? Is there a God by r8qOIYp1


									 Is there a God?
 If there is a God what do you think
  He looks like?
 How do you know this?
 Why do some people believe in God
  and some don’t?
 Where is God?
 Write 3 things that you think God
  should change about to days world.
 Why do you think there is so much
  suffering in to days World?
 What 3 special things would God love
  you for?
 How could you get into heaven?
 Is there a devil?
 Why should you believe in both God
  and Satan?
 Why am I important?
 £ things that make me a good
 £ things that make me a bad person.
 Are there different degrees of
  goodness? –How?
 What is a bad person?
 Can they ever improve or become a
  good person?
 What is sin?
 How can people get rid of sin?
 What part does the church play in
 What is freedom?
 Make a list of 10 things that are
 Put them in order of the most
  important first.
 What is so important about the
  thing at the top of your list?
 What categories could you put your
  list of things under?
 Which free things do you think that
  most people in the world want?
 Does everyone have the same kind
  of freedom?
 Is there any way in which we can
  make sure everyone has the same
 What do you think Jesus would have
  said about the free things in life?
 Do you think that this is right?
 What is a relationship?
 Make a list of all the people you have
  relationships with.
 Are they all the same? If not how
  are they different?
 What is Christianity?
 Why do you think people sometimes
  feel an emptiness inside?
 Why do people feel they need Jesus
  in their lives?
 What do you think having a
  relationship with God means to some
 What do you think it means when
  Jesus said “I am the bread of life”?
 Do you think there is a god?
 What is marriage?
 Will you ever get married?
 Imagine you will get married, what kind of
  wedding do you think you will have?
 Why do some people want to be married in a
 Why do some people want to be married in a
 Why do some people want to be married
 3 things that are good about registrars.
 3 things that are good about church
 3 things that are good about being married
 What do you think about people who get
  married in church but don’t believe in God.
 Do you think people should be allowed to get
 Why do you think some people think the
  marriage certificate is very important?
 Do you think it is right that some people live
  together before they get married or don’t
  bother to get married at all?
 Give 4 reasons in order of the most
  important first for people getting married.
 Do you think that marriage is for life?

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