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									       Inskip Point
       Where In The World Is Inskip Point?

       Inskip Point is a breath-taking cape located on the northernmost potion of the town of Rainbow Beach in Queensland, Australia.
       This wonderful mass of land lies between the Tin Can Bay wherein you can do lots of things like dolphin feeding, bird watching and
       coast fishing and South West and Great Sandy Strait which is known for its great channels and river mouths and good fishing spots.
       Then the perimeters of Inskip Point curves back towards Rainbow Beach which is also a site for many activities such as skydiving,
       beach four-wheel driving, park exploring at Cooloola's Great Sandy National Park, wolf rock diving and para-sailing and the curve
       goes further up to the Coral Sea. Come and visit green builders.

       Delving On Inskip Point's History

       The primitive name of Inskip Point is Carah and longtime age, a certain area in Inskip Point has been the original settlement of the
       Inskip light keepers and local timber getters. You can also see a school in here, a school that was built for the benefit of the children
       of local light keepers and timber gatherers. On the earlier part of Inskip Point's history, a certain mining area was developed and
       between the year 1965 to 1971, such area was mined for zircon, rutile and ilmenite. Get more information on builders on the
       sunshine coast.

       Inskip Point Today

       Nowadays, if you are traveling around Inskip Point, you will see a lot of white sand beaches with clear blue waters beaches, camping
       grounds or sites , bush walking trails and of course today Inskip Point is famous for the barges and ferry services it offers to a lot of
       travelers and tourists going back and forth at Fraser Island.

       Inskip Point's Barges and Ferry Services

       Several barges and ferries for Fraser Island are available at Inskip Point. Some of these are the Rainbow Venture and Fraser Explorer
       Ferries which travels from Inskip Point to Hook Point everyday from 6:00 am to 5:30 pm, the Manta Ray Ferries which travels
       between Inskip Point and Hook Point also but the travel time is 6:30 am to 5:30 pm and lastly, the Fraser Island Barges and Ferry
       which also travels daily from the Inskip Point by the rainbow beach.

       Inskip Point's Camping Grounds

       There are also several camping grounds and recreational areas around Inskip Point. The recreational areas serves as the access point
       for people to go to the four main camping areas. Remember to buy your camping permit first before setting up your camp. Camp on
       an established campsite and follow the rule to 'camp within the tree line'. Do not camp on the foredunes, it is prohibited and
       dangerous. Double check the local weather conditions before deciding to camp, you would not want to go camping on a bad weather
       right? Bring fresh water for drinking purposes. that There is no need for campers to worry because the Inskip Point's camping
       management will provide every one adequate facilities such as toilet facilities, picnic facilities and anything which an ordinary
       camper might need.

       The most ideal camping activity in here is beach camping. This is just natural because Inskip Point's borders are sea waters. However
       ,during beach camping at Inskip Point one must remember that even though open fire are allowed, still, it is important that there are
       fire extinguishing agents within your reach just to be ready in case something wrong happens. Also bring your own bushwood, leaves
       and twigs for kindling because collecting such are prohibited and specific penalties apply if ever one of the campers violate such rule.
       Rubbish disposal sites are also provided.

       Inskip Point's Bush Walking Trail

       The preferred bush walking site at Inskip Point is Poona Lake. Poona Lake is a freshwater perched lake with tea-colored waters
       coming from the floating dead leaves in its cool waters. After taking a great and refreshing walk you can also swim on its cool
       waters, have a picnic, fish and bird watch around the lake.

       2. Lake Birrabeen

       Fraser Island is situated off Queensland, Australia. It is considered as the largest sand island in the world and it is definitely packed
       with all the world's goodness. This fascinating National Heritage island has many fantastic sceneries, it also offers many ocean
       fishing adventures, wildlife exploration activities, four-wheel driving escapades, cool fresh-water perched lakes for swimming,
       awesome camping sites, great fishing spots, innumerable water sports activities and bush walking adventures.

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        One most notable thing in Fraser island are its freshwater lakes which are great spots to view the nature's collection of a unique set of
        flora and faunas. Fraser island has at least 40 lakes, and this amazingly includes half of the world's perched dune lakes. In fact, there
        are three types of lakes in Fraser island, these are window, barrage and perched lakes.

