lord of R'lyeh. In this way ,         CYBERTRON:       Home planet of the
the cult of Cthulhu began.                           Autobots, Decepticons, and all other

                                                       may be summoned by a ceremony in the
DAGON (Also FATHER DAGON): Minor                       Book of Eibon.
being who leads the deep ones and in turn
serves Cthulhu. Dagon appears as a deep                DATA: 2nd officer aboard the Enterprise
one of tremendous proportions, or more                 NCC-1701-D. It is a sentient android with a
rarely as a cloud of mist. The deep ones               pale complexion.
and some coastal humans worship him
alongside his mate, Mother Hydra.                      DECEPTICON: Group of Transformers who
                                                       seek to destroy the Autobots and conquer
Dagon's cults have existed for millennia.              Cybertron. Lead by Megatron.
Legend has it that the Phoenicians come to
power through the influence of Dagon, and              DELENN: Minbari ambassador to Babylon
that the end of their supremacy came when              5.
they turned away from him. One of his
modern-day cults, the Esoteric Order of                DEEP ONE: They are human in general
Dagon in Innsmouth, Massachusetts, was                 outline despite webbed hands and feet,,
raided by governmental agents in 1928 due              wide and flabby lips, glassy, bulging eyes,
to reports of strange disappearances and               gigantic scaly arms and other less pleasant
illegal activities in that town.                       features. Members of an ancient race of
                                                       fish/man things, who served Cthulhu in the
It has been claimed that Dagon is only an              old times. possibly they came with him
Avatar of Cthulhu, a portion of that being             when he appeared on earth, or maybe
which was not trapped beneath R'lyeh. Past             created by him after his arrival. It is
encounters, however, suggest that Dagon is             rumored the deep ones were trying to create
merely an exceedingly large deep one, and              a shoggoth off of Innsmouth, before the
that the names "Dagon" and "Hydra" may be              submarine attack from the humans
titles given to the largest of their species.          postponed their blasphemous plans.

Dagon was originally a Semitic fertility god           DEPRIOTIZER: Weapon used by Mr.
worshiped by the Sumerians, Akkadians,                 Brownstone which atomizes the victim.
Canaanites, and Philistines.         Samson
knocked down a temple of Dagon upon his                DESTROID (ROBOTECHNOLOGY): Non-
tormentors (Judges 16:23). Later, when the             transformable ground mecha used for
Ark of the Covenant was left in the temple of          assault, defense, riot control, and
Dagon, the statue of that deity was mutilated          reconnaissance.       They are generally
(1 Samuel 5:2).                                        lumbering giants which resemble the
                                                       Veritech Fighter in Battloid mode. Most are
DARK YOUNG OF SHUB-NIGGURATH:                          armed with a variety of missiles, auto
Creatures which are the spawn of the outer             cannons, and energy weapons. They are
god. They have tremendous black bodies                 comparable to a Battlemech, but far more
with many thick tentacles sprouting from               devastating and maneuverable. The
their tops, hoofed feet, and slobbering                Destroids, like the Veritech fighters,
mouths protruding from their sides. Shub-              combines traditional technology and power
Niggurath's children normally dwell in forests         systems with small protoculture-based
where cults of that deity meet. Dark young             engines and Robotechnology. Also, like the
                                                       Veritech pilots, the Destroid pilots share a

symbiotic relationship with the device he/she            of Byatis and the worm-wizards of Irem, the
operates. This endows the massive mecha                  true nature of the Egyptian crocodile-god
with surprising agility and mobility.                    Sebek, and a series of operations intended
However, the Destroid's design sacrifices                to speed the transformation of a human-
the astonishing speed, agility and overall               deep one hybrid.
versatility of the Veritech fighters in favor of
much more raw firepower. Instead, they are               DEEP ONE: Fish-like humanoid beings
a walking armory, heavily armored and                    which worship Dagon, Hydra, and Cthulhu,
capable of massive destruction. Like Earth's             though this title may also be applied to other
artillery or tank divisions of old, these all            aquatic creatures which worship the Great
terrain vehicles are a main line defense or              Old Ones. Some believe that the deep ones
assault force of amazing power. Housed                   came to Earth at the same time Cthulhu and
aboard the Super Dimensional Fortress.                   his kin arrived and adapted to live under
                                                         water, but others contend that the creatures
DE VERMIS MYSTERIIS: Book written by                     originated on this planet.
Ludwig Prinn circa 1542(though a date of
1484 has also been given, this time is more              Most deep ones look much like bipedal frogs
historically likely). Just before the author's           with scales, bulging eyes, gills, and webbed
death at the hands of the Inquisition,                   hands and feet. Communication between
unknown individuals smuggled this volume                 deep ones seems to be telepathic in nature,
out of his cell.                                         though they may also speak to their human
                                                         agents through croaking noises.
One year after its author's death, a Latin
edition of De Vermis Mysteriis was                       For the most part, the deep ones remain
published. A great deal of this copy was                 apart from humanity. Chance meetings do
written in characters which resembled the                occur, however. Some of these encounters
runic alphabets of the Celts. It may be that             have given rise to sailor's tales of
Prinn came upon a copy of the Druidic                    "mermaids" and other people of the ocean,
rituals which Roman scribes preserved and                such as the adaro sea-spirits feared by the
used it in a portion of his manuscript, or               Solomon islanders. Sometimes deep ones
possibly the 'runes' are part of a cipher used           establish cults among coast dwellers that
to conceal matters of great importance.                  have contacted them by accident. The most
With lack of any readily accessible copy of              famous of these sects was the Esoteric
the book, it is difficult to tell whether this           Order of Dagon which was supposedly
manuscript is unique or if this oddity may               destroyed in the government raid on
also be found in the other editions. When                Innsmouth, Massachusetts in 1928.
the Church found out about the book, they
considered it to be so dangerous that Pope               DELTA GREEN: Secretive government
Pius V banned it in 1569.                                organization devoted to the investigation of
                                                         paranormal events. Delta Green had its
De Vermis Mysteriis is divided into sixteen              roots in the Office of Naval Intelligence's P
chapters, each dealing with a different topic            Division, which had an important role in the
such as divination, familiars, necromancy,               Innsmouth raid of 1928. In 1942 it became
elementals, and vampires. Spells to call                 affiliated with the Office of Strategic Services
down invisible monsters from the skies are               under its new title Delta Green, so called for
also held with this volume, along with tales             the green triangular stickers placed on the

folders of its personnel.           The new           Heat Sinks can cool a 'Mech much more
organization immediately set about                    efficiently. Though weighing the same as
exploring the Nazi interest in the occult.            standard heat sinks, the double versions are
                                                      considerable bulkier, taking up extra space
Delta Green was disbanded after 1945, but             aboard the 'Mech and making it impossible
was reassembled in 1947 after the Roswell             to mount this equipment in a 'Mechs legs.
crash. The group carried out operations in            Torso mounted Double Heat Sinks tend to
Antarctica, Russia, the Congo, and Vietnam,           limit space available for weapons. The two
all with the goal of eliminating supernatural         heat-dissipation       technologies      are
threats to natural security. In 1970 Delta            incompatible, forcing design engineers to
Green was officially disbanded, however, it           choose between the superior cooling of
has continued as an informal network                  double sinks or the greater room for
operating illegal within the federal                  weapons provided by the standard types.
                                                      DREAMLANDS:            Alternate dimension
DHOLES: Creatures which resemble huge                 accessible through a person's dreams.
white worms with an open cavity at one end            Some physical portals between the
which serves as a mouth. From this cavity             Dreamlands and the waking world do exist,
the Dhole may spit a huge quantity of mucus           but these gateways are few and are often
that engulfs its target. In some cases                found in dangerous locales in both realms.
Dholes have been described as being larger            Usually the name "Dreamlands" is only
than an ocean liner, but much smaller ones            applied to that dimension visited by humans,
with pig-like snouts have been reported               but other dreamlands do exist. The Great
elsewhere.     How these beings travel                Old Ones and Cthulhu possess some power
between worlds in unknown, some suggest               over the dreamlands, however the extent of
that Dholes are the spawn of Dreamland                their influence is unknown.
beings who send their children through the
universe through wormholes.                           DRINK, THE: A mysterious substance
                                                      which signifies that you are pretty
DIMENSIONAL SHAMBLERS: Humanoid                       screwed....i.e..."a zillion krillion ships eating
creatures with wrinkled hides and huge                the drink."
claws. Shamblers live in the same alternate
dimension where Yog-Sothoth dwells,                   DROPSHIP: Used by the forces of the Inner
Wizards often summon them to Earth using              Sphere to transport BattleMechs from space
a ritual which requires a dagger of pure              to a planets surface.
metal, but shamblers occasionally appear
spontaneously in our dimension. When
                                                      DWARVES: Allies of good in the world of
shamblers encounter humans, they usually
                                                      Middle Earth.
grab a victim and vanish with him into their
own dimension.
                                                      EARTH: Home planet of Humans. Invaded
                                                      by Apes, Aliens, WereBears and Octom.
DONKET: A name Nissa gave to her pet
                                                      Eventually abandoned as a lifeless polluted
                                                      joke of celestial body until the merging of
                                                      Middle Earth.
Sinks with a heat-dissipation rate twice as
fast as that of basic heat sinks. Double at
EARTH, CENTER OF THE: Area of the                        became terrified, sealed the tombs of the
planet where the Vogons kept several billion             evil ones with the Elder Sign, and placed
Aliens in stasis.                                        them in the care of Nodens, lord of the
                                                         Great Abyss.
EARTH, MIDDLE:          World where the                  2) The Elder gods are the Antarctic Elder
Space/Time Bubble Experiment begins.                     Things, who imprisoned the Great Old Ones
Home of Sauron, Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimly,                 for unknown reasons.
Legolas, Sauroman, Bilbo Baggins, Frodo                  3) The Elder gods do exist, but are no
Baggins, Dwarves, Elves, Nazgul, Ballhogs,               better in nature than the Great Old Ones,
Balrogs, Orcs, Goblins, Dragons, Eagles,                 the outcome for humanity will be the same
Gollum, and other such creatures.                        in the end.

ECLIPSE: Massive capital flagship of the                 EDWARDS, COMMANDER:      Regimental
imperial armada commanded by admiral                     Commander and mechwarrior for house
Andara.                                                  Davion.

