GmbH Boxers Briefs by jennyyingdi


									                                                                                              UNDERWEAR COLLECTION -WINTER 09

XTG Underwear collection marks four years with                the new 2009 collection and grows to currently
 become one of the most important companies                   on the market being faithful to the transgressor
   design rules set by Luis Mentado, designer.              During this short period of time, he has created
     trend introducing different designs to the           usual ones full of funny and crazy patterns,
       which are combined with a large range of colours faithful to its slogan, “Extreme Game”.
         Once again, the brand is inspired by tattoos, sporty designs and smart plain clothes. In its
          second collection of the year, XTG uses religious and comic themes, among other motifs.
             The Winter 2009 Collection consists of boxers shorts, classical briefs, T-shirts and
              short sporty trousers. Its fundamental premise is comfort. This is why first-class
                materials have been used in order to manufacture the garments. This kind of
                  material enhances for its softness and fits like a glove, such as cotton and
                    micro synthetic garments. It is the first time the company introduces
                      fabrics such as modal (cellulose fibre, known for its flimsiness)
                      or elastic silk in one only upper category design, the Gold Dig.
                    In a particular way, due to the industrial division of the company, the
                  details are always meticulous: comfortable elastic waistband with the
                brand or the slogan on it, clothespins and lengths enhancing the shapes…
               Something really special we have to mention is the use, for the first time in
             some models, of the logo in tattoo or in a stud printing and the kind of dyeing: a
           high performance spun making the garment specially comfortable. XTG offers, besides,
         a wide range of designs and sizes (from XS to XL) suiting to every kind of body.
       Concerning the basics and the accessories,         versatility on design of briefs, T-shirts and
      shorts makes the XTG man possible to use the          garments both as underwear and sportswear.

                                EXTREME GAME

                                                                                                  UNDERWEAR COLLECTION -WINTER 09


 LINE                                     FAMILY
 TATTOOS                                  AXEL (Brief y T-Shirt); CANNIBAL (Brief , Boxer y Tank)
                                          RELIGIOUS (Brief , Boxer y Tank); SWEET HONEY (Brief y Boxer); MEN´S RUIN (Brief ,
                                          Boxer y T-Shirt)
 PLAIN, STIPES, SQUARES                   ZENIT (Brief y Boxer); AVALON (Brief); AUSTIN (Brief y Boxer); GOLD DIG (Brief);
 BASICS                                   GUNS (Brief , Boxer y Tank); ECCO (T-Shirt); XAGON (Pant)


 LINE                FAMILY
 TATTOOS             AXEL (Brief y T-Shirt); CANNIBAL (Brief , Boxer y Tank)

The tattoo world is always recurrent in the XTG creations. In order to give more character to these designs, the
designer Luis Mentado has used the colour black as the background in all garments of the Cannibal and Axel
families. These families also have in common the use of roses in its decoration.

AXEL (Brief y T-Shirt).

Religious inspiration is one of the main sources of the tattoo
world. This creation, which is composed of a Brief and a
T-shirt, combine roses – which are used as the main offering
in all religions around the world- and the Rosary Cross and
Rosary beads that are used to count the prayers in the
Christian, Muslim and Buddhist religions.
The Brief, with red & grey trimming, has roses and rosary
beads printed on the front, but the back is the most
important part with a Cross, Rosary beads and roses too.
This design is the one that wears the T-shirt on both sides,
but this time it crosses the T-shirt from left to right and from
bottom to top.
It is important to emphasize the pattern in the Brief because
it is overall print, and it has the brand name XTG in red and
centred in the elastic waistband.

                                                                 UNDERWEAR COLLECTION -WINTER 09

CANNIBAL (Brief , Boxer y Tank).

Cannibalism is the act of eating members of the same
species. Most of the tattoos have a profound hidden
symbolism and with this style, Luis Mentado wants to
show the trail left by the female man- eaters. So firstly,
with the Brief and the boxer, the designer wants to show
in the front side how much these women hurt men using
symbolic skulls decorated with flowers and leaves over a
spider- web background. On the rear, the all Seeing Eye is
shown together with 2 blue birds as messengers.
He also uses a blue lettered tattoo of American style with the
text “Cannibal Bonbon” written in the shape of a pyramid.
The waistband features two stripes, white and red, and the
brand name “XTG” centred in white color in the front. On the
rear, on the right side you can see the word “MENSWEAR”
used as the slogan of this collection.
The sleeveless black T-shirt has blue trimmings and a “pin-
up” picture in the front. There are the 2 faces of a cannibal
woman, one sweet and the other wicked. The both figures
are leaning against each other; they have white hair with
grey highlights and their bodies are completely tattooed.
They wear a fitted golden top and a harlequin style skirt,
with white, light blue and dark blue stripes.
They are displayed over a bed of roses and skulls with
the words “Cannibal Bonbon” over their waists and the
messenger birds of the all Seeing Eye watching them.
The rear is black.

                                                                    UNDERWEAR COLLECTION -WINTER 09

 LINE                  FAMILY

 PRINTS AND            RELIGIOUS (Brief , Boxer y Tank); SWEET
 PLACEMENT             HONEY (Brief y Boxer); MEN´S RUIN (Brief ,
 PRINTS                Boxer y T-Shirt)

RELIGIOUS (Brief , Boxer y Tank).