        Talking about perched lakes which can only be found in this beautiful island, have you ever wondered what is the most beautiful
        perched lake in Fraser island? Well then, its no other than Lake Birrabeen! Lake Birrabeen is a marvelous fresh water perched lake
        situated in the middle of a plush rainforest. It attracts many travelers and tourists every year. In fact, one who visits Fraser Island
        would not leave without first dropping by at Lake Birrabeen. Aside from being the most beautiful lake, it is also considered as the
        largest blue water perched lake on the whole island. Now then, if Lake Birrabeen is a perched lake, what is a perched lake? Perched
        lakes like this one has saucer-shaped depressions with a hard impermeable base that is consists of organic matters and sand, this
        depression forms a catchment for the rain and through time (that is thousands of years), the rainfall waters will accumulate and it
        would become a lake. In this sense, it would be concluded that a perched lake like Birrabeen is not fed by rivers or flows to the
        ocean. Just imagine this, Lake Birrabeen contains only rain waters! So cool! Indeed, its quite a unique lake! The sand in this lake is
        pure, white silica and is not only beautiful to look but it also feels awesomely soft to walk on. The cool blue waters of Lake
        Birrabeen allows you to conduct several exciting fresh water sports activities in here aside from swimming, the lush green rain
        forests around the lake will also be great for hiking and bush walking activities. Compared to Lake Mckenzie, the beauty of its lake
        and surrounding trees are more untouched and unspoiled. In here, the beauty of nature is not yet blemished and tarnished unlike to
        that of Lake Mckenzie's. For this reason Lake Birrabeen is truly an awesome place for adventure and a good subject of photography.

        Aside from water activities, one can also enjoy having a picnic in here! You can invite your friends or your family to have a picnic
        under Lake Birrabeen's tall and lavish trees. Surely, you would all enjoy the peacefulness of the place. You will enjoy birdwatching
        after eating, or taking a quiet walk near the lake. If you want to have picnic, just go Lake Birrabeen's management council and they
        will guide you where to find BBQ facilities, car park places, public toilet areas, shaded and sheltered areas. Needless to say, Lake
        Birrabeen is also considers as a backpacker’s paradise. Backpackers will always stand in awe before the beauty of this lake and
        admire its fascinating the colors. Every backpacker is always inclined to stop and swim on this lake. As a matter of fact, some
        backpackers go in here even in winters because the water in this lake is of normal cool temperature suitable for swimming.

        So for all travelers out there, what are you waiting for? Don't be the last to see and experience the splendid and amazing beauty of
        Lake Birrabeen!

        Lake Garawongera

        Lake Garawongera is another magnificent tea-colored lake in Fraser Island. Imagine, there are over 40 lakes in Fraser island and
        Lake Garawongera is one of these lakes! This lake covers an area of around 29 hectares and is located in Fraser Island. Fraser Island
        is located in Queensland, Australia and it is considered as the famous sand island in the world. Lake Garawongera is a perched lake
        which means that the waters in these lake consists only of rain waters, therefore this lake is formed when hard pans are formed
        between sand dunes by decaying vegetation and iron particles which cemented the sand grains together.

        The towns, villages or cities near Lake Garawongera include the town of Booral which is rich in wildlife creatures such as kangaroos,
        many species of reptiles including carpet pythons, echidnas, koalas and migratory birds, the village of River Heads which is one of
        the places where you can catch the car barges and ferries for Fraser Island, moreover River Heads has scenic views of Great Sandy
        Strait and the estuary of the Mary River, there are also boat ramp facilities and the area is a very popular fishing spot both offshore
        and onshore from the beach and rocks, and lastly the beautiful city of Hervey Bay, wherein one could find lots of adventures such as
        scuba diving, bush walking, four-wheel driving, jet skiing, kayaking, sailing and skydiving.

        Lake Garawongera is a peaceful spot for family picnics, a great place for a walk through the bush, a cool place to swim on and a
        perfect spot for bird watching. Take note that the road to Lake Garawongera can be rough so be sure you are with an experienced
        driver of a four-wheel drive when you plan to come in here. This lake is very much crowded by sticks, twigs and weeds, proving
        only that it is still untouched and unblemished by travelers or tourists. Many who come over Lake Garawongera like to lie down and
        enjoy sunbathing near its shores. In addition, the waters in this lake is not as deep as that of Lake Birrabeen so people could really
        have fun like playing water activities while swimming with family or friends.

        Camping would also be a good idea while in this lake. The Lake Garawongera camp site is just 13 km north of Valley of the Giants
        and about 6.5 km west of Happy Valley. Open fires are not permitted in here (you would not want to start a bush fire, right?).
        Remember to treat or boil water before drinking. Bring an adequate amount of freshwater for your own consumption. Make sure to
        use gas/fuel stoves only. Lastly, although you wanted to camp longer, a maximum two-night stay is only permitted. Hence if you
        like, before camping near Lake Garawongera try the famous 90km Fraser Island Great Walk which starts from Hook Point and ends
        at Lake Garawongera. The walk usually takes 6–8 days to complete. After bush walking, then its high time you may want to camp at
        Lake Garawongera. In this way, you get to explore the wonders of Fraser Island more deeply.