ELDER GODS: Certain sources claim these                  ELDER SIGN: Magical symbol usually
are beings opposed to the Great Old Ones.                drawn as a star with an eye in the center,
The Elder gods supposedly originate from                 with a pillar of flame where the pupil should
some alternate dimension. At some point in               be. The Elder sign protects its user from the
the past, the Great Old Ones, who may                    minions of the Great Old Ones. Why this
have been created as the Elder gods’                     glyph has these effects can only be
servants or even numbered among them                     conjectured. As the Elder gods thrust the
‘rebelled.’ In retribution for this affront, the         Great Old Ones into their prisons, they
Elder gods came to Earth and battled the                 might have inserted memory patterns into
Great Old Ones. This war concluded with                  their foes’ minds that rendered the Great
the imprisonment of the Great Old Ones and               Old Ones helpless against certain syllables
the return of the Elder Gods to their homes.             and sigils, of which the Elder Sign was one.
According to myth, the Elder gods, including             The degree to which the Elder Sign will
Nodens will arise to combat their ancient                protect a human who holds it in front of a
foes when the stars are right again and the              Mythos creature is debatable. Some say it
Great Old Ones break free of their prisons.              will protect him from even human servants
                                                         of the Mythos, other from the nonhuman
Most scholars do not accept this distinction             followers of the Great Old Ones only, and
however, finding it unconvincing to equate               still others hold that it provides no
the amore Great Old Ones with ‘evil’ and to              measurable defense whatsoever in such
postulate a ‘good’ force opposing them.                  cases. A single stone holding off a Great
Some other myths acknowledge the Elder                   Old One for even a few seconds in very
gods’ existence while disagreeing about                  unlikely.
their nature:
                                                         ELDER THINGS: Alien creatures whose
1) The Elder gods may be the Old Ones,                   features included elements of both the
the little gods of Earth which rule the                  animal and vegetable kingdoms. An Elder
Dreamlands. According to these myths, the                Thing resembles a cylinder which is tapered
Great Old Ones came into existence during                at either end. This cylinder is topped by a
the sleep of the Great Old Ones. Finding                 starfish-shaped head with an eye at the end
the Old Ones in their tombs, the Elder gods              of each appendage, a set of cilia which

enabled the Thing to sense its surroundings            These drugs are so powerful that they keep
without light, and five tubes for eating. Five         the Elemental alive, and in fighting condition
muscular tentacles tipped with paddles                 as well.      The armor also apparently
sprout from its base, five sets of tentacles           enhances the Elemental's great strength,
protrude at regular intervals around the               allowing a foot soldier to rip sheets of armor
cylinder's center, and five retractable wings          off a 'Mech with his hands.
round out the creature’s anatomy. The
Elder Things prefer to live beneath the                The Elementals have far more powerful
water, but they could dwell on land, or fly            weapons at their disposal, however. They
with equal ease.                                       can jump significant distances, keeping the
                                                       enemy off balance.              The typical
The Elder Things came to our planet when it            arrangement is for the Elemental to carry a
was still young, flying to our world through           small laser in his right arm, a machine gun
outer space. During their heyday, these                in his left, and a detachable short-range
beings fought wars with the spawn of                   missile launder on his back. These hard-to-
Cthulhu and Mi-go who were carving out                 hit troops can destroy a 'mech with no help
their own earthly territory, and dealt with an         from their larger counterparts.
Insurrection of their shoggoth servants.
Though they often triumphed, the conflicts             ELROND: Keeper of one of the great elf
took their tool and the Elder Things                   rings of Middle Earth. Head of the council in
eventually withdrew themselves to an
outside world.
                                                       EMPIRE: Computer game for insomniatic
ELEMENTALS:            One of the most
revolutionary features of the Clan's military
is their battle armor. Worn by giant
                                                       ENDO STEEL INTERNAL STRUCTURE
Elementals, men and women bred to be foot
                                                       (BATTLETECH): Endo Steel was designed
soldiers, these suits are unlike anything ever
                                                       especially for use in 'Mech skeletons. Using
seen in the Inner Sphere. Victor Ian
                                                       zero-G manufacturing techniques that
Steiner-Davion labeled them Toads, but
                                                       uniformly mix high-density steel with lower-
their hard shell and nasty sting makes them
                                                       density titanium and aluminum, the process
more like persistent insects. The first
                                                       produces a metal twice as strong per unit of
mechwarriors to face these Elementals were
                                                       weight as standard skeleton materials, but
astounded when their machine guns
                                                       at an increase in overall bulk. The Clans
bounced off. When the Elementals then
                                                       have refined Endo Steel production to the
withstood a direct hit from a medium laser, it
                                                       point of great efficiency, but the Successor
is no wonder the Inner Sphere warriors
                                                       States' use of the material is still severely
thought they were fighting an alien life form.
                                                       hampered by the scarcity of orbital
                                                       manufacturing facilities.
The suit itself is a marvel. It can take
tremendous punishment before enemy
                                                       ENERGON CUBES:          Fuel source of the
weapons can make a breach. It is totally
impervious to flamers. When a powerful
weapon does get through the armor, a
                                                       ENFORCER: Type of Invid mecha.
magical healing substance inside the suit
seals off the opening, covers the
Elemental's wound, and administers drugs.
ENTERPRISE NCC-1701: Starship of the                   FEDERATION, THE: League of planets in
United Federation of Planets captained by              one corner of the galaxy. Star Fleet is its
James T. Kirk.                                         military force.

ENTERPRISE NCC-1701D: Starship of the                  FERENGI: A pathetic race of space traders
UFP from the future. Captained by Jean-Luc             annihilated by the Sleestack.
                                                       FERRO-FIBROUS                        ARMOR
ESKIE, MOE: Ambassador from the 8th                    (BATTLETECH): Ferro-Fibrous Armor is an
Dimension to Sauron.                                   improved version of ordinary battlemech
                                                       armor. Utilizing woven fibers of ferro-steel
ESOTERIC ORDER OF DAGON: Cult                          and ferro-titanium, this armor plating greatly
devoted to the worship of Dagon, Hydra,                increases tensile strength.
and Cthulhu. The order was founded
around 1840 in Innsmouth, Massachusetts.               FLOWER OF LIFE, THE: Table ornament
The order was supposedly decimated in the              taken from the Invid by Rick Hunter.
government raid on Innsmouth in 1928.
Secret branches still exist elsewhere.                 FLYSWATTER, DUKE: Long lost cousin of
                                                       Luke Skywalker.
as an assault and defense, heavy weapons               FREDDY: Minion of Sauron.
system aboard the SuperDimentional
Fortress. In many respects, the Excalibur is           FRONTIER: A barrier of energy separating
a combination of a heavy artillery support             the Star League from the Ko-Dan Empire.
unit and a frontline combat unit, with both
long range and short range armaments.                  FUSION CANNON: Weapon of tremendous
Without a doubt, this mecha's array of                 destructive capability utilized by Megatron.
weapons outstrips any of its kind. It is often
deployed as a companion to the MACII to                GALADRIEL: Really, really hot, elf lady who
protect it from close range assaults. Armed            runs Lothlorien.
with two gun clusters identical to the one
built into the Gladiator, machine guns, two            GALAXIAN: Synonym of the word Klaxxon.
particle beam cannons and a Battery of
missiles, the Excaliber might be best thought          GANDALF THE GREY:             Evil Gandalf
of as a walking Dreadnought.                           manipulated by the Greys. Sent back
                                                       through time to effect Space/Time Bubble
EXCELSIOR: United Federation of Planets                Experiments for the evil Greys and is
starship, Commanded by Captain Hikaru                  pursued by Gandalf the White.
                                                       GANDALF THE WHITE: Wizard from the
EXPLOSION, THE: Jolted the intelligence                future who travels back in time to fight
of the Apes on Earth. Also roused the                  himself of the past, Gandalf the Grey, the
attention of the Sleestack who were on an              Greys, and other incarnations of evil.
expedition in that quadrant of the Universe.
The result of the explosion was later to be            GARIBALDI, MICHAEL:           Chief Warrant
called the American Ocean.                             Officer aboard Babylon 5.

                                                         proven that over time a human can
GAUSS RIFLE: The gauss rife uses a                       transform into one of these creatures.
series of magnets to propel a projectile
through the barrel toward the target. While              GREAT OLD ONES: Ultrapowerful alien
requiring a great deal of power to operate, it           beings who have mastery over technology,
generates very little heat and can achieve a             magic, or some combination of the two. The
muzzle velocity twice that of any                        Great Old Ones seem almost godlike in
conventional weapon.            Gauss rifle              power, but are still subject to certain laws of
ammunition is a slug of nickel ferrous metal.            nature. The physical appearances and
If Gauss ammunition takes a critical hit,                individual abilities of the Great Old Ones
there is no explosion, but the hit destroys              may vary widely, but they seem to share
the ammo-feed mechanism, rendering the                   several characteristics such as telepathy,
rest of the ammunition in that section                   great size, and a limited area to which they
useless.                                                 are confined.

GHASTS:              Humanoid          creatures         Millions of years ago, the Great Old Ones
with hoofed feet, kangaroo-like legs, and                came down from the stars to take up
noseless faces, which primarily dwell in the             residence on Earth. (The Great Old Ones
Dreamlands. Direct sunlight kills these                  probably inhabit many other worlds like our
creatures, but they can survive for many                 own, and thus the large number of these
hours in illumination of lesser intensity.               beings who dwell here may not be a unique
Ghasts spend most of their lives in the                  condition.) Few decipherable records of this
Dreamlands, but have been known to issue                 period survive. It was during this time that
forth and attack gugs and ghouls. If they                Cthulhu, the mightiest of the Great Old
are unable to find prey of this sort, they have          Ones, ordered his spawn to construct the
no qualms about devouring each other.                    city of R’lyeh on a continent in the Pacific.
Despite their cannibalistic tendencies,
ghasts often band together in packs for raids            After thousands or millions of years, a great
outside the vaults.                                      change occurred. The true cause of this
                                                         alteration remains a mystery, though two
GHOULS: Beings which live in tunnels                     theories have been constructed by scholars.
beneath graveyards in both the waking                    The first hypothesis is that the Great Old
world and the Dreamlands. Ghouls can be                  Ones were at one time members or servants
identified by their canine features, hoofed              of a company of beings titled the Elder gods.
feet, rubbery skin, moldy odor, and                      The Great Old Ones committed a horrid
disgusting habits. Ghouls are allied with the            crime against these beings, perhaps they
Nightgaunts, and some individuals of the                 practiced black magic, or stole the Elder
species may make deals with the Great Old                gods sacred records, or even attacked the
Ones. Ghouls are not necessarily unfriendly              home of the Elder gods themselves.
to humans who know them and take the                     Whatever the reason, the Elder gods cast
time to learn their language of gibberings               out the Great Old Ones and imprisoned
and meepings, or who present the sign of                 them in various places on Earth, in the stars,
the ankh to them. On the other hand, they                and even in other dimensions. Having done
can be quite unfriendly to those who enter               this, the Elder gods returned to their home
their delvings unbidden. The exact origins               near the star Glyu-Uho, leaving the Great
of the ghouls are unknown, but it has been               Old Ones within their prisons. There will
                                                         come a time, though, when the Great Old

