Syncrude Science Olympics slime recipe by b7CWM77



             Try making your own “power polymer” (also known as slime!)

         Note: This activity is intended for use with parental supervision only.


   1 part liquid Borax solution (To make the liquid Borx solution, add Borax to water
    and stir. Keep adding Borax until no more dissolves)

   2 parts Elmer’s white school glue solution (To make the Elmer’s white school glue
    solution, mix 1 part Elmer’s white school glue and 1 part water)

   A few drops of food colouring


    1. Measure 2 parts of Elmer’s white school glue solution into a small plastic
       container with a lid (e.g. margarine container or a tough baggie).
    2. Add 1 part of the liquid Borax solution.
    3. Add 5 drops of food colouring.
    4. Put the lid of the container on tightly and shake it. Use both hands around the
       container to give the reaction heat.
    5. When the slime is no longer runny, take it out of the container and rub it between
       your hands. Stretch and squish the slime. How does it behave? Is it a solid or a
       liquid? Does it feel warm or cold? How much does the slime stretch before it
    6. Try the experiment again. This time, try using different amounts of Elmer’s white
       school glue solution and liquid Borax solution.

What happens? Record the observations below.


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