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       Furthermore, an inland four-wheel-drive is also an activity every road traveler would enjoy in here. You may call the activity Lake
       Garawongera scenic drive. In this scenic drive you may start at either end, in Happy Valley, Poyungan Valley or Lake Garawongera.
       The drive usually lasts for one hour and the distance is approximately 15 kilometers. This one hour drive passes through a tall closed
       forest and further continues trough an open woodland to the beach. After the drive, you may stop over at Lake Garawongera for an
       enjoyable picnic and swim on its cold tea-colored waters. Note that this is a very rough inland track, hence only experienced 4WD
       are permitted to drive.

       Ergo, if you guys wanted to explore Fraser Island, do not forget to include Lake Garawongera in your itinerary!

       Waddy Point

       When you travel to Fraser Island do not forget to visit Waddy Point! Waddy Point is located on the north-east portion of Fraser
       Island and it is approximately 5 kilometers north of the famous Indian Heads. The most sought adventure in here is overnight
       camping, fishing and a little bit of surfing activities.

       Camping at Waddy Point

       Waddy Point has a total of 30 tent sites! There are two main camping areas in here , namely the Waddy Point Top and the Waddy
       Point Beach Front. The former is a fenced camping ground which is set in coastal woodland adjacent to a rocky headland while the
       latter is a camping ground that faces the north and set amongst the casuarina trees. Both camping ground are accessible by a four-
       wheel drive. These camping grounds are good for camper trailers and off-road trailers.

       Waddy Point has camping grounds both for individual camping and group camping. The camping area here in Waddy point is
       developed, meaning they are controlled by the Department of Environment and Resource Management. Hence, several camping
       facilities would be accessible for campers without a hitch. Some of these facilities are: toilets, showers, picnic tables, barbecues and
       limited supplies of wood. As a notice, campers are encouraged to bring a non-wood stove for more convenience.

       Tips For Campers!

       –         Read signs carefully! After reading, follow them!

       –         Do not camp within 100 meters of a lake or creek.

       –          It is not allowed to bring domestic animals from the Recreation Area except for guide dogs for the disabled, for which a
       permit is required.

       –         Warning: Do not feed the dingoes.

       –          Throw you garbage properly. Dispose them in the proper bins or remove it from the island when you leave.

       Fishing at Waddy Point

       The wall is probably the most popular fishing spot at Waddy Point. In here you can catch many mackerels, tuna and yellow tail
       kings. On the southern portion, near a lower portion you can catch trevally, tarwhine, tailors, breams and sweetlips. The small gorge,
       when not sanded up, is a very exciting spot to fish for bream and tarwhine. In the southeastern portion (ask the locals for the exact
       spot), when white water covers the deeper inshore waters, big jew fishes (the legal ones), come in close and ready to take bunches of
       sea worms, pilchards or tailor fillets. Note that fishing is permitted on the beach adjacent to the headland with tailor, dart and whiting
       usually on offer.

       Tips for Fishing!

       –        From midday of September 1 to midday of September 30, the eastern foreshores 400 meters north of Waddy Point to 400
       meters south of Indian Head and out to sea for a distance of 40 meters at low tide are closed to all forms of fishing.

       –         Spear fishing is prohibited.

       –         The taking of barramundi is prohibited from midday of November 1 to mid day of February 1 each year.

       Surfing at Waddy Point

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        Waddy Point has a straight beach containing moderate gradient swash zone, usually it has eight rips across the inner bar including
        permanent rips against the headlands, then a long shore trough and outer bar. There is a large, bare sand sheet backing the beach,
        with the sand blowing up to 1.5 km on to the backing Orchid Beach. Geographically, it is a very long sand point that can be perfect
        for surfing. Although it has a very long point it never peels the whole length and sections, hence it closes out or breaks wide and
        goes fat through most parts, at its best you will get a few hundred meters peeling, normally at the start or end. The wave itself when
        working is very similar in shape to the goldies alley or cabarita, surfing here could be fun even though not world class. Hence, for
        amateur surfers out there who will visit Waddy Point bring along your surfing boards!

        Tips for Surfing!

        –         The Waddy Point surfing areas are only suitable for intermediate surfers.

        –         Best wind direction : west, south-west, south.

        –         Length of ride: 100-200 meters.

        –         Beware of : Sharks!

        –         Type of waves: Occasionally barreling.

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