Ones will break free of the strictures                  range and ability. It should be noted,
imposed by the Elder gods, and they will                however, though the indoctrinated research
come forth from their jails to challenge the            of Miskatonic University, that some
supremacy of their captors once again.                  confusion may exist over the category in
                                                        which a given creature should be placed,
The second theory states that the Great Old             and many scholars, including professor
Ones’ restrictions have been self-imposed               Indiana Jones classify both as “Great Old
for some unguessable purpose. If this is                Ones.”
true however, we are left to wonder why
they would do such a thing as a group. A                GIGANTUANMEGGAFUCKHUGEOMNI
related theory which is much favored holds              BATTLE FOR THE CONTINUUM: The
that as the Earth has its seasons, the                  battle for the Space/Time Continuum
cosmos has its cycles, and as certain                   between the Greys and everyone else. The
animals hibernate during the winter, many of            main battle takes place in a distant
the Great Old Ones have gone into a long,               dimension among 70 Grey homeworlds,
deathlike slumber. For millennia they have              including Mortax. The battle ends when the
dreamt in their tombs, awaiting the time                Grey's become very Extinct.
when they will come forth again to conquer
the universe. It shall be as the mad Arab               GIMLY: Dwarf sent by Gandalf the White
Abdul Alhazred wrote:                                   back in time to the Mangoat Homeworld to
                                                        keep watch on their activities.           Also
    That is not dead which can eternal lie,             involved in the plot to trap Gandalf the Grey.
  And with strange aeons even death may die.
                                                        G'KAR: Reptilian hominoid from a race
More Great Old Ones exist than can be fully
                                                        known as the Narn in Babylon 5's
detailed in this entry, but a few of the more
                                                        phase/time displacement.
important ones are listed below. Great
Cthulhu, the octopoid lord of the corpse-city
                                                        GLADIATOR (ROBOTECH MECHA): A
of R’lyeh, sleeps beneath the Pacific Ocean.
The toad-thing Tsathoggua drowses in the                non-transformable mecha used as a
lightless caverns of N’kai. Hastur, lord of the         defensive weapon system in deep space,
Interstellar Spaces, may dwell in outer                 aboard the SuperDimentional Fortress.
space or might be imprisoned within the                 Unlike its fellow Destroids (like the
Lake of Hali, somewhere near Aldebaren.                 Excaliber) which are basically heavy artillery
Ithaqua, the source of the northern                     support units, the Gladiator is a frontline
American Indian’s legends of the Wendigo,               combat unit designed with an excellent
is confined to the cold regions of our own              balance of mobility, weaponry and hand to
planet and other worlds.                                hand combat capabilities.        Of all the
                                                        Destroids, the Gladiator is the most versatile
The Great Old Ones are often distinguished              in overall mobility, agility and means of
from the Outer gods, a group which includes             attack. It is the only Destroid that can
such entities as Azathoth, Nyarlathotep,                engage in full hand to hand combat. So
Shub-Niggurath, and Yog-Sothoth. Though                 powerful are its slashing hands that they
the G3reat Old Ones have some limited                   have been known to punch through the
power, the Outer gods seem to represent                 armor of ATAT walkers. Its combat
personified cosmic forces, such as chaos                capabilities are augmented with an
and fertility, and are almost unlimited in              impressive combination of weapons systems
                                                        including, missile pods mounted on the
shoulders, a short range laser, 32mm                   exceptional members of the Race sent its
autocannon, 180mm grenade launcher, top                mind into the future, selecting a body there
mounted laser turret, battle mace, GU-11               from which it could study the time period.
gun pod(handheld), and a flame-thrower.                When it found an individual, usually a
                                                       scholar of exceptional ability, it exchanged
GMU: Ground Mobil Unit. Large heavy duty               minds with him, displacing the host’s mind
all terrain armored transport and battle               into the Yithian’s former body.             The
command station. Can be carried by the                 exchange lasted about five years, during
SDF-3.                                                 which time the Yithian grasped the basics of
                                                       life in its new society, afterward embarking
GOBLIN: Large Orc.                                     on an exploration of the history, sociology,
                                                       and mythology of the culture. Meanwhile,
GOLLUM: Wretched creature who lives                    the host’s mind wrote a history of its own
under the Misty Mountains of Middle Earth.             time for the Great Race, and if cooperative,
Encounters Axl Rose through gateways                   was allowed to make excursions outside the
linking Earth to Middle Earth.                         cities, consult the Great Race’s libraries, and
                                                       speak with other visitors from different
GOONDAGAS: A quiet, unknown, peaceful                  worlds and times.
race massacred by the Octom.
                                                       After the Yithian learned all it could about
GORDON, COMMISSIONER:                  Police          the period it was visiting, it constructed a
commissioner of Gotham City.                           device that sent its mind back to the original
                                                       body. The alien mind was hypnotized to
GORN: A giant slow-moving reptilian race.              forget the experience, and returned to its
                                                       own time. One flaw in this procedure was
GREAT RACE OF YITH: Time-traveling                     that the alien would have dreams of his
beings which dwelt on this world millions of           imprisonment, and might even recall
years ago. The Yithians had no true                    information about this world which he had
physical forms, but took up residence in               learned from the Yithians. The gre8at race
whatever bodies they desired. The Great                considered these lapses to be annoyances
Race’s history begins on the world of Yith,            and often dealt with them by another
though this was not their world of origin, the         possession or through their operatives in
Yithians eliminated all information in their           that period by silencing those who
archives about their history before this               remembered too much during their captivity.
migration for reasons which remain a                   It is rumored that the minds of the Great
mystery. The Great Race engaged in                     Race have since migrated to smaller
historical research.      They used their              creatures with a greyish hue and large
extraordinary mental time-travel powers to             opaque oval eyes, and hinted at only in the
study the past and future. To study the                most secret document. These beings are
past, certain scientists would project their           said to have been known as the Greys.
minds backward in time using a method
much like astral projection. The race was              GREAT WHITE SPACE: Extradimentional
however unable to interact physically with             belt which connects positions trillions of
the past.                                              miles apart. The Old Ones used it to
                                                       journey through the universe, and hold it in
The race used a different technique to                 reverence. The Earthly entrance to this
journey to the future. Usually, one of the             place lies somewhere in the deserts of
Egypt. The minions of the Old Ones protect               GUGS: Huge black-furred beings native to
the Great White Space, so any journey there              the Dreamlands. A gug’s arms are split at
is inadvisable.                                          the elbow, with each of their forearms
                                                         ending in a tremendous paw. The most
GREEN DECAY: Incantation from the Book                   hideous characteristic of a gug, though, is its
of Eibon that may convert its victims into a             face, with a pink eye on either side and a
greenish pile of moss and mold, and which                fang-lined mouth running vertically down its
wizards dislike due to the mess involved.                head. Despite their monumental stone
                                                         architecture, the gugs seem unintelligent
GREYS, THE: Race of hideous 4 to 5 ft tall               and make little use of tools, weaponry, or
creatures who create Space/Time Bubble                   fire. The gugs once dwelt upon the surface
Experiments       in    the     Space/Time               of the Dreamlands, where great monoliths
Continuum.       Master Plotters.     Weak               still remain.
creatures who communicate telepathically
by waving their arms.        Their foremost              HASTUR (ALSO THE UNSPEAKABLE
trademark is a rod to the head which                     ONE, HIM WHO IS NOT TO BE NAMED):
controls the mind of the abductee. Greys                 Great Old One who lives or is imprisoned on
represent the elite of the alien vanguard.               a dark star near Aldebaran in the
Tireless abductors of nearly every species               constellation of Tarus and is often
of sentient life on the planet, Greys have               associated with decadence, nihilism, and
appeared in countless abduction stories.                 stagnancy. There is considerable confusion
Details in abduction accounts across the                 about Hastur’s appearance, with possibilities
universe, in the form of sketches, diagrams              ranging from an invisible force which can
and language fragments remain consistent                 only be sense physically to a two-hundred
regardless of geographical, social or                    foot bipedal lizard covered with tentacles. In
economic factors.                                        the rare cases of possession, the victim’s
                                                         skin becomes scaly and his limbs seem
Homebase: Zeta Reticuli system.                          boneless. The nature of Hastur’s true form
Host star: Tau Ceti, a magnitude 4 star (like            (if he has a ‘true form’) still remains a
our own, only a little dimmer and smaller) of            mystery.
spectral type G8 in the Cetus system. Light
from T. Ceti takes 10 years to reach Earth.              The Outer god Shub-Niggurath and Hastur
                                                         have mated to produce their foul offspring
                                                         called the Thousand Young. There seems
                                                         to be some conflict between Hastur and
a broad-spectrum jamming and electronic
                                                         Cthulhu; when the minions of the two beings
countermeasure device designed to reduce
                                                         have met, they have endeavored to destroy
the effectiveness of enemy long-range
                                                         each other.
scanning and surveillance equipment. The
ECM system is effective over a radius of 180
                                                         HICKS, CORPORAL: Colonial Marine.
meters around the unit in which it is
                                                         HOBBIT: Short dwarf like creatures who
                                                         inhabit the Shire in Middle Earth.
GUNS N' ROSES: Secret Espionage group
sent by Sauron to poison the minds of
                                                         HOUSE STEINER: One of the five houses
youth, and to help facilitate the integration of
                                                         in the Inner Sphere. Helped the forces of
Middle Earth into Earth.
                                                         good combat the Octom menace.

