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									Friday 25th February 2011

FIA Breaking News

The industry’s most prestigious awards, the FIA & Matrix Flame Awards 2011 has
officially launched! So if you want to win recognition in the industry as well as the
envy of all your competitors click here to enter.

Exercise and Industry

1. 10,000 treated in hospital for being dangerously fat as admissions rise
tenfold in a decade – The Daily mail

The number of patients needing urgent treatment because they are overweight
has risen tenfold in the last decade. Official figures published today reveal the
scale of Britain’s obesity crisis. Some 10,571 patients were admitted to hospital
last year because doctors feared they were so fat that their health was in
immediate danger.

The Daily mail

2. Psychiatrist weighs in on dangers of the ballerina body – MediLexicon

With actress Natalie Portman in Oscar contention, the movie Black Swan has
taken center stage. So concerns surrounding the dramatic weight loss Portman
underwent for the role. Her depiction of a dangerously thin ballerina sheds light
on a potential downside of this art form. Ballerinas are often plagued by
perfectionism, social anxiety and pressures to be graceful and agile, claims a
specialist in treating eating disorders.

MediLexicon News

Health and Lifestyle

1. Too many men having prostate cancer biopsies, warn scientists – The

Scientists said doctors should not rely on testing how quickly the level of a key
protein, called prostate specific antigen (PSA), rises. If a patient's PSA level rises
quickly, they are often considered to be at risk and consequently sent for a
biopsy, which is the only certain way to tell whether they have the disease, which
kills 10,000 men a year in Britain. Researchers found that there was no strong
indication that said rising levels of PSA meant a patient had cancer.
The Telegraph

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