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					                          New Top 3G Tablet PC –P802W

With the fast pace of technology development, people are eager to choose a
high-tech electronic devices, such as smart phone, tablet, even a mobile hotspot,
don’t they? So, in order to meet demand for consumers, now
3gtabletwholesale has released this 3g tablet PC- P802W, and has got a lot of
good attraction from the market.

When it comes to 3g tablets, we have to take about android first, most new 3g
tablets android in the market are served by android system from 2.0 to android
4.0, of course 3g tablets with low version android system is much cheaper than
of those with high version, at the same time, old android systems support less
software and has less compatibility, in fact it is very inconvenient for people to
do business deals or entertain themselves with those 3g tablets with old android
system. For example, sometimes due to the limit of android system, people only
can watch movie or listen to music at a certain format, but if they don’t have
format convertor, what should they do? Luckily , as one of top 3g tablets ,this
3g tablet android P802W is a 8 inch resistive android tablet and equipped with
android 4.0 system, which makes this 3g tablet PC own better compatibility and
even supports 720p HD player, so people can get smooth speed and realistic
video or picture from this 3g tablet android, it is said that when people pick up
this 3g tablet android ,it is hard to forget, because it great benefits people when
they watch movie , listen music , even play game or download or transmit some
Everybody knows that 3g tablets have a bright future than any other electronics
products now, and every 3g tablets supplier and wholesaler are trying their best
to offer 3g tablet android for people, what is most important feature to top 3g
tablet, some people many say it is CPU, in fact ,CPU is to tablet what brain is to
man, take this 3g tablet PC P802W for example, this 3g tablet android adapts
WN8650 processor, although 800Mbps speed, this 3g tablet PC has a high
performance .Besides Wi-Fi you know, this 3g tablet PC supports external 3G,
which is seldom to android tablet in the market, with a USB cable, you can easily
connect this 3g tablet PC to a 3g modem and enjoy high speed .In addition, this
Chinese android tablet has 0.3Mbps camera, it is very convenience that you see
your friend online or take pictures to enjoy yourself, so why not buy this 3g
tablet PC in 3gtabletwholesale ?

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Description: This article mainly talks about the features and benefits of this P802W 3g tablet android.