                                                      HYUJ'S BOX: Encases a treasured artifact.
HOUSES: Five Empires struggling for
power in the Inner Sphere. They are House             IB: City of Grey stone which once stood
Steiner, Kurita, Davion, Laio, and Marik.             within the land of Mnar by the lake of Thune,
When the Octom menace arrives, all                    located at various times in the distant future
differences between houses are buried and             past of the dreamlands. Ib’s people were
they combine to fight the new foe.                    strange frog-like beings known as the
                                                      Sleestack. In this city, which had existed for
HUDSON: Badass Colonial Marine.                       centuries before discovery by human, these
                                                      beings from the moon propitiated Bokrug the
HUNTER, ADMIRAL RICK: Commander of                    water-lizard with curious rituals.        The
the SDF-3. Husband of Lisa Hayes Hunter.              transient humanoids living in the nearby city
                                                      of Sarnath felt uneasy about their neighbors
HYDRA (ALSO MOTHER HYDRA)                             and blamed the disappearance of there
Tremendous deep one who is the mate of                children upon them. In the end, Sarnath
Dagon, as well as one of the deep one’s               rose up and slaughtered many of the
gods. She has much the same form as                   amphibians, bringing a doom down upon
Dagon, however is a being that appears as             themselves. (See The Doom That Came To
an endless sea of gray slime doted with the           Sarnath.)
heads of its victims. The hydra lives in an
alternate dimension, and can only interact            IMPERIAL FLEET: Space fleet of the
with our own when a person travels astrally           Empire. Led by the Emperor.
though its territory. The hydra may follow
this person to his destination, capture               INDIANA JONES: Adventuring Archeologist
another person in the material world, and             who contributes his services in the war effort
bear that person’s head, and with it his              against the Greys and Great Old Ones.
consciousness, back to itself.
                                                      INNER SPHERE: Area of space where the
HYPERSPACE:         A dimension between               five Houses exist. It is here that the Octom
standard dimensions of time and space. It             receive the heaviest resistance for an
is a zone which can be used to travel light-          unknown reason.
years without feeling the effects of time.
The Space Fold process is the traveling               INNSMOUTH: Massachusetts town at the
through hyperspace.        Navigation in              mouth of the Manuxet River. At one time
hyperspace is not always accurate and is              was a thriving seaport, but today it is almost
most hazardous when traveling great                   deserted. Originally founded in 1643,
distances.                                            Innsmouth around 1840 became inundated
                                                      with the Esoteric Order of Dagon, a cult
HYPERSONIC MEGACANNON: Main gun                       based on a combination of scripture and the
of the SDF-3. A mile wide blast which                 beliefs of the Polynesian islanders’ dark
destroys absolutely everything in its path of         gods. The order’s nocturnal trips to Devil’s
fire for 100,000 miles.                               Reef were legendary. A federal government
                                                      raid in 1928 disbanded the Esoteric Order of
HYUJ: Genetically engineered genius man               Dagon, and removed the bulk on
mountain. Completes his research by the               Innsmouth’s population to military prisons.
end of the Story. A Nordic.                           The government also dynamited may of the
                                                      town’s abandoned buildings.            Rumors
persist that a submarine fired torpedoes off            who complete the transformation swim out
of Devil’s Reef at an unknown target.                   to sea to join their brethren in the mighty
Accounts of Innsmouth after this disaster               underwater cities of the deep ones.
have become muddled, and many say its
now nothing more than a ghost town.                     INVID: Race of space slugs led by the
                                                        Regent. Enigmatic, protoplasmic creatures
INNSMOUTH LOOK: Hereditary condition                    native to the planet which originated
which takes its name from the town of                   protoculture. Protoculture is derived from
Innsmouth, Massachusetts, in which the                  the sacred plant "The Flower of Life" which
majority of the population possessed this               once grew exclusively on the Invid
malady. An infected person seems normal                 homeworld until it was discovered by the
at birth, but undergoes a slow, debilitating,           Robotech Masters, taken and cultivated
metamorphosis later in life. These changes              elsewhere. The Invid are obsessed with
normally begin during the subject's middle              gathering all the Flowers of Life and
age, though the effects may be noticed                  returning them and any protoculture to their
earlier or later.                                       homeworld.

A person affected by the Innsmouth look is              ITHAQUA (ALSO WIND-WALKER, DEATH-
characterized by large, bulging eyes, scaly             WALKER, WENDIGO): Great Old One
and peeling skin, a flattened nose,                     whose domain includes most of the northern
abnormally small ears, partially webbed                 regions of Earth. Ithaqua appears as a
fingers, and a wattling around the neck. In             tremendous anthropomorphic shape with
the later stages, the bone structure of the             glowing red eyes and webbed feet which
skull and pelvis shifts, the latter forcing the         walks through the air as if on solid ground,
victim to adopt a slow, shambling gait. The             or as a cloud of mist or snow with eyes. The
most advanced cases may involve the                     Wendigo often emits eerie howling noises,
development of what appear to be                        but seeing the creature is worse; any who
rudimentary gills in the subject. Usually               gaze upon Ithaqua are doomed to be taken
strange dreams of underwater realms and a               by him. Ithaqua is probably one of a race of
growing obsession with the ocean                        similar beings, as at least one encounter
accompany these physiological mutations.                between Ithaqua and another Wendigo has
Often, the person with the look may drop out            been reported.
of sight after the condition for many years.
                                                        Ithaqua is not confined to his own world
Sometimes, a person with the Innsmouth                  Borea, he possesses the ability to fly
look will progress only through the only                through space/time and is known to travel
stages of the malady, remaining in this state           often to Journey to Earth. Ithaqua has been
for the rest of his life. The exact cause of            worshipped worldwide by cultists, and some
this is unknown. Also, proximity to the                 have drawn parallels between the Great Old
ocean or certain artifacts has been known to            Ones and the gods Quetzalcoatl, Thor, and
trigger the change in seemingly healthy                 Enlil. In the north, where his true nature is
individuals, though more research is needed             known, Ithaquya is more widely feared than
before these factors can be predicted with              worshiped.
any degree of certainty. Few realize that the
Innsmouth look is the result of interbreeding           IVANOVA, SUSAN: Commander, Babylon
between humans and deep ones. Those                     5. Born August 30th, 2230 in St. Petersburg,

Russian Consortium, Earth. Appointed to               KIRK, CAPTAIN JAMES T.: Captain of the
Babylon 5 in 2258 (Lt. Commander),                    starship Enterprise NCC-1701. Key factor in
promoted to Commander 2259.                           the Space/Time Bubble Experiment.
                                                      Helpless pawn of the Greys until the arrival
JANEWAY, CAPTAIN: Captain of the                      of Gandalf the White.
United Federation of Planet's Starship
Voyager.                                              KISH: Catacombs where the Pharaoh
                                                      Nephren-Ka once held the mysterious
JANOVA: Leader of the Ratdogs.                        Shining Trapezohedron.

JJ, ADMIRAL: Commander of the Battlestar              KLINZAI: Homeworld of the Klingon Empire.
                                                      KLINGONS: Warlike race, former enemy of
JOKER: Villain of Gothem City.          Gets          the Federation.
shitted by Slash.
                                                      KLINGROMS: Klingon-Romulan halfbreed
JUGULATOR: Ancient, evil and violent                  experiments of the Greys.
creature of nameless legends in Middle
Earth.                                                KOBAYSHI MARU: Star Fleet Academy's
                                                      "No Win" training scenario.
JUMPGATE: A large device which creates
an entry to or exit from hyperspace so that           KO-DAN: Enemy of the Star League.
ships which cannot afford to carry their own
jump point generators can benefit from                KOLTON: Short lived race engineered as a
hyperspace travel. Only very large ships              ruse by Sauroman.
carry their own generators, and use them
only when a local Vortex Generator is                 KOMACK, ADMIRAL: Admiral, Star Fleet.
unavailable. Also called a Jump Gate.
                                                      LA FORGE, GEORDI:           Chief engineer
KADATH: Kadath in the cold waste is a                 aboard the NCC-1701D.
mountain on whose peak the onyx castle of
the Great Old ones was built. Kadath                  LENNIER: Assistant to Minbari Ambassador
normally lies in the northern hemisphere of           Delenn. Is rumored to have been Lost In
the dreamlands beyond the Plateau of Leng.            Space during his youth.
According to other tales it may be found on
a gigantic mountain chain in the Antarctic as         LANG, PROFESSOR EMIL: Protoculture
well.                                                 scientist aboard the SDF-3.

KILL-O-ZAP: Deadly hand weapon used by                LAST HOMELY HOUSE: Home of Elrond.
Mr. Brownstone. Turns its victims into a
yogurt/taco like goop slop.                           LENG (OR PLATEAU OF LENG): Area
                                                      close to the Kadath in the Cold Waste.
KINDA REALM: Underground kingdom of                   Alhazred mentions it is a place where
the Kinda. See the relevant Dr. Who episode           various alternate realities come together in
for more info.                                        the dreamlands. No matter where it is, one
                                                      should avoid the Plateau, since its

semihuman inhabitants - the Tcho-Tchos, or            comprise both arms which provide the
possibly another race with hoofed feet and            MACII with a barrage of long range assaults
horns. In this area of alter-reality other            against enemy aircraft and ground troops
halfbreeds partake in ancient voodoo like             alike. The mecha's incredible size also
rituals, practice cannibalism, and revere the         makes it able to stomp/step on objects up to
symbol on an amulet of a winged hound.                24ft tall.
Standing like a beacon near the centre of
the Plateau is a great stone monastery                MANBAT: Disguise for the Grey's clone of
surrounded by a ring of monoliths, and                Frodo Baggins.
within the labyrinthine corridors of such are
murals depicting the history of the Plateau           MANGOAT: Alternate pseudoshape(tm) for
and its connections with the Great Old Ones           the Greys.
and the multiple of space/time itself.
                                                      SAURON: Ruthless alcoholic Leader of the
LIGHT SABER: See Star Wars dumbass!                   forces of Corridor, and negative transformed
                                                      alterego of Avalon. Second best master
LOST WORLD: Mystical world lost in time               plotter in the multiverse.
and surrounded by evil.
                                                      MCCOY, LEONARD: See BONES.
LOTHLORIEN: Last refuge of the good
guys in Middle Earth, home to Galadriel and           MEATGRINDER, THE:          Flagship of the
Celeborn.                                             Octom war machine

LRM-20: A 20 pack of missiles fired by a              MECHA: Refers to all Robotech craft
Battlemech.                                           aboard the SDF-3 which are powered by
LUGZAN: After Sauron obtains the Ring,
and becomes Avalon, the original nine                 MELKOR: Creator of the Balrogs in the first
Nazgul transform to these paladins.                   age of Middle Earth.

LUTHIEN TINUVIEL: Cool, hot elf lady, who             MEGATRON: Merciless leader of the
isn't in the story....but should be.                  Decepticons. Sworn Enemy of Optimus
                                                      Prime. In the battle against the Greys his
LV-428: World overrun by Aliens.        Also          Fusion Cannon became legendary in that it
known as Acheron.                                     wasted a dozen Motherships in a single
MAC II: Immensely destructive type of
Robotech mecha.         The largest non-              MINBARI: Race of alien beings also
transformable, ground cruising mecha ever             represented aboard Babylon 5. Have close
operated by mankind. It was developed,                ties with the Elves of Middle Earth, although
using the mobile systems of the Destroids,            their complete correlation is unknown.
to be a moving fortress. Its design enables
it to blast enemy ground troops as repel air          MI-GO: Beings which dwell on many worlds
assaults as well. Also known as the                   and have resemble winged crustaceans with
Monster. Four 40cm automatic cannons are              egg-shaped heads which constantly change
its main armament. Tri-laser cannons                  color (their means of communicating with

each other). Some breeds are able to fly to            brain cylinder. Through their surgery, the
other worlds, stars, and realities, though             fungi can remove the brain of any being and
others must use other ways (such as                    transplant it into a curious metal cylinder,
magical gateways) to attain this goal. All             leaving the body in a state of suspended
these physical attributes, however, may be             animation until the mind's return. The brain
changed at a whim, for the fungi are                   can observe and interact with its
masters of surgery.                                    surroundings via certain apparatus
                                                       connected with the cylinder, and may be
The Mi-go originally came to Earth during              taken by the Mi-go on trips through the stars
the Jurassic period, and eventually settle             and even other dimensions and times. This
down in the northern hemisphere, where                 procedure is usually reserved for those the
they for the most part have remained ever              Mi-go especially favor or despise.
since. They show a great interest in our
planet, because Earth contains deposits of             The Mi-go who dwell within the Himalayas
certain minerals that are very rare in the             have been known to cover their bodies with
universe - or at least gates to other                  the pelts of various animals. According to
dimensions with these deposits. To obtain              some, this is the source of the legends of
these minerals, the Mi-go have set up bases            the Abominable snowman. The Mi-Go's
in the Andes, the Appalachians, and the                surgical propensities also suggest that they
Himalayas. Such bases are well hidden,                 may be responsible for the ongoing cattle
however word of their actions have spread              mutilations reported in the southwestern
rumors and references to these curious                 United States.
creatures and often found in the legends of
the countryside surrounding the creatures              MIKATONIC UNIVERSITY:
lairs.                                                 Educational institution locate in Arkham,
                                                       Massachusetts. The origins of the university
The Mi-go mentality is nearly impossible for           remain shrouded in obscurity. The school is
humans to understand. A Mi-go purges its               noted for its bastion of rationality and
memory of any information which is not                 scientific thought. Its Exhibit Museum, is
necessary for its immediate purposes. This             known to hold some intriguing artifacts of
keeps out irrelevant information, but leaves           unknown cultures. One history however
some facts, such as the species origins, a             holds that the school began as the Salem
mystery to the Mi-go themselves. A Mi-Go's             Academy in the late sixteen hundreds, a
thought processes operate on a strictly                place where magic and witchcraft were
cause-and-effect basis, with none of the               taught as a matter of course. The school's
intuitive leaps that allow humans increased            true roots may never be known, although it
creativity    and      quick     technological         is interesting to note the universities library
advancement. At one time the Mi-go                     holds the largest collection of rare occult
performed experiments on humanity to                   material in the western hemisphere.
reduce their psychic and creative potential,
but today they are studying humans and                 MOON BEASTS: Creatures native to the
indulging in horrible practices we can't even          Dreamland's moons. They are slippery
imagine.                                               white toad-like beings whose only sensory
                                                       organs are pinkish tentacles protruding from
One of the Mi-Go's most amazing feats of               their snouts. How the moonbeasts perceive
technology involves a device known as a                their surroundings is unknown, though they

seem to communicate by playing flutes.                 temples, carving through the rock to an
They prefer to dwell on the Darkside of the            underground paradise. All the inhabitants of
Moons.                                                 the Nameless City departed to this
                                                       subterranean world, leaving their city
MORIA: Lost Kingdom of the Dwarves.                    uninhabited. Today, only a few walls and
Now inhabited by Orcs, Cave Trolls,                    cavern shrines remain. Though it has been
Balrogs, and Ballhogs.                                 empty for centuries, the natives of this
                                                       region still shun the Nameless City. Before
MORROW, ADMIRAL: Commander, Star                       he wrote the Necronomicon, Abdul Alhazred
Fleet.                                                 spent much time here, blackening the city's
                                                       reputation even further. According to those
MORTAX: Homeworld of the Greys.                        wishing to remain anonymous, the forces of
                                                       evil took Abdul Alhazred to this city following
MOTHERSHIPS: Gigantic saucer shaped                    his illusory "demise" in Damascus.
Grey space craft.
                                                       NARN: Race of G'kar and others in the
MULDER, FOX: FBI agent, partner of Dana                Babylon 5 space/time phase shift. Their
Scully.                                                appearance is that of a reptilian hominoid.

MYOMER         ACCELERATOR          SIGNAL             NARC MISSILE BEACON (Battletech): A
CIRCUITRY (BATTLETECH): The MASC                       heavily modified missile launcher that fire
system makes a battlemech capable of                   special missiles, called pods, which are
short term busts of speed, at some risk to its         powerful homing beacons mounted behind a
fragile actuators. It works by boosting the            magnetic head. If the missile hits, the pod
signals to the        myomer musculature,              broadcasts a homing signal for missile
causing them to contract and relax at a                systems equipped to receive Nacre
quicker rate than is usually possible. This            transmissions. Like the Artemis system, the
increases speed, but the stresses placed on            Narc pods increase the number of missiles
the actuators and the myomer can cause a               that hit a target. The Narc system is
catastrophic failure, especially after                 superior to the Artemis IV in that the lock is
prolonged MASC use.                                    never broken once it has been established,
                                                       because the beacon is attached to the
NAMELESS CITY:               Ruins buried              target.
somewhere within the Arabian desert. At
one time the city lay beneath the ocean, but           NAZGUL: Ring Wraiths. Minions of Sauron.
it came to the surface after a cataclysmic             Enslaved beings of the ring. Later, the
buckling of the Earth's crust. A species of            original nine become the Lugzan.
reptilian humanoids, possibly a branch race
of the deep ones, or the serpent men,                  NECRONOMICON: Written by: The Mad
populated the city. These creates are                  Arab - Al Hazred. A Latin translation was
believed to have been aquatic, since their             made by Olaus Wormius.
power was still great when the city lay on the
seacoast but ebbed as its climate became               Excepts from the Necronomicon describing
drier. When humans appeared in the Middle              'UMR AT-TAWIL who is the gatekeeper of
East and constructed the city of Irem, the             the first gate at the portal to the other
reptiles withdrew to their deepest cavern-             dimensions.

"And while those who have dared to seek                 Dynasty. Legend has it hat Nephren-Ka
glimpses beyond the Veil, and to accept HIM             was a mighty sorcerer, the greatest of
as guide, they would have been more                     Egypt's priest-kings. He made a deal with
prudent had they avoided commerce with                  Nyarlathotep in the lost city of Irem, the
HIM; for it is written in the Book of Thoth             accounts of which are still untold. The Black
how terrific is the price of a single glimpse.          Pharaoh is also credited with the first
Nor may those who pass ever return, for the             discovery of the Shining Trapezohedron.
vastnesses transcending our world are
shapes of darkness that seize and bind. The             NESSY: The Lock Ness Monster.
Affair that shambleth about in the night, the
evil that defieth the Elder Sign, the Herd that         NEUTRON-S MISSILE: Doomsday missile
stand watch at the secret portal each tomb              of the Sentinels.
is known to have and that thrive on that
which groweth out of the tenants thereof; -             NIGGERLING: Black dwarf.
all these Blacknesses are lesser than HE
WHO guardeth the Gateway: HE WHO will                   NIGHT GAUNTS: Species found in the
guide the rash one beyond all the worlds                dreamlands.       Night Gaunts are slim
into the Abyss of unnamable devourers. For              creatures with cold rubbery skin and horns
He is 'UMR AT-TAWIL, the Most Ancient                   that curve inwards toward each other, they
One, which the scribe rendereth as THE                  have wings and are excellent flyers. Night
PROLONGED OF LIFE."                                     gaunts have claws and a thin curling tale but
                                                        no face, just black skin where the face
Excerpt describing the mysterious 'caverns'             should be. If they capture a prey, they drop
of Z'ha'dum, and the creatures the dwell in             them from high heights or fly to strange and
them.                                                   dangerous places and leave them
"The nethermost caverns are not for the
fathoming eyes that see; for their marvels              NISSA: Companion of Dr. Who, Adrick,
are strange and terrific. Cursed the ground             Tegan and Tarlo. Encounters Axl Rose in
where dead thoughts live new and oddly                  the Kinda Realm.
bodied, and evil the mind that is held by no
head. Wisely did Ibn Schacabao say, that                NODENS (ALSO LORD OF THE GREAT
happy is the tomb where no wizard hath                  ABYSS) Being who is often placed among
lain, and happy the town at night whose                 the Elder Gods. He is usually represented
wizards are all ashes. For it is of old rumor           as an old man standing with an oaken staff
that the soul of the devil-bought hastes not            in one hand on a sea-shell chariot drawn by
from his charnel clay, but fats and instructs           fantastic beasts. At times he is depicted as
the very worm that gnaws; till out of                   having a beard of tentacles as well. Nodens
corruption horrid life springs, and the dull            bears special interest for dreamers and
scavengers of earth wax crafty to vex it and            visionaries, and has been known to take
swell monstrous to plague it. Great holes               such individuals on trips with him across
secretly are digged where earth's pores                 space and time. Nodens last came to Earth
ought to suffice, and things have learnt to             billions of years in the past. He left when the
walk that ought to crawl."                              Great Old Ones arrived, and made his way
                                                        to the far future. Another tales gives
NEPHREN-KA (ALSO THE BLACK                              accounts of Nodens guarding the prisons of
PHARAOH): Last pharaoh of Egypt's Third                 the Great Old Ones. There will come a time
when Nodens himself will cease his                     construction of the first nuclear weapons, so
vigilance and sleep. Then the Great Old                this prophecy may already be coming true.
Ones will be freed from their tombs.
                                                       Nyarlathotep's true form is unknown, and
NYARLATHOTEP (ALSO THE CRAWLING                        recent findings suggest that Nyarlathotep
CHAOS OR MIGHTY MESSENGER): The                        may be able to take on any form he desires.
soul and messenger of the Outer gods. He
is said to dwell in a cavern at the center of          O'HARA, CHIEF: Police chief of Gotham
an alternate world accompanied by two                  City.
mindless flutists. He often carries messages
and performs services for the Great Old                OCTOM: Race of Apes from the 8th
Ones and Other gods, being the only one of             Dimension. Near infinite battlefleet.
them who is free and able to do so.
                                                       OCTORG: Simbiant life force of Great
The Crawling Chaos acts as an intermediary             Cthulhu, the Octom and the Borg.
between the Great Old Ones and their
worshipers, as well as taking messages                 OOLO, GENERAL:         Ape General of the
between the Great Old Ones themselves. In              Octom.
fact, Nyarlathotep may be a personification
of the telepathic powers of the Great Old              OLD ONES: The Old Ones were a winged
Ones. Nyarlathotep has been worshiped                  star headed creature that was able to fly. It
under several guises in all parts of the               was half vegetable and bread via spores.
world. Most notably throughout Egyptian                They normally eat animal food, but can also
history, and specifically made famous by               derive nourishment from inorganic things.
Nephren-Ka.                                            They came from the stars, and absorbed
                                                       chemicals that made them do without
Nyarlathotep is often called the "all-seeing           breath, eating and heat, but lost this ability
eye" in Prinn's De Vermis Mysteriis, and               after ½ mill years. They have lived
knows much about magic and technology.                 mechanically lives on other planets. In the
The Crawling Chaos sometimes appears to                beginning they lived under the sea in the
a chosen person and gives him a useful                 Antarctic Ocean, but later migrated to land.
incantation or piece of machinery.                     For food purposes they started life on earth.
Unfailingly, these gifts lead only to the              They made multicellular protoplasmic
madness and destruction of their wielders.             masses (Shoggoths), which they used as
Nyarlathotep seems to gain great pleasure              slaves, and hypnotized them to gain control.
from watching these victims destroy                    Shoggoths are very strong and produce a
themselves.                                            musical piping: "Tekeli-li!", mimicking the
                                                       Old Ones. Phosphorescent organisms
Several prophecies state that Nyarlathotep             produce light in deep oceans for the Old
will eventually bring destruction to humanity.         Ones. but they are almost independent of
The "quaking auroras will roll down on the             light.
citadels of man", and humanity will be
destroyed as the Crawling Chaos turns the              They battled different cosmic enemies on
entire universe into a colossal graveyard. It          earth. Spawn of Cthulhu (cosmic octopi)
is rumored that Nyarlathotep aided in the              came from the stars and drove the old ones
                                                       to the sea. They settled peace, and shared
                                                       the land. The spawn of Cthulhu's biggest
city was R'lyeh, it sank in pacific ocean due         the ability to tailor the 'Mech for its expected
to geologic activities. The Old Ones was not          mission. The other big advantage is the
able to make Shoggoths anymore, and life              gain in repair and maintenance. If a 'Mech's
in the oceans depended on them. The Old               arm is blown off, replacing it is a simple
Ones from the ocean went to war against               matter. If a particular weapon is acting up,
the Shoggoths. When an Old One was                    the 'Mech simply carries a different one
killed, he was covered in slime. The                  while the Techs work on the problem in the
Shoggoths were tamed and fought with                  rear areas. The entire 'Mech seldom needs
guns that destroyed it's target at a molecule         to be taken out of service for maintenance
level. Again the Old Ones were attacked               because most of its parts are modular and
from outer space by an half-funguos, half-            can be serviced independently.
crustacean creature. The same creature that
is called the Mi-Go, or the abominable                ORC: Minion of Sauron and Sauroman.
snowman in the Himalayas. the Old Ones
found out that they were unable to leave the          OTHER GODS: Group of beings which
earth's atmosphere, and the Mi-Go's drow              protect the dreamlands. Their only known
The Old Ones back into the ocean. The Old             member is Nyarlathotep. They may be
Ones was of another build, and another                identical to the Outer gods, they may be
place in the galaxy within this space-time            beings that attend Azathoth, or they may
continuum than their enemies, the Mi-Go's             include other entities unknown to us
and The Spawn of Cthulhu could transform
and reintegrate themselves. Old Ones
found a large ocean under ground - Stygian.
                                                      OUTER GODS: Group of beings who are
They build a great city at the bottom, were
                                                      differentiated from the Great Old Ones.
the walls were covered with a
                                                      Usually the Outer gods are thought of as
phosphorescent organism. The great cold
                                                      personifications of cosmic forces, while the
put an end to Lomar and Hyperborea and
                                                      Great Old Ones are immensely powerful
drove The Old Ones into the underground
                                                      alien beings.      This distinction is not
ocean. The Shoggoths became a growing
problem, and was turning against them.                recognized by all scholars, and is not always
Some of The Old Ones had made strange                 clear where an entity should be placed.
prayers to another place - Kadath.                    Some entities who are generally categorized
                                                      with the Outer gods are Azathoth, Yog-
OMNIMECHS: The Clans' success in                      Sothoth, Shub-Niggurath, and Nyarlathotep.
conquering worlds of the Inner Sphere is              It is unknown whether there is any
due to a number of factors, including their           connection between the Great Old Ones
powerful warships, but none is more                   and the Outer Gods. There are close links
important than the OmniMech.           The            between Shub-Niggurath and Hastur(an
technological advances beyond what the                Outer god and a Great Old One,
Successor States are just beginning to field          respectively).
would have been quite sufficient to put the
Inner Sphere on the run without the concept           PAN-GALACTIC GARGLE BLASTER: The
of the OmniMech.                                      alcoholic equivalent of a mugging. The
                                                      same effect of the drink can be achieved by
These designs feature modular weapons                 having your brain knocked out by a slice of
and other equipment, which has several                lemon, wrapped around a large gold brick.
advantages. One of the primary benefits is
PNAKOTIC MANUSCRIPTS:                Book of           PROTOCULTURE: Unique Bio / energy
uncertain age and origin. It has been said             power source for all Robotech Mecha. This
that the Great Race of Yith wrote the first            source of bio-energy is derived from the
five chapters and preserved them at their              Invid Flower of Life, discovered by the great
City of the Archives known as Pnakotus,                Robotech Master Zor. In its unrefined form,
from which the book derived its name.                  the Invid use protoculture for nourishment
Others have given the Elder Things the                 and metaphysical enlightenment. Zor found
credit. The first portions of the manuscript           that the plant produced a source of energy,
are written in a curious sort of cuneiform and         during gestation, unlike anything in the
dot-group glyphs, which bear resemblance               known universe. Through field studies, Zor
to many patterns carved in rock which have             learned that if he applied constant pressure
been found throughout Earth.               The         to the properly germinated seed, he could
Manuscripts originally appeared in scroll              control the energy of protoculture. This also
form. All editions of this version are said to         prevents the plant's growth, which causes it
be lost, although some parchment                       to generate even more of its complex
fragments can be found at Miskatonic                   energy field. Trapped in stasis, the seed will
University. It is said that the Pnakotic               continue to generate power for decades.
Manuscripts have some sort of Guardian,                This led to the conceptualization of organic
and those who would read this work must                fusion which became the basis for
pay the Guardian's price. This Guardian                Robotechnology and the creation of Mecha.
may be entirely fanciful, or even symbolic,            A Mecha derives its energy from
but any readers should beware.
                                                       protoculture as well as instilling it with a
                                                       symbiotic link between man and machine.
PARIS, LT. TOM: Navigation officer aboard
USS Voyager.
                                                       PULSE LASERS (BATTLETECH): Mounted
                                                       on Battlemechs, pulse lasers use a rapid-
PERMA-FUCKED: Completely and utterly
                                                       cycling, high-energy pulse to generate
destroyed. Used as in: “My computer
                                                       multiple laser beams, creating an effect
doesn’t work anymore, it is Perma-fucked.”
                                                       comparable to machine gun fire. This
                                                       improves the hit probability o the laser
                                                       attack and causes more damage per hit,
the Enterprise 1701D.
                                                       though at a cost of increased heat and a
                                                       somewhat shorter effective range.
PONAPE SCRIPTURE: Not much is known
on the Ponape Scriptures, however it is
                                                       PYLON: Multidimensional gateway into
known to have influenced the practices of
the Esoteric Order of Dagon.
                                                       Q: Entity from the Q 'continuum' who has
PPC: Short for Particle projection Cannon.
                                                       supra-dimensional powers.
Mounted weapon on Battlemechs.
                                                       R2D2: Robot droid and friend of Luke
PREDATOR: Alien Safari Hunting Race
who help decimate the Ape masses on
                                                       RADAGAST THE BROWN: 'Read the Book'
PRIME, OPTIMUS: Leader of the Autobots.

RAIDER X: A non-transformable mech used
as an anti-aircraft unit aboard the                     RIGEL COLONIES, THE:        Where the
SuperDimentional fortress. The Raidar X is              Federation's stand up fight against the
lighter weight and faster than the other                Corridor Armada was to be.
Destroids but relies only on one weapon
type - its multi-action laser armament                  RIKER, WILLIAM T.: 1st officer aboard the
system.     However the lasers provide                  Enterprise NCC 1701D.
multiple, long range attack capabilities
unequalled by any other mech, except for                RING, THE: Lost in the abyss of Time. The
the MAC II. The pair of wide angle, rapid               only device which will transform Sauron
fire, double barrel laser cannons are                   back into Avalon.
controlled by an advanced targeting/radar
system which increases the Raider X's                   RIPLEY: Xenomorph specialist.
                                                        RIVENDELL: Location of the Last Homely
RATDOG: Peaceful freak of nature                        House, home of Elrond, and place where a
engineered by the Greys to initiate the                 lot of elves get butchered.
downfall of the Corridor. Help defeat Mr.
Brownstone.                                             R'LYEH: Sunken city located near 47' 9' S,
                                                        126' 43' W in the southern Pacific ocean on
RAVENS: Mascots of Zykorrians.                          Earth. Other place it near Ponape, or even
                                                        off the coast of Massachusetts.). Cthulhu
REBEL FLEET: Led by Luke Skywalker.                     and his minions built R'lyeh millions of years
                                                        before the earliest recorded history, sallying
REFLEX MISSILE: An artificially intelligent             for the form city to battle the Elder Things
Robotech missile.                                       and other alien entities. Then a catastrophe
                                                        occurred. According to some scholars, the
REFLEX DRIVE: Engines aboard the SDF-                   stars moved to a particular astrological
3 powered by Protoculture enabling Space                configuration, others assert a great cosmic
Folds.                                                  war occurred. Whatever the reason, R'lyeh
                                                        sank beneath the waves of the Pacific
REFLEX POWER: The term "reflex" can be                  Ocean, becoming the tomb of Great
applied to weapons, engines, and                        Cthulhu.
machinery. It is simply a system which
works intrinsically, or responds to certain             Though R'lyeh has sunk deep beneath the
conditions as a "reflex" reaction. It is a form         Pacific Ocean, there have been times when
of passive artificial intelligence.                     the city (or at least its highest mountain)
                                                        have breached the surface of the sea, only
REGENT: Commander of the Invid.                         to sink down again after a short period of
                                                        time. At these times, the dreams of Cthulhu
REGIS: Rebellious Wife of the Regent.                   have been telepathically broadcast, leading
Conquers Earth from the home dimension of               to outbreaks of religious fervor, insanity, and
the SDF-3 while it is battling the Greys.               natural disturbances around the world.

REGULA II: Research station of the United               From the descriptions of the corpse-city of
Federation of Planets and Starfleet.                    R'lyeh which have come down to us, its

buildings are made of colossal green stones
which fit together in a non-Euclidean                  ROSE, AXL: Bad ass Infiltrator. Lead
manner. In a mausoleum at the peak of the              singer of Guns n' Roses. Abducted by
tallest mountain, Great Cthulhu sleeps, held           Greys.
within his tomb by an Elder Sign.
                                                       RUMBLE:       Poetic Decepticon who is
ROBIN: Sidekick of Batman.                             destroyed by Hyuj.