This religiously inspired fantasy stands out with the use of
a red waistband wider than the one used normally (6cm).
Besides, it has as decoration 2 tattoos in gothic letters: the
XTG brand in the front and “LA VIDA LOCA” in the rear.
With a white background and red trimming and waistband,
both the boxer and the Brief have a light printing with flowers
and leaves in the front and a black cross in the centre.
This style features in the rear a picture of Jesus crying for
the sinners with a crown of thorns, surrounded in an aura of
light and flowers and carrying a crown in his hands with the
brand name “XTG”.
The design has shades of red, yellow, orange and green to
give it more energy.
The sleeveless T-Shirt also has a white background, red
trimmings and the same Jesus Christ print in the front, but
in the rear it has a similar composition: a Virgin praying for
the sinners (those that are living “la Vida loca”).
The XTG tattoo is repeated under the neck with gothic letters
that the Brief and the boxer also have on the waistband.

                                                                 UNDERWEAR COLLECTION -WINTER 09

SWEET HONEY (Brief y Boxer).

As sweet as honey, this seemingly innocent design uses
this inspiration to give this model a sensual and spicy
component. In two fading shades of orange and blue, the
fabrics are combined with red trimmings that stand out
against the plain coloured waistbands. On the rear, both
the brief and the boxer have the same picture: a round
label with an XTG honey jar in which you can read “Honey
Underwear” and “Menswear”, with a dripping honey dipper
in the centre.
The brief repeat this picture centred on the front but the
boxers divides this picture in two smaller pictures, one on
the left side and the other one on the right side.
The style features a chocolate colour XTG logo contrasting
the orange waistbands and an electric blue logo contrasting
the blue waistbands. In both colours, XTG is centred in the
front and on the right side in the rear.

MEN´S RUIN (Brief , Boxer y T-Shirt).

Using the comic world for inspiration, XTG dedicates this
line to gambling, drinking and women that, as the title say,
are the downfall of all men.
The brief, the boxer and the T-Shirt are printed in bottle-
green with an all over print displaying a lot of pictures that
represent these vices.
Both, the boxer and the brief feature a light blue trimming
and an elastic waistband of the same colour with the green
XTG logo repeated all along the waistband. In the front, the
dollar symbol represents the lust for money and dice and
cards the addiction to gambling.
In the rear some of these pictures are repeated and, besides,
it includes women in sexy poses and drinking with a bottle.
The short-sleeved cotton T-shirt with a round collar has on
the front the title of this family and, although it uses the
same designs, it changes their position on the front and on
the rear.

                                                                UNDERWEAR COLLECTION -WINTER 09

 LINE               FAMILY

 PLAIN, STRIPES,    ZENIT (Brief y Boxer); AVALON (Brief);
 SQUARES            AUSTIN (Brief y Boxer); GOLD DIG (Brief);

ZENIT (Brief y Boxer).

A striped print, navy inspired style available in two colors:
chocolate brown background
with three color stripes (white, red and green) and turquoise
trimming, and navy blue background with three color
stripes (white, red and light blue) and white trimming and
waistband. On the left leg it features a lion design white
badge that symbolizes the XTG power. The full elastic
exposed waistband features XTG logo in the front and this
collection’s motto: MENSWEAR.

AVALON (Brief).

The XTG Avalon brief features a combination of white, red
and blue stripes that gives it brightness and joy. The 4 cm
wide waistband features a centred XTGEXTREMEGAME
slogan in black and red.

                                                                   UNDERWEAR COLLECTION -WINTER 09

AUSTIN (Brief y Boxer).

This country style brief features a Scottish tartan pattern
in brown and greenish tones, with white shades and a
contrasting apple- green trimming. The full elastic waistband
features XTG logo centred in the front and MENSWEAR
motto in the back.

GOLD DIG (Brief).

This style is dedicated to all those who want to be surrounded
by the best things in life. It is available in two colors: green
and metal blue. Gold Dig features an elastic silky fabric with
dark gray trimming and black elastic waistband with the
XTG logo made of metallic studs. A luxurious underwear.

                                                                 UNDERWEAR COLLECTION -WINTER 09

 LINE                FAMILY

                     GUNS (Brief , Boxer y Tank); ECCO
                     (T-Shirt); ; XAGON (Pant)

GUNS      (Brief , Boxer y Tank).

This family of unicolors stands out due to its high quality
modal fabric. It is made of briefs and boxers and it is
available in three different blends of colors: blue with white
trimming, black with red trimming and white with black
trimming and features a soft black waistband with XTG logo
in white and EXTREME GAME slogan embroidered in red
The tank top is 100% cotton and it is available in three
colors: black, white and blue, with grey arm and neck
openings. This tank top displays XTG logo in golden color
on the left side.

ECCO (T-Shirt).

Oval neck slim fitted cotton T-shirt features original piping
in the front for a clean finish on back. It is available in
petrol blue and black color featuring the black trimming
bordered by mustard piping. The XTG logo appears in blue
on the right shoulder. It could be worn together with the
Xagon short.

                                                                 UNDERWEAR COLLECTION -WINTER 09

XAGON (Pant) .

This short sporty pant is made of soft cotton and is available
in two colors: petrol blue and black. Comfort-back exposed
elastic waistband features the word SPORTWEAR in the
front. The double mustard trimming in the front fits with the
zip of the back pocket. For a more comfortable fit the pant
features two open pockets in the front. It could be a good
combination with the Ecco T-shirt.


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