ROBOTECH: See Robotechnology.                          SASQUACH: Grey security/warriors. The
                                                       Bigfoot are unleashed if the Grey's lose
ROBOTECHNOLOGY: Technology which                       control over a situation.
utilizes Protoculture. One of the truly unique
aspects of Robotechnology is that man and              SAUROMAN: Independent badguy. Out to
machine share a symbiotic relationship,                destroy Gandalf the Grey. Killed by Gandalf
linking pilot with mecha. It is a bond that            the White because of his tampering in the
provides the mecha's immediate response                Space/Time Continuum.
to commands/controls, mobility, and almost
human agility.       Rather than the pilot             SB CYPHER MANUSCRIPT:              Mostly
operating a mere machine, a tool, both                 undecipherable text found in the tomb of
complement and supplement each other's                 Nephren Ka by Dr. Indiana Jones.
abilities with astonishing ease. It is this
same aspect which allows for the smooth                SCHWARZANEGGER, ARNOLD: Big big
technologically engineered, Transformation             huge guy who returns as Conan.
of the Veritech.
                                                       SCOTT,      MONTGOMERY:            Chief
ROBOTECH MASTERS: Alien race who                       engineering officer aboard the Enterprise
created the Zentraedi and Robotechnology.              NCC1701.
They are a decadent race of technological
geniuses, and have ruled the known                     SCULLY: FBI Agent, partner of Fox Mulder.
universe for so long, they have become
arrogant and unsympathetic to humanity.                SDF-3:      Short for Super Dimensional
They are cunning and ruthless, viewing all             Fortress 3. The other two ships were
aspects of life as merely parts of a game.             destroyed in the Macross Saga (see
                                                       robotech novels). It is truly a battle fortress.
ROD: Used by the hideous Greys to make                 Armaments include: Main Gun Reflex
abductee's forget their encounters with the            Cannon (1), Reflex Beam Cannons (8), Rail
aliens. When applied, the head is drawn to             Cannons (4), Long Range Missile
the end of the rod. Victims often see their            Launchers (12), Medium Range Missile
world explode around them, ie: "The Ground             Launchers (48) Dual Barrel Auto Cannons
shook, the sky turned black, and trees fell."          (48), High Powered Laser Cannons (48).
                                                       Additional Combat systems include:
ROGUE SQUADRUN:              Elite    X-Wing           Excalibur (36), Gladiator (24) Raidar X (72)
squadron of the Rebel Fleet.                           Spartan (56), MACII (24), Veritechs VF-
                                                       1A(200) VF1J(50), VF1S(40), Armored(6),
ROMULANS: Ally with the Federation /                   VT-1D(12). The main gun is an original
Klingons in the war against the Greys.                 Robotech Master weapon and does

devastating amounts of damage, but draws                  may gaze on all time and space. For those
so much energy it can only fire once every                unaccustomed to its power, it is said the
10 minutes. When the Pinpoint Barrier or                  Trapezohedron can plunge the item into
force field is engaged, the main gun cannot               darkness, and summons an aspect of
fire. However, when unleashed, the main                   Nyarlathotep.          Another    of    the
cannon absolutely destroys EVERYTHING                     Trapezohedron's powers is to accelerate
in its path of fire - an energy beam                      any bodily metamorphosis which may be
approximately two miles wide and 60,000                   taking place in its viewer (such as a deep
miles long.                                               one's transformation).

SLASH: Headbanger guitarist for Guns n'                   The chronological history of the
Roses. Abducted by Greys.                                 Trapazhedren is incomplete at best. Some
                                                          say the alien hybrid Hyuj gave this box to
SLUGGERS: Bar & Grill / Games hangout                     Kirk at the end of the Grey war, others
for teenagers. Famous for Highball. A                     suggest Kirk traveled through time to find
combination of Basketball and volleyball on               the artifact and to eventually give it back to
a trampoline.                                             himself in an alternate dimension. It's true
                                                          powers are fully unknown, although the
SECRET PASSWORD: SINKO-QUE-QUA-                           hobbit Frodo Baggins is rumored to have
AHOOO-YA-VOL-DA-BULSHAVICK-                               finally recovered the object in the end and
AHHHHHHHHHHH-GELPHLING                                    right the entire space/time of the multiverse.
                                                          SHOCK TROOPER: Armored attack craft of
SENS-O-MATIC EYESHADES:           Peril                   the Invid.
sensitive sunglasses. When they sense
danger, they go completely black.                         SHOGGOTHS: Shoggoths were made from
                                                          multicellular protoplasmic masses by the Old
SENTINELS, THE:             Before jumping                Ones. They were used as slaves, then as
dimensions, the affiliation the crew aboard               weapons against Cthulhu and his hordes
the SDF-3 belonged too.                                   (before R'lyeh sank) , and controlled via
                                                          commands induced via hypnotism.
SHINING TRAPEZOHEDRON: Not much is                        Shoggoths are very strong, and totally
known of the Shining Trapezohedron. It has                unaffected by cold. They are able to change
changed hands many times.                It was           themselves physically, and grow limbs. In
originally brought to Earth by the Mi-Go,                 time they managed to grow a brain, and a
where it then came into possession of the                 mind of their own. This made them hard to
Elder Things. It then traveled to Valusia,                control. They were 15 foot in diameter
Lemuria, and Atlantis. A Minoan fisherman                 consisting of a viscous jelly which looked
found the artifact in his nets and sold it to             like an agglutination of bubbles. described
the pharaoh Nephren-Ka, who kept it in the                as: "Formless protoplasm able to mock and
labyrinths of Kish. It was lost for a time, until         reflect all forms and organs and processes -
found by the US Airforce in a crashed Grey                viscous agglutinations of bubbling cells -
saucer in Roswell NM.                                     rubbery fifteen-foot spheroids infinitely
                                                          plastic and ductile - slaves of suggestion,
The Trapezohedron may be used in many                     builders of cities, growing intelligence".
ways, and servers as a window in which one

They produced a musical piping: "Tekeli-li!",         SLEESTACK: Race of lizard creatures from
mimicking the Old Ones.                               Land of the Lost.

As stated, Shoggoths are protoplasmic,                SOLO, HAN: Indiana Jones of Space!
polymorphic things that can form their bulk
into many different shapes. they were used            SPACE FOLD: The method many ships use
first as slave labor,. Over time, they grew           to travel through hyperspace.
more intelligent, until they eventually
rebelled against the Great Old Ones. Most             SPACE/TIME BUBBLE EXPERIMENT: the
were imprisoned, until the stars came right           Greys conduct experiments in the
again and they were freed from their crypts           SPACE/TIME CONTINUUM. They abduct
to terrorize mankind.        Eventually they          test subjects such as Captain Kirk, and
transformed into the Zykorr.                          routinely perform mindfucks.

SHUBNIGGURATH (ALSO BLACK GOAT                        SPACE/TIME CONTINUUM: All that was, is,
OF THE WOODS WITH A THOUSAND                          and shall be. 8=42
YOUNG): In the few times she has been
summoned, Shub-Niggurath appeared as a                SPOCK: Acting 1st officer and science
great noxious cloud from which hoofed feet            officer of the Enterprise NCC1701. Vulcan
and tendrils constantly protrude and are              Friend of Captain Kirk.
reabsorbed.     Shub-Niggurath has also
assumed the shape of a cloaked figure                 SHADOWS: Vessels of unknown origin
whose face was hidden, but this was only an           which inhabit the Space Above and Beyond
isolated instance. The residence of Shub-             Z'ha'dum. It is rumored that in order for a
Niggurath remains a mystery. One location             Shadow vessel to operate, a living being
that has been hypothesized is the planet              must be merged with it. It has been
Yaddity. It is also possible that Shub-               discovered by Sheridan and his Army of
Niggurath remains at the court of Azathoth,           Light, that telepaths may be able to jam the
or another dimension entirely. References             ability of that being to operate the ship.
to Hastur the Unspeakable indicate that
Shub-Niggurath has mated or will mate with            SHADOW            FIGHTER            (ROBO-
this Great Old One, producing the beings              TECHNOLOGY): Stealth version of the
known as her Thousand Young.                          original Veritech fighter. Invisible to Invid
SHUDDE-M'ELL: Great Old One and leader
of the Cthonians. Shudde-M'ell appears as             SHADOW WAR, THE: Aeons ago there
a huge cthonian and spends most of his                were species of life that roamed the galaxy.
time under the ground.                                They are sometimes referred to as First
                                                      Ones.     According to starlogs aboard
SKYNET: Global defense network on planet              Babylon 5 one of these were the Vorlons,
Earth. Responsible for the extermination of           another the Shadows. These beings warred
the APES.                                             with each other, the last great war being ten
                                                      thousand years ago in which the Shadows
SKYWALKER, LUKE: Leader of the Rebel                  were then defeated. A thousand years ago
Fleet.                                                the Shadows began to stretch out again but

were driven back by an alliance of younger            SRI'HEE:  Legendary Romulan Battle
races.                                                Commander. Conqueror of many Empire
The Shadows and Vorlons see themselves
as shepherds of the younger races. Helping            STAR LEAGUE: The good guys in the
them grow and develop as species.                     battle against the Ko-Dan.
However, their views on how to accomplish
this are diametrically opposite.          The         STARFIGHTER: Pilot from the Star League.
Shadows believe that species develop best
under conditions of conflict and strife. They         STARFLEET: Military Service of the United
periodically start wars so that the stronger          Federation of Planets.
species can develop and the weaker ones
can die off. The Vorlons, also known as               STARFLEET JUDO: The most deadly form
Vogons in some translations, would rather             of hand to hand combat in the known
develop the species through guidance and              multiverse.
                                                      STARFURY: Fighter's aboard Babylon 5.
The Shadows have once again risen to
power in great numbers and have begun                 SPARTAN: (Robotechnology):               Non
openly attacking innocent worlds, thus                transformable mech used for long range
beginning the Shadow War. Shadow origins              attacks and defense. It can be thought of as
remain a mystery, and their homeworld                 a walking missile launcher. This mecha's
Z'ha'dum is rumored to be a sort of                   greatest advantage is that it has the most
time/space conduit though which multiple              destructive, long range capabilities of any
dimensions of the multi-verse come                    other destroid. As an artillery support unit,
together.                                             the Spartan is unsurpassed, however, it is
                                                      perhaps the least versatile of all the mecha.
SHERIDAN, JOHN, CAPTAIN: Appointed                    It is the second slowest, has no short range
Commander, Babylon 5, January 9th, 2259               defense or secondary weapons system, and
by president Clark to replace Sinclair.               not only lacks hands, but also lacks any type
Former captain of the Earth Alliance cruiser          of humanoid arm construction or movement,
Agamemnon, spent the previous three years             making it extremely awkward in hand to
on deep space patrol. He is the only Earth            hand combat. It can also function in a non-
Alliance commander to have one a battle               combat role hauling heavy loads for
against the Minbari during the War, by                construction and demolitions.
mining the asteroid belt between Mars and
Jupiter, destroying the Minbari flagship              STARGATE: Secret government project
Black Star and several other ships. During            and device used for time travel.
the StoryBase Captain Sheridan leads a
band of ships from all the known worlds to            STERLING, MAX:         Veritech pilot,
Z'ha'dum.                                             commander of Skull Squadron aboard the
SOLARIS: Battlemech wargaming world of
                                                      STING: Elven blade of Middle Earth.
the Inner Sphere.

STORM, JASON Pilots mostly lighter                   lasers, PPCs, Gauss Rifles, and
battlemechs such as the Locust. Member of            autocannons. These targeting computers
Wallert's company.                                   can either increase overall hit probability or
                                                     select specific target locations.
(BATTLETECH): These short-range missile              TAUNTAUN: Kangaroo horsy beast ridden
launchers are linked to a computer fire-             by Luke Skywalker. Native to the ice planet
control system that handles target                   Hoth.
acquisition. Once the computer obtains a
target lock, the Streak SRM will                     TELEPORTATION          SHOES,        THE:
automatically hit.                                   Dimensional Gateway device. If not for the
                                                     mission of James T. Kirk back in time, the
SULU, HIKARU:        Japanese Helmsman               Octom would have invaded our dimension
aboard the Enterprise, NCC-1701, and later           and conquered the universe.
Commander of the Excelsior.
                                                     TERMINAPER: Name given to Cyberdine
SUPER                           VERITECH:            Systems model 101's by Apes.
(ROBOTECHNOLOGY): Made to more
easily withstand the rigors of space and             TIGAN: Companion of Dr. Who, Nissa,
space combat. Additional armor plates on             Tegan, Adrick and Tarlo. Encounters Axl
legs, chest and forearms, booster rocket             Rose in the Kinda Realm.
packs to attain orbit from ground launches,
additional multi-missile capability, and             TIMECOUNCIL: Great council of entities
enhanced speed, mark the major                       which governed the laws of Space/time in
modifications.     The Super Veritech is             the multiverse.
generally used for space patrols and heavy
combat situations.                                   THOLIANS:      Race who help defeat the
(BATTLETECH): Swarm LRM launchers                    THUNDER LONG-RANGE MISSILES
mounted on mechs are special missiles                (Battletech): Thunder LRMs deliver
utilizing hundreds of submunitions able to           scatterable mine fields. Each warhead
saturate an area with devastating firepower.         contains five small anti-vehicle and five anti-
                                                     personnel mines.
TARDIS: Time traveling device used by Dr.
Who.                                                 TOAD-THINGS:           Toad-things live on
                                                     Dreamlands moon, but they easily travel in
TARLO: Companion of Dr. Who, Nissa,                  Dreamland. They are great grayish-white
Adrick, and Tegan. Stabbed by Axl Rose in            slippery things which can expand and
the Kinda Realm.                                     contract at will, and whose principal shape -
                                                     though it often changes - is that of a sort of
TARGETING COMPUTER (BATTLETECH):                     toad without any eyes, but with a curious
The Clans have developed advanced                    vibrating mass of short pink tentacles on the
targeting systems not yet available to the           end of its blunt, vague snout. They can see
Successor States that can enhance the                in the dark. Also known as Were-Toads.
performance of direct-fire weapons, such as

TORRES, B'ELANNA: Half human/Klingon                  UHURA: Communications officer aboard
chief engineer aboard USS Voyager.                    the Enterprise NCC-1701.

THRAWN, GRAND ADMIRAL: Commander                      'UMR AT-TAWIL: 'Umr At-Tawil is the
of the Imperial Forces.                               gatekeeper at the first gate through the
                                                      dimensions. He sits on a pedestal and
TRANSFORMERS: The good guys are the                   guards the passing to the second gate
Autobots.       The bad guys are the                  where Yog-Sothoth guards the ultimate
Decepticons. The Greys take the Matrix,               gate.
and the Transformers form a short term
alliance to reclaim it.                               UNCLE BEN: Uncle of James T. Kirk. It
                                                      was soon discovered that not only uncle
TRIPLE          STRENGTH            MYOMER            Ben, but most of Kirks family had been
(BATTLETECH): Only recently introduced                abducted by the Greys at one time or
in the prototype form in the Inner Sphere,            another in the past.
triple strength myomer is known to be fitted
in only one Battlemech to date. Davion                URSAL: Leader of the Apes.
scientists who have been working on the
myomer have recently been successful in               VASQUEZ: Colonial Marine.
overcoming the problem of spontaneous
combustion when the fibers are exposed to             VERITECH:             Highly maneuverable
a gaseous catalyst. A Davion outpost on               Robotech Mecha used by the Sentinels
Arture IV reportedly has captured a                   aboard the SDF-3. Veritech fighters are
Combine Atlas and retrofitted it with the new         Hybrid machines which incorporate
myomers making the legendary 100ton                   traditional technology and power systems
mech even more of a brutal adversary at               with small protoculture-based engines
close range combat.                                   salvaged from alien mecha discovered in
                                                      the wreckage of the original SDF-3.
TRIXTER: Invid Scientist.                             Although humans do not fully understand
                                                      the principles of Robotechnology or
TROI, DEANNA: Ships counselor aboard                  protoculture, they are able to successfully
the Enterprise NCC1701D.                              utilize it.       It has three modes of
                                                      transformation, aerial combat(jet fighter)
TUVOK, COMMANDER: Lt. and first officer               whereby it can raid by missiles and machine
aboard USS Voyager.                                   guns. Ground combat(Battloid) a 42 foot,
                                                      humanoid robot or soldier. In this mode the
TUVOK, ENSIGN: As an ensign, Tuvok was                Veritech can run, climb, leap, kick, roll and
assigned to USS Excelsior.                            engage in hand to hand combat. The third
                                                      mode is Guardian, originally used only for
UBER-SCHLAFF:          The big sleep.                 takeoff and landing, Guardian transition was
Something that is going away for a long               soon discovered to provide extreme
time. “The Windows 2000 install did not               mobility, allowing jet speeds up to 670mph,
work, I have to get a new motherboard or              have the advantage of legs for
hard drive.     The computer is Uber-                 walking/standing and landing in small areas
schlaffed”.                                           and rugged terrain, and also have the
                                                      flexibility of arms/hands, the use of the GU-

11 gun id and limited hand to hand combat.         WHALEAPE, PSYCHO:             An experiment
Also see Super Veritech.                           gone wrong by the Greys.

VINDICATOR:       Star destroyer of the            WEEDAH, CAPTAIN: Zykorrian captain
Imperial Fleet.                                    who failed hismission in capturing the
                                                   Enterprise NCC1701.
VOGONS: A Empire that is thought to have
died out eons ago. They originally created         WEREBEARS: Octom hybrid Slavesoldiers.
the Aliens. It is also rumored they were
from the 42 dimension.                             WEREWOLF: Giant ravenous wolf monster.
                                                   An abnormal, terrifying animal.     An
VOYAGER: USS Voyager, Starship of the              experimental creature of the Greys.
United Federation of Planets (UFP) thrown
millions of light years from Earth into            WHO, DR.: A Time Guardian. He tried to
another quadrant of uncharted space. She           warn James T. Kirk of the Grey Master
is commanded by Captain Janeway, and her           plotting... but the Men In Black got him first.
crew is attempting to reach their home             Eventually he regenerates ("RE-GEN-ER-
space by the ships maximum warp capability         ATION") and aids in repairing the broken
which will still take many years. In the           timestream
interim, she encounters many alien races
and has many interesting encounters.               WORF:       Head of Security and main
                                                   weapons/tactical officer aboard the
VULCAN: Homeworld of Spock.                        Enterprise NCC1701D.

WAHOO:                       A      little         XENOMORPH:          Another name for the
ninjarabbitwarriorbarbarian.   His home            Aliens.
planet of Smallderan was ravaged by the
Corridor.                                          XUR: Traitor and leader of the Ko-Dan
WALLERT, COMMANDER: Mechwarrior of
the Inner Sphere employed by House                 YOG-SOTHOTH: Outer god also known by
Davion.     Pilots the legendary Atlas             the title Lurker at the Threshold. Yog-
battlemech.                                        Sothoth's usual form is a congeries of
                                                   iridescent spheres, but it is said that the
WARP SPEED: Faster than light travel.              Outer god can take forms of solid, liquid, or
Achievable by contained anti-matter                gas. One of its avatars, the Lurker at the
reactions. Used by the Enterprise NCC1701          Threshold, appears as a black amorphous
and NCC1701D.                                      horror, and another form as a many-limbed
                                                   human much like a Hindu deity.
WATCHER: Time traveler that bitches a
lot/Complains about how screwed they are           Yog-Sothoth is known as "the key to the
when the situation is none to great.               gate, whereby the spheres meet", and is
                                                   said to exist everywhere in time and space.
WAYNE, BRUCE:         Secret identity of           It has been suggested that Yog-Sothoth has
Batman.                                            been imprisoned at a point where 8all space
                                                   and time converge, creating such a

gravitational effect that it may not leave. It         it is the fate of all Zentraedi. Love and
may also be possible that Yog-Sothoth                  friendship are replaced by cool aloofness
dwells in a parallel dimension and can either          and fierce sense of purpose: to fight and be
manifest itself in space or time, not both.            victorious as a whole, as a race, not just as
Some say that certain manifestations of                an individual. The thrill of combat is like
UFO's have been attributed to appearances              sweet nectar to these giants. To dance with
of Yog-Sothoth.                                        death and prove victorious, an unparalleled
                                                       high. It is their life purpose, their destiny, to
The Necronomicon has entries relating to               seek and destroy.              Victory means
communication with this being. At this time            destruction. Death and annihilation are
they remain untranslated for obvious                   viewed with cold indifference, not out of
reasons.                                               cruelty or callousness, but because they are
                                                       simply the anticipated by-products of war.
The link between dimensions and the                    In war there is always death. Death in
keeper of the second gate.                             combat is inevitable. Death in combat is
              To call him forth:
              Y'AI 'NG'NGAH                            ZYKROBIKUS, EMPEROR: Leader of the
              YOG-SOTHOTH                              Zykorrians.
              F'AI 'THRODOG                            ZYKORRIAN:        Space faring race who
                   UAAAH                               conquer almost all the Klingon Empire.
             To send him back:                         They fall short of their goal as the Octom
              OGTHROD AI'F                             butcher them. It is also rumored that in
               GEB'L - EE'H                            some point in the timestream these beings
              YOG-SOTHOTH                              reappear and are descended from Shoggoth
              'NGAH'NG AI'Y                            protomatter.
                                                       Z'HA'DUM: A world Shadowed in mystery
YORT, COUNSELOR: Counselor aboard                      on the outer reaches of the explored galaxy
the ENTERPRISE NCC-1701.                               in the Babylon 5 space/time dimension.

ZATHRAS: Alien of unknown origin who
mysteriously appeared on Z'ha'dum.
Legolass and Gimly take him back to Middle
Earth where he warns Frodo and lets him
know he is 'the one'.

ZENTRAEDI: Giant slave clones created by
the Robotech Masters. They revolt and
become and independent race.             The
Zentraedi soldier is the ideal warrior. Bred
to war, they are conditioned to obey orders
without question. They fight to the death
against overwhelming odds and without
fear, hesitation or regret. A Zentraedi does
not mourn when a fellow dies in combat